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					              Community Engagement Survey
              Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                                                               Lifeline Question 1
                    Are there any promising models and/or programs that could inform the direction and future
               implementation for the overarching focus area of social; economic; and educational factors that impact
               #           Group                   Sector                                     Lifeline Question 1
               1 Member Focus Area          Government         There are many - they are neighborhood based; involve partnerships of
                 Strategic Leadership       (State or Local)   communtity groups; providers; schools; and government. They just don't exist in
                 Team (FAST)                                   great numbers in Wisconsin because of a lack of incentives to work together.

               2 Wisconsin Department       Government         I have had training in the Natural Step principles and like its approach to
                 of Health Services         (State or Local)   community sustainability.
                 program or
                 management staff
               3 Member Wisconsin           Nonprofit Sector   Not that I am aware of. I think the best way to address these is to start with the
                 Minority Health                               infrastructure issues addressed earlier of universal coverage and universal
                 Leadership                                    access. There will always be biases in individuals and therefore in our
                 Council;Member Focus                          communities...but there is a basic right people have to health and healthcare.
                 Area Strategic                                Taking down the barriers to this entirely will require at some point dealing with the
                 Leadership Team                               individual biases and prejudices people have within them...but we can remove
                 (FAST)                                        some preliminary biases and prejudices in the system if everyone has coverage;
                                                               access and the right to a reasonable level of health care services.

               4 Registered for fall 2008   Government         Continue to look for ways to build on Badger Care (see 3 below). The recession
                 Community                  (State or Local)   isn't a good time to start programs; but it's a good time to think about them and
                 Engagement forum                              look for models. They need to be efficient and have measurable outcomes;
                                                               though. I'm not aware of anything I'd recommend at this time.

               5 County Administrator       Government
                                            (State or Local)

               6 Member Focus Area        Government           The Great Society of 45 years ago. Only this time; make it culturally sensitive.
                 Strategic Leadership     (State or Local)     Single payor health insurance
                 Team (FAST)
               7 Member Wisconsin         Community Sector     There probably are; but I'm not aware of any. If none exist and can be adapted;
                 Public Health Council or                      WI should develop a pilot.
                 a standing committee

               8 Registered for fall 2008   Government         See Ruby Payne; author of A Framework for Understanding Poverty and
                 Community                  (State or Local)   Bridges Out of Poverty
                 Engagement forum

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               #           Group                  Sector                                          Lifeline Question 1
               9 Member Focus Area           Nonprofit Sector   I would recommend watching Unnatural Causes (Place Matters) for one model.
                 Strategic Leadership                           We need policies that guarantee equality; equal distribution of resources. We;
                 Team (FAST)                                    citizens of this nation; should make our government accountable for protecting
                                                                the human rights of all of its people.
               10 consultant for health      Nonprofit Sector   Contact the good people at the Minority Health Grant Program in Milwaukee for
                  and education non-                            more resources on this topic. Minnesota also has good models for addressing
                  profits; background in                        health disparities and health access; particularly in Minneapolis and/or Hennepin
                  public health                                 County.
               11 Registered for fall 2008   Nonprofit Sector   There are several healthy relationship models that have been very successful in
                  Community                                     the National Healthy Marriage Initiative. The last grantee conference in D.C.
                  Engagement forum                              provided a review of select grantee profiles and promising results. It is available

               12 School District            Government         One that comes to mind is the CREATE group in which the Eau Claire Area
                  Superintendent             (State or Local)   School District is a key participant. This group is actively working to address
                                                                racism in ALL public institutions and the devastating effects that institutional
                                                                racism has on children; in particular.
               13 Chair; Wisconsin        Government
                  Prevention Network;     (State or Local)
                  Member; SCAODA
                  for fall 2008 Community
                  Engagement forum

               14 Member Focus Area          Community Sector This is not a model-but building blocks of healthy development—known as
                  Strategic Leadership                        Developmental Assets—that help young children grow up healthy; caring; and
                  Team (FAST)                                 responsible (Search Institute; 2008) and it consists of 40 areas of Developmental
                                                              Assets. Starting with our children and creating programs that has specific
                                                              objectives in the school curriculum to bring about these needed changes

               15 Member Wisconsin         Nonprofit Sector
                  Public Health Council or
                  a standing
                  Focus Area Strategic
                  Leadership Team
               16 Registered for fall 2008 Government           Kindig's work?
                  Community                (State or Local)
                  forum;Member Focus
                  Area Strategic
                  Leadership Team

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                #          Group                  Sector                                          Lifeline Question 1
               17 Registered for fall 2008   Nonprofit Sector   We have a prevention dental hygiene priogram we are implementing in the
                  Community                                     schools. We also have a free dental clnic and two Federally Qualified Health
                  Engagement forum                              Clinics providing dental care to those who lack access in our area.
               18 Member Focus Area          Nonprofit Sector
                  Strategic Leadership
                  Team (FAST)
               19 Wisconsin Department       Government         Focus on Children: The cost of investment in children (to remediate social
                  of Health Services         (State or Local)   disparities) at the front-end of life saves the greater costs of compensating for the
                  program or                                    disparities as adults and on into the future. Break-cycles of poverty and
                  management                                    dsyfunction. Put the best schools in neediest areas; assist parents to develop
                  staff;Member Focus                            skills; enlist existing community organizations; religious groups; et al.
                  Area Strategic
                  Leadership Team
               20 WI Aging                   Government         Specifically address AGE DISCRIMINATION in planning and priority setting. The
                  network;Wisconsin          (State or Local)   demographics of WI should motivate development of a health plan for the next
                  Department of Health                          decade that ackowledges and addresses key issues of an aging population;
                  Services program or                           including the dramatic increase in people with dementia; the need for more
                  management staff                              effective self-management of chronic disease; and aggressive action to prevent
                                                                falls and injury among elders.
               21 Member Wisconsin         Nonprofit Sector     To streamline services; provide debit cards by the state with picture id and scan
                  Public Health Council or                      UPC. Mental health; medical; WIC benefits; etc totals and data could be
                  a standing committee                          provided to service providers to know if the person is approved for the services or
                                                                denied or the status. Education like the WEA Trust insurance model - prevention
                                                                educational newsletters and perks when people complete blood work; lose
                                                                weight/reduce blood pressure/reduce cholestrol; complete nutrition classes or
                                                                prenatal care courses. The perks include books on health; child care; & money
                                                                after completing survey. They also teach how to reduce personal costs and
                                                                premimum increases by utilizing a nurseline; going to clinics vs the emergency
                                                                room and asking for the generic meds or purchase them by mail.

               22 Member Focus Area          Nonprofit Sector
                  Strategic Leadership
                  Team (FAST)
               23 Wisconsin Local Health     Government
                  Department Officer         (State or Local)

               24 Member Focus Area          Government         I don't know.
                  Strategic Leadership       (State or Local)
                  Team (FAST)

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                #          Group                  Sector                                 Lifeline Question 1
               25 Registered for fall 2008   Nonprofit Sector   minority stress theory
                  forum;Member Focus
                  Area Strategic
                  Leadership Team

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             Community Engagement Survey
             Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                                                                Lifeline Question 2

              How should the system identify “the will” “the resources”       necessary to transform the system around social; economic;
                                                         and educational factors that impact health?

                                                                         Lifeline Question 2
              1 Highlight examples where they exist - to the press; to providers; to medical and nursing and other education programs.

              2 Some countries are adopting a Gross Happiness Index -- sounds corny but maybe if we started measuring how happy our
                communities are by some measure; it will give us the will to make the changes necessary.

              3 Engage more of the physicians who are not card carrying members of the establishment health care industry to speak their
                minds about the injustices they see in our systems and in some of th eindividuals within our health industry and environment.

              4 The system is part of the problem. Slow and elephantine; it is unlikely to be able to identify what is needed for change. We need
                challenges from outside; but then need to respond; rather than just react.


              6 Continue pressuring Medicaid HMOs to deliver as promised. Increase funding to LHDs to police Medicaid providers. Expose
                private health insurance for what it is.

              7 A priority list can be created to determine the best areas to target given limited resources (money; personnel; energy; etc.)

              8 Partner with the Department of Children and Families. Talk to Charity Eleson.

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                                                                           Lifeline Question 2
              9 Identify discriminatory policies and bring them to the attention of the entire state of Wisconsin. Work on eliminating these policies
                and replace them with those that will assure the equal distribution of resources for all. Demonstrate that we mean business and
                that we are determined to challenge the status quo.


              11 continue to pull together those that are working on the ground in our communities to gather the information of what is happening
                 and what is needed state wide. Only those that are working the situation know the truth. Continue the listening session model
                 used for this plan!

              12 Making this component an economic imperative.


              14 In my opinion the will is already a knew factor. Everyone wants whats best for themselves; their family; and their community--it's
                 the resources to create the needed changes that are lacking. An example in the resource area can be something as small as
                 having someone to instigate and motivate the community for change.

              15 I would suggest utilizing a model program with community input in a small geographical area (such as an urban zip code) to pilot
                 implementation; celebrate small successes and gradually expand/change with input from each community. This effort will have to
                 entail resources and a will at the state level in order to be successful.

              16 define the system - be concrete and specific about your reach and identify those where will and resources have already been
                 garnered; build on this.

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                                                                         Lifeline Question 2
              17 Identify local partners who know the communities well; have the desire to solve the dental access problem and have the
                 resources to partner with providers to improve access to dental services.

              18 -- we need to better convey (e.g.; with strong marketing messages) the cost savings that investment in economic; educational and
                 social factors results in-- Then we need to identify who those dollars matter most to; and engage them (eg; business -- strong

              19 Widely test models of community organizing and social developments. Use media and provide access to media where it is limited.

              20 What system is being transformed? The health care system has extraodinary resources that need to be redirected toward
                 healthy outcomes. Access to the health care system is a key priority for the state.



              23 Town hall meetings;surveys by public health;focus groups; the political will of the community.

              24 Call in the experts in each of those areas and discuss and then move into action.

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                                                                            Lifeline Question 2
              25 talk about what is a basic human right - translate that to economic stability; health care; education. People have to understand
                 that if you value people having basic human rights then there is an associated cost and expectation carried with that. Otherwise
                 you are saying some people deserve care & help while other do not.

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        Community Engagement Survey
        Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                              SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, AND EDUCATIONAL FACTORS
                                                                  Lifeline Question 3

        Should a 10-year state health plan have an “aspirational―   objective such as eliminating racism or should the plan have objectives that can be
               accomplished within 10 years (e.g.; restoring jobs; affordable health care; educational systems that develop critical thinking skills)?

                                                                            Lifeline Question 3
         1 No - health is a community affair but not a state health plan goal; aspiration or any other such thing. It is government and legislative
           responsibility; not one that is a model for current thinking about health.

         2 Focus on the concrete - affordable health care etc. If you adopt the aspirational objective; you'll still need to articulate how you're going to
           measure the improvement in a concrete way.

         3 State health plan should have acheivable objectives rather than aspirational ones.

         4 Be operational in the short term; forward thinking in the long term. (Badger Care Core Plus was a lovely idea; but it was clear from the
           beginning that it had a short expansion life. Make a fuss! Why should people who need this service be left on a wait list!

         5 Concrete objectives that can be accomplished within ten years are critical to enhance the chances of success in funding. It is far easier to
           obtain public sector funding when the funding entity can see specific measureable outcomes and realize value for the money. Overarching
           vision statements are nice; but are too ephemeral for politicians to anchor funding to.
         6 accomplishable 10-year objectives

         7 I think it should have clear objective that can be spelled out leading to an aspirational vision statement to everyone can buy into the vision and
           clearly see how their individual work on the objecties ties into the larger goal(s).

         8 The later.

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                                                                          Lifeline Question 3
         9 It is about time we address the issue of racism. It can not wait any longer. Economic justice; racial equality and caring communities are the
           best medicines of all.


        11 I believe we should have some over arching goals that are aspirational that we can build our 10 year goals off of.

        12 Absolutely as far as the eliminating racism!

        13 These are all critical issues; and issues that need to be addressed. It's my belief that the state health plan is addressing each of these
           overarching issues is some way through each of the provisional objectives. I'm not sure this needs to be addressed separately.

        14 have goals and objectives that can be accomplished in 10 years...again not just solving problems; but focusing on health promotion and
           prevention programs that target the lifespan

        15 We are setting ourselves up for failure to aspire to eliminate racism. This should not be an objective; but could be included as part of a vision
           statement. Elimination of health disparities would achieve a lot toward reduction of racism. I would suggest targeting achievable goals as
           you mention (jobs; health care costs; education).

        16 both; in the sense that the long term goal is stated; and the objectives that in your informed opinion can be accomplished within 10 years
           should be delivered in the context of how they advance you toward the long term aspiration.

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                                                                           Lifeline Question 3
        17 Aspirational objectives are good as a long term definition of a goal. However; to get there concrete and realisitc objectives should be defined;
           implemented and measured within 10 years.

        18 I think the place for the aspirational is in the vision. Objectives should be clear; measureable and achievable (sounds like a textbook!).
           That's not to say that they shouldn't stretch us some or even a lot; but given we are working as a system; and we want everyone to take part
           and grab a piece and run with it; it seems like if we want to achieve it; we should have the map to get there.
        19 It should have both over-arching goals and measurable objectives.

        20 The health plan should have aspirational objectives related to quality of life of all citizens; with particular attention to the poor of all races;
           people with significant disabilities and frail elders; and people (such as young adults) without access to health care. All parts of the health
           care system should be challenged to overcome the barriers to good health among these populations.

        21 Maybe both. Over the next ten years; we may see economic growth as quickly as we saw the decline and all these suggested
           components/interests/targets are important.

        22 Maybe at a long-term goal; but you really need to work on having realistic steps over the next 10 years that will help us get closer to that type
           of goal; but not have the expectation to solve that goal.

        23 The 10 year plan should always have a goal of eliminating racism in all of it's many forms.

        24 I believe that the aspirational objective is a great idea; as we all know that if we could eliminate it; we would have a more fair and equitable
           health care system and also equal opportunities for all people in our state!

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                                                                  Lifeline Question 3
        25 yes aspirational goal. need to name the core issues.

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