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                                Annual Report of the Activities
                               (1st April 2007 to 31st March 2008)
The Members of the Central Council.

I present, with pleasure, this brief Annual report of the activities of the AISCCON for the year
2007-2008 to you.
1. Introduction
     1. AISCCON was established on 28th December 2001 at Shrirampur (Maharashtra) and
        is the largest registered representative Organisation of Senior Citizens in India to-day.
     2. AISCCON has Federations/Associations affiliated to it from 16 States and 2 Union
        States: 1. Assam, 2. Andhra Pradesh, 3. Bihar, 4. Chhattisgarh, 5. Goa,
                6. Gujarat, 7. Haryana, 8. Jammu & Kashmir, 9. Karnataka, 10. Kerala, 11.
                Madhya Pradesh, 12. Maharashtra, 13. Rajasthan, 14. Tamil Nadu, 15. Uttar
                Pradesh and 16. West Bengal.
        Union Territories: 1. Daman and 2. Andaman, Nicobar Islands.
     3. It has total membership of over 3.5 lakhs.
     4. AISCCON holds All India Annual Conferences regularly every year- 1st Conference
        was held in 2001 at Shrirampur, 2nd Conference in 2002 at Aurangabad, 3rd
        Conference in 2003 at BARC Hall, Mumbai, 4th Conference was held on 20-21
        November 2004 at Vyara, Dist. Surat in Gujarat, 5th National Conference was held in
        November 2005 at Hyderabad, 6th National Conference was held at Bhopal on 8-9th
        October 2006 and the 7th National Conference at Jaipur on 27-28th October, 2007.
     5. AISCCON has regularly pursued the demands of Senior Citizens for :
        -       Protection of Bank interest rates,
        -       Improvements in Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana & Senior Citizens Savings
        -       Issue of Senior Citizens Bonds with 12% interest,
        -       Raising amount of National Old Age Pension (NOAP) for destitute elderly from
                Rs.75/- per month to Rs.500/-per month,
        -       Mediclaim Insurance with no age bar and affordable Premium,
        -       Full implementation of NPOP within 5 years with yearly Budget allocations,
        -       Removing the unjust restrictions imposed by Indian Airlines, Jet & Sahara
                Airlines on domestic air travel by Senior Citizens,
        -       Implementation of Old Age Social & Income Security (OASIS) for the 39.5 crore
                future Senior Citizens, presently working in unorganized sector, so that they get
                some pension in their old age,
        -       Defining every 60+ person as Senior Citizen and giving him all due facilities at
                Central and State level,

      -       Utilising the expertise, experience and spare time of Senior Citizens in social
              projects like Adult Education, Family Welfare, AIDS Prevention, Environment
              Protection, Immunisation, etc.
   6. AISCCON Delegations have gone to Delhi on 12 occasions in 6 years and met the
      Ministers & Secretaries of Finance, Social Justice & Empowerment, Health etc. and
      discussed the problems of Senior Citizens with them. AISCCON has also taken
      Delegations to the State Governments of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya
      Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan for solution to State problems.
      AISCCON Delegation met H.E. the (former) President of India Hon‟ble Dr. A.P.J. Abdul
      Kalam and presented him a Memorandum. Met the Hon‟ble Prime Minister Dr. Man
      Mohan Singh on 2nd November 2004 and presented him a Memorandum on the
      demands of Seniors. Kept regular contact with M.Ps. and raised through them
      questions in the Parliament about Senior Citizens.
   7. AISCCON has 14 Chief Patrons, 35 Grand Patrons and 168 Patrons.

2. Election to the Central Council of AISCCON from Grand Patrons & Patrons           for the
years 2007 to 2010 –
   Shri B. Ranganathan who was appointed as Returning Officer conducted the election in
   June 2007 and declared the following members elected unopposed :
           From Grand Patrons – 1. Shri V.J. Padhye (Nashik)
                                  2. Shri D.N. Chapke (Navi Mumbai)
          From Patrons          - 1. Shri P.S. Kshetramade (Navi Mumbai)
                                 2. Shri Jayant Khandke (Khopoli)

3. Meetings of Central Council and Executive Council
(i) The 13th Annual Meeting of the Central Council and Election of new Office-Bearers
for 2007-2010 –
The Meeting was held at Virangula Kendra of Jyeshtha Nagarik Sangh, Mulund (East) on 5 th
August 2007 attended by 43 Members and Special Invitees. Shri Ramanbhai Shah was in the
  (i) After condolence resolution the Minutes of the 12th Central Council Meeting held at
  Bhopal were confirmed, ii) The Annual Report of Activities for 2006-07 presented by the
  Secrtary General Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar along with the Reports of Sub-committees was
  adopted unanimously, iii) The audited Statements of Account for 2006-07 presented by the
  Treasurer Shri M.B. Kulkarni were discussed and adopted, iv) The Report of AISCCON
  News presented by Shri B. Ranganathan was adopted, v) Shri M.D. Bhusari, Returning
  Officer and Shri C.D. Khare, Addl. Returning Officer, conducted the Elections of Office-
  bearers for the years 2007-2010 and declared the Results as follows:
          President                     - Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar, Navi Mumbai
          Vice President                - 1. Shri R.N. Mital, Hyderabad
                                          2. Shri M.B. Kulkarni, Mumbai
                                          3. Dr. M.V. Bhale, Dewas
                                          4. Smt. Mandakini Desai, Belgaum
          Secretary General                  - Shri D.N. Chapke, Navi Mumbai
          Treasurer                          - Shri P.S. Kshetramade, Navi Mumbai
          Managing Editor, AISCCON News- Shri B. Ranganathan, Mumbai
          Organising Secretary               - Adv. S.C. Sharma
          Jt. Secretaries                    - 1. Shri B.B. Dixit, Jhansi
                                              2. Shri I.M. Desai, Daman
                                              3. Shri N.N. Ingle, Akola
                                              4. Shri Jagubhai Belani, Bharuch
 vi) Budget for 2007-08 presented by the Treasurer, Shri P.S. Kshetramade was approved,
 vii) M/s. Dhananjay Divekar & Associates, Chartered Accountants, were re-appointed as
 Auditors for the year 2007-08, viii) Shri Kaushal Kishor Jain, President, Varishtha Nagarik
 Sansthan, Rajasthan gave details about the 7th National Conference being held at Jaipur on
 26-27-28 October, 2007 and the Programme, which was approved, ix) On the appeal of the
 President for enrolment as Patrons and Life Subscribers of AISCCON News and for
 donations for the Mahasangh Bhavan 7 members enrolled for Chief Patronship, 6 for Grand
 Patronship and 1 for Patronship. Donations of Rs.41,000 and Interest-free loan of
 Rs.11,000 were also announced for the Bhavan, x) Official amendments to Rules &
 Regulations of AISCCON were unanimously adopted, xi) Plan of activities for the year 2007-
 08 was declared by the President.
(ii) The 14th (Pre-conference) Meeting of the Central Council of AISCCON was held in the
Board Room of Tagore Public School, Jaipur on 26th October, 2007 which was attended by 33
members & 3 invitees. President Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar was in the Chair. After the prayer & a
Condolence resolution, Shri Kaushal Kishor Jain, President, Rajasthan Varishtha Nagarik
Sansthan, welcomed all office-bearers & members and wished the meeting success. Shri D.N.
Chapke, Secretary General AISCCON, read the notice of the meeting dated 24th September
The following business was transacted-
   (1) Minutes of the 13th Annual Central Council meeting held at Mumbai on 5th Aug. 07
were confirmed, as circulated; (2) Report of the Activities of AISCCON from 1st April 07 to 15th
Oct. 2007 which was circulated to all members and read by the Secretary General, was
appreciated and adopted unanimously; (3) The Treasurer Shri P.S. Kshetramade made a brief
statement on accounts of AISCCON from April to Sept. 2007, which was noted. The President
appreciated that there were six new Chief Patrons, eight new Grand Patrons and fifteen new
Patrons enrolled during the last two months. He appealed that every member of the Central
Council should contribute at least Rs.3000/-, (Rs.1000/- towards Patron Membership,
Rs.1000/- towards Life Subscription of AISCCON NEWS and Rs.1000/- as donation for the
Bhavan Fund.) Those members who have not paid so far, should pay at their earliest; (4)
Report of AISCCON NEWS was circulated and read by the Mg. Editor Shri B. Ranganathan.
The President reminded the members that we have to raise the number of Life Subscribers
from the present 177 to 400 within one year;
(5) Shri Kaushal Kishor Jain gave details of the final programme of the Conference on 27-28
Oct. 07 which was approved; (6) The Secretary General informed that except from
Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Daman & MP there were no donations
received from other states and the construction work will be affected for want of funds. Hence
every Association should collect and contribute at least Rs.11,000/- for the Bhavan before
31st March 08. This was agreed by all; (7) Amendments to the Rules & Regulations
(Subscription, Executive Committee and Election Rules) adopted unanimously at the last CC
meeting in Mumbai, were confirmed; (8) Resolutions to be put before the Open Session in the
Conference were read, discussed & finalized; (9) Shri J.R. Gupta, who had come from Delhi

appreciated that AISCCON had taken up many important issues of Senior Citizens with the
Central and State Govts. He agreed to host the 8th National Conference of AISCCON in
Delhi. His Association will get affiliated to AISCCON. He assured to call a meeting of the
Presidents & Secretaries of Senior Citizens Associations in Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh,
Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal to form a strong base for AISCCON in North
India. The members greeted his suggestion with applause; (10) The President mentioned that
the main issues in this Conference would be (a) declaration of State Policies on Older
Persons by all remaining States and implementation of the NPOP and State Policy by
establishing Commissionerates for Senior Citizens at the Centre and at State levels, and (b)
recognition of AISCCON by the Govt. at the Centre as the National Association of OIder
Persons, as this is the largest Organisation of Senior Citizens in the Country.
iii) The 8th Executive Committee meeting of AISCCON was held on Sunday, the 23rd
March, 2008 at Virangula Kendra of Jyeshtha Nagarik Sangh, Mulund (east), Mumbai –
400081 when 18 members and special invitees were present.
(1) Minutes of the 7th Executive Committee Meeting held at Nani Daman on 21st Jan 2007
were read and confirmed; (2) Shri. D.N. Chapke, Secretary General read the report of the
activities of AISCCON was adopted after brief discussion; (3) Reports of the Finance
Committee and public Relations Committee were presented by the Chairman Shri. V. M.
Date. The report of Health-Care Committee and analysis of the Sastry Committee report on
Health and Insurance was presented by Convener Shri. R. N. Mittal. All the reports of the
Committees were adopted; (4) The Treasurer Shri. P. S. Kshetramade presented the
Income-Expenditure A/c of AISCCON from April 2007 to February 2008 which was noted; (5)
Shri. B. Ranganathan, Managing Editor of AISCCON News presented the report of
AISCCON News. His proposal to raise the advertisement tariff was approved. Shri. M. B.
Kulkarni assured to give one full page coloured advertisement of Rs.2500/- from FESCOM.
 (6) The AISCCON budget for the year 2008-09 was presented and approved. The Budget for
AISCCON News presented by Shri. B. Rangnathan was approved;               (7) The President Dr.
Kinjawadekar gave information about progress of the Mahasangh Bhavan; (8) The accounts
of the 7th National Conference held at Jaipur were not accepted in the present form; (9)
Regarding the plan of activities it was decided to extend the activities to other parts of the
country and increase the number of Patrons and life subscribers of AISCCON News; (10) The
meeting accepted the invitation of Shri. V. D. Shukla from Ghaziabad (NCR) for holding the 8 th
National Conference of AISCCON and suggested to submit a detailed proposal; (11) For the
meeting of the representatives of All India organizations and State Federations to bring them
together to form a National Organization of Senior Citizens, it was decided to assert ourselves
at Hyderabad Meeting called by Shri Gangadharan and not go on back foot; (12) All The
three Committees of AISCCON were re-constituted; (13) Shri. M. D. Bhusari (Mulund) was co-
opted on Central Council in place of Late Shri. Jayant N. Khandke; (14) The resolutions
regarding demands to Finance and Rail Minister, MWPSC Act 2007, implementation of K. S.
Sastry Committee Report on Health Insurance for Senior Citizens, State Commissionerates
for Senior Citizens in M.P. and Rajasthan, State Council and Commissionerate in
Maharashtra, establishing special cells for Senior Citizens in Municipal corporations,
congratulating FESCOM for holding 1st Senior Citizens women‟s conference, were adopted.

4. The 7th National Conference of AISCCON at Tagore Public School & Jr. College,
Jaipur was a grand function. The Inauguration of the conference was done on 27th
October2007 by Hon,ble Justice Shri N.K. Jain, Chairman of Human Rights Commission,
Rajasthan as the Chief Guest with Shri Hastimalji, Central Laision Chief, RSS and Shri
Omprakashji Arya as the Guests of Honour.

Following annual AISCCON Awards were distributed at the hands of the Chief Guest
Shri N.K. Jain :
       1)     Best Senior Citizens Association, Urban area            - to Sneh Sandhya,
              Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)
       2)     Best Senior Citizens Association, Rural area - to Jyeshtha Nagarik Sangh,
              Korhate, Dist. Nashik (Maharashtra).
       3)     Best Senior Citizen Woman Worker – to Mrs. Vinata Garde, Aurangabad
The Key-note address was delivered by Shri K.R. Gangadharan, Managing Director, Heritage
Hospital, Hyderabad on „International Scenario on Ageing Programmes and Capacity Building
of Senior Citizens.
In the first scientific session subject of discussion was „Maintenance & welfare of parents and
senior citizens Bill-2007. The speakers were Shri Ramanbhai Shah, Prof. Dr. Siva Raju of
Tata Institute of Social Science and Shri Bhalchandra Goswami, Editor „Vanaprasthi‟ monthly.
Justice Shri Panachand Jain (Retd.) was in the Chair.
 In the second scientific session was on “Mediclaim Insurance for Senior Citizens”. Justice
Surendra Nath Bhargava (Retd.) was in the Chair and the Speakers were Shri R.N . Mital,
Shri N.V. Kodolikar, and Shri K.S. Sastri, IAS, Chairman, IRDA Committee on Health
Insurance for Senior Citizens.
In the third session Prof Sugan Bhatia from Delhi spoke on the National policy on Older
Persons (NPOP) and the ways to implement it more effectively. At night a pleasing
entertainment programme was held.
On 28th October 2008, in the fourth session Dr. Mathur and Dr. Alka Vyas dealt with the
preventive health and a survey on Elder Abuse in Pune City. Justice Tibrewal chaired the
In the fifth session the main speaker was Dr. Vikas Goyal, Director, Science and Society
Division, Deptt. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi and the Session was
Chaired by Shri Ramanbhai Shah.
In the sixth session the subjects for discussion were, Old Age Homes, Multi-service Centres
and Mobile Medicare. The speakers were Ms. Apaga and Shri Bakshi of HelpAge India and
the Session was Chaired by Shri Manik Chand Surana.
In the open session 28 Resolutions were discussed and passed. It was also decided to hold
the 8th National Conference at Delhi.
The Chief Guest for the Valedictory Function was Hon‟ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan
Smt Vasundhara Raje and the Guest of Honour was the Speaker of the Rajasthan State
Assembly Smt. Sumitra Singh. The Chief Minister announced that Commission for Senior
Citizens in the State will be set up soon.
About 1000 delegates attended the conference which was successfully organized by Shri
Kaushal kumar Jain and his colleagues in Rajasthan Varistha Nagarik Sansthan,Jaipur.

5. Delegations
(1) A delegation led by Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar and Shri. M.B. Kulkarni met the Mayor of Brihan
   Mumbai Mahanagarpalika Dr. Mrs. Shubha Rawool at her office on 3rd May 2007 and
   again on 4th October 2007 at her residence when the Addl. Municipal Commissioner and
   other Officers were present. The issues discussed were (a) Free investigations and
   treatment facilities to all 60+ Seniors at all Corporation Hospitals, (b) Weekly 2-day OPD
   for Senior Citizens, (c) Conducting Courses in Gerontology and training in Geriatrics for
   Doctors and Nurses in Corporation Medical Colleges, (d) Starting a Mediclaim Insurance
   Scheme for Senior Citizens in Mumbai on the lines of Pune, Pimpri and Navi Mumbai, (e)
   Free space in Municipal Schools for the activities including Day Care Centre for nearby
   Senior Citizens Associations, (f) Concession in Bus Fare to Senior Citizens in BEST
   Buses, (g) Utilizing services of experienced Senior in social projects of the Corporation,
   (h)Provision of more Nana-Nani Parks and jogging Tracks in Corporation Gardens. The
   response of the mayor and officers was encouraging.
(2) On 16th July, 2007 the Delegation of AISCCON & FAPSCO had meetings in Hyderabad
    with i) Shri. Jagannath Rao, Commissioner, Disabled Welfare and State Nodal Officer for
    implementation of NPOP, ii) Shri. P.K. Agarwal, Principal Secretary, Health Dept., iii)
    Honorable Smt. Rajyalaxmi, Minister of Social Justice, etc. iv) Principal Secretary,
    Women Development, Child Welfare and disabled Welfare Smt. Vasudha Mishra and
    Shri. A.P.V.N. Sarma, Special Chief Secretary, Social Welfare and discussed with tem all
    important problems relating to Senior Citizens in the State. The Minister assured to call
    the Meeting of the State Council for the Elderly in August 2007 and include 3
    Representatives of FAPSCO on the State Council. She also agreed to try for 50% fare
    concession in A.P. State Road Transport buses for Seniors. She also agreed to issue
    Govt. Identity Cards to all Senior Citizens through FAPSCO.
(3) On 30th July 2007 the Delegation of AISCCON met the Chief Minister, Rajasthan, Smt.
    Vasundhara Raje Requesting her to inaugurate AISCCON‟s 7th National Conference at
    Jaipur on 27th October 2007 which she agreed. She was also requested to form Rajya
    Varishtha Magarik Ayog for speedy implementation of the State Policy on Older Persons.
(4) On 24th August 2007 the Delegation of AISCCON led by Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar met the
    Minister of Social Justice, Madhya Pradesh, Smt. Kusum Mehdale at her residence in
    Bhopal and requested her for the formation of State Council for Senior Citizens and Rajya
    Varishtha Nagarik Ayog. She said that the Chief Minister may make an announcement on
    these issues in the Vridha Jan Panchayat to be held in October 2007.
(5) A delegation concistingof Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar, President, Shri D.N. Chapke, Secretary
    General and Shri N.R. Nandy attended the 2nd Convention of Indian Association of
    Retired Persons (IARP) held at Madhusudan Manch, Kolkata at the invitation of Dr. Sisir
    Dutta, President of IARP, on 29th December, 2007. Chief Guest of the Convention was
    Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Winner) and the Guest of Honour was
    Dr. Devi Shetti, famous Cardiac Surgeon from Bangalore.

6. Organizational Tours
   i)     Gujarat – From 5th April to 11th April 2007 President Shri. Ramanbhai Shah,
          Secretary General Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar and Jt. Secretary Shri. I.M. Desai were
          on a tour of South Gujarat when they visited Vapi, Daman, Surat, Navsari, Bharuch
          and Vyara to acquaint the Members with the activities of AISCCON, to understand
          the problems of local Senior Citizens and to collect funds for the Jyeshtha Nagarik
          Bhavan in Navi Mumbai. The response of the Associations and the Members was
          extremely good. The details have appeared in May 2007 issue of AISCCON News.
          Dr. S. P. Kinjawadekar and Shri. Ramanbhai Shah attended meeting of Senior
          Citizens Federation at Surat on 14/10/07.
   ii)    Andhra Pradesh – President Shri. Ramanbhai Shah and the Secretary General
          Dr. S.P. 14th July to 21st July. On 15th a meeting was organized by Shri. K. R.
          Gangadharan, Mg. Director of Heritage Hospital, in which important FAPSCO
          workers were invited. In the afternoon there was a meeting at Lions Day-care
          Centre, Secunderabad and in the evening there was a big meeting organized by

       FAPSCO at Kamalamma Senior Citizens Bhavan in including a Public Meeting
       were arranged and on 18th July they had a warm whole tour programme was
       extremely satisfying and we could collect a good amount for the Bhavan Fund.
iii)   Rajasthan (Jaipur) – From 28th to 30th July President Shri. Ramanbhai Shah and
       the Secretary General Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar were in Jaipur to participate in the 1st
       Anniversary Celebration of Varishtha Nagarik Sansthan, Rajasthan. The
       celebration was held on the lawns of Dr. Shama Prasad Mukerji Varishtha Nagarik,
       Jaipur on 29th July where the Chief Guest was Shri. Satyanarayan Gupta,
       Chairman, Jan Abhav Abhiyog Adhikaran, Rajasthan. Donations of Rs.1.28 lakhs
       were announced for the Bhavan in the Meeting.
iv)    M.P.- The President Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar, Organizing Secretary Adv. S.c.
       Sharma and General Secretary, FESCOM Shri. Anil Kaskhedikar were on a tour of
       MP from 18th august to 25th August 2007 during which they visited Dewas
       Varishtha Nagarik Sanstha on 19th August 2007, Varishtha Nagarik Vichar Manch,
       Indore on 20th August 2007 along with Vice President Dr. M.V. Bhale, Prabuddha
       Parishad, Ujjain on 21st August, Seva Nivrutta and Pensioners Nagarik
       Mahasangh, Mandsaur on 22nd August and prantiya Varishtha nagarik Mahasngh,
       Bhopal on 23rd, 2007. The aims of this tour were the same as in Gujarat and
       Andhra Pradesh tours,
v)     Tamil Nadu (Chennai) Tour – The President Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar and the
       Senior Vie President Shri. R.N. Mittal were on a tour of Chennai from 4th October to
       8th October 2007. On 6th October they along with Shri. K.R. Gangadharan, Mg.
       Director, Heritage Hospital were the Guests of Honour at the World Elders Day
       Celebration organized by Tamil Nadu Senior Citizens and Pensioners Welfare
       Association, T. Nagar, Chennai, attended by over 200 Senior Citizens..In the
       afternoon a meeting of the representatives of Senior Citizens Associations in Tamil
       Nadu was organized at Hotel New Woodlands, Mylapore which was attended by
       18 representatives of six Associations from Chennai and Pondicherry. Dr.
       Kinjawadekar gave details of the working of AISCCON and appealed the
       Associations to join AISCCON to which four Associations responded instantly. On
       7lh October they met the famous Gerontologist Dr. V.S. Natarajan, Chairman,
       Senior Citizens Bureau and Capt. M. Singraja, Secretary of the Bureau. They
       assured to co-operate with AISCCON.
vi)    Kolkata (West Bengal) Tour – President Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar, Secretary
       General Shri D.N. Chapke and Shri N.R. Nandy were on a tour of Kolkata from 28th
       December 2007 to 30th December 2007. (a) On 28th they had meetings with the
       President and Secretary of Salt Lake Senior Citizens Association. They also met
       Shri Jayantilal Jain and Shri Om Prakashji Maniar, Businessmen, for financial help
       for Jyeshtha Nagarik Bhawan in Nerul; (b) On 29th they attended the 2nd
       Convention of IARP held at Madhusudan Manch and also participated in a meeting
       of representatives of Senior Citizens Associations in India convened by Shri K.R.
       Gangadharan, in the presence of Prof. Mohammad Yunus (Nobel Laurette) for
       consideration of formation of a National Co-ordination Committee of All-India
       Senior Citizens Organisations; (c) In the evening they went to New Barrackpore
       and had meeting with Shri K.C. Sarkar, Secretary of Senior Citizens Welfare
       Organisation, who agreed to get affiliated to AISCCON; (d) On 30 th December they
       attended a meeting of Salt Lake Senior Citizens Association who too agreed to join
       AISCCON; (e) In the afternoon they met Shri Atmaram Sonthalia, a Member of
       NPOP, who agreed to support the activities of AISCCON.
vii)   Udaipur (Rajasthan) Tour – The President Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar, the Immediate
       Past President Shri Ramanbhai Shah and the Secretary General Shri D.N. Chapke
       attended the first State Convention of Varishtha Nagarik Sansthan, Rajasthan at
       Krushi Mahavidyalay Sabhagruha, Udaypur on 16th March 2008. Shri Harishankar

     Bhabda, Ex.-Dy. Chief Minister of Rajasthan was the Chief Guest and the Guests of
     Honour were Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar, the Mayor Shri Ravindra Shrimal and Shri Shiv
     Kishor Sanadhya. Smt. Kiran Maheshwari, MP, presided over the well-attended function,
     and assured full support to the demands of AISCCON at the Central & State level.
7. World Elders’ Day
World Elders‟ Day was observed from 1st October to 14th October by all Senior Citizens
Associations. The Letter of Demands of Senior Citizens was presented by the Associations to
the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of the State through the local Head of the Govt.,
MLAs and MPs to highlight them. In Pune the President Dr. S. P. Kinjawadekar launched
FESCOM Arogya Kavach Yojana with Sahyadri Hospital, Pune in a big meeting organized by
FESCOM Pune Region on 17th October 2007.
1)      FAPSCO along with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh celebrated world Elders Day at Ranga
        Reddy Zilla Parishad Hall at Hyderabad pm 1st October 2007 to focus the attention of
        the society, the Govt. and the Seniors about their problems and seek solutions through
        interaction and networking. Smt. N. Rajya Laxmi Hon‟ble Minister for Women
        Development & Child Welfare, AP, Dr. Ashok, Commissioner for Disabled & Senior
        Citizens Welfare Prof. C.V. Raghavulh, former VC, Nagarjuna University and the office
        bearers and representatives of Senior Citizens Organizations in AP were present on
        the occasion.
2)      Senior Citizens Association, Mehdipatnam, Senior Citizens Association, Nalgonda –
        AP, Senior Citizens Council, Karimganj-Assam, Senior Citizen Sanskar Sangthan,
        Surat-Gujrat, Senior Citizens Council, Daman (U.T), Varistha Nagrik Kalyan Seva
        Samiti, Jhansi (U.P), etc. organized functions of the Demands Day as advised by

AISCCON News is now six years old and is published every month regularly from Mulund.
Subscribers and life members for Aisccon News are increasing. During the current year
(2007-08) 390 subscribers and 66 life members were enrolled, thanks to the committee
members for their great effort in this regard.
Year wise position of subscribers and life member enrolled are as under
             Year                       Subscribers                   Life Members
           2002-03                           40                              2
           2003-04                          268                             17
           2004-05                          245                             18
           2005-06                          264                             60
           2006-07                          217                             46
           2007-08                          390                             66
            Total                           1424                            209

It can be seen from the above table that during the year 2007-08, enrollment has increased.
However, we have got a problem of non-renewal of subscription by earlier members. Hence
we need more Life Subscribers. We once again appeal every Senior Citizen Association to be
Life Subscriber of AISCCON News by paying Rs.1,000/- and enroll as many individual
Life/Ordinary Subscribers as possible.

Some of the AISCCON Patrons are still not subscribers of AISCCON News in spite of our
appeals regularly. This needs to be looked into immediately.
Our thanks to Bank of Maharashtra, Indian Overseas Bank, Saraswat Bank and NKGSB Bank
for releasing their advertisements in AISCCON News. The credit for this goes to Shri. V.M.
Date who is continuously pursuing with the Banks for release of advertisements. However,
considering the future requirements more advertisements are required. Central Council
Members are therefore requested to use their contacts and influence in their region to get
advertisements for the magazine. The present advertisement tarrif is as under.
Sr.No.                          Category                            Rate per month
  1.      Cover pages (in colour)                                       Rs. 2500
  2.      B/W Full page                                                 Rs. 1500
  3.      B/W Half page                                                 Rs. 900
  4.      B/W Quarter page                                              Rs. 500

9. State Activities
It is gratifying that most of the affiliated Associations are active and engaged in social
Andhra Pradesh
1) Senior Citizen Helpline – 1253 was inaugurated by the Chief Secretary Shri. J.
Harinarayana, IAS on 30th Aug. 2007.
2) Shri C.V.S. Sarma IAS, Commissioner and Special Officer of Greater Hydarabad Muncipal
Corporation launched the “Website” for the Senior Citizens. Mementos were Presented to the
Chief Secretary an Shri. D.R.K. Paramhansa, General Secretary if Greate Hydrabad Senior
Citizens Council.
3) A memorandum of demands and suggestions was submit on 23rd October to the Principal
Manager of BSNL Shri. P.S.R. Krishna by the Association of Senior Citizens, Hyderabad.
4) A Seminar on old Age Homes care – issues & strategies was organized by FAPSCO and
IFHD on 1st Oct. 2007. Hon. D. Prasad Rao, Minister for Revenue Govt. of A.P., Shri. Ch.
Sudhakar Rao, MLC, Shri. Arun Kumar M.P., Shri. M. Satyanarayan Rao, M.L.A. participated
in the seminar and released a souvenir on the occasion.
1) Jyestha Nagrik Much, Bhilai Organized a free Bone density testing and free heart check up
camp through Escorts Heart Care Centre. State Assembly speaker Hon. Shri Prem Prakesh
Pande and Mayore Shri Vidyaratan Bhasin encourage the seniors.
2) Durg District Varistha Nagrik Sammelan celebrated the centenary year of the formation of
the District. The Chief Minister Praised the work of the Association and declared Rs. 2.5
Lakhs of donation.
1) Senior Citizens Council, Vapi arranged a free eye camp and arranged free cataract
operation whenever sequired through the help of Dr. Gusani at his Eye Hospital.
2) Senior Citizens Council, Gandhi Nagar organized various medical services for senior,
women and children through mobilevan, Ambulance Pulse polio, Blood donation etc.
3) Fescomi 28th Annual conference was held at Nagpur on 19th and 20th January 2008. The
Chief Guest were Dr. Ram Shevalkar, Hon. Shri Vilas Muttemwar, Minister for Non-
conventional Energy G.O.I., former Minister of Finance Shri. Shantaram Potdubhe, Shri. Nitin
Gadkari and other dignataanies. Shri Datta Meghe was the Chairman of the organization
Madhya Pradesh
i) Prantiya Varishtha Nagarik Mahasangh, MP, Bhopal has started a Quarterly Newsletter
named "Dusri Paari" from July 2007, the Editor of which is Shri. Ghanashyam Saxena. ii)
Prabuddha Parishad, Ujjain in its meeting held on 22nd April considered amendments to the
Constitution which were later adopted in the General Body Meeting held on 10th June, 2007. iii)
Dewas Varishtha Nagarik Sansthan had the inauguration of its own premises near Town Hall
on 4m October 2007 at the hands of Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, MP and Chairperson of the
Parliamentary Committee for Social Justice & Empowerment. Hearty Congratulations to Dr.
M.V. Bhale and his team.
FESCOM in Maharashtra leads 1,060 Associations in the State and holds Annual State
Conferences very regularly for 27 years. (i) The 28th Conference was held at Nagpur on
19-20th January, 2008 attended by over 2500 delegates. The Chief Guest was Dr. Ram
Shevalkar and Hon‟ble Shri Vilas Muttemwar, Minister for Non-Conventional Energy, Govt. of
India, Former Minister of Finance Shri Shantaram Potdukhe, Shri Nitin Gadkari, MLA were the
Guests of Honour. Shri Datta Meghe was the Chairman of of the Organizing Committee.
(ii) A meeting to review the State Policy on Older Persons was held at Yashada, Pune on
18th May, attended by representatives of AISCCON, FESCOM and other workers in the field of
ageing. Another meeting for the same purpose was held in July 2007. (iii) The Governing
Council Meeting was held on 27th May 2007 at Keshav Srishti, Uttan, Dist. Thane where it was
decided to publish a Souvenir for raising funds for the Bhavan. Leadership and Unity
Workshop was also held there on 28th-29th May with lectures by renowned experts and social
workers. FESCOM's Mission and Vision were discussed and decided. (iv) An Annual General
Meeting of FESCOM was held at Nanawada, Pune on 29th September, 2007.
(v) On 1st and 2nd September 2007 a Seminar on “Graceful Ageing” was organized by Bharati
Vidyapath, Pune at Abhijit Institute of Management, Solapur, Dr. Kinjawdekar was the Chief
Guest. The seminar has helped to Sensitize the youth towards Senior Citizens. (vi) On 17th
Sept. 2007 Marathawada Freedom Fight Anniversary was celebrated by FESCOM
Marathawada Region. (vii) Akola Senior Citizens Organization celebrated its Silver Jubilee on
2nd December 2007 where more than 1000 elders participated in the function. Shri. Rmanbhai
Shah, Member of NCOP was the Chief Guest. (viii) Dirghayushi Jyeshtha Nagarik Sangh,
Vinchur, Dist Nasik got inaugurated their own Building at the hands of the President of
AISCCON Dr. Kinjawdekar and celebrated the anniversary of AISCCON and FESCOM.
FESCOM President Shri. M. B. Kulkarni and Vice President Shri Anant Gholap, General
Secretary Shri Anil Kaskhedikar were the Guests of Honour. Shri Natwarbhai Chaudhari,
presided over the function which was attended by more than five hundred members.
(ix) FESCOM organized the first ever Conference of Women Senior Citizens of Maharashtra
on 15th and 16th March 2008.
Uttar Pradesh
The State Federation FESCUP is functioning in 8 Districts now. FESCUP organized a function
at Jhansi on 3rd June, 2007 to felicitate Shri. Pradeep Jaina, newly elected MLA and Dr. B. Lal,
Mayor of Jhansi. A Memorandum on the Demands of Senior Citizens was submitted to the
Chief Minister. The MLA assured to raise the subject in the Assembly.
Varistha Nagrik Kelyan Seva Samiti organized a medical camp on 23rd Sept. 07 Dr. Tripathi,
Dr. Khare offered their free medical services.

10. AISCCON Anniversary Celebration
On 28th Dec. 2007, a function was arranged at Dombivli (West) to commemorate the 6th
Anniversary of AISCCON. The Guests of Honour were Dr. Radhakrishna Bhat, Founder of
Senior Citizens Movement in Maharashtra, Dr. Kolhatkar, Dist Governor of Rotary
International, Shri. Ajay Banerjee, General Manager, Bank of Maharashtra and Shri. M.B.
Kulkarni, Vice President of AISCCON. In the function, FESCOM Souvenir 2007 was released
at the hands of Dr. Radhakrishna Bhat and he praised the objectives of the Sovenior as being
to raise funds for the Varistha Nagrik Bhavan in Navi Mumbai. Shri. Vinayak Date, Vice
President of FESCOM and Chief of the Souvenir Venture presented the relevant information
of the Sonvenir and expressed gratitude towards all who supported to make the efforts a
viable success.
All Associations affiliated to AISCCON are expected to celebrate AISCCON Anniversary every
year on 28th December in a befitting manner.

11. International Federation on Ageing – Conference -
Asia-Pacific Consultation organised this important two-day Conference on Effective Models of
Building Capacity and the Role of Advocacy in Ageing Policy was held at Hotel Fortune
Katriya, Hyderabad on 13-14 Nov.2007. Shri K.R. Garpadharan, Mg. Director, Heritage
Hospital, Hyderabad was the Organizer of the Conference. The Chief Guest was Smt. Meira
Kumar, Honourable Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India and other
Guests were – Mrs. Irene Hoskins President IFA, Dr. Veena Chhotray, Secretary to the Govt.
of India. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Mr. Gorden Lishman, Vice President IFA
and Shri Arvind Prasad, Jt Secretary. The theme of this Conference was “Building Capacity
and Developing Advocacy Models. President Dr. S.P. Kinjawadekar was one of the Speakers
in the Conference. Shri Ramanbhai Shah, Shri M.B. Kulkarni, Shri D.N. Chapke, Shri Anil
Kaskhedikar, Shri N.V. Kodolikar, etc. attended the Conference.

12. IFA Membership
AISCCON has taken the membership of the International Federation on Ageing for networking
with various international agencies working for the elderly to be healthy and happy.

13. Forum for Health Insurance of Senior Citizens :-
The Senior Citizens are in need of a suitable Mediclaim Insurance Scheme with no entry and
exit age-bar, covering pre-existing diseases and with affordable premium. In view of the
recommendations of the committee appointed by IRDA and the likely delay in implementation,
the Senior Citizens and Pensioners organizations came together and formed a “Forum for
Health Insurance of Senior Citizens”. The following organizations have joined the Forum for
Health Insurance of Senior Citizens and elected Dr. S.P Kinjawadekar, President of AISCCON
as its Chairman and Shri K.S. Samant from General Insurance Pensioners Association as
(i) AISCCON, (ii) HelpAge India, (iii) Dignity Foundation, (iv) Harmony for Silvers
Foundation, (v) General Insurance Pensioners Association, (vi) All India Bank Retirees
Federation, (vii) RBI Retired Employees Association, (viii) Brihan Mumbai Pensioners
Association, (ix) Mumbai Municipal Pensioners Association
The Forum Meetings are held every month. A Press Conference was held at Mumbai
Patrakar Sangh in January 2008 to highlight the issue. A Memorandum with signatures of
2000 senior citizens demanding early implementation of K.S. Sastry Committee
Recommendations was submitted to the Prime Minister, Union Finance Minister and the
Chairman, IRDA in February 2008. The Forum guides its Associations to write to the
concerned authorities for early implementation of K.S. Sastry Committee Recommendations
with necessary financial and statutory provisions.
14. Correspondence
  1) About 2100 letters including 890 letters from the President‟s Office were sent from the
Central Office during the year. 2) All Resolutions adopted at the Jaipur Conference were sent
to concerned authorities with covering letters. 3) Letters were sent to Reserve Bank of India
on scheme of arrangements as approved by the Delhi High Court on CRB Capital Markets
Ltd., about Annual Review by RBI, Credit Budget, to include interest rate to Senior Citizens in
the List of Items where it has full regulation and for inclusion of Senior Citizens in the
Customer Service Committees of Banks. 4) To the MSJ & E on Bill for National Commission
for Senior Citizens, Central Council of Social Justice, Amendments to the Maintenance and
Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizens Bill, Recognition to AISCCON as the National
Association of Older Persons, 5) To the Ministry of Finance on expectations of Senior Citizens
regarding Budget 2008, Removal of TDS for Senior Citizens, Additional 2% interest on
deposits of Senior Citizens, Amendment to DI&CGC Act, defining every 60+ Senior Citizen
and on National Old Age Pension to BPL Seniors, 6) To the Prime Minister on demands of
Senior Citizens and congratulating him on Rs.400/- per month pension to BPL Seniors, 7) To
Railway Ministry on concessions to Senior Citizens on rail travel, 8) To other Ministries on
implementation of OASIS Scheme, making available drugs to Senior Citizens at reduced
prices, removal of restrictions on domestic air travel concessions for Senior Citizens; 9) To
State Governments to establish State Commissionerates for Senior Citizens declaring State
Policy on Senior Citizens and providing basic facilities to them; 10) A letter was sent to
leaders of main Political Parties on problems of Senior Citizens and seeking their help to solve

15. AISCCON on Website
The AISCCON is on Website now – You can get information about
AISCCON on this Website including the AISCCON News issues from August 2007.

16. Affiliations to AISCCON
The following Associations got affiliated to AISCCON during the year :
1) Rural Senior Citizens Welfare Asociation, Hyderabad (AP); 2) Senior Citizens Welfare
Association, Eluru (AP); 3) Senior Citizens Association, Dalmianagar (Bihar); 4) Centre for the
Welfare of the Aged (CEWA), Chennai (Tamil Nadu); 5) Brindavan Senion Citizens
Foundation, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu); 6) Senior Citizens Bureau, Chennai (Tamil Nadu);
7) Salt Lake Senior Citizens Association, Kolkata (West Bengal); 8) New Barrackpore Senior
Citizens Welfare Association, Kolkata (West Bengal).
Our area of operations has now increased to 16 States and 2 Union Territories.

17. Varishtha Nagarik Bhawan at Nerul, Navi Mumbai -
To fulfill the long-standing need of a Central Office-cum-Activity Building for AISCCON a joint
venture has been undertaken with FESCOM (Federation of Senior Citizens Organizations,
Maharashtra and Jyeshtha Nagarik Sangh, Nerul) for constructing the Bhawan. According to
Tripartite Agreement signed by these three Organizations the share of FESCOM is 50%,
AISCCON 37.50% and Jyeshtha Nagarik Sangh, Nerul 12.50% which is applicable to all
income and expenses in this proportion. The Plot No. 7C in Sector 12, Nerul admeasuring
500 sq. mtrs. has been purchased from CIDCO for Rs.10,93,708 including stamp duty and
registration. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has been paid Rs.1,31,410 at the time of
approval of the Plan. Geological study, Piling Foundation, Plinth Construction and Columns
has cost Rs.7,37,724. For Water Connection Rs.60,000 has been paid to the Muncipal
Corporation. The first slab has been laid in August 2008 which will cost about Rs.6 lakhs.
The toilets on the ground floor, compound wall, electricity connection will need Rs.10 lakhs.
The first and second floors will cost Rs.20 lakhs each and the third floor will cost Rs.15 lakhs
The donations collected by AISCCON during the year were Rs.5,18,422/- and the total
collection on this account upto 31st March 2008 is Rs.8,95,532/-.
Due to change in the MPLADS Rules from 2006 we have not been able to get any financial
help from the local MP/MLA Fund so far. We had applied as far back as February 2007 to the
Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Delhi for Construction Grant for the Multi-service
Day Care Centre through Govt. of Maharashtra but the Ministry has told that they have
changed the Policy and decided not to give Construction Grant for the Day Care Centres from
April 2008. Our efforts are still continuing. Unless we receive substantial donations from big
donors and Central & State Govts. the construction of the Bhawan will be in jeopardy.
We once again to every Senior Citizen Member to contribute at least Rs.1,000/- each to attain
the objective. The funds for the Bhawan can also be raised through publishing a Souvenir,
organizing an Entertainment Programme or through Foreign Contributions. Please accept this
challenge and start collecting the funds.

18. Committee Reports
 1. Report of the Public Relations and Publicity Committee by Chairman Shri V.M. Date
     The Committee consists of the Chairman Shri V.M. Date and Members Shri B.G. Wani,
Navsari and Shri Jayant Khandke (now late), Khopoli and is expected to propagate the
activities of AISCCON and AISCCON News. 1) Late Shri Jayant Khandke was the Editor of
Marathi Weekly “Jidda” and always gave wide publicity to the activities of AISCCON &
FESCOM through this Weekly; 2) The Chairman writes articles through Marathi Dailies
(Loksatta, Navshakti etc.) on banking, financial matters, etc. and gives publicity to the views of
AISCCON to solve the issues of Senior Citizens; 3) Through constant efforts of the Chairman,
AISCCON News has been able to get full page advertisement for one year from North Kanara
GSB Co-op. Bank Ltd., Bank of Maharashtra and Indian Overseas Bank. His efforts to get
two more advertisements of the same category are in progress.; 4) On two occasions efforts
were made to convene Press Conferences at the end of Central Council Meetings held in
Mulund (East) but we could not get good response the same being on Sundays. It is
suggested that Press Conferences should be held on week days at Patrakar Bhawan in
Mumbai; 5) The role of Public Relations and Publicity is of paramount importance for any
organization which warrant more determined efforts and planning.

2. Report of the AISCCON – Finance Committee by Chairman Shri V.M. Date –

The Finance Committee consists of 3 members (viz. Sarvashree V.M. Date, A.G. Gholap and
S.S. Atkekar) and looks into the issues of Senior Citizens relating to financial matters and
guides them suitably. It was also anticipated that the committee would keep a closer attention
& watch on the various financial developments emerging from the national economy & would
take steps to evolve ways & means to mitigate the financial stringencies of the fraternity of
Senior Citizens by making a reference and follow-up with the concerned authorities of Central
& State level and other financial organizations. Accordingly, the Committee endeavored to act
in the following matters.
1) The matter of C.R.B capital Market Ltd. was followed up with the Official Liquidator, New
   Delhi with a request t render preferential treatment to investors belonging to Senior
   Citizen‟s Community. However no response is received yet. It is also not known the
   present state of affairs at the level of the office of the Official Liquidator in respect of
   liquidation proceedings & settlement of dues. At times the letters of the aggrieved Senior
   Citizen Investors are being received & they are replied suitably by the Committee.
2) At the time of Central Budget and Annual Review-Report by RBI, a list of vital points to be
   referred along with their relevant background information is submitted to Secretary
   General/President of AISCCON to address suitable letters to Finance Minister, Railway
   Minister & Reserve Bank of India.
3) This year the committee has rendered assistance in matters of follow-up of Resolutions
   resolved at Jaipur Conference by preparing supporting information for Resolutions relating
   to financial matters for enabling the President to take up the matter suitably with the
   concerned authorities.
4) The advice of RBI to include Senior Citizens in the customer service committees of the
   Bank-branches was presented in AISCCON News. The guidelines rendered by RBI to
   commercial banks in respect of “Doorsteps Banking” were also printed to facilitate those
   Senior Citizens who need services badly.
5) At times, the matters are referred to by Senior Citizens for advice & clarifications & the
   needful are being done accordingly. In one such matter, it was advised to refer the matter
   to the office of Ombudsman since the operating Bank refused to pay interest for the
   intervening period since when the Deposit Scheme for Retiring Govt. employees (7% tax
   free) was discontinued in August 2004 till when the depositor employee (20months) came
   to know about its discontinuance on his return from abroad since the operating Bank did
   not inform him anything in the matter. The proceedings of the hearing etc, at the office of
   Ombudsman have been completed & the decision is awaited. It is understood from the
   concerned Senior Citizen that the Ombudsman may refer the matter to Govt. of India since
   his oral indications in the proceedings to pay interest at 9% for 20 months (approximating
   over Rs.75000/-) were not upheld by the operating Bank. If the final decision of the
   Ombudsman turns out to be positive & favorable, it will be established that the decision of
   the committee to follow-up the matter with the operating Bank & then follow up for
   approach to Ombudsman was the right decision & helpful to compensate for loss of

3. Report of the AISCCON – Health Care Committe by Convener Shri R.N. Mital –
The Committee consists of Shri N.V. Kodolikar (Pune), Shri Jayant Khandke (Khopoli) and
Sjro K.V. Shetty (Udupi) and Shri R.N. Mital (Hyderabad) as Convener. The Convener was
authorized to include more members, if needed. Accordingly the following were co-opted :
1) Shri Ramanbhai Shah (Chairman), Shri K.R. Gangadharan (Vice Chairman), Shri K.S.
Sastry, IAS, Dr. Sesikaran (Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad), Dr. S.P.
Kinjawadekar, Dr. Rao V.B.J. Chelikarni, President, FAPSCO, Dr. Vyasamurthy (Hyderabad),
Prof. V. Visweswariah (Secunderabad), Shri C. Chandrasekhar (Vice President, FHP Ltd.,
Capt. Singaraja (Chennai), Shri P.C. James (Ex-Director, IRDA) and Shri G.K. Kabra (Special
Through Shri K.S. Sastry the Committee followed-up the subject of Health Insurance for
Senior Citizens with IRDA Chairman Shri C.S. Rao who finally agreed to set up a Committee
under the Chairmanship of Shri K.S. Sastry to look into the possibility of Health Insurance for
Senior Citizens without age bar.
We had two meetings with this Committee the last being on 5th July, 2007. A Memorandum
was submitted to K.S. Sastry Committee on behalf of AISCCON asking for Health Insurance
without age bar, at affordable cost and with pre-existing diseases. We have suggested them
to study FESCOM Arogya Kavach Yojana launched with Sahyadri Multi-Speciality Hospitals,
Pune, with or without participation of Municipal Corporation.

The Report of K.S. Sastry Committee submitted in November 2007 to IRDA is to a very good
extent favourable to us. We want the Report to be accepted by the IRDA and Union Finance
Ministry and implemented with less premium and without additional loading for pre-existing
diseases. At the AP State level we are trying with the State Govt. to modify the Arogya Shree
Scheme to make it applicable to Senior Citizens also.
19. Obituary
The AISCCON expresses its deep condolences for the sad demise of its reported and
unreported members during the period April 2007 to March 2008. AISCCON mourns the
demise of Shri. Baba Amte, Shri. Prakash Paranjape (M.P.), Capt. P. V. Gore, Justice
Shri. B.N. Deshmukh, Journalist Shri. J. N. Khandke, Shri. R. N. Gupta, Shri B. C. Ledwani,
Shri. M. H. Gursahani, Shri. Renukadas, Shri. P. D. Shirwalkar, Shri. D. P. Srivasta, Shri. M.
K. Deosthali, Dr. Saraben Kakajiwala, Shri. A. Subbarao, Shri. M. R. Hinduja, Shri.
Babasaheb Utangde and Shri Y.B. Patil. May their souls rest in peace.

20. Thanks
I am thankful to all the office bearers and workers of the Senior Citizens‟ organizations in the
Country for their help and co-operation in taking forward the Senior Citizens‟ Movement.

                                                               D.N. Chapke
Navi Mumbai, 28th August, 2008                                 Secretary General, AISCCON