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We Remember in Prayer
Gisela Telm               Sami Harrison       Arlene Norton
Harvey Oberg              Ian Erickson         Sophia Dun-
worth           Jim Dahl            Harold Zosel Jr
Willa Jean Scott      JoAnn Koobatian          Azam Dunlap
Dick Withoft            Pat Mensing            Howard Rivier
Debbie Gryshuk           Mike Madden,        Reise Regennitter,
Veda Duncan                                                       Congratulations and God’s Blessings to:
The people of Haiti
Robin, Friend of Grace Loll
Craig Pacanowski, Nephew of Carol Withers                         Brian and Katrina Owens on the birth of a daugh-
Laurie, Daughter of Pastor Ken and Earna Mikulasek                ter, Victoria “Tori” Louise on December 29,
Barb Calloway, Friend of Steve and Diana Manuel
Marguerite Ledbetter, Sister-in-law of Mary Johnson
Angie Okumura, Friend of Claudia Hess
Julia Wright, Friend of Claudia Hess
Rhea King, Friend of James Stevens                                            Prayers of Condolence
Lenore Brest, Aunt of James Stevens
Lexi, Friend of Susan Grice                                       Lori and Rick Schussel and family at the death of
Shelly Howell, Friend of Marge Swanson                            Lori’s mother, Eleanor Gibson-Funk.
Katie Griffin and Phuong Nguyen
Gavriella, Friend of Wendy Suchon                                 Greg Crofton and family at the death of his aunt
Emerson Conley, Father of Barbara Gibson                          Virginia Seward.
Beth McCarthy, Friend of Anne Longmuir
Richard Moss, Friend of Laurie Uyeda
Mike Kapps, Friend of Grace Loll
Pete, Cousin of Susan Rains
Sandy Lawrence, Friend of Hank Henrie
Don Bayne, Co-worker of Laurie Uyeda                                       We Remember Our Shut Ins
Orland Silva, Friend of the Bongards                                           Dick and Gerry Prang,
Lora Mae Lunt, Friend of Ruthe Castro                                     Azam Dunlap, Elaine Anderson
John Esco, Friend of Ruthe Castro                                         Sami Harrison, Phyliss Oslund
Delicia Ramos, Friend of Meg Swant                                        Alice Bomberg, Selma Wiechert,
Judy Mendoza, Friend of Mary Johnson                                        Eleanor Alford, Pat Vierra,
Jennifer Bevilacqua, Daugahter-in-law of Dodie and Ernie Long              Eleanor Reed, Harvey Oberg
Bryan Stohler, Brother of Mindy Mahoney
Geoff Haskell, Friend of the Esparzas
Chip and Tanya Caruso, Friends of Arlene and Tom Norton
Jack Connell, Father of Anne Longmuir
Bill Melloch, Brother of Steve Melloch                              Prayers for those Serving in the Military
Jim Cegelski, Friend of the Schulers                                            Jansen Hayhurst
Joanne Parke, Mother of Connie Walker                               Kyle Hayhurst         Ryan Hamilton
Dan Gray, Father of Allison Cox                                     Clinton Peterson      Kevin Peters
                                                                    Tony Edge             Andrew Sperling
Delmar Steele, Father of Barbara Correia
                                                                    Carolyn Hollis        Matt McDevitt
Betty Cloeter, Mother of Rick Schussel                              Michael Siegling       Travis Beller
Arlene and John Gryshuk, Grandparents of Amy Gryshuk
Jane and Lou Chafee, Grandparents of Amy Gryshuk
Marian McDevitt, Mother of Rich McDevitt
Marcelle Keller, Mother of Camille Lipscomb

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