Scotts Bluff County CERT Team by fjhuangjun


									                         Scotts Bluff County CERT Team

                              CERT Equipment List

Each CERT member should keep the following items in your backpack for your use
during activation.

      Medical ALERT Info and ICE Contact Card (in case of Emergency)
      Cash - $10.00 make sure to have coins for phone, vending machines, etc.
      Water – 2 pints for yourself is minimum
      Snacks – Energy bars, hard candies, whatever you would want (Store in
       sealed baggy to keep dry)
      Medications
      Sanitation/Comfort Items: sunscreen, insect repellant, hand sanitizer, baby
       wipes, chap stick, toilet paper, extra baggies of different sizes, etc.
      Knife, fork, spoon
      Flashlight w/extra batteries and bulbs
      Search flashlight for searching with extra batteries and bulbs.
      Whistle (Distress signal)
      Compass
      Extra pair of reading glasses
      Bandanna – bright color for a signal flag if needed
      4-in-1 screwdriver
      Crescent wrench or aluminum shut off tool
      Extra pair of leather gloves
      Goggles
      Safety Glasses
      Disposable N-95 Dust Mask (3)
      Reflective CERT vest
      Disposable nitril gloves
      Sunglasses – 97% UV Protection
      Duct Tape
      Boots, ankle support, traction sole
      Plastic Zip Ties (variety of sizes
      Small notebook – Sharpe, pens, pencils

   Hat (Sun/Rain protection) helps keep heat in body
   Rain Gear
   50 gallon garbage bags (windbreaker, rain poncho, etc.)
   Wool/Fleece warming layer for unexpected weather
   Extra dry socks (2 pair) stored in sealed baggy

Make sure you grab your vehicle pack if going for a long period of time.

      Change of cloths (pants, shirts, under garments)
      3 Tarps (emergency tent, shelter from weather)
      Shovel

First-Aid Supplies

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