Acrimonious adj by abstraks


									                      IB Eng Exam Paper 1 & 2 Vocabulary

Accordance n.     Agreement, conformity
Acrimonious adj.  Full of bitterness
Antecedent adj.   Preceding
Antithesis n.     Contrast
Antithetical adj. Directly opposite or contrasting
Aphorism n.       A terse saying embodying a general truth or astute observation
Ardent adj.       Passionate
Aversion n .      Dislike
Axiom n.          Self-evident
Banal adj.        Devoid of freshness or originality; trite
Benevolent adj    Characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings
Brigand n.        One who lives by robbery and plunder
Burgeon           Grow; flourish, put forth new shoots
Catharsis n.      Purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, esp. through certain
                  kinds of art, as tragedy or music.
Circumlocution n A roundabout way of speaking; wordy
Clandestine adj   Secretive
Collusion n.      A secret agreement for a wrongful purpose
Commiserate v.    Sympathize
Commutation n     The act of exchanging one thing for another
Construe v.       To deduce by inference
Cormorant n.      Greedy person
Debauched adj. Dishonest, corrupt, debased
Deleterious       Harmful
Denouement n.     The final resolution of the intricacies of plot; the outcome or resolution
Diametrical adj. In direct opposition
Dichotomy n.      Duality; division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups:
                  a dichotomy between thought and action.
Discern v         Perceive
Disconsolate adj. Hopelessly sad
Divulge v.        To expose, reveal
Efficacious adj   Effective
Elicit v.         To draw forth, bring out, to evoke
Elucidate v.      To throw light on, make clear, explain
Emanate v.        To come from a source, emerge
Eminent adj       Noteworthy, prominent
Enigma n.         Puzzling or inexplicable occurrence
Envision v.       To picture mentally
Ephemeral adj     Fleeting; lasting a short time
Equivocal adj.    Ambiguous, intentionally unclear, capable of being interpreted in more than one
Erudite adj       Characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly; sophisticated
Euphemism         A polite phrase to cover something unpleasant
Exacerbate v.     Make worse
Exemplary adj     Serving as an illustration
Exhorts v         To advise, urge
Expedite v.       Facilitate
Extrinsic adj     Being outside, or external
Façade n.         A superficial appearance or illusion of something
Fastidious adj.   Very particular
Fathom v.         To become aware of, understand
Felonious adj     Archaic evil; wicked
Filiation n.      Descent as from a parent; derivation
Fortitude n.      Mental and emotional strength; great courage. a statement or proposition that
                  seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.
Genteel adj.       Polite
Homologous adj.   Having the same or similar relation, corresponding
Ideation n.       The process of forming ideas or images
Imbue v.          To impregnate or inspire as with feelings, opinions
Imposition n      Burden
Incipience adj    Beginning to exist or appear; in initial stage
Inclement adj     Severe
Incredulous adj   Indicating or showing disbelief
Inordinate adj    Excessive
Intrinsic adj     Belonging to, within,
Lexicon n.        Vocabulary of a certain group, class of people
Maladroit adj.    Unskillful, awkward, bungling
Malevolent adj    Evil; harmful; injurious
Mansuetude n.     Mild, tame
Matutinal adj.    Occurring early in the morning
Melee             A confused conflict, turmoil
Menagerie n.      An unusual and varied group of people
Misoneism n.      Hatred of change
Necessitates v    to make necessary
Obsequious adj.   Obedient; dutiful
Obtuse adj.       Not quick or alert in perception, feeling or intellect.
Omnipotent adj    All powerful
Paradox n.        A self-contradictory and false proposition.
Parsimonious      Stingy, extremely frugal, miserly
Perturb v.        Agitate
Perturb v.        Disturb or disquiet greatly in mind; agitate.
Postulate         Hypothesize
Predilection n    a tendency to think favorably of something in particular; partiality
Preeminence adj   Superiority
Proliferate v.    To increase in number or spread rapidly
Promulgate v.     To make known by open declaration
Propensity n      A natural inclination or tendency
Propitious adj     Favorable conditions; favorably inclined
Propriety adj      The quality of being proper, fitting, or suitable
Punctilious adj.   Strictly observant of the rules or forms prescribed by law or custom
Recrement n.       Refuse, dross
Reticent adj.      To be reserved in speech, restrained, disposed to silence
Satiate v.         To satisfy fully the appetite or desire of
Solace n.          Comfort in grief
Sully v.           Stain
Temporal adj       Pertaining to/concerned with present life of this world
Ubiquitous adj.    Existing or being everywhere, esp. at the same time
Undulation n.      The act of rising and falling
Unremitting adj    Ceaseless, not abating
Unveil v.          To reveal
Veritable adj      Truly or very much so; genuine
                  Words to Replace

Affirm       Assert, avouch, declare, ratify, certify
Connect      Bridge, conjoin, correlate, equate, marries,
             unites, affix
Emphasize    Accentuate, affirms, articulate, assert,
Example      Illustration, paradigm, instance
Portray      Render, delineate
Purposeful   Staunch, tenacious, deliberate
Reasoning    Logic, calculation, interpretation, analysis
Show         Disclose, divulge, elucidate, Ostend, instruct,
Structure    Configuration, anatomy
Symbolizes   Typifies, epitomizes
To end       Culminate, dissolve
Use          Avail, capitalize, exert, exploits, expend,
             regulate, employ,

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