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                                               Online delivery of training and presentations is just a click
                                               away with award-winning Impatica for PowerPoint.
       (E-learning made easy!)
                                               PowerPoint is an ideal tool for creating dynamic content and rich
                                               presentations to educate, train and inform viewers. Unfortunately,
                                               large file sizes, the inability for viewers to display rich media elements
                                               without specific plug-ins, and bandwidth limitations have made the
                                               smooth delivery of these files over the Internet virtually impossible.

                                               Enter Impatica for PowerPoint.

                                                  With Impatica for PowerPoint, educators, subject matter experts,
                                                  and business professionals are now able to create engaging, media
                                                 rich online content quickly and easily. With a reduction of 90-95%
                                                 in file size and an award winning “impaticized” presentation format
                                                which runs independently of operating systems or specific software,
                                                Impatica overcomes the need for viewers to install plug-ins, wait for
                                               large downloads or deal with incorrect font displays and missing rich
                                               media elements. And, since all it takes is a simple drag and drop
                                              action to deliver your impaticized presentation online, by e-mail, or
                                              within a learning management system, Impatica for PowerPoint also
                                              saves you time and money.

                                              Drag. Drop. Deliver.
                                              E-learning made easy!

For more information please e-mail us at sales@impatica.com or visit our website at www.impatica.com
 How it Works                              Impatica for PowerPoint is easy to learn and use.     “Software, software, software. Teachers and
                                           Launch the Impatica program and select the            students ask, ‘Do I need it? Can I afford it? Will I
                                           PowerPoint file you want to impaticize. In seconds,    use it?’ With Impatica for PowerPoint, the answer
                                           it will create a corresponding Impatica file, and      is Yes, Yes, Yes. In minutes your PowerPoint
                                           you’re ready to go. Without hassle or additional      presentation can be delivered by e-mail to an
                                           software, deliver your Impatica presentations to a    individual or by Internet to a class or classes.
                                           web site, learning management system or by e-mail.    And Impatica for PowerPoint works flawlessly
                                           Impatica for PowerPoint identifies each element on     with [learning management systems].”
                                           each PowerPoint slide, including audio segments
                                           and animation effects, and converts them into a             —A review by Jeanie C. Crain (Indezine Magazine)
                                           compact format. When the presentation is accessed       Professor, Department of English, Foreign Languages,
                                           from a web page, a small Java applet automatically            and Journalism Missouri Western State College
                                           streams the content and dynamically shows the
                                           narrated, animated presentation.

 Product Features                          Impatica for PowerPoint supports most of the features in PowerPoint. For a complete list of supported
                                           features, see the Impatica for PowerPoint User’s Manual on our web site.

                                           Presentations:                                        • Picture bullets and numbered lists
                                           • Design templates                                    • In-line date and slide numbers
                                           • All slide dimensions                                • Animation by word or letter
                                           • Playback controls and status
                                           Slides:                                               • Smooth WordArt and shapes
                                           • Transition effects                                  • JPEG, PNG, GIF and other images
                                           • Slide advancement (timed or mouse click)            • Clip art, tables, charts and graphs
                                           • Entry and exit animation effects                    • Scaling and cropping
                                           • Slide masters and backgrounds                       • Gradient, picture, pattern and texture fills
                                           • Action buttons and hyperlinks                       • Transparency, styled lines
                                           • Footers (date and slide number)
                                                                                                 Media Objects & Other:
                                           Text:                                                 • Sounds, narration and video
                                           • Smooth (anti-aliased) text                          • Auto-generation of OnCue scripts
                                           • Bullets, fonts and formatting                       • Export of notes to text and HTML
                                           • Embossed and rotated text                           • Auto-generation of SCORM™ packages

  Support &                                Support:                                              Upgrades:
  Upgrade Policy                           • Online Knowledge Base and tutorials
                                           • Comprehensive user’s manual
                                                                                                 • Updates and maintenance releases are free
                                                                                                   for users
                                           • Technical support via e-mail                        • Upgrades are included in the additional
                                           • Technical support via phone (toll-free in             support package
                                             North America)
                                           • Technical support is provided free of charge for
                                             a period of 90 days after purchase; additional
                                             support is available for a fee

  System                                   Production:                                           Playback:
  Requirements                             • Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP,
                                             Vista or Mac OS X 10.4 or later
                                                                                                 • Operating System with standard Java support
                                                                                                   such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS,
                                           • 50 MB of available disk space                         OS/2 and Symbian EPOC
                                           • 800 x 600 screen resolution                         • Java-enabled web browser such as Internet
                                           • 16-bit colour                                         Explorer 4+, Netscape 4+ and Firefox 1.x
                                           • PowerPoint v.X and 2004 for Mac                     • Any of the most commonly used e-mail programs
                                           • PowerPoint 97, 2000, 2002 (XP),                       such as Outlook 2000+, Outlook Express 5+,
                                             2003 and 2007 for Windows                             Netscape Messenger, AOL Webmail, Lotus Notes
                                                                                                   R5 and Eudora 4.3+
                                           • Any HTTP web server
                                           • No special server-side software

Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems,
Inc. PowerPoint, Microsoft, Windows,
and the Windows logo are trademarks,
or registered trademarks of Microsoft
Corporation in the United States and/or
other countries. SCORM is a trademark
of the Advanced Distributed Learning
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