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									When Can I Break the Code
Author: Joseph Jagde
When, where and how this potential will ever come to a realization will depend in part if we break the code, break the code of negativity,
of not feeling like I can ever do this. When can I break the code of being on the outside of what I really want, looking at everything I want
pass me by in a world I can’t obtain.

I can also think of the exact. Exactly who could you be, if you gave yourself this chance?

If you are in a situation where you feel you are reeling, churning but getting nowhere to where you want to be, you still want to think of the
advantages. Find and label the advantages you might have as such. In any circumstance or situation that is not going the way I want, I still
have some real advantages to consider and find out more about. In any situation, I might feel I am unsure, but this lack of certainty
doesn't take away the notice that advantages are there, and can be seen exactly for what they are, advantages.

I was talking to a basketball scout about a NBA prospect, whom he compared to a current NBA all star player, and he said that this
prospect could be that exact player. Y could also be exactly this or exactly that, given the situation and given the finding of the takeoff

In fact, let’s get rid of these restrictions and get the right stuff. It’s been a long time but let’s get back there. We’re going
all the way to the moon this time, our time.

We don’t want to shrink from all those good things out there for us this time or just to the way things are happening rather than the
ways things can happen as I begin to think differently.

Give yourself permission to think differently at times, you don't always have to apply your thinking in the exact same ways.

New territory is representative of and is amass in potential, potential that does exist but may and often in fact will never be realized.
There is a lot of potential out there, both within and without, but just because we see the chance doesn’t mean we will take the
chance we see. For this potential to have a chance to be realized, we need the opportunity to first freely explore these positive potentials
and corral the freedom to capture some of this potential. Any given situation could have a representation of potential. We need freedom
if we so choose to encourage, sustain, and further develop the potential we already see.

I might be trying to vie my way through the Rock of Gibraltar. I could instead try to find a more malleable course for now. If someone is
traveling through a river, why wouldn’t they try to find more favorable currents within the sometimes torrent currents of the river? I
could try to find a more malleable course, a course more to my liking and a fondness that tells of what might be a bit easier.

I might begin to see a talent that I have and come to rely upon it. It is probably better to rely on talent than not to rely on it. It opens up a
more sustainable course. I might want to further explore and by working with the talent I see to get a better view of it.

In many instances, I could give myself wider license in what I am trying to do. For example, if a woman is trying to get dates with some
athletic people as a primary goal, and seems to be adding other criteria such as income level, age group and so on, to that primary goal,
but is not finding as many prospects, she could just refocus her goals and giving wider license to meeting someone athletic without as
much emphasis on other factors. On the other hand, maybe a writer might want to write a particular type of fiction, but it isn’t flowing,
she could give herself wider license to try another area of fiction.

I don't really want to say I'm 100 percent this way. Avoid totally classifying yourself. For example, someone might move away from the
business field to the arts, but don't say I'm now 100 percent the arts, and zero percent business.

Someone might go on say a date, and the other person doesn't have a fraction of an interest. If this is the case, they you can forget about
it. But if there is a fraction of interest, maybe it's still worth exploring a bit. This would hold true in other areas including reading interests.

People get caught in patterns and then fear the drift instead of the welcoming waters of the new.

We compare base on outward trappings but the underlying factors if they are missing, is actually a big deal if not a bigger deal.

Instead, can you move this time with your own interests, move with your better ideas, move with the happier times that could be there for

When, where and how this potential will ever come to a realization will depend in part if we can see ourselves freely through. I might want
to power my way through, but if I can’t see my way on freedoms paths, I may never get through.

I may momentarily be all the way down the ladder in the pecking order, but there is still movement on the lower rungs of the ladder.

Then there can be the easy way through, the better way through, the smart way through, the more exciting way through, the more relaxed
way through. All of which might lead us to new and bright paths. But the tendency is to rush through never finding those little branches of
possibility that could have bloomed had I ever really seen them at a slower speed.

An absolute key to freedom is recognition. Everything I ever wanted could be standing right in front of me staring me in the face, but it will
never happen if I can’t recognize it and don't see it as the face of opportunity. From the point of recognition, I can go just about
anywhere, forget my fears, and leave them in the dust of yesterday. If I can get on that trail and recognize my way through, I have it.

Being overtly self critical can if done harshly and continuously bring you to points where you lose big picture analysis and lose sight of
some of the interconnectiveness to bring fuller pictures into view.

A example could be something you could do. Y meet someone who is doing this and you recognize within the discussion that you
share many similar or some of the very same enabling qualities that this person possesses. Y in fact also possess these qualities and
you are beginning to recognize that this person took these similar qualities and got to a desirable place with them and you recognize that
maybe, just maybe, you could possibly do the same.

There are many roads I can tak off on but if I never begin to walk down some of these roads and give myself a chance to go further I may
never get to see what might have been possible on these roads that are staring me in the face. I might need to begin to lift some of the
restrictions I have brought with me from my past and let go of some of the baggage I have carried with me that says I can’t go this
way or walk down this new road. Even if I continue to carry the baggage, don't let it weigh you down further than it already has.

It is only natural that we go with the familiar. But, are we giving something new a chance to get into the range of the familiar. For example,
I am thinking of going into something new, yet I want to be pre acclimated. I want the acclimation process to be done with and over with
before I am even started. I am thinking of a sojourn into the North Pole, yet I sit on the beach warming myself in sunny, Florida in
preparation for the harsh conditions of the North. I want to get acclimated to the territory without actually going there first. It’s like
asking someone to read an article for you. How can that work into a true understanding of what you think the article was saying?

I might want to readapt to my current interests. For example, maybe a person has been living more or less as a recluse, they want to
socialize more, and maybe they did socialize a lot sometime in the distant past. They would need to readapt to that lifestyle of being in
tune with the social. The good times are rolling in and I just need to readapt to them. See your better self, even if that self is years away
now like a faded tune that seems to faintly echo forward into the now, coming in and from the more distant past and look to find that self
again and readapt to the person you could be again. Look for the best you and readapt to that person. Those good times can be there
again for you, just readapt to them. Just see this respite from the better you as a hiatus, an interval that is now rather long, and maybe
this was a longer hiatus but it is over now and you are back to a better you.

I might be looking for the edge when I don’t necessarily have to go on the edge or search for the edge to get into new territory. For
example, I travel to Rome to see some of its history and also its modern culture. The experience itself brings me into new territory. I
don’t need to rewrite history or effect a cultural change right now in Rome to meet with the new light as it is presenting. Looking for
the edge is a trap at times because I might have something already and I am looking further on while not properly cultivating that which I
have which is really quite valuable. I have a workable stretch of coast and I am seeking another type of coastline. Charles Wang of
Computer Associates is starting to revamp the whole historical village of Oyster Bay . He has the means to do this and it is okay to do
this. But it seems to be searching for that edge and while that is okay it isn’t something that he has to do. But having the means
doesn’t mean he could have also taken Oyster Bay as it is now without trying to effect radical change. Two people who are meeting
each other for the first time do not have to make this a radical experience or bring this to an edge. Two people just being themselves on
a first meeting is involving the formation of new territory without necessarily seeking or finding an edge to the experience. Y don’t
have to get to the absolute edge or find an absolute edge when trying to find out what the story is in searching out new territory which in
this case is meeting new people or a new person.

Y never know what someone is looking for across the river. For example, the studious girl who likes to sit in the library all day might like
the physicality of an athletic person.

Y might get another chance to channel. It might be just one big roadblock that you have to get past and if you do there would be this
vast open landscape in front of you just beyond the obstacle. It would be like trying to enter a National Park but there is a temporary
roadblock. Once you get past this block, it just a vast open enjoyable landscape for you.

I can be in a bad spot or a good spot but from either spot I can get to Hawaii . So even though I might feel that bad spot is where I am
destined to stay, that good spot can still be found from the bad spot.

Go far enough to give yourself a chance to see that you could or might go further. Plug in freedom and see how it feels.

Maybe I have been doing well on some or one of my fronts, but there are other fronts I could have considered, other ways I could have
paid heed to as the saints go marching on.

I can go elsewhere with this. I can go into previously unmapped territory, and I’ll be the one to map it. I’ll put this on the map for
others or myself and I’ll draw the map.

The territory is front of us is more wide open than we think in many ways, both big and small. For example, in my routine I might visit 3 or
4 favorite libraries. But there are many other libraries that are open to the public. Lots of other books I could open. There are small ways
in which more is open than I would think and it is helpful to contemplate for example that I can go to different restaurants, and get a new
menu,and why can't I set foot in a new restaurant? I love to hike and there are so many places and paths that are open to me that I can
still hike.

Y talents, ideas, gifts, personality might have more room than you thought and might operate on a wider seesaw than you thought and
it might be a while before you brush against the true capacities you do have. Y might have assumed that you have less room than you
                                ou                                                ou
are finding you actually have. Y thought you had less range to your talents. Y might find for example, a particular talent gives you
room towards a lot more than you first thought. The expected limitations were more based on prior assumptions that I couldn't summon
the talent unless there was a very specific imput that got the talent to shine through. What you want to observe is the broader glances at
your talents as well as what comes out for only specific extended efforts.

I might find myself guarded and maybe this is a good thing at times as I am operating within the chaos. But I need to also realize that my
guard has been up and I might need to bring it down depending on what I am trying to do. If I am a goaltender on the soccer field or in the
hockey rink, I want to keep the guard up to prevent the opposition from scoring a goal. Nevertheless, if I am playing a different position,
for example, if I am on offense and trying to score a goal, the guards up mentality is not what I am trying to accomplish.

Then maybe I have cleared some hurdles that I am still thinking about being hurdles. I was jogging around the track for a ten-mile run or
40 laps on the quarter mile track. After 14 laps, I said 14 cleared. I had cleared 14 of the 40 laps I had hoped to do at that point.
Whatever the situation, it is good to also surmise what has already been cleared, and see it as such. Even if I don't get total forward
momentum towards total forward results, if I have cleared some real hurdles, then I have cleared something I don't need to go back to
and I am visiting the future less encumbered, with a lesser portion of a goal left to achieve.

We don’t have the reference points since we haven’t gone into new territory yet. Estimations are involved again. Do you really
estimate in some value to this? This road your on? Y can estimate you might. I might have an interest in this you say, well, that has

Even if I never actually get to the new territory, I am still free to contemplate it in all its possible ramifications and new designs.

Maybe the road we have been on just has too much length. Our way of thinking, our approach has worked into a very long road and
maybe it’s time to consider another road of thought or another island of thought. Maybe you have been on a long road to nowhere
and you have traveled a long way only to find yourself just about in the same spot Why then do you still think you can get there on this
road? Give yourself that space and room in freedom to get off that long road and find a new way. Maybe we just need to get to that next
shade of insight or back up into the shade and soberly assess the range of insights that can still bring me home to what I really want.

John Travolta, playing Bill Clinton in the movies, says in a later scene of the movie in that Southern accent," It’s been a long road."

Imagine having this out of your life? Can I get to a place where I am getting some distance from this. There is a subtle difference to
seeing things this way. Say for example you suffer from some kind of dearth or lack, say even a lack of money in your pocket. Don’t
just imagine having the money but also imaging the lack or dearth being gone from your life. Imagine no longer lacking the necessary
funds for whatever you want to do. One of the things you might not want is lack in some area. It might be like watching the wake of water
dissappearing from the back of the boat in the beautiful sun, the whole issue is just getting more and more distant.

That feeling and reality of lack is becoming more and more distant. The difference here is that you are obtaining the distance from what
you don’t want and you can feel better from that distance. The people on the next island over from Mount Vesuvius felt better about
their distanced position because they had some space and distance from the exploding volcano and had less of a run for the hills as
they began to evacuate..

Distancing can be very helpful and something like sitting somewhere say in a park you have never been to reading a book can give you
the effect of being distant from your usual rounds and routines that little bit of distance, that slightly distant view might be the one that gets
you closer to the truth of where you are when you are one step removed and renewed and where you might want to go or this also brings
you a sense of relief and release and breathing room..

With distancing, it could be akin to being someone else or somewhere else where I can get the view of the outsider.

My reasons not to can be good and valid reasons. But what happens is these reasons might begin to operate on several planes
including the plane of being another excuse to operate with and carry with me. With this, even if my reasons not to where eliminated,
contradicted or contraindicated, I still might look to hold on to them or find replacements because they also had the role of being excuses
and did fit the bill that way. If I lose my excuses, I need someone else or something else to play that role in my act.

. First, ask the question, what do I want to see and begin to get real with in some way? Even if it’s just activating your imagination
towards this or just lining in you hopes along those boundaries.. What looks good to you? To answer that question, I would need to also
look at freedom as well as the deeper answer or the next level. If it really does look good to you, then you might begin to see it that way if
you take the chance and go further down the coast.

But why divert from what you really want to see, avoiding the issue. Today I want to see how I will do on a hike. I stay home in front of the
TV. How am I going to see what the story is with hiking when I am digressing from this? Go forward, and then decide.

I could go forward and then I could begin to say that I want to end this. But this would always involve a tail off and maybe it’s better to
see it that way, . It doesn’t have to be seen as a seismic change that I might be apprehensive about, but maybe I’ll tail off on this
approach that I have been using but maybe hasn’t worked in the way I had hoped. . Maybe I have been working in an office, I can
see the tail of that comet, and I can begin to look at another type of work without seeing it as an abrupt ending, or sudden divorce. Just
see yourself as being involved in a tail off on this interest approach or lifestyle as you make room in freedom for the new territory. I’ll
see you, I am taking off from this tail off, and I’m heading in a new direction.

If I want to venture out, more than likely I will feel better if I can find my way back if I want to or have to. For example, some friends and
myself are going to explore a deserted island off the coast. On one side of the island, a boat is waiting for us at the end of the day to
bring us back to the mainland. But what if we lost track of how to get back to the boat ad we meander through this unfamiliar island. We
might not feel as good about our venture suddenly finding that there is no possible way back. Or what if we weren’t sure that the boat
would still be there waiting for us if we didn’t get back in time.
Two friends go to the riverbank. One-friend checks to see that the water isn’t too deep so he can feel more comfortable in his swim.
The other person checks to see if the water is vastly deep so his jump off the 70-foot cliff is into deep enough waters that are safe for that
jump. Two individuals, looking at the same new territory of this water but each with differing perspectives as to what each wants from it.

But what if we lost What’s right and what’s wrong? It might be that 80 percent of what we are involved in could think about or that
which we have is right. But we focus on what the 20 percent is that seems wrong on an exclusive basis, thereby losing sight and
remembrance of that 80 percent that is still here in a way that can work for me, thereby leaving me stranded from the island of what is yet
possible. I choose to focus on the 20 percent that is negative rather than the 80 percent that is positive. The 80 percent I still right here
with me, but I choose to ignore it. Really then, I have lost 100 percent unless I can right the 20 percent that is wrong but even if I do that I
have lost 80 percent I stopped paying attention to due to my exclusive focus on the 20 percent that was wrong..

For example, I am on a cruise in the Prudoe Bay in Alaska . The scenery is great and the company is great. The engines stall and the
boat is stranded for a few hours. I let this ruin my day when everything else is still here, my good companion, my own intelligence, and my
eagle eyesight. The great scenery that surrounds me in the great weather is still here, and the ship is still running its specials. But I
choose to forget what is still here and focus on what is not and that the trips itinerary will be delayed because of this.

Often though if we aren’t doing something, and we think we can do something, we often will feel a pull and an uplift towards that
something. We want the freedom to consider what we think we can do and what to do with the pull. I can swim in the ocean but if the
waves and currents are pulling me in an unfamiliar direction, I can resist the pull or go with the pull. If it’s pulling me into the shore, I
might go back with it. If it’s pulling me out to sea and I might not be able to easily get back, I might not want to go with it. But either
way I should recognize the pull as I maneuver through the surf.

The pull we find in everyday life might be representative of an inner magnetism, which is being pulled from within. I feel this pull because
there is something within me that is being pulled. Can I begin to recognize what it is that I have that have that feels this pull?

. If you think you can do anything that’s positive or fruitful, bring to bear some freedom for that reason alone. I can sprinkle my fruitful
efforts with freedom. Y think you possibly can do this and what you think counts. .

What happened is we have gotten on a fixed road and our flights of fancy have taken flight and casts that larger shadow from the sky. We
want the assurances that the new roads will be a certain way. We want to be sure before the fact we want an advance and abundant
notice on the facts. But the truth is, not everyone who did get the first notice got the job, the girl, the wanted good thing.

At the same time, I can use positive comparisons. The girl can say her hair looks as good as the supermodels. Or maybe her eyes are
comparable. I can play a round of golf and for one round maybe I could putt in a way that compares to Tiger

Woods, or maybe I could have just one drive that compares Tiger’s. As I search for these positive comparisons, I may actually find
them, and I can use them to climb the ladder in my thinking in that at times I can be comparable in freedom to those that at first glance
seem to be on another plane.

Lots of time we buy into prepackaged opinions. We take in someone else’s firsthand view and start to make it our own view without
actually being there for the observing. Could I also allow myself to form my opinion based on my own observations or my own sighting of
the territory? How much of my opinion has been formed off what someone else is saying? Isn't it exciting sometimes to give yourself a
chance to take in the view firsthand?

A personal example is scouting basketball players. I had read this player played so fast and needed to slow down. In seeing him play
myself, I thought he used his speed as a competitive asset and that especially set him aside as and interesting and exciting player who
had heart on the court.

The original plan might be lost forever, but there is a remaining hope that the portion I first wanted might still be there for me in some
fashion and I can still get a piece of the pie or piece of rock as the old commercial says.

I might be unhappy about my circumstances or situation, but this might be only in part so it is good to decipher out the part that I am
happy about so I don’t get the two mixed in going forward as I do what to keep what I'm happy about in the mix and unspoiled by the
batch of good and bad being mixed together. But not only am I unhappy about this situation, I am also missing the enjoyment of the
positive situation I am not in. So it has the effect of doubling.

I may be caught in the trap of indifference that might not be how I would genuinely feel if I could change some things or remove an
obstacle or two. No one or no thing out there is seems to be watchful for my interests and wants. I need to begin to work with newer
concepts and ideas that have more universal and a more unifying appeal to who I am and who I would like to be and have been at a time
for a more long lasting consequence to my own well being.

One of the problems with work today is lots of us are just following the leader. There is sometimes a lack of original thinking and fresh
insight that can be had if we train ourselves to look within for it.

Where and how can you set the standard? Bill Gates and friends had designed computer software systems that have set the standard
around the world and their designs can be found in most offices.

I might want to establish a more comprehensive floor and get away from just being in the reactive mode. I can stop and pull up for a
jumper instead of always driving to the hoop. Mix your game up a bit. By just be reactive, I am not properly sizing the opportunities as
they march by. I need to ponder as I see from many sides.
Don’t fill the whole map of your future with negativity, their might still be some positive trails left on the map that I can still follow.

I may have formed my own rain cloud against the sunny opportunities. But someday maybe I’ll find my way to Broad Street and finally
extend my horizons.

Not to go on is a decision on the decision tree that also follows into many roads and consequences. My decision to by pass a given
opportunity might carry unknown and unseen loses.

Any decision presupposes freedom of choice. By definition, the idea of a decision means we are pondering some choices and we are
free to peruse these choices towards a selection. Someone says, ‘Y decide" That statement is assuming that you have the freedom
to do this,which truthfully you may have.

If you see some positive signs, then keep trying if you really want this. At some points, I could give up but first see if the signs tell you
another way would be better.

If I work in an office and I just follow instructions to the tee, I might be a model worker but there might not be enough forward motion in
terms of creativity to hit a home run.

There is a recent popular and beautiful song by Vanessa Williams, called “Save the best for last". But if you do this, you might not be
in the game anymore. Go out there with your best pitch right from the first inning on.

Then we might think we can hide in the old territory. Hide in our successes and then hide our failures, still hiding from the unfamiliar
roads. But we might not be able to stay there anyway and then we could be missing out as well by a following a road that has served us
well and now just assuming that traveling on this same road is going to give me more of the same. But my assumptions don’t give
me the sight I need and didn’t always give me the sight I needed in the past. How about the case where you just assumed the
answer was no to what you wanted but it would have been yes had not your assumption intervened on behalf of the no. At least be aware
of the mediating effect of our assumptions on our movements and how they tend to argue for and standup for themselves. Maybe I need
to distance myself at times from my assumptions and the preconditions that they form for me. Then I can examine what kind of
presumptions I am dealing with. Y can identify the presumptions you are using or involved with and identify them. For example, some
friends asked me if I would be interested in taking a trip to Germany and told me what was involved and how the plans could be relatively
easy to make. The inherent presumption they had was that I liked to travel and explore new places. The presumed on my interest in travel
and willingness to do this somewhat on the fly as they brought this proposal forward.

How do things identify themselves then? Too long a road identifies as I need to make some real changes. I need to crack the code and
get on to something newer and better for me.

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