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									                              DIVE Brockville
                              June 13 & 14, July 25 & 26 and August 22 & 23
Discover the warmest diving in Canada!
On the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Brockville is in the heart of the Thousand Islands
region and divers come here to experience some of the best freshwater diving in the world!
The St. Lawrence River is known for having good visibility and warm water. The river has a
strong current that always moves the water, eliminating thermoclines. Without thermoclines
the water temperature in the summer can actually reach the mid-70’s and the water is
warm top-to-bottom!
The current doesn’t just mean warm water, it also means drift diving! Just relax and let
the current pull you by the river’s underwater attractions— well preserved shipwrecks from
the 1800’s, cliffs and overhangs and abundant aquatic life. For a more active dive you can
collect old liquor bottles left behind by smugglers during the years of prohibition.

Join Water Sports in Brockville!
There will be 4 boat dives during the weekend for $174.
We’ll be diving from a Transport Canada Approved dive boat
with an experienced captain and crew. The boat is equipped
with all required safety equipment. All dives are briefed
and guided by a Water Sports PADI professional.
Considering the sometimes challenging diving conditions in the
St. Lawrence River, this trip is suited for Advanced Divers only.
If you don’t have you’re Advanced certification— don’t worry.
Water Sports will be offering the Advanced Diver course as
well as Boat, Drift and Wreck specialty courses.
During our Brockville Dive weekends we also complete Open
Water Certification Dives from shore in nearby Prescott. This
is a great opportunity to finish your Open Water Diver
Certification in the warm waters of the St. Lawrence River.
Please ask us for more details.
For more info about this trip or any of our other trips
and courses available, please:
             Visit Water Sports at 2082 Yonge Street, 3
             blocks south of Eglinton Ave.
             Call us at 416.488.1000.
             Email us at info@WaterSportsScuba.com
All taxes extra. Transportation, accommodations, gear rentals and course fees are not included. Air fills are not included and are to be paid locally.

              Water Sports ::: 2082 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4S 2A3 ::: 416-488-1000

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