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					                                                                APRIL 2001



•      Statewide, the Fashion cluster employs almost 159,000 people, more than 80% of whom work
       in New York City. About half of the total employment is in apparel.

•      More than 10% of national employment in Fashion, Apparel and Textiles is in New York State.

•      New York City has more than three times as much employment in Fashion, Apparel and Textiles
       as would be expected from national level employment patterns. About half New York City’s
       employment in the Fashion, Apparel and Textiles industry cluster is in finished apparel products.
       Slightly more than one third is in wholesaling apparel, piece goods and notions.

•      The Mohawk Valley (Utica-Rome) area also has a significantly greater than expected concentration
       of employment in this cluster, with about 4,000 workers, most of whom are employed by textile
       mills and producers of finished apparel and other fabric products.


         New York's Fashion, Apparel and Textiles cluster groups several industries involved in the
production of clothing (including leather goods and footwear), jewelry, and accessories. Statewide the
cluster employs almost 159,000 people, with the bulk of that employment in New York City, reflecting its
role as a national and international center of activity in this cluster.

National Profile and Trends

         The apparel industry in the United States consists primarily of small concerns that buy fabrics and
design, make patterns, cut, sew, and assemble garments and other sewn products. Few of these
companies manufacture products themselves. Instead, they contract production outside their facilities.
Trade barriers are low in this industry, while labor is a fairly significant component of product costs. As
a result, the industry is highly globalized. Many U. S. apparel firms have recognized the global market
potential for their products. As a result, they have developed strong brands that have succeeded in many
locations throughout the world.

         Textile producers are also highly global. As a result, they operate throughout the world, reaching
markets, suppliers and technologies that offer
the greatest efficiency. Two significant forces
                                                                                      Figure 1
strengthening the importance of global                     Fashion, Apparel and Textiles Employment
relationships among participants in textile                                       by Region
                                                                                     Capital Region
production processes are the twin revolutions                                             1%

in communications and information technology                        Southern Tier
                                                                                 Western NY
                                                                                                Central NY
                                                                                                            Finger Lakes
that have permitted the instantaneous                                    1%
                                                                                                          Long Island    Mid-Hudson
                                                                   North Country
interchange of massive amounts of information                           1%
                                                                                                              5%             3%
                                                                                                                         Mohawk Valley
among participants in the process. These                                                                                      3%

changes have enabled textile companies to
respond far more quickly to changes in supply
situations and market conditions.
                                                                                          New York City
New York State Profile and Trends

        New York employment in Fashion,
Apparel and Textiles is almost 159,000.
                                                                                                            Figure 2
Employment in the cluster is overwhelmingly                                              Fashion, Apparel & Textiles
centered in New York City, where 130,000                                                 Regional Location Quotients
jobs are located. Following New York City in                   3.5

Fashion, Apparel and Textiles employment are                   3.0
Long Island (7,551), the Mid-Hudson region
(5,377), the Mohawk Valley (4,027), and
Western New York (3,349).

                A similar story is told by                     1.0

regional location quotients (a measure of the                  0.5

concentration of employment in a particular                    0.0
cluster). New York City’s is highest at 3.02,                        Capital
                                                                                                                    Mohawk    New      North Southern Western
                                                                                                                     Valley York City Country  Tier     NY
followed by the Mohawk Valley, a traditional

                                                                      FASHION, APPAREL & TEXTILES

specialist in these industries, with an LQ of 2.02,
                                                                                                   Figure 3
(Figure 2). Location quotients are below the                                      Fashion, Apparel & Textiles
1.0 threshold for all other economic                                                    Components
development regions.
                                                                                     Apparel, Piece           Textile Mill Products
        Three components comprise most of the                                       Goods and Notions

cluster: Apparel (49 percent); Wholesale                    Fasteners, Buttons,
                                                             Needles and Pins
Apparel (31 percent); and Textiles (10 percent)                    1%

(Figure 3). The remaining ten percent is a               Costume Jewelry,
                                                                                                                                      Apparel and Other
                                                         Costume Novelties,
combination of jewelry, leather, footwear, and           ex. Precious Metal
                                                                                                                                      Finished Products
                                                                                                                                      Made From Fabrics
                                                      Jewelry, Silverware,                        Footwear, except                          47%
notions industries.                                      Plated Ware                                  Rubber
                                                              6%                                        1%
                                                             Handbags and Other
                                                              Personal Leather     Leather Gloves and
                                                                   Goods                Mittens
        New York’s share of U. S. Employment                        1%                    0%

in the Fashion cluster was more than 10 % in
1999 (Table 1). New York had 26% of national employment in the precious metal jewelry subcluster,
25% of the

       TABLE 1: NYS Share of Total U. S. Employment in Fashion, Apparel & Textiles:
 Cluster Segment                                                                                                                  1999

 Textile mill products                                                                                                            2.5%

 Apparel and other textile products                                                                                             11.1%
 Footwear, except rubber                                                                                                          3.0%

 Leather gloves & mittens                                                                                                       10.9%

 Handbags and personal leather goods                                                                                            22.6%

 Jewelry, precious metal                                                                                                        25.9%

 Costume jewelry                                                                                                                10.4%

 Fasteners, buttons, needle and pins                                                                                              8.6%

 Wholesale Apparel, piece goods and notions                                                                                     24.4%
 Cluster Total                                                                                                                  10.1%

wholesale apparel, piece goods and notions subcluster, and 23% of the handbags and personal leather
goods subcluster. The state’s share of employment in these subclusters is between three and four times

what would be expected based on its population share. New York had 10% of employment in costume
jewelry manufacturing, 8.6% of employment in fasteners, buttons, needle and pin manufacturing, and 11.1%
of employment in apparel and other textile products. Employment in each of these subclusters was
substantially higher (at least 40% higher) than would be expected from the state’s population percentage.

Major Companies

   Company Name                                             City

   Capital Region
   Albany International Corp                                Albany
   Racemark International LP                                Ballston Spa
   Standard Manufacturing Co Inc                            Troy
   Tonoga Limited                                           Petersburg

   Central New York (Syracuse)
   Continental Cordage Corp                                 Cazenovia
   Crosible Inc                                             Moravia
   Pietrafesa, Inc.                                         Liverpool

   Finger Lakes
   Bayex Inc                                                Albion
   Newtex Industries Inc                                    Victor
   Ultrafab Inc                                             Farmington

   Long Island
   Almond Jewelers Inc                                      Westbury
   American Puff Corp                                       Freeport
   Beck's Classic Manufacturing                             Freeport
   Bramson House Inc                                        Rockville Centre
   Custom Loom's Rug Mills Inc                              Roslyn Heights
   David Peyser Sportswear Inc                              Bay Shore
   Duralee Multifabrics Inc                                 Bay Shore
   Edwin B Stimpson Company Inc                             Bayport
   Fina Dancewear Inc                                       Patchogue
   Harbor Footwear Group Ltd                                Port Washington
   Hock Inc                                                 West Hempstead
   Ingenious Designs, Inc                                   Brentwood
   J H Thorp & Co Inc                                       Plainview
   Klein Jewelry Co Inc                                     Rockville Centre
   Kravet Fabrics Inc                                       Bethpage
   Maharam Fabric Corporation                               Hauppauge
   Mega Knits Inc                                           West Hempstead
   MV Corp., Inc                                            Bay Shore
   Oken Fabrics Inc                                         Plainview
   Penthouse Manufacturing Co                               Freeport
   Rubie's Costume Company Inc                              Bay Shore

                                      FASHION, APPAREL & TEXTILES

Company Name                          City

Mid-Hudson (Newburgh, Poughkeepsie)
Arma Textile Printers Inc             Newburgh
Bally Inc                             New Rochelle
Brunschwig & Fils, Inc.               White Plains
Classic Case Corp                     Middletown
Eileen Fisher Inc                     Irvington
Human-i-tees, Inc.                    Valhalla
J M Originals Inc                     Ellenville
Louis Hornick & Co Inc                Haverstraw
Michael Anthony Jewelers, Inc.        Mount Vernon
Jones New York                        White Plains

Mohawk Valley (Utica-Rome)
Adirondack Knitting Mills Inc         Amsterdam
Gehring Tricot Corporation            Dolgeville
Gilford Mills Inc                     Herkimer
Gilford Mills North                   Cobleskill
Hofmann Laces Ltd                     Herkimer
Somerset Industries Inc               Gloversville
Utica Converters Inc                  Utica

New York City
A Brod Inc                            New York
Alarama Jewelry Inc                   Long Island City
Andel Jewelry Corp                    Long Island City
Andin International Inc               New York
Babyfair Inc                          Brooklyn
Balfour Shirtmakers Ltd               New York
Bestform Inc                          Long Island City
Braetan/Braefair Leather, Inc         New York
Calvin Klein Inc                      New York
Canaan Fashions Inc.                  Brooklyn
Capital-Mercury Apparel, Ltd          New York
Carlcraft Knit Sales Inc              New York
Carter Industries Inc                 Brooklyn
Charles Komar & Sons Inc              New York
Denton Mills Inc                      New York
Domsey Fiber Corp                     Brooklyn
Donna Karan International Inc         New York
F Schumacher & Co                     New York
Four Stars Industries Inc             New York
Gelmart Industries Inc                New York
GFT (U.S.A.) Corp                     New York
Hilfiger, Tommy USA Inc               New York
IAM Group Inc                         New York

Company Name                              City
Infinity Classics Intl                    Brooklyn
Itochu International Inc                  New York
Jacmel Jewelry Inc                        Long Island City
Land 'N Sea Inc                           New York
Lintex Linens, Inc                        New York
Marubeni America Corporation              New York
McNaughton Apparel Group Inc              New York
Metro Stitch, Inc.                        Long Island City
Milena Inc                                Ridgewood
Nautica Enterprises, Inc                  New York
Noamex Inc                                Brooklyn
Orte Corp                                 Ridgewood
P & V Knit Goods Processing Co            Ridgewood
Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation             New York
Rags Knitwear Ltd                         Brooklyn
Rainbow Apparel Dist Ctr                  Brooklyn
Ralph Lauren Womenswear Co                New York
Rubie's Costume Company Inc               Richmond Hill
Salant Corporation                        New York
Samuel Aaron Inc                          Long Island City
San Brushardi, Inc                        New York
Sandberg & Sikorski Corp                  New York
Springfield LLC                           New York
Star Diamond Group Inc                    New York
Suchada                                   New York
Tech Sew Manufacturing Inc                New York
Tortoni Manufacturing Corp                New York
United Sweater Mills Corp                 New York
Vanguard LLC                              New York
Vee & Gee Manufacturing Corp              Bronx
Venator Group Retail, Inc                 New York
Viewpoint International, Inc              New York
Wear Me Apparel Corp                      New York
West Mill Clothes Inc                     Woodside

North Country (Watertown, Ogdensburg, Plattsburgh)
Commonwealth Home Fashion Inc             Willsboro
Wolverine World Wide Inc                  Malone

Southern Tier (Binghamton, Corning, Elmira)
E J Footwear Corp                         Endicott
Sanyo Sewing America Inc                  Oneonta

Western New York (Buffalo)
Kaufman Footwear Corporation              Batavia
M Wile & Company, Inc                     Buffalo
New Era Cap Company, Inc                  Derby
P W Minor & Son Inc                       Batavia
Perfect Fit Glove Co Inc                  Buffalo

                                          FASHION, APPAREL & TEXTILES

Company Name                               City
Tuxedo Junction Inc                        Williamsville
Voyager Emblems Inc                        Sanborn

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