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RESTRICTED by fjhuangjun


									GENERAL AGREEMENT                                                RESTRICTED
ON TARIFFS AND                                                   L/ 1094 1959
                                                                 6 November
TRADE                                                            Limited Distribution

                                                                 Original     English

                          Tariff Commission Investigation

        The following communication, dated 22 October 1959, has been received from
   the United States Permanent Delegate in Geneva:
             "I should like to report a number of recent actions by the United
        States in the field of commercial policy.
             "The most recent was a directive from the President to the Tariff
        Commission on October 20 asking that body to examine whether existing
        Section 22 quotas on imports of various cheeses may be modified to permit
        additional imports. The cheeses named are Edam., Gouda, and Italian-type
        cheeses of cows' milk.
        Fluorspar and Cobalt
             "Recently also two decisions by the Office of Civil and Defense
        Mobilization turned down, after investigation, requests for emergency
        import restrictions on fluorspar (announced September 25) and cobalt
        (announced October 2).
        Shelled Almonds
             "On September 25 the Tariff Commission announced that the four
        commissioners who had participated in the investifation whether to invoke
        Section 22 to impose import restrictions on shelled almonds had divided
        evenly in their recommendations, Two recommended that a fee of 10 cents
        per pound be imposed in addition to existing import duties, while the two
        cthers found no basis for the imposition of any fee. This report is before
        the President for his decision.
        Women's and Childrents Leather Gloves
            "Finally, on October 5, 1959 the Tariff Commission instituted an escape-
        clause investigation on women's and childrents leather gloves, to determine
        whether imports are causing or threatening serious injury to the competing
        domestic industry. A hearing has been set in this case for January 19, 1960."

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