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Mail Orders
 Orders to be sent to you can be placed by Website, E-Mail,
 Phone or Fax.                                                  The Basics                                                                 4 - 11
 Just give your name, address & phone number, plus the            Glassfibre bows (4), Trainer Recurve Bows (5), Starter Sets (6-7),
 items you want. Payment can be made by credit or debit           Basic Accessories (8), Target Faces and Backstop Netting (9), Target
 card by quoting your card number, expiry date & the 3 digit      Butts and Stands (10-11)
 security code on the back of the card. Also, in the case of    Bows                                                                      12 - 27
 Maestro, the Issue Number or Valid From Date. If in doubt,       English Longbows (12), Traditional (13-15), Package Deal Accessory
 call us and we will talk you through it. We can also accept      Sets (16), Recurve (17-22), Compound (23-27)
 cheques payable to “Quicks Archery” and postal orders
                                                                Accessories                                                               28 - 33
 by letter if you don’t use plastic. We accept Delta, Visa,       Bowstands & Workshop Tools (28), Nock Points, Kissers & Tuning
 Mastercard, Solo and Maestro. Please do not send cash            Tools (29), Recurve Arrow Rests (30), Compound Launchers (31),
 through the post.                                                Buttons & Bow Stringers (32), Clickers & Bowslings (33)
                                                                Sights                                                                    34 - 40
Delivery of Orders                                                Recurve Sight Pins (34), Sights (35-37), Compound Scopes (38-40),
                                                                  Peep Sights (40)
 We try to provide a fast service. In the busy periods
 delivery can slow down. If you need items for a particular     Stabilisation                                                             41 - 46
 date please say so, and we will do our best for you. It is       Rods, V-Bars and Hunter Stabilisers (41-44),
                                                                  Vibration Dampers (45-46)
 not always possible to despatch your order the same day,
                                                                Release Aids, Tabs & Gloves                                               47 - 51
 try as we may. Ordering ahead will help us and you to            Release Aids (47-49), D-loops (47), Tabs (50-51), Gloves (51)
 get your order in time. We still expect to deliver in a few    Armguards, Quivers, Chestguards,
 working days in the UK.                                                        Clothing & Training Aids                                  51 - 58
                                                                  Armguards (51-53), Quivers (53-56), Chestguards(56),
                                                                  Clothing (57), Training Aids (58)
Despatch Methods                                                Cases, Bags & Tents                                                       59 - 61
 Smaller items go by First Class Post, larger items go by 24      Bow Cases (59), Bags, Cases & Arrow Canisters (60-61),
 hour carrier - 24 hours on working days from the date we         Tents (61)
 send them. Extra heavy and large items such as target          Bowstrings                                                                62 - 64
 butts are sent by special carrier and take a little longer.      Bowstrings and Materials (62), Serving Materials (63),
                                                                  String & Serving Jigs (64), String Wax (64)
Prices and Price Changes EU and UK                              Field Targets                                                             65 - 69
 Prices in the catalogue are correct for the UK and the
                                                                  Animal Faces (65-67), FITA Field &
 whole EU at the time it is printed. If you order an item and
                                                                  Stick-on Target Centre spots (67), 3D Animals (68-69)
 its price has changed, we will tell you the new price before
 sending it.                                                    Books, DVDs & Magazines                                                   70 - 74
                                                                  Books (70-73), DVDs (74), Magazines & GNAS Rules (74)
                                                                Spotting Scopes, Scales & Metal Detector                                      75
Prices Outside EU & for the Channel Isles
 You can deduct the VAT tax in the price shown by dividing      Arrows And Arrow Making                                                   76 - 90
 the price by 1.15 and that is the price you pay. Except          Wooden Shafts (76), Wooden Arrow Points, Blunts & Taper Tools (77),
 on books and magazines which have no VAT in the price            Screw-In Points & Inserts, Glues, Hot Melt Gas Torch & Arrow Saws
 shown.                                                           (78), Fletching Jigs & Arrow Straighteners (79), Nocks (80), Feathers
                                                                  & Vanes (81-83), Arrow Wrap & Decals (83), Glassfibre, Wooden, Flu
                                                                  Flu & Fishing Arrows (84), Aluminium Arrows & Components (85-86),
Export Delivery Costs including Channel Isles                     Carbon Arrows & Components (87-90)
 We are working with reputable International carriers
 offering very reputable rates. We charge you the actual        Accessories & Custom Kit                                                  91 - 93
 cost of delivery. We will quote you the cost if you ask us       Arrow Wraps, Toy Crossbow, Mini Compound, Arrow Lube, Electronic
 before sending or if we feel it is a high cost compared with     Scorebook Software, Key Fobs, Badges, Hand Warmers, Gloves (91),
 the value of what you are ordering                               Hats & Accessories, Accessory Pouches and Wallets, Scorebooks,
                                                                  Arrow Pullers, Footmarkers, Arrow Counter and Tassels (92), Hoyt
                                                                  Clothing, Caps and Accessories (93)
PLEASE NOTE - Title to Ownership of Goods
 Ownership of goods purchased does not pass to the
 customer until the goods are paid for in full.                 Arrow Selection Charts                                                    94 - 96
                                                                How To Set Up Your First Bow                                                   97
Accuracy of information                                         Mail Order Form                                                                98
 We make every effort to ensure that information is             Index & Honiton Shop Details                                                   99
 correct at the time we go to print including photographs,
 sizes, colours etc. but specifications may change due to
 manufacturer updates. All items are subject to availability.   Waterlooville, Sapcote and
                                                                Walton on Thames Shop Details                                     Back Cover

 online                                                 email                                         3
                                                                              Release aids

                                                      RA02 .44 Caliper                         £31.50 (a)
                                                        Wrist release with adjustable trigger pressure
                                                        and a leather strap with buckle fastening.
                                                      RA04 Jimi T                           £59.95 (a)
                                                        3 Finger thumb release with adjustable trigger
                                                        pressure. Blue



                                                                                                                                            Release Aids
   TruFire Release Aids
   Comfortable and easy to use.
   Our Best Buy for a first release aid.                              4
   RA45 Patriot Jnr               (1)      £17.95 (a)
   RA46 Sure Fire                 (2)      £35.00 (a)
   RA47 Hurricane                 (3)      £53.95 (a)
   RA51 Patriot                   (4)      £19.95 (a)
   RA58 Stalker                   (5)      £44.00 (a)

QA84 5Star Nock               £23.95 (a)
  Trufire 5 star nock removes serving
  wear from the release aid and also
  aligns the peep at full draw.                                              Release / D-Loop Rope
                                                                             WD15 BCY Black or White 1m                     £2.25 (a)
                                                                             WD30 Brownells Camo 1m                         £2.25 (a)
                                                                             WD31 Brownells Red, White and Blue 1m          £2.25 (a)

                   TA05 Speed Loop              £11.95 (a)
                     By T.R.U Ball. Helps to, stop nock
                     pinch, align peep and allows you
                     to replace the D-loop rope without
                     loosing your nock location

  QA86 FireCracker D Loop                 £6.50 (a)                                   Viper D-Loop Pliers
    Pre stretched D Loop with a reinforcing,                                             Makes fitting the D-Loop easier, pre stretches
    bright coloured serving for easier hooking on                                        the loop and stops slipping or turning.
    of your release aid (available in Red, Yellow,                                    VA12 Loopset Pliers only                £19.95 (a)
    Orange, Blue or Chartreuse)

  online                                                   email                                 47
                                            Tru-Ball and Carter Release Aids
                 T.R.U. Ball release aids
                 Tru Ball make excellent release aids, The thumb trigger releases have virtually no travel and adjustable tension.
                 Talon heads allow you to rotate the head to remove rope twist and can be used with a rope or D-loop.

                                                                                 ST 360 Tournament Release Series
                                                                                 Features, 360 degree No Torque Head angle adjustment.
                                                                                 Double roller sear to prohibit wear, 3oz to 7lb spring
                                                                                 change system.

               TA36 ST360 4 Finger £159.00 (a)

                                                                                     TA37 ST360 3 Finger £159.00 (a)
Release Aids

                     TA09 Chappy Boss              £149.00 (a)
                       Talon Head, 4 finger

                                                                                              TA16 Stinger               £33.00 (a)
                                                                                                Wrist release. Sizes Junior,
                                                                                                Large, XLarge

                  Carter release Aids
                  Used by many professionals and top international target archers, Carter release aids are recognised
                  around the world for quality and performance.

                                                       RX 1
                                  The RX 1 has been designed to be fast, quiet
                                   and accurate. It has an open hook designed
                                  for trouble free shooting with a string loop and
                                        comes complete with a leather strap.
                                  RA15 RX1                         £125.00 (a)

                                  Squeeze Me
                 A New wrist release similar to the back strap but
                works by pressing the trigger only when at full draw                                                    BackStrap
                  then increase the pull against the wall until the                                       Wrist release using the Evolution Series
                            release fires. Leather Strap                                                resistance activated system. Leather Strap
               RA40 Squeeze Me                         £167.50 (a)                                     RA17 BackStrap                £167.50 (a)

48                    Waterlooville                                    phone 02392 254 114                                   fax 02392 251 519
                                                                         Carter Release Aids
Carter release Aids
Used by many professionals and top international target archers, Carter release aids are recognised around the world for quality and performance.

                         Evolution Series
                         The Evolution series of release aids uses a resistance activated release system. To shoot, first hold down the safety and draw the bow
                         as normal. Once in the valley and at anchor, release the safety and then begin to pull against the wall of the cam. As you reach the
                         pre set weight the release will fire. If you need to let back down, just press the safety back down and hold while letting the string down.
                         Adjustable to release between 12 and 30 pounds.

          Resistance activated with
            a little finger safety                                                                                RA33
               £159.00 (a)                                                                                  Evolution Plus
                                                                                                         Resistance activated
                                                                                                           £162.50 (a)

                                                                                                                                                                              Carter Release Aids
     Thumb Trigger
     £159.00 (a)

                                                                                                                                             The Only
                                                                                                                    Back tension release with Variable Crescent
                                                                                                                   Technology(V.C.T). Three crescent cams with
                                                                                                                varying radius curves give you total customizing of
                                                                                                                the release head angle and firing speed. Designed
                                                                                                                             to be shot from a D-Loop.
                                                                                                                RA10 The Only 3 Finger                £125.00 (a)
                                                                                                                RA11 The Only 4 Finger                £125.00 (a)

                                                                                             Target 3
                        RA24                                                        3 Finger Thumb Trigger
                        Target 4                                                         £159.00 (a)                                                  RA32
                4 finger Thumb Trigger                                                                                                              Hammer
                     £159.00 (a)                                                                                                                 Thumb Trigger
                                                                                                                                                 £159.00 (a)
                                                          Adjusta Trigger
                             RA36                       Knurled Thumb Knob
                          Just B Cuz                         £8.95 (a)
                         Thumb Trigger
                         £159.00 (a)

                                                                                                                                                     Ember 1
                                                                                                                               Modular release which can be used as a 2,
                                                                                                                               3 or 4 finger Thumb release or reversed and
                                                                                                                                used as a 2 finger with Ring finger trigger
                                                                                                                                               £162.50 (a)
                             For the Full Carter range see
                             Other releases are available to special order.

    online                                                                       email                                       49
                                              Finger Tabs
              Soma Saker II Tab
                The Saker 2 is an alternative to the popular Soma Saker tab we introduced
                last year. It has all the features of the original tab but with a smaller body
                which doesn’t extend into the palm of the hand as the original did. The
                little finger ledge promotes a flatter hand and more relaxed fingers on
                release. and the thumb rest can be used to rest the thumb onto and
                then place the thumb under the jaw line for a better feel, it can also be
                used in a conventional position as a platform tab. Complete with a finger
                spacer, quality cordovan leather face and soft backing the Saker 2 makes
                a very versatile tab. Available, Sml(gold), Med(red), Lrg(blue) RH or LH
                (XS(green) to special order)
              SH20 Saker II Tab                                                     £34.50 (a)
              SH21 Spare Cordovan Face                                              £15.95 (a)
              SH22 Spare Backing                                                    £ 2.95 (a)
              SH39 Spare Finger Spacers                                             £ 2.75 (a)                                                        Clover

               Neonine                                       Metal ergonomic body with leather face and plastic
                                                             ledge / finger support. Has many of the features of
                                                             the Saker II but in a more economical model.
                                                             Sml, Med, Lrg. RH or LH
                                                           SH30 Neonine Leather Tab                      £8.95 (a)
Finger Tabs

                                                              Nice leather tab, light and compact.
                                                              Sml, Med, Lrg. RH or LH
                                                           SH35 Clover Tab                               £7.50 (a)
                                                           SH38 Spare Finger Spacers                     £2.75 (a)             Spacer for Neonine / Clover tabs

                                                                                                      Cavalier Elite
                                                                                                        Used by many international archers, the Elite has
                                                                                                        a metal alignment plate which is placed against
                                                                                                        the string and nock point for better consistency.
                                                                                                        Includes Finger spacer and platform
                                                                                                        Sml, Med, Lrg, XLrg. RH or LH
                                                                                                      ZH20 Standard Leather Tab                    £21.50 (a)
                                                                                                      ZH16 Spare Cordovan Face                       £9.95 (a)
                                                                                                      ZH18 Spare Rubber Backing                      £2.25 (a)
                                                                                                      ZH19 Spare Backing                             £3.95 (a)
                                                                                                      ZH21 Spare Std Leather Face                    £4.95 (a)
                                                                                                      ZH24 Spare Finger Spacer                       £3.50 (a)

                                                                                                                         Spigarelli Finger Tabs
              A+F Platform
                Our most popular platform tab. Leather face.                                                Super
                                                                                                              Four plates give you the option of platforms or
                Sizes Junior, Sml, Med, Lrg. RH or LH                                                         standard configuration. Vulcolan face is quick
              ZH32 Leather Tab                      £9.95 (a)                                                 and consistent even when wet. Can be reversed
              ZH33 Spare Face                       £3.75 (a)                                                 for right or left handed. Sml, Med, Lrg

                                                                                                            ZH50 Spiga Super Tab                    £21.95 (a)
                                                                                                            ZH51 Vulcolan Face                      £ 3.95 (a)
                                                                                                            ZH52 Backing                            £ 2.95 (a)
                                                                                                            Good quality leather with a nice soft backing,
                                                                                                            lightweight plate and adjustable platform. very
              A+F Barebow                                                                                   comfortable. Sml, Med, Lrg, RH or LH
                Designed for 3 fingers under the arrow.                                                     ZH53 Spiga Confort Tab                     £25.95 (a)
                Available Sml, Med and Lrg, RH or LH                                                        ZH55 Spare Face                            £ 8.50 (a)
              ZH37 Leather Tab                 £12.25 (a)                                                   ZH56 Spare Backing                         £ 2.75 (a)

                                                         Wilson Black Widow
                                                            Individually cut fingers and thick felt backing, no finger
                                                            spacer. The ZH27 is a favourite of string walkers.
                                                            Sml, Med, Lrg, XLrg RH or LH
                                                         ZH27 Standard Tab                                    £8.95 (a)
                                                         ZH28 Platform Tab                                    £9.95 (a)
                                                            As ZH27 but with plastic jaw anchor

50                     Waterlooville                                   phone 02392 254 114                                  fax 02392 251 519
               Basic Tabs, Gloves & Lace Up Armguards
Shooting Gloves
Alternative to a Finger Tab, generally used more in Traditional Field and Barebow styles than in Target archery.

MH51 Martin Deerskin                     £17.95 (a)   MH52 Martin Single Seam £12.50 (a)               XH10 Gisborne Glove                         £9.50 (a)
 A really nice comfortable, soft leather glove with     Single seam leather with elasticated back.       Leather, velcro wrist strap and elasticated back.
 elasticated velcro wrist strap.                        Sizes Sml, Med, Lrg, XLrg                        Economy version of MH51.
 Sizes Sml, Med, Lrg, XLrg                                                                               Sizes Sml, Med, Lrg, XLrg

                                                                                                                                                                Gloves / Armguards
                             NH21 Neet Shooting Glove                 £7.95 (a)
                               Our most popular glove. Good quality leather,
                               velcro wrist strap and elasticated back at an               NH22 Neet Single Seam                 £10.95 (a)
                               economical price. Sizes Youth, Sml, Med, Lrg                  Traditional style leather glove.
Sherwood Armguards                                                                           Sizes Sml, Med, Lrg, XLrg

                                                                                                              XI13                                   XI14
               XI10                                                                                         Little John
                                               XI11                          XI12                                                                   Huntsman
             Will Scarlet                                                                                  Suede 6.75”
                6.75”                        Friar Tuck                    Maid Marian                                                                7.5”
                                            Suede 12.5”                                                    £7.95 (a)                                £9.25 (a)
             £7.95 (a)                                                     Suede 7.25”
                                            £9.25 (a)                      £8.95 (a)

                  NI09                                                       NI10
               Neet Lace Up                                               Neet Lace Up
           Tan Leather 7.5x8.25”                                         Suede 7.5x8.25”
               £15.95 (a)                                                 £15.95 (a)
                                                                                                     QI78 Woodsman Deluxe 7”                      £13.50 (a)
                                                                                                       Good Quality leather armguard in a lace up design
                                                                                                       and traditional shape. Goes well with the QQ77 & 78
                                                                                                       quivers and QQ79 pouch to make a matching set.
                                                                                                       Black or Brown.
Windsor Leather Buckle Armguard
     QI79                                                     QH30 Versa Tab            £7.95 (a)
 Windsor Ladies                                                        Sml, Med, Lrg. RH or LH
      5.5”                                                               includes finger spacer               LA06 Finger Guard                 £3.65 (a)
  £10.50 (a)                                                                                                      A rubber alternative to a tab fits onto
                                                                                                                  the string, great for ‘have a go’ or
                                                                                                                  group sessions.
 Windsor Mens
 £10.50 (a)

    QI81                                                        QH20 Basic Leather Tab       £1.70 (a)
Windsor Jumbo                                                        Sml, Med, Lrg. RH or LH
 £10.50 (a)                                                     QH99 Cordovan Leather Tab £8.50 (a)
                                                                       Top quality leather version of QH20 Sml,
                                                                       Med, Lrg. RH or LH

    online                                                         email                                          51
            Longshot Cordura armguards available in
            Red, Blue, Black or Green.
            Longshot Leather available in Black or
            Brown.                                                                       QI15
                                                                                                                      Longshot Field
                                                                                     Longshot Target               Cordura 6.5”(16.5cm)
                                                                                   Cordura 6.25”(16cm)                  £7.75 (a)
                                                                                       £7.75 (a)

                                         Longshot Long
                                      Leather 12.75”(32cm)                                                                     QI19
                                          £10.95 (a)                                                                       Longshot Short
                                                                                          QI18                            Leather 7”(18cm)
                                                                                                                             £7.25 (a)
                                                                                      Longshot Long
                                                                                   Cordura 12.75”(32cm)
                                                                                        £9.25 (a)

                                                                                             QI30                           QI77
                                                                                        Longshot Junior                     Flinton
                                          QI21                                         Leather 5.5”(14cm)
                                      Longshot Short                                                                  Leather 6.75”(17cm)
                                                                                           £3.95 (a)                      £5.45 (a)
                                     Cordura 7”(18cm)
                                        £6.25 (a)
                                                                                                                   Longshot Corporate
                                                                                                                    Cordura 7”(18cm)
                                                                                                                Extra long velcro straps
                                                                                                              instead of elastic for easy
                                                                                                               fitting at have-a-go’s and
                                                                    QI52                                               activity days
                                                                SuperGuard                                              £6.25 (a)
                                                             Plastic 6.75”(17cm)
                                   NI16                          £3.95 (a)
                              Neet Ladies/Jnr
                             Vinyl 6.75”(17cm)
                              Black or White
                                £5.35 (a)
                                                               Neet Ladies/Jnr Long                                        NI04
                                                                 Vinyl 11”(31cm)                                        Neet Vented
                                                                  £10.50 (a)                                          Vinyl or Cordura
                                                                                                                    Black Purple or Pink
                                      NI15                                                                               £7.95 (a)
                                   Neet Mens
                                Vinyl 6.75”(17cm)
                                   £5.95 (a)

                                                                                      Neet Gents Long                           LI07
                                    NI03                                              Vinyl 13”(34cm)                     Saunders Vented
                                 Neet Hunter                                           £10.95 (a)                       Plastic 5.75”(14.5cm)
                                Vinyl 7”(18cm)                                                                              colours vary
                                  £7.50 (a)                                                                                  £6.95 (a)

 52                Waterlooville                                phone 02392 254 114                         fax 02392 251 519
                                                               Longshot Quivers

    QQ55 Elite Quiver                                          £29.50 (c)
      Four tubes, Zip Side pocket, Pouch, Scorecard and Pen pockets.
      Satin finish cordura. RH or LH Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Green,
      Black/White, Blue/White, Red/White
                                                                                    QQ56 Elite Belt                            £7.95 (a)
                                                                                     Matching belt to go with all longshot quivers.
                                                                                     Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/White
                                                                                     Red/White, Blue/White, Black/Black

                                                                                                                                               Longshot Quivers
QQ05 Longshot Side Quiver £23.95 (c)
  Four tubes, Zip Side pocket, Tab Pocket and
  Scorecard Pocket.                                                                               NQ44 Quiver Tubes £7.95 (b)
  RH or LH Black or Blue.                                                                              Set of four

                                                      QQ08 Junior Webbing Belt £3.95 (a)
                                                        In matching colours
                                                        Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Red,

                      QQ50 Club Quiver                         £10.50 (b)
                        Side quiver which can be used Right or                                 QQ58 Lite Quiver                   £19.50 (b)
                        Left handed. Clips onto your belt for easy                               Three tubes, Zip side pocket, Tab pocket.
                        use. Side pocket and arrow separator cord.                               Satin finish Cordura. RH or LH, Black/Red,
                        Ideal first quiver for adults or juniors.                                Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/White
                        Black, Blue or Red

                  Win & Win                                                                                         EI02
            Epoxy/Ali 5.75(14.5cm)                                                                          Easton Oval Armguard
                 £7.95 (a)                                                                                 Blue, Red, Smoke, Yellow
                                                                                                                  £9.45 (a)

                                           Colours vary
                                            £7.50 (a)

               Cartel CR-3                                        QI10                          EI03
            Plastic 5.5”(14cm)                            Flexible version of the       Easton Bone Armguard
          Very slim, colours vary                           QI20.Colours vary          Blue, Red, Smoke, Yellow
                £3.75 (a)                                       £8.95 (a)                     £9.45 (a)

online                                                      email                                53
                                       Neet & Soma Quivers
            NQ05 T-100D                   £43.95 (c)
             19” Vinyl with 3 tubes, zip pocket and
             flap pouch. White with Blue or Red
             Trim. RH or LH
                                                                             NQ50 3D Rig                  £53.50 (c)
                                                                              19” Cordura quiver with 3 tubes.
                                                                              water bottle, bow hook and belt.
                                                                              Camo. RH or LH

                                                                                                           NQ59 Basketweave £74.95 (c)
                                                                                                            21” Quality Leather with 4 tubes, 2 zip
                                                                                                            pockets and flap pouch. Burgundy,
                                                                                                            Black or White. RH or LH
                                                                                                           NQ59 Plain White             £66.50 (c)
                            NQ90 NT-300                £49.95 (c)

                             21” with 4 tubes, 2 zip pockets and
                             flap pouch. Vinyl in Black with Red
                             Trim or White with Blue Trim . RH
                             or LH

                                                                                                             NQ42 Trimlite-302           £17.95 (b)
                                                                                                              19” Cordura quiver with 3 tubes, zip
          NQ66 Trimlite-401          £39.95 (c)                                                               pocket and clip to hang off your belt.
           19” Cordura with 3 tubes, zip pocket,                                                              Red, Blue or Black. RH or LH
           flap pouch. Black with Pink or Purple
           Trim RH or LH

                                                                                              NQ80 Youth Tube              £6.95 (b)
                                                                                               Simple Tube quiver with belt hook.
                                                                                               Black with Blue or Red trim

          NQ51 Bow Belt Hook £7.50 (a)                                        NQ95 Pocket                  £19.50 (b)
            Great for field archers. Holds your                                 Mini quiver in Honey Brown Suede
            bow while scoring etc.                                              with flap pouch. Used instead of putting
                                                                                your arrows in your back pocket.

                                                          SQ50 Soma X-C Quiver                    £49.95 (c)
                                                           This lightweight quiver comes complete with a
                                                           matching belt which is available in two sizes and
                                                           is shaped to hold the quiver more comfortably. RH
                                                           Blue or Black, Sml/Med, Med/Lrg. LH Black Sml/
                                                           Med, Med/Lrg. LH Blue Med/Lrg only

                                  SQ55 Soma BGC Quiver                   £63.95 (c)
                                   Cordura type quiver with two large pockets plus
                                   pouch with magnetic flap and four arrow tubes.
                                   RH or LH Black, Red or Sky Blue

54                Waterlooville                               phone 02392 254 114                                 fax 02392 251 519
              Easton, Hoyt, W&W and Back Quivers
                                             EQ10 Easton Field                  £49.95 (b)       EQ15 Easton Hip                      £57.50 (c)
                                               Easton field quiver. In Blue, Red, Orange,          Easton side quiver has many features
                                               Silver, Yellow, Pink or Light Blue.                 including lots of storage space and moulded
                                               RH or LH (LH shown)                                 arrow divider. Colours as EQ10. RH or LH

EQ20 Easton Belt                £9.95 (c)
  Med 28”-40”, Large 38”-50”

                          HQ10 Hoyt Quiver              £53.95 (c)
                            Hoyt cordura side quiver has two good
                            size pockets and comes complete with
                            a matching belt.

                  NQ01 Neet Field                £21.95 (b)
                    Field style quiver. In Black vinyl.
                    RH only

                                                                                             WQ10 Win&Win Magnetic                     £89.95 (c)
                                          MQ12 Bow Quiver              £37.95 (c)             Nicely thought out quiver, good quality and plenty of
                                           Martin Bow Quiver, Fixes to the side of            pockets. Magnets at the bottom of the tubes to help
                                           the bow using the sight mount holes.               stop arrows from falling out and comes complete
                                           Quick detach mount. Realtree camo.                 with a belt. Available in two sizes, Med (3 tube) or
                                                                                              Large (4 tube). The large model also comes with a
NQ76 Back Quiver            £85.00 (c)                                                        binocular/tab hook.
  22” Top of the line back quiver.
  Burgundy Leather or Honey Brown               XQ15 Forester Back Quiver £47.50 (c)
  Suede, Adjustable strap and Zip                 Large arrow pocket, 22” leather traditional            XQ10 Outlaw Quiver £42.50 (b)
  pocket. RH (Left to special order)              back quiver. RH                                          Two Tone leather ambidextrous
                                                                                                           back quiver. 19”

    online                                                   email                                     55
                                                     Longshot Trad Quivers. Chestguards

                        QQ30 Leather Field         £42.50 (b)
                          Hand finished thick leather field
                          style quiver.
                          Available RH or LH Tan or Black
                          QQ30K DIY Kit                 £32.95 (b)
                            As above but with all the components
                            as a Kit for you to put together
                                                                                                                 QQ21 Trad Quiver Set                    £33.90 (c)
                                                                                                                   Traditional style 3 tube side quiver with
                                                                                                                   matching belt, Belt Clip and Pouch in Cordura.
                                                                                                                   Black, Blue, Green or Red. Works RH or LH
                                                                                                                      Also available as separate items
                                                                                                                      QQ56 Belt                     £ 7.95 (a)
                                                                                                                      QQ15 Belt Clip                £ 3.50 (a)
                                                                                                                      QQ16 Pouch                    £ 6.50 (a)
Quivers / Chestguards

                                                                                                                      QQ20 Quiver                   £15.95 (c)
                                                          QQ79 Leather Pouch £16.50 (b)
                                                                Tan leather belt pouch
                                                                                                                       QQ77 De Luxe Back Quiver
                                     QQ75 Classic Back Quiver               £19.95 (b)                                   Large roomy Tan Leather
                                        Tan Leather with an adjustable strap                                             back quiver £37.95 (c)
                                   QQ76 Classic Back Quiver             £17.50 (b)
                                     Cordura version of QQ75 in Black or Green

                                                    QQ78 Side Quiver & Belt £34.95 (c)
                                                      Traditional Side quiver with matching belt
                                                      in Tan Leather. Design favoured by many
                                                      longbow archers

                                                                                         QQ86 Tube Quiver & Belt £25.95 (c)
                                                                                           Traditional Tube style quiver with
                                                                                           matching belt in Tan Leather (holds six

                               SC20 Soma Air-Pad £13.95 (a)
                                 Double layer, padded chestguard.
                                 Elasticated shoulder. RH or LH.                                               QC22 Cartel                £ 6.95 (a)
                                 XSml(RH only), Sml, Med, Lrg. Black                                             Velcro, adjustable size economy
                                                                                                                 chestguard, RH or LH. Colours vary.

                        NC23 Neet          £12.95 (a)
                          Ambidextrous nylon mesh
                          guard in Black or White.
                          Sml, Med or Lrg

                                 WC10 Win&Win                   £16.50 (b)                            Ladies
                                                                                                                         QC25 Longshot                  £11.95 (a)
                                   Double layer guard with a wide                                                          White mesh guard with clip fastening,
                                   mesh bottom layer and fine mesh,                                                        elasticated strap. Available in Gents
                                   low friction outer. 4 position popper                                                   and Ladies fit. RH or LH in Sml,
                                   adjustment under the arm and                                                            Med, Lrg or XLge
                                   magnetic fastener on the chest                                                          and also in mini for juniors.
                                   strap. RH or LH. Med or Lrg

56                              Waterlooville                                phone 02392 254 114                               fax 02392 251 519
Linebreak Performance Clothing
The Linebreak compression clothing system is used
widely in a range of top level sports. It promotes strength,                                               LC01 Ladies Sport Tee                £34.99 (b)
power and stamina, reduces muscle vibration and keeps                                                                     XS, S, M, L or XL
muscles warm without overheating helping to reduce                                                         LC02 Mens Sport Tee                  £34.99 (b)
muscle strain and ligament damage. Worn during but
also after shooting the compression system aids lactic                                                                    S, M, L, XL or XXL
acid, toxin and waste removal from the body, reducing                                                      LC04 Mens Long Sleeve                £39.99 (b)
fatigue cramp and tight muscles. Items to the right are                                                             Long sleeve S, M, L, XL or XXL
available from stock, Other items are available to special                                                 LC05 Ladies Long Sleeve              £39.99 (b)
order. Please call or see for more                                                                  Long sleeve S, M or L
information on this revolutionary product and other
available garments.
   This clothing is intended to fit very snugly to the body and worn under your
   normal clothing.
   Suggested sizing is.
   Ladies:- XS size 6 - 8 , Sml size 8 - 10, Med size 10 - 12,
               Lrg size12 - 14, XL size 14 - 16.
   Gents:- Sml size 36”, Med size 38”, Lrg 40”, XL size 42”, XXL size 44”

                                                                              QC32 White Polo Shirt £10.95 (b)
                                                                                Polo Shirt with archer logo on chest.
                                                                                Sml, Med, Lrg or XLge

         QC12 Green Jumper £13.50 (b)
           Long sleeve acrylic green jumper
           Sml, Med, Lrg, XLrg

             QC70 Green Ripstop Fleece £23.50 (b)
               Ripstop pu-coated polyester outer shell and
               polyester fleece inner. Wind and water repellent
               with Archer logo on chest.
               Sml, Med, Lrg, XLge or XXlrg

                                           ZL90 Hot Pads        £1.20 (a)
                                            2 pads per pack.
                                            Chemical, shake to operate,
                                            sealed disposable pads. Last a
                                            good length of time and provide                                SH70 Gloves                    £17.95 (a)
                                            heat easily when its needed.
                                                                                                            Soma made gloves which have a pouch
                                                                                                            to take a hand warmer(not included) and
                                                                                                            a grippy palm to aid arrow pulling.
                                      QC81 Green Action Trousers £18.75 (b)
                                        Mens green walking trousers with water
                                        repellent finish.
                                        30” - 40” waist, 31”(reg) or 33” (long) leg.

                                 Regatta Stormbreak Waterproofs
                                   Flexible PVC coated material with
                                   taped seams in dark green. Sml, Med,
                                   Lrg, Xlrg
                                 QC07J Jacket                   £14.99 (b)
                                   Full length zip, vented back and draw
                                   cord hood
                                 QC07T Trousers                 £ 9.90 (b)
                                   Elasticated waist

    online                                                           email                                  57
                                          Exercisers & Training Aids

                                                                                 Formaster Training Aid
                                                                                     As used by many top level archers, the Formaster is an
                                                                                     excellent training aid. Features an elbow cup and resistance
                                                                                     rubber power cord. Can be used for warm up and also to teach
                                                                                     correct push/pull method, follow through, clicker control etc.
                                                                                 QA45 Formaster With 30 page Instruction booklet             £59.90 (a)
                WA40 Win&Win Stretching Band               £27.95 (b)                Xsml(8-9”), Sml(9-10”), Med(10-11”), Lrg(11-12”),
                   Produced by former Korean Team Coach and                          XLrg(12-13”), XXLrg(13-14.5”). Measure around the widest
Training Aids

                   owner of Win&Win, Mr Park to teach correct bow                    part of the elbow with a straight arm.
                   arm and shoulder position.                                    QA45C Spare Formaster Cords                                 £29.95 (a)
                                                                                       21, 28 or 31 lbs (suggested weights, ladies 21-31 lbs, Men 28-31 lbs)
                                                                                 QA45E Spare Formaster Elbows                         £29.95 (a)
                                                                                 QA43 Rigid Formaster                                 £36.95 (a)
                                                                                    The Rigid version uses a rope instead of the rubber cord
                                                                                    giving less string travel. Med, Lrg.

                                                                              QA44 Exerset by Skorten                      £45.95 (c)
                PA46 Stretching Band                        £4.75 (a)            Fits to the bow using the long rod and button
                    Warm up exerciser and stretching band. Used                  bushings. Allows you to shoot your bow using
                    by physiotherapists and exercise groups.                     the integrated arrow. Includes a built in clicker
                    Can be used in a number of ways and looped                   device. RH or LH
                    to practice your draw.
                    Heavy - Black, Medium - Blue,
                    Light/Youth - Green, Xlight/Child - Red

                                                 QA47 Dee Gee Training aid                £16.95 (b)
                                                    A leather elbow cup is used to train the use
                                                    of back muscles instead of the arms to draw
                                                    the bow.

                                                                                                                  Quicks Shooting Team Member
                                                                                                                          Peter Parsons

                Saunders Exerciser
                    Designed to develop muscles that are used
                    in shooting. The exerciser comes with two
                    bands, 22lbs and 33lbs at 28” draw. Also
                    available are bolt on weights to simulate the
                    physical weight of the bow.
                LA20 Archers Excerciser(no weights) £19.95 (b)
                LA21 1.5lb Weights                         £13.50 (c)
                LA22 3.9lb Weights                         £15.50 (c)
                LA23 Spare Bands                           £ 8.95 (a)

58                   Waterlooville                               phone 02392 254 114                                    fax 02392 251 519
                                                                          Tackle Cases
 Discounted bundle price PE05 T/D + ZZ09 Saddlebag
 £59.00 (normal price £65.90. Post rate C

                                                     PE05 Fieldlocker T/D £46.95 (c) ZZ09 Saddlebag                          £18.95 (b)
                                                      As std PE05 but with QE12 foam insert in Add to the PE05 fieldlocker or fieldlocker
                                                      base to hold a Take Down recurve bow.    T/D. velcro straps and large zipped
                                                                                               pocket to take quivers etc. (case extra)
PE05 Fieldlocker              £36.50 (c)
  Hardshell moulded plastic arrowcase
  with rubber arrow strips in base and
  lid. 34x9x3.5”

                                                             QE22 Midas T/D Bag              £48.50 (c)
                                                               Double compartment soft bag with
                                                               foam insert in the bottom for your bow
                                                               and top section for accessories.
  QE26 Cartel Zip                £ 75.00 (c)
    Abs plastic case with zip around

                                                                                                                                            Tackle Cases
    fastening, uncut foam insert, foam
    arrow racks and multi pocket accessory
    lid divider. 87x33x17cm

    QE29 Cartel 310 HP              £69.95 (c)
      Hardshell case with wheels, foam insert
      for bow and arrow racks. Black or Blue
                                                                                              QE28 Midas ABS Case £155.00 (c)
                                                                                               Roomy case from Cartel, includes a
                                                                                               foam insert and plenty of room for your
                                                                                               kit and has an extending handle and
                                                                                               wheels. Black or Silver

                                                                                             PE31 Protector 43”            £49.95 (c)
  PE30 Protector 49”                 £59.95 (c)                                                Tough moulded plastic hard case, has
    Similar to the Protector 43” but with extra                                                two pillars for added strength, arrow
    length for longer axle bows. 49 x 6.5 x                                                    racks and foam insert . 43.25 x 6.75 x
    19.5” (124x16x49cm) approx.                                                                19” (110x17x48cm) approx.

   online                                               email                             59
                                                Bow Bags & Cases

                                                                                                                  QE92 Recurve Bag                  £46.95 (c)
                 QE89 New Generation Std         £29.50 (c) QE90 New Generation Plus                 £44.95 (c)     Padded bag to keep assembled bow in. 66 or
                   Cordura compound bow bag with padded       As QE89 but with two outside zipped pocket and        68” Blue, Black or Green.
                   interior, and double zip.                  a long pocket to take an arrow canister.
                   Colours Blue, Black or Green.

                 ZZ06 Roll Up Recurve Case £24.95 (c)
                   Soft bag that rolls up to take your bow and       ZZ05 T/D Bow Bag £15.50 (b)
                   accessories. Complete with shoulder strap          Economy take down bow bag, full             QE93 Elite Recurve Bag                £64.50 (c)
                   and loops to take QE01 arrow tube(extra).          length zip and two internal pockets           Padded deluxe take down bow bag with internal
                                                                      for handle and limbs.                         separator/storage compartment, includes
                                                                      Colours Blue, Black or Green.                 handle and limb covers plus outside arrow
                                                                                                                    pocket and accessory pocket. Blue or Black.
Cases and Bags

                    EE10 Easton Navigator Case £89.95 (c)                 EE15 Easton Classic Case £47.95 (c)
                       Easton Navigator compound case, supplied              Oversized compound case with external         QE50 Shoulder Strap           £ 6.95 (a)
                       complete with Arrow Tote.                             pockets designed to take the Easton             Shoulder strap to fit New Gen
                                                                             gear wallet and arrow tote (not included)       compound and Elite recurve bags.

                                                                                                                         EE20 Easton Tote                 £14.50 (c)
                                                                                                                            Easton arrow canister, telescopic with
                                                                                                                            screw on lid and strap.
                        SE12 Seb Flute Backpack £44.95 (c)
                          Blk/Blk, Blk/Blue, Blk/Grey
                                                                                                       NE25 Neet Arrow Box £19.50 (c)
                                                                                                           Strong arrowcase with hinged lid.
                                                                       HE70 Recurve Backpack £79.95 (c)    Holds 24 arrows

                                                                                                              QE01 Arrow Canister              £10.75 (c)
                                                                                                                  Telescopic tube with screw on
                                                                                                                        detachable lid and carry strap

                        SE15 Seb Flute Trolly Bag £92.50 (c)
                          Blk/Blk, Blk/Blue, Blk/Grey

60                        Waterlooville                               phone 02392 254 114                                     fax 02392 251 519
               Cases, Bags and Shooting Line Tent

   BE05 Riser Pocket                    £7.75   (a)
   BE06 Limb Pockets                    £7.75   (a)
   BE07 Rectangular Pocket              £7.95   (a)
   BE08 Angled Pocket                   £6.25   (a)

                                                                                                    PE80 Vanguard Double Case                  £105.00 (c)
                                                                                                    Weight 10.7kgs OD 94x34x29, ID 92x32x27cm approx
QE12 Foam Insert             £10.45 (b)                                                             PE81 Vanguard Single Case                    £69.95 (c)
   Pre cut foam insert for take down                                                                Weight 5.5kgs OD 93.5x33.5x16cm, ID 92x32x15cm approx
   bows, trim to fit. 87 x 20cm.
QE13 Foam Insert uncut        £9.25 (b)

                                                                 QE68 Y2k Case                  £52.50 (c)
                                                                    Zip around case with pre cut foam                     ZZ07
                                                                    insert. Black or Grey                          One Piece Bowbag
                                                                                                                     To fit bow length
                                                                                                                   Mini-52”, Sml 54-58”,
                                                                                                                  Med 63-66”, Lng 68-70”
                                                                                                                      Shoulder strap
                                                               ZZ35                                                    £14.50 (a)
                                                        Neet Longbow Bag
                                                      Patterned Fabric, 80” soft
                                                      bag with reinforced ends
                                                            £23.50 (a)                                                               QE75
                                                                                                                                   Hard shell
                                                                                                                                 Longbow case
                                                                                                                               Soft inner bag, good
                                                                                                                                   £29.50 (g)
        Handle & Limb Covers
        Heavy duty cotton covers to
       protect your handle and limbs.
                 £8.50 (a)

                                 Single Longbow Bag
                               Cotton longbow bag, takes
                                  bows upto 6’6” long        ZZ32                                                                          ZZ34
                                      £15.50 (a)      Double Longbow Bag                                                         Padded Longbow Bag
                                                      As ZZ33 but takes two                                                    Cordura bag with a zip pocket
                                                        bows upto 6’6” long                                                    to take an arrow tube. Takes
                                                           £19.95 (a)                                                          upto 6’6” bows £26.50 (c)
                                                                                                                                 ZZ34+QE01 £37.25 (c)

                                                                            QE30 Tent Bag
  ZE05 Pop-a-Bivy              £59.95 (c)                              Storage and carry bag to take
       Collapses into its own small                                  larger Shooting line tents. Strong                    ZE97 Pegs & Guys
       carry bag. Pops up in seconds.                                Cordura bag with shoulder strap.                           Spare pegs
       Includes groundsheet and                                            Black, Blue or Green                                and guy rope
       pegs & guys                                                             £23.50 (c)                                        £5.95 (a)

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                                                     Bowstrings and String Materials
                                                                                               Brownell String Materials

                   BCY Bowstring Materials                                                                             Dacron
                                                                                                                       WD05 B50       Large 1lb spool White        £29.50         (b)
                                                                                                                       WD06 B50       Large 1lb spool Black        £29.50         (b)
                                                                                                                       WD08 B50       1/4lb White                  £ 9.25         (a)
                   WD02 B500 1/4 lb spool           £8.50 (a)                                                          WD09 B50       1/4lb Black                  £ 9.25         (a)
                         Black, White, Green, Yellow
                   WD04 B500 1 lb spool            £24.95 (b)
                         Black or White

                                                                                                                              WD22 D75 Dyneema 1/4lb £33.95 (a)
                                                                                                                                   High Performance Material, 100%
                                                                                                                                   Red, Blue, Black or White

                    WD39 8125 1/8 lb                        £26.95 (a)
                       High speed, very low creep material.
                       Recommended 14 to 16 strands. Available in
                       White, Flu Green and Flu Orange in the new
                       1/8 lb spools.
                                                                                                                              Angel Bowstring Materials

                                                                                                                              WD60 ASB Majesty 250m £27.95 (a)
                                                                                                                                   Majesty is Angels latest material.
                                                                                                                                   Extremely light, it has superior oscillation
                                                                                                                                   dampening. Light and chemical resistant
                    WD47 452X 1/8 lb                       £27.50 (a)                                                              and is manufactured using a thermally
String Materials

                       As above but in the new 1/8 lb spool size.                                                                  bonded resin onto the material removing
                       Available in Black, Blue, Yellow, Flu Orange                                                                the need for heavy wax, Just rub the string
                       and Flu Pink                                                                                                down after it is shot in to bond the strands
                                                                                                                                   together. Black only

                   StringFlex Supra Strings
                      High Quality Precision made tournament
                      strings from StringFlex, Two Tone in 452X or
                   QD10 Supra 452X                        £12.50 (a)
                      62.5” 16st, 64.5” 16st                                                                               Custom Strings (made to order)
                      64.5” 18st, 66.5” 18st                                                                                    Custom made strings to your specifications
                   QD15 Supra 8125                        £12.50 (a)     Making Strings DVD                                QD60 Dacron                                £6.00 (a)
                      62.5” 14st, 64.5” 14st                              How to make strings and cables from
                                                                          longtime archery specialist and pro archer
                                                                                                                           WD61 Angel Majesty                         £9.95 (a)
                      64.5” 16st, 66.5” 16st                                                                               QD22 D75 Specials                          £9.95 (a)
                                                                          Larry Wise.
                                                                         WD46 Bowstring DVD               £11.95 (a)       QD25 8125                                  £9.95 (a)
                                                                                                                           QD44 452X                                  £9.95 (a)
                   Standard Strings
                                                                                                                           Candy Stripe Two Tone Strings
                   QD50 Dacron                              £4.25 (a)
                      Dacron is most commonly used on wood or                                                              TD50 Candy Stripe D75    £11.95 (a)
                      fibreglass bows, a little more stretch than                                                          TD55 Candy Stripe Xcel   £11.95 (a)
                      modern high performance materials means a                                                               Red, Blue, Black and White available in both
                      slightly softer shot which is kinder to the bow                                                         materials + Yellow, Hot Pink and Bronze (in Xcel)
                      and archer. Normally 12 strands(10 on light
                      bows and 14 on heavy short field bows                                                                 Equivalent String thickness to
                                                                                                                            18 strand Fastflight or 16 strand D75
                   QD22 D75 Dyneema                         £8.25 (a)                                                       Angel Dyneema                     20 Strands
                      D75 has taken over from Fast Flight as                                                                452X                              18 Strands
                      our most popular high performance string                                                              8125                              16 Strands
                      material. Normally 16 strands, 14 on lighter
                                                                                   String Sizes For Most Bows
                                                                                   Bow Length**                   54”         64”       66”         68”       70”
                   Compound Strings and Cables                                     Dacron String Length 51”                  59.5”     61.5”       63.5”     65.5”
                   Custom Strings                    from £ 9.95 (a)               D75* String Length                        60.5”     62.5”       64.5”     66.5”
                                                                                   * Lengths for D75 and other High Performance string materials.
                   Custom Cables                     from £19.90 (a)               **The actual length required may vary depending on your riser and limb combination.
                                                                                   If in doubt just ask.

62                          Waterlooville                                   phone 02392 254 114                                        fax 02392 251 519
                                                                      Serving Materials

                                                                                         WD11 Soft Twist No4                            £3.95 (a)
   Diamond Back                                                                              Very Popular Twisted Nylon serving(.021)
        Braided HMPE/Polyester Material has superior grip                                    Red, Blue, Green, Black or Yellow.
        and durability. An excellent serving material.
   WD18 Diamond Back .018                            £13.50 (a)
        Black/Blue, Black/White, Black/Gold, Black/Red
   WD19 Diamond Back .022                            £13.50 (a)
        Black/Blue, Black/White, Black/Gold

                                                                             WD34 Nock & Peep Tying Thread                               £4.95 (a)

                                                                                                                                                          Serving Materials
   WD32 3D End Serving                             £11.95 (a)
       3 ply twisted material, recommended for end servings.                       Bonded Nylon thread for improved abrasion resistance. Red
       Red, Black, Royal Blue or Flou Orange                                       or Black
   WD33 2X Serving                                 £11.50 (a)                WD35 No62 Braided Serving                                   £13.50 (a)
       .016 diameter serving, good for cams etc.                                   Durable serving, good on all strings. ).021 in two tone, White +
       Red, Black, Royal Blue or Flou Orange                                       Blue, Green or Grey. 0.025 in White/Black only.
   WD75 Nylon Serving                               £3.95 (a)                WD36 HALO Serving .014                                       £23.95 (a)
       Similar to WD11 soft twist. Black, Blue, Red, Green                   WD36 HALO Serving .019                                       £19.50 (a)
       or Tan                                                                      For use as a centre or end serving, Strong and durable, great
                                                                                   for finger shooters. 0.019 or 0.014 diameter. available in Red,
                                                                                   Black, Blue and Flo Orange.

                                                                                      Angel Serving Materials
         StringFlex Serving Materials                                                 WD62 ASB Majesty 0.15                                £27.95 (a)
         WD95 4MAX (recurve)          £4.95 (a)                                       WD63 ASB Majesty 0.18                                £27.95 (a)
             3ply Twisted Nylon water resistant serving.                              WD64 ASB Majesty 0.21                                £27.95 (a)
             Silver/Blue, Silver/Black, Silver/Red, Orange/                               The latest serving material from Angel. It is very resistant
             Red, Green/Yellow                                                            to flattening which helps to keep the serving together
                                                                                          and is coated with thermally bonded resin making it
                                                                                          impervious to UV rays and rain. Black only.

 Longbow String Materials Traditionally Longbow strings
 were often made of Linen and other materials, usually with the strands
 bound firmly together with ‘patent mixtures’ of beeswax thinners and
 other materials all melted together to unify the whole. these strings
 had little or no stretch - like fastflite really- the strings that result are
 outstanding but it is an art.
 QD54 Linen String Material
 Traditional for longbows and a good material. 50 grms                 £5.95 (a)
 QD53 Linen Serving Material
 Black , Brown. Machine strength. 3 ply twisted 50 grms reel. £7.50 (a)

online                                                             email                                       63
                                             String Making Tools and Wax
               QJ46 Beiter Winder £29.95 (a)
                  The stringmakers choice. Well
                  thought out and nicely made,                                                                        ZJ01 Pro Server           £13.95 (a)
                  Very easy to load and control                                                                           By Cavalier. Metal Body and
                  and gives good even tension.                                                                            easy to use.
                  Now with stainless nuts to aid
               QJ45 Profi Winder            £37.95 (a)
                  Heavy duty version, as above but
                  with Stainless Steel rollers
                                                                                                                       WJ46 BCY Server           £13.95 (a)
                                                                                                                          Easy to use with large holes
               QJ47 Beiter Twister £5.50 (a)                                                                              for easier loading of serving
                  An attachment which can                                                                                 material
                  speed up spinning of the
                  serving tool (does not include

                                                                                                                    (Tools do not include serving thread)
                                        BA45 Beiter String Tool £6.25 (a)
                                             Multi purpose tool can be used
                                             as a string separator and for                                     SJ25 CentriServe        £19.95 (a)
                                             counting strands in your string                                     Serve by the use of centrifugal
                                             for centring the peep as well as                                    force, once you get the tool
                                             many other uses. Per pair.                                          spinning continue to serve by
                                                                                                                 rocking the string
String Making Tools
      and Wax

                                                                                 ZJ50 Sherwood String Jig                   £58.95 (c)
                         BA40 Beiter Distance Holder £10.95 (a)                      Similar to the Arten jig. Free rotating string
                             Neet tool for keeping compound cables and               slots for easier realignment of the posts
                             string apart when fitting servings etc.

                                              WD70 BCY Xwax
                                             Silicone based scent free                                                            WD46 £11.95 (a)
                                                                            ZOM50 Making Bowstrings £2.75 (a)                     Making Strings DVD
                                              wax Can be used on all             Basic booklet on making standard
                                                   string materials                                                           How to make strings and cables
                                                                                 twin loop strings                            from longtime archery specialist
                                                      £6.50 (a)
                                                                                                                                 and pro archer Larry Wise.

                         WD65 Brownells                                                                                             WD48 BCY ML6
                      Brownells wax is formulated            ZA80 Beeswax                     EA15 Easton Wax                      Silicone based soft wax.
                         to work with all string            Natural Beeswax. The             Formulated to work with all           Can be used on all string
                               materials                    traditional string wax            high performance strings                     materials
                              £4.95 (a)                           £2.50 (a)                          £3.95 (a)                            £5.95 (a)

64                     Waterlooville                                     phone 02392 254 114                                fax 02392 251 519