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									7 Essential
Tips for
the Best

                                        You are             What is a sympathy letter?
                                        reading this
                                                            It’s important to understand
                                        because you
                                                            exactly what the purpose
“A sympathy letter                      or someone
                                                            of a sympathy letter is
                                        you know has
                                                            before you begin. Many
or condolence card                      lost a loved
                                                            people think about sending
                                        one and you
                                                            a sympathy card but don’t
can be as long or                       want to write
                                                            actually do it because they
                       a meaningful sympathy
                                                            don’t know where to start or
                       card or letter to express
as short as it needs   your grief, but you may be
                                                            they think that a short card
                                                            is not enough.
                       too sad to think clearly right
to be to say what      now.                                 Words of condolence or
                                                            sympathy cards are meant
you need to say.       Let me start by saying I am
                                                            to acknowledge the passing
                       sorry for your loss. Let me
                                                            of someone, show that
Some very effective    also offer this step-by-step
                                                            their lives touched yours
                       approach to writing a great
                                                            in some way and to offer
                       sympathy letter that really
sympathy letters       takes the guesswork out of
                                                            comfort to the grieving.
                                                            That’s it. A sympathy letter
                       it. This guide will give you
have been written      the tools to express your
                                                            filled with sincere words of
                                                            condolences can be read
                       sincere condolences and
on the smallest                                             and reread at different
                       will give you the strength
                                                            stages of the grieving
                       to send the letter without
flower message                                              period. Many times these
                       delay. After going through
                                                            letters offer comfort long
                       these seven steps, you will
                                                            after the funeral service and
cards, and others      have peace of mind knowing
                                                            remind the grieving just how
                       you have shared your
                                                            loved they are. What you
have been pages        condolences.
                                                            say in your sympathy letter
                       At the end of this E-book,           is not as important as just
long. ”                you'll find links to sample          sending it.
                       condolence letters you can
                                                            A sympathy letter or
                       read and use as inspiration
                                                            condolence card can be
                       for your own condolence
                                                            as long or as short as it
                       card. I’ve also included links
                                                            needs to be to say what you
                       to other helpful information
                                                            need to say. Some very
                       online. Simply roll your
                                                            effective sympathy letters
                       mouse over the title of what
                                                            have been written on the
                       you are interested in and
                                                            smallest flower message
                       click on it. You computer
                                                            cards, and others have
                       will automatically open up
                                                            been pages long. Knowing
                       the webpage.
                                                            what to write and how much
                       So let’s get started on that         to write really depends on
                       sympathy or condolence               your relationship with the
                       letter.                              deceased or the deceased’s
                                                            family and it depends

2                                       Click Here for More Helpful Sympathy and Condolence Resources
                                    on how much you need to                  or letter and a sympathy gift.
                                    say to truly express your
                                                                             Step Two: Should I
                                    condolences. There is no right
                                                                             send a Sympathy Gift or
Look for                            length or appropriate number of
                                    words you have to write. Read
                                                                             Sympathy Flowers with
examples                            on to find out just how long your
                                                                             my Condolence Letter?

and help                            sympathy letter should be.               The answer to this is always
                                                                             yes. Sending sympathy
writing your                        Step One: Should I send
                                    a Long Letter or a Short
                                                                             flowers or a sympathy gift
sympathy                            Sympathy Card?
                                                                             can do more than words
                                                                             to help the bereaved cope
letter at these                     Think about your relationship
                                    with deceased and with the
                                                                             with their loss. Sympathy
                                                                             flowers or a potted plant
links below:                        surviving family. If you were            sent with your condolences
                                    particularly close, a longer letter      to the funeral or to the
                                    might be more appropriate.               home of the grieving family
Advice for Writing Sympathy Words
                                    You could relate some of your            will brighten the room for
Why Write Words of Comfort?         memories of the deceased, or             days. Read these reviews
How to Write a Genuine Letter?      describe some of the things              of online flower delivery
What to Say and What Not to Say     you and the deceased did                 websites to get the best deal
Sympathy Words for Now and Later    together. If you worked with the         on sympathy flowers.
                                    person, or knew them from a
Examples of Condolences for Cards                                            A sympathy gift can be
                                    social group, or perhaps knew
Condolence Message Sample                                                    anything such as a batch
                                    them as a child, a handwritten
Condolence Letter Example                                                    of cookies, a flower
                                    condolence card might be more
                                                                             arrangement or potted
Sympathy Poems and Verses           appropriate. A brief description
                                                                             plant, a sampling of tea,
Sympathy Sayings Examples           of how you knew the deceased
                                                                             a personalized engraved
Compare Flower Delivery Services    and where you met him or her
                                                                             plaque dedicated to the
                                    and that you will miss him or
                                                                             deceased or even a planted
                                    her will be fine.
                                                                             tree in the deceased’s
                                    And finally, if your relationship        honor. A sympathy gift
                                    was that of an acquaintance              does not have to cost much
                                    or a distant relative, a short           or be elaborate but giving
                                    note offering your condolences           something at this sad time is
                                    might be all that is needed. If          always in good taste.
                                    you were not particularly close
                                                                             The family of the deceased
                                    to the deceased but know
                                                                             always appreciates
                                    the family well, offering your
                                                                             receiving food because
                                    support or condolences to the
                                                                             they’ll be very busy making
                                    family in a short condolence
                                                                             funeral arrangements and
                                    card is perfectly acceptable.
                                                                             they will have many friends
                                    Email and texting have also              and family dropping in to
                                    become a good way to express             visit. Grocery shopping,
                                    your condolences quickly. But            preparing and cooking food
                                    it’s always good to follow up an         is the last thing they’ll want
                                    email or text with a formal card         to do, but everyone needs

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                       to keep up their strength,            If you need inspiration,
                       so sending some baking,               there are hundreds of
                       chocolates, fruit or even a           sample letters of sympathy
“First, decide whom    selection of meats or wine            and condolence for many
                       with your condolences not             different situations on www.
you are addressing     only shows your good taste,           obituarieshelp.org. See the
                       but shows you truly care              end of this E-book for a
in your letter, is     about the family’s well-being         list of links to condolence
                       at this sad time.                     examples that will help you
                                                             get started.
this a letter to the   There are so many great
                       ideas online and you can              How you start your card
entire family or       send your condolence                  or letter is just like any
                       message with the gift. Many           other letter. First, decide
just one person        online gift companies allow           whom you are addressing
                       you to personalize your               in your letter, is this a
in particular? if      message so you can write              letter to the entire family
                       your condolence letter and            or just one person in
                       they will print it in a card          particular? If it is to the
it is to the entire    and include it with your gift.        entire family, addressing
                       You’ll find helpful reviews of        it with the surname of
family, addressing     places to order condolence            the family is appropriate.
                       gifts and flowers online at           Your first sentence should
it with the surname    the end of this E-book.               acknowledge the passing
                                                             of their loved one and say
of the family is       If you are ordering a
                                                             something about how his
                       sympathy gift online to send
                                                             loss makes you feel.
                       with your condolences,
appropriate. ”         rest assured that the cards           Step Four: What Should
                       they include are of good              I say in the Sympathy
                       quality and will carry your           Letter?
                       condolence message with
                                                             The next part of the letter
                                                             should say qualities you
                       Step Three: How do I start            admired about him or her,
                       the Sympathy Letter?                  tell a story you remember
                                                             about him or her or
                       Take out a scrap piece of
                                                             explain how you knew the
                       paper and write out your
                                                             deceased. You might have
                       thoughts before writing on
                                                             to do a little brainstorming
                       the card or stationary you
                                                             for this part. You’ll want to
                       will use. It’s better to write
                                                             keep your stories tasteful
                       out your mistakes on scrap
                                                             and show the deceased in
                       than to have to send a card
                                                             the best possible light.
                       with mistakes and crossed
                       out parts. Besides, so many           This is not the time to bring
                       people type these days that           up mistakes or a lack of
                       a little practice writing with a      judgment on the part of
                       pen is necessary.                     the deceased. This letter

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                        is supposed to comfort his or                Dear Smith Family,
                        her family, not make them sad
                                                                     I’m sorry to hear of John’s
                        or angry that the deceased
                                                                     passing. He was a great
“If you can’t think     behaved badly. If you can’t
                                                                     man and I will miss him very
                        think of something positive to
of something            say here, it’s best to just cut the
                        letter short or copy a comforting            Over the years working at
positive to say here,   poem. There are links to good                T&B Lumber, I had come to
                        poems you can include in your                know John very well and I
                        letter at the end of this E-book.            valued his friendship. He
it’s best to just cut                                                always had a funny story
                        Step Five: How do I end the
                                                                     or a new joke to tell and
the letter short or     Sympathy Letter?
                                                                     we’d have a good laugh. He
                        The last part of the letter should           made the days fly by.
copy a comforting       offer your help or prayers or
                                                                     Please know that I am
                        words of strength to help the
poem. There are                                                      thinking of you at this time of
                        family cope with the death.
                                                                     loss and if there is anything
                        One possibility is to offer to do
                                                                     you need help with, please
links to good poems     something for the family that
                                                                     call. In the meantime, I can
                        would help them such as taking
                                                                     clear out his locker at work
you can include in      care of their yard, or offering to
                                                                     and bring everything to you
                        take their dogs for a walk, or
                                                                     next week. I’ll call before I
your letter at the      other such task that you know
                                                                     come over.
                        they can’t or won’t want to do
end of this PDF.”       while grieving. Close the letter             With deepest sympathy,
                        with a condolence phrase, and
                        then sign your name.                         Ralph Winters

                        Step Six: Putting it all                     Step Seven: What should
                        Together                                     I write my condolence
                                                                     message on?
                        Once you’ve thought out what
                        you’d like to say in your letter             You want to send your
                        and written out some ideas                   condolences on a nice card
                        on your scrap paper, it’s time               or nice paper and envelop.
                        to write out your final draft.               It’s worth it to make a
                        No, don’t grab that sympathy                 special trip to a stationary
                        card yet, write it out from start            supply store or order a card
                        to finish on scrap paper. You                online. The family of the
                        don’t want to make mistakes,                 deceased will read this letter
                        if you do, it’s no big deal, but             over and over for years to
                        practicing makes it look like you            come. Whenever they think
                        put a lot of thought into it. Read           of their deceased loved one
                        it over for mistakes and make                or when they need to see
                        sure it says everything you                  some words of strength,
                        want it to. Here is an example               they will pull out your letter
                        of a condolence letter that                  and reread it. Nice paper or
                        follows all of the these steps:              a special card is important.

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