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					                     NSF Science and Technology Center for                                                
                     Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas                                             520-626-6974

Ephemeral Flow   A NEWSLETTER ABOUT SAHRA                                                                                     SUMMER 2005

W    elcome to the Summer issue of Ephemeral Flow, a newsletter for sharing
     information within the SAHRA community. Ephemeral Flow is sent
to SAHRA researchers, staff, and students at all participating institutions
                                                                                             UPCOMING EVENTS
                                                                                             Meetings, Workshops, Seminars, Short Courses
approximately every two months. Your contributions and suggestions are always
                                                                                             Oct. 26-28: SAHRA’s Annual Meeting and NSF
welcome. Please send items to Mary Black at                        Site Visit, Radisson Hotel, Tucson

 FEATURE                                                                                     CONTACT US!
Good as Gold                                                                                 Please let us know when you have
Coached by Betina Hofacre and                                                                news to share or a reason to brag.
SAHRA graduate student Tasha                                                                 Students, let us know for example
Lewis (and as reported in this                                                               when you have completed your
newsletter in April), the varsity                                                            oral exam, defended your thesis/
team from Tucson’s Our Mother
                                                                                             dissertation, or accepted a posi-
of Sorrows School took first place
state honors in the category of                                                              tion in the real world (or even aca-
water quality, thereby qualifying                                                            demia). Faculty members, are you
for the National Science Olym-                                                               offering a new course, hosting a
piad competition. The two-person                                                             workshop, leading a panel, editing
team of Stacy Garland and Sergio                                                             a new journal? Too bashful to talk
Matias went to nationals in May          Garland and Matias prove Water Quality is golden
at the University of Illinois at Urbana-
                                                                                             about your own accomplishments?
Champaign. Stacy and Sergio aced the competition, placing first in a field of 60 for the       Anonymous or second-party tips
Water Quality event. Along with our hearty congratulations, the two students will re-        on newsworthy announcements
ceive $2,000 per year scholarships from the University of Illinois–Urbana if they choose     are also gratefully accepted.
to enroll there as undergraduates.

Distinguished Service to NASA                     substantially
                                                                                            No Spineless
                                                  to the NASA
SAHRA Founder and Executive Committee             mission. The                              Journalism Here
member Soroosh Sorooshian is the 2005             contribution
recipient of the NASA Distinguished Public                                                  Southwest Hydrology
                                                  must be so                                snagged a Cactus
Service award (for non-governmental               extraordinary
employees). He received the award April                                                     Quill Award from
                                                  that other forms                          the International
27, 2005 during the annual award luncheon         of recognition
at NASA HQ in Washington, DC.                                                               Association of Business
                                                  would be                                  Communicators, Tucson
                                                  inadequate.”                              chapter, on June 2.
According to the NASA website, this is
“the highest honor NASA awards to anyone                                                    Southwest Hydrology
                                                  Our heartfelt                             received one of only four
who was not a Government employee                 congratulations
when the service was performed. The                                                         Awards of Excellence – the highest
                                                  go to Soroosh                             category – from 27 entries, which were
award is granted only to individuals whose        for this outstanding honor.
distinguished accomplishments contributed                                                   judged by the Sacramento region of IABC.
PAGE 2                                                                                                                            SUMMER 2005

New SAHRA REUs                                    • Jacob Krall, a senior at Cornell            Student and Faculty
                                                    University, Ithaca, NY, working under
for 2004/05                                         the direction of Tom Meixner to study       News/Milestones
SAHRA continues its partnership this                diurnal flow fluctuations in the San          Students who finished
summer with other NSF Science and                   Pedro and their correlations with ET and    degrees recently
Technology Centers, using a national                temperature; and
solicitation to recruit students to                                                             Advised by Chris Duffy, Yizhong Qu
collaborate on SAHRA research for eight           • Aarin Teague, a 2005 graduate in            received his Ph.D. in May from Penn State
weeks under NSF’s Research Experiences              biological systems engineering from         University, and has moved to the Boston
for Undergraduates (REU) program. At                Texas A&M University, College Station,      area and accepted a position with a firm
UA, four students are participating:                TX, working with Travis Huxman              that does hydrologic modeling. Yizhong’s
                                                    on soil moisture data from the Santa        dissertation was titled “An integrated
• Martin Alcala, a Ph.D. student from               Rita range in southern Arizona.             hydrologic model for multi-process
  Texas A&M, Kingsville, who is working                                                         simulation using semi-discrete finite
  with Juan Valdes and Julio Cañon                Toiling in the Valles Caldera with Eric       volume approach.”
  Barriga on precipitation climatologies          Small on ponderosa pine ET and how it
  for the Lower Colorado;                         varies with soil moisture and other soil      In June, Matt Baillie successfully
                                                  factors are:                                  defended his UA master’s thesis in
• Lauren Ingegneri, a junior                                                                    hydrology, “Quantifying base flow
  majoring in engineering at Smith                • Natalie Burris, an undergraduate geology    inputs into the San Pedro River using
  College in Northampton, MA,                       major from the University of Kansas; and    geochemical tracers.” Matt will continue
  working with Tom Meixner and                                                                  his studies this fall at the University
  Laura Klasner doing chemical                    • Ronn Friedlander, majoring in               of Victoria in British Columbia, and
  analyses of San Pedro samples;                    biomedical engineering and ecology and      should brace himself for numerous
                                                    natural resources at Rutgers University.                   see People, continued next page

                                                  Water Planet
                                                  SAHRA recently learned that an NSF
                                                  proposal developed by the Science Museum
                                                  of Minnesota (SMM), with Gary Woodard
                                                  as a co-PI, was awarded $2 million of the
                                                  $3 million requested to create a traveling
                                                  science exhibit. SMM is scrambling to
John Petti bullies REU Ingegneri into reaching    find corporate sponsors to cover the $1
the top of the Mt. Bigelow tower, demonstrating   million balance, but is optimistic about
there are scarier things than acrophobia.
                                                  the endeavor. Water Planet is to be a
                                                  traveling exhibition debuting in 2007 that
                                                  will examine the role of water in large-scale
                                                  planetary processes, in an effort to educate
                                                  public audiences about the new field of
                                                  earth-system science. SAHRA will develop portions of the exhibit that look at semi-arid
                                                  hydrology and groundwater.

                                                  Watershed Visualizations
                                                  Jim Washburne reports that a proposal to NSF’s GeoEd program, authored primarily
                                                  by Liz Hancock and former SAHRA graduate student Anne Kramer Huth, has been
                                                  recommended for funding. The project targets middle and high school teachers and
                                                  classrooms and focuses on visualizations of watershed data for several Lower Colorado
REUs Teague, Ingegneri, and Krall reach new       Basin watersheds (the Salt/Verde, Bill Williams, Santa Cruz, and San Pedro). It will
research heights this summer while escaping       complement the WATER kits project funded two years ago with TRIF support from the
the Tucson heat.                                  state of Arizona. The GeoEd proposal requested $290,000 over two years.
PAGE 3                                                                                                                            SUMMER 2005

People, continued from previous page           2004, with a thesis entitled “An alternative   Aloha, yes; Shalom, yes; but
summer visitors from Arizona and New           approach to the operation of multinational     Goodbye, never
Mexico beginning in May 2006.                  reservoir systems: application to the
                                               Amistad and Falcon reservoir system            Elizabeth Hancock, of Education
Kevin Dressler finished his Ph.D. in            (Lower Rio Grande/Rio Bravo).” He is           macrotheme fame, left the employ of
hydrology and water resources at the           continuing on at UA for his Ph.D. Juan         SAHRA on May 24 for greener, less
UA this spring. His dissertation topic:        Valdes is Aleix’s primary advisor.             arid pastures in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
“Estimating the spatial distribution of                                                       Liz lent her incredible organizational
snow water equivalent and simulated            Gustavo Goncalves de Goncalves                 and educational talents to SAHRA as
runoff modeling in headwater basins of         received his Ph.D. in hydrology and water      a postdoc for three years, beginning in
the semi-arid Southwest.” Congratulations      resources from the UA in May and will          June 2002, and will be sorely missed.
to Kevin, who is continuing in his             continue his stellar career with a National
current position as a faculty research         Research Council Fellowship at NASA’s          She will, however, serve as
hydrologist at Penn State University.          Goddard Space Flight Center. Gustavo’s         a consultant on the new GeoEd
                                               dissertation topic was “Land surface-          grant. Best of luck, success, and
Belated felicitaciones to Aleix Serrat,        atmosphere interactions in regional            happiness to her and her family.
who finished his MS in Hydrology and            modeling over South America,” and his
Water Resources at the UA in December          primary advisor was Jim Shuttleworth.

Who Thought the Strategic                      Baby News
Plan Could Get Any Better?                     Graduate student Sharon
It’s hard to describe the staggering           Einloth Desilets and her
beauty of the intricate timelines and flow      husband, recent UA hydrology
diagrams that SAHRA Staff Scientist            Ph.D. Darin Desilets, are the
James Hogan took such pains to create to       proud parents of Laurel Beth
supplement SAHRA’s new Strategic Plan.         Desilets, born in Tucson June
See them and be amazed at www.sahra.           10th at the inconvenient hour        of 2 am. Mom, dad, and baby
SAHRA_SP_5-31-2005.pdf and discover            are doing great.
where your SAHRA project fits into the
master plan. The Strategic Plan is actually
the result of a massive collaborative effort
by SAHRA’s administration, macro-theme
leaders, PIs, and myriad little people. All
NSF STCs have been charged with creat-
ing strategic plans for their centers, and
SAHRA’s plan has quickly become the
standard of excellence, thanks largely to
the steely determination and keen insights
of Jim Shuttleworth and James Hogan.
                                               Busman’s Holiday in The Orient
Water News Watch                               Tasha Lewis, graduate student in the UA’s      she finds both Chinese cuisine and China’s
Now Even More Global                           Master of Engineering program, and lately      water resources very interesting, with the
                                               of Science Olympiad fame (see feature),        latter mostly focusing on flood prediction,
Global Water News Watch has a new map          is spending the summer in a fellowship         dam operation, and hydropower. The
interface that allows you to click on a map    program at the Nanjing Hydraulic               institute’s hydrologists frequently utilize
of the world and search for articles on        Research Institute in the People’s Republic    U.S. government websites (such as
the region by country, topic, and/or time      of China. Tasha is currently working           USGS, EPA, and ACE) to guide them in
frame. Arabic language sources are now         on a research project on the Hai River         developing China’s water resources, she
being covered by Aomar Boum, a Ph.D.           watershed in northeastern China, an area       reports. Coincidentally, the president, two
student from Morocco in anthropology at        most similar to the arid Southwest, and        deans, and three directors of the institute
the UA. News coverage has expanded to          one of the few places in China where           will be visiting SAHRA in a one-day stop
Syria, Kuwait, and Bahrain and improved        groundwater is utilized. She reports that      at the UA on August 18.
across North Africa and the Middle East.