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					 Detached Garage
  Permit Process                             Permit Fees
  Submit completed application form,     The Development Permit is $100.00.
  two sets of plans and any additional
    supporting documentation to the
 Planning Department, Box 970, Mart-
                                         Upon Building Permit approval, the              City of Martensville
                                         applicant pays $5.00 for every                  Planning & Regulations Department
   ensville SK, S0K 2T0. Or drop the
                                         $1,000 of construction value, sub-
   submission off at 66 Main Street.
                                         ject to a minimum fee of $75.00.

  The application content is reviewed    Don’t forget! An electrical permit is             D E TA C H E D
  to ensure compliance with the City     required from SaskPower.
    of Martensville’s Zoning Bylaw.

  The Building Permit is forwarded to
    MuniCode Services for review.
  Generally, this process requires ten
      to fourteen business days.

       Applicant informed whether
     Development/Building Permit
      is granted or denied. Condi-
     tions may be applied, per the
        department’s discretion.

     Upon approval and issuance
      of a permit, one set of sub-
     mitted plans will be returned
     to the applicant and Building
      Permit fees will be owed to
               the City.
                                             City of Martensville
                                          Planning and Regulations Department
                                          Civic Centre
                                          66 Main Street
Dial Before You Dig!
Sask 1st: call 1-866-828-4888             Phone: (306) 931-3762
                                          Fax: (306) 931-2699
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your project can proceed without
Detached Garages                                 Regulations                                            Property Line Clearance
                                                                                                         The minimum distance from the side prop-
The City of Martensville’s Zoning Bylaw regu-    A detached garage’s distance to property lines
lates development including the size, location                                                           erty line to a detached garage is 0.6 me-
                                                 and the yard’s principle building will vary, depend-
and use of buildings. The Building Bylaw regu-                                                           tres when the garage is over 1.8 metres
                                                 ing on the location of the garage and the orienta-
lates how buildings are constructed.                                                                     behind the rear wall of a yard’s principle
                                                 tion of its main door(s).
                                                                                                         building; Otherwise, the maximum distance
For purposes of definition, the Martensville
                                                                                                         is 1.2 metres from the side property line.
Zoning Bylaw identifies a Detached Garage as     Site Guidelines
an accessory building.                                                                                   Except when conforming with established
                                                  No more than three accessory buildings are per-
                                                                                                         building lines, no main door(s) of a de-
Before constructing a detached garage, both a      mitted within a residential yard.
                                                                                                         tached garage which faces a road shall be
Development Permit and a Building Permit are      No accessory buildings may be located in front
mandated by the City of Martensville. These                                                              within 3 metres of the side site line faced
authorizations ensure requirements associ-                                                               by the door and within 6 metres of the front
ated with Martens-                                Detached garages shall be located at least one
                                                                                                         site line faced by the door.
ville's Zoning Bylaw                               metre away from the yard’s principal building.
                                                                                                         The minimum distance from the rear prop-
are observed and
                                                  The maximum site coverage for a detached ga-
proper building codes                                                                                    erty line to a detached garage is 0.6 me-
are met.                                           rage is 40% of the required rear yard. The ga-
                                                                                                         tres. There is an exception when the ga-
                                                   rage may not obstruct access to any lane.
                                                                                                         rage’s main door(s) face the rear site line,
Please note that a Building Permit cannot be
                                                                                                         which requires a minimum distance of 1.2
issued unless a Development Permit, where
required, has also been issued.
                                                 Dimensional Size                                        metres from the rear property line.
                                                  A detached garage may not exceed the height of
                                                   a yard’s principal building and, in residential            City of Martensville
       Begin preparations by checking
                                                   districts, the height may not exceed 5 metres           Planning and Regulations Department
     with all utility companies to ensure
     there are no easements which you              from the floor or grade level to the peak height        Box 970
          will be constructing over.               of the roof.                                            Martensville, SK
                                                                                                           S0K 2T0
                                                  In residential districts, the maximum size for a
Contact Martensville’s Planning & Regulations      detached garage may not exceed the floor area           Phone: (306) 931-3762
Department for regulation information regard-                                                              Fax: (306) 931-2699
                                                   of the principle building, up to a maximum of 85
ing attached garages.                                                                                      Email:
                                                   square metres.                                          Website:

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