William Shakespeare The life and times of

					  The life and times of
  William Shakespeare
Considering that Billy is one
of the most widely-read
authors, we actually know
very little about his life.
We’ve come to know him as
the Bard of Avon.
Hey, what’s a bard anyway?

                                1564 - 1616
Billy Shakes was born in

• Shakespeare lived during a period
  known as the Renaissance, which
  lasted from 1485 to 1660 in England.
• The word “renaissance” means
• During this time, a new emphasis was
  placed on the development of human
Ever heard of Michealangelo or
     Leonardo da Vinci?

    Shakespeare grew up during
      Queen Elizabeth’s reign
• Her birth to King Henry VIII and
  his second wife, Anne Boleyn,
  was a disappointment because
  both wanted a son.

• However, their daughter
  Elizabeth would prove to be a
  fine monarch.

• The Renaissance in England
  peaked under her reign. She was
  a fan of Shakespeare.              5
Life was no piece of cake!
             The plague, also known
             as The Black Death, was
             an epidemic that ravaged
             Europe during this time.

             It became known as the
             Black Death because the
             victim’s skin would
             blacken due to
             hemorrhages under the

House calls anyone?
• Only the very wealthy
  could afford an
  Elizabethan physician.

• These doctors wore
  long, dark robes with
  pointed hoods, leather
  gloves, boots, and
  bizarre masks that
  featured long beaks
  filled with oil.

Marriage customs…
 Where’s the love?

• Marriages would be
  arranged to bring
  prestige or wealth to the
• During this time, women
  were very much second
  class citizens.
• Regardless of their
  social standing, women
  were expected to marry.
Shakespeare in love
           • Unlike many other
             writers of his day,
             Shakespeare did not
             go on to a university.

           • Instead, he got
             married when he was
             18 to Anne Hathaway,
             a woman who was 8
             years older.

           • They had 3 children.
What was
 Billy up
In just 23 years,
between about 1590
and 1613, scholars
believe Shakespeare
wrote 38 plays, 154
sonnets and 5 other   Did you know?
poems.                A collection of his work did not
                      appear until 7 years after his

   Inspiration for Romeo & Juliet

• The play was based on
  real lovers who lived in
  Verona, Italy who died
  for each other in the
  year 1303.

• Shakespeare found the
  story in Arthur Brooke's
  poem 'The Tragical
  Historye of Romeus and
  Juliet' (1562).

Insiders reveal Juliet is really a boy!
• The theatre in Shakespeare's day was very different from
  the theatre we know today. All of the women's roles were
  played by boys!
• Many of these boys acted their parts very well and all
  were totally accepted by Elizabethan audiences. The first
  women actors did not appear on the English stage until