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					                          Durgawati Vs Rajendra
                Property Case in Lower court Hata, Kushi Nagar UP


1. Rajendra Prasad Dube Misleads THE HINDU SUCCESSION ACT, 1956. of
Heirs in Class I and Class II

Brother comes in Class-II Heir in case if no one alive in class-I hair list, but in this
case Class-I heir(Rajeshwari devi real Daughter of Ganesh Prasad Dube) still alive.

2. Judiciary of India should honour the value of registered-Will and give decision
within reasonable time in favor to whom Will have been written. Unfortunately in
the above case around 27 years gone waiting for justice.


Ganesh Prasad Dube made a Registered-Will (Registered Wasiyat) in favor of his daughter’s
daughter Durgawati devi in the Year 7th April 1980.
As Late Ganesh Prasad Dube has only daughter named Rajeswari Devi and Rajeshwari devi
has only Daughter Durgawati Devi.
In the year 1982, Ganesh Prasad Dube died and within a month his brother Rajendra Prasad
Dube transferred Ganesh Prasad Dube’s complete property in his own name pretending in the
court that Ganesh Prasad Dube has no heir alive.

After getting free from mourning rituals of Ganesh Prasad Dube , Durgawati devi went to court
to apply for property transfer and then she came to know that deceased brother has already
transferred Ganesh Prasad Dube’s property in his own name.

From that time till date around 27 years gone, we applicant continuously following court to court
to get justice but we are not getting any hope.

Therefore we need your help and let us know in this respect that, to which officer we should meet
to get justice on time.

Synopsis of the case:

    1. Registered Will and more thane 27 years still we are not able to get property.
    2. Ganesh Prasad Dube made a Registered-Will (Registered Vasiyat) in favor of his
        daughter’s daughter Durgawati devi in the Year 7th April 1980.
    3. Ganesh Prasad Dube died in ther 1982 and deceased daughter(rajeshwari Devi) and
        daughter’s daughter(Durgawati Devi) were busy in his mourning rituals.
    4. Deceased brother Rajendra Prasad Dube took advantage of the circumstances of
        mourning rituals and transferred his brother’s property on his own name.
    5. After knowing this fact, Durgawati Devi place application to court of “Nayab Tahsildar”
        Hata, Kushi Nagar. Around 8 years of hearings and consultation with Ganesh Prasad
        Dube’s Daughter Rajeshwari Devi court has declared that Registered Will is right and
        ordered to transfer property in favor of Durgawati Devi on the basis of Wasiyat(Will) on
        the date of 31-03-1990.
    6. But within few days Nayab Tahasildar reverted back his own order without consulting with
        Durgawati Devi and ordered in favor of Rajendra Dube (deceased brother).
    7. Durgawati Devi again placed application against above controversial decision of Nayab
        Tahasildar to SDM Court.
    8. SDM court accepted Durgawati Devi as beneficiary on the basis of Registered Will of
        Ganesh Prasad Dube and considered first decision of Nayab Tahsildar and SDM ordered
        in favor of Durgawati Devi again.
    9. Against SDM decision Rajendra Prasad Dube applied for “NIGRANI”(KAYAMI) to
        Commissioner Gorakhpur .
    10. After 14-15 years “NIGRANI”(KAYAMI) got cancelled(KHARIZ) but then after lower court
        Hata, Kushi Nagar UP, starts hearing on “NIGRANI”(KAYAMI). Lower court (Tahasildar
        and Nayab Tahsildar) always kept manipulating the case in favor of Rajendra Dube and
        proceedings got prolonged.
    11. Later we placed case file to SDM court Hata for hearing.

Latest Happenings in this case:

    1. Hearing on 23 June 2009 on SDM Hata Court:
       Nothing happened and got new hearing date on 10July 2009 reason- no work on court
       due to condolence of some employee.
    2. waiting for 10July 2009 hearing.