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                                            DJs For Toronto Weddings
                                                   By Rafi Michael

   Wedding ceremonies and receptions would not be the same without music. The main role of a
wedding DJ in Toronto is to keep the couple and their guests on their feet at the ceremony and the
reception. The couple usually walks to beautiful songs as they come into the church at the beginning of
the ceremony. Most of them enlist the services of nuptial Disc Jockeys to help them choose the best
songs; find their favorite songs or songs that have special meaning s for them. A wedding DJ in
Toronto or any other place is usually expected to sit down with the couple to know their tastes and
preferences. They are also expected to lend some useful advice concerning wedding music to the
couple. Since Disk Jockeys often attend nuptials, they usually offer advice on other matters concerning
the wedding to the couple either directly or indirectly.

 Finding a wedding DJ in Toronto or any other big city is not as difficult as many people would imagine.
Marriage Dee Jay companies are very common and offer satisfactory services to their clients. Some of
these professionals work as individuals. One can find these companies in directories used in their
country. Wedding Dee Jays and their respective companies abound on the internet. They offer their
services at different rates based on different criteria.

 The fact that there is fierce competition in the industry in various locations makes it easier for couples
that are seeking these services offered by professionals. A wedding DJ in Toronto or any such location
that do not conduct him or herself professionally is not worth a try. A professional in this field is always
well groomed and has impeccable manners. A marriage Dee Jay whose rates fall in line with a
couple’s budget is the most ideal to hire. Since there are many to choose from, one can opt for the
most affordable. A nuptial’s DJ should also be well versed with different kinds of events to play the
appropriate music for these. Experience on the part of the DJ is very important. They always know the
songs to play during different phases of the ceremony. They also know how to gauge if the music they
are playing are having any impact on the guests and usually make changes if they are not having any
impact. If the couple is dealing with a DJ company, they should always inquire and request the
company to send them over prior to the ceremony so that they can be well acquainted to each other. If
the couple does not like the DJ, they should ask the company to provide them with another.

 A reason for a couple engaging the services of a wedding DJ in Toronto or any other city is one is
likely to get professional service at their nuptial. Another benefit is since they are experienced, they will
keep the dance floor packed through out as there will be no boring moments as opposed to if one had

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asked a relative or friend to play the music for them.

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                                                      History of the DJ Industry
                                                              By Rafi Michael

The people connected with this national Industry and their conventions have written the history of the
DJ entertainment industry. A few Toronto wedding DJs who have been associated with this industry in
Canada and have contributed to the advancement of this industry are Thomas Edison who invented
the Photograph in 1877 that has been used in advertising the professional Toronto DJs and their
services. Bob Casey’s contribution to the DJ entertainment industry has been the Turntable DJ
System, which made its first appearance at Stock Hop in 1955. Technics SL-1200 started the
production of the DJ industry in 1972. In 1972 the Canadian Disc Jockey was founded. In 1978
Phillips launched the 1st CD player while spinning was first written by Robert Lindquist in 1987. DJ
Times in 1988 became the first magazine to write about DJs. In 1980 American Disc Jockey was
initiated. Many professional Toronto DJs use it today.

 Later on in 1996, National Association of Mobile Entertainers was created. A DJ zone was formed in
1998. Mark Ferrell started “Worth Movement” the next year. In 2004 the news on DJs was first
published on Disc Jockey News which was known earlier as Midwest DJ News. In 2006 Mobile Beat
was acquired by Pro DJ Publishing. However, there have been recent changes in this industry that are
as recent as August 18, 2008 that have occurred in this industry. This has changed the way most
Toronto wedding DJs operate.

 The DJ services provided by the DJ entertainment Industry are playing at weddings, birthdays, school
dances, and corporate events. The Professional Toronto DJs also play at Private events, Bar Mitzvah
events, wedding receptions, anniversaries, just to mention a few. Many weddings usually take place
each year, and professional Toronto DJs are a major feature in these weddings, which are performed
by a Toronto wedding DJ who also plays at the wedding receptions. The DJ entertainer is generally an
individual who is very gifted in this field of entertainment, the Toronto wedding DJ sometimes act as
MC’s and provide MC services like making sure the programs run smoothly. Professional Toronto
wedding DJs usually have the ability to access the kind of vibe in a function and judge correctly the
kind of mood the people. Professional Toronto DJs also can influence the tone in a reception. These
Professional Toronto DJs do this by making it sad, happy, jovial etc. Professional Toronto DJs not only
play at functions but can also connect one to event organizers, or wedding planners to help you in
preparing for your event.

The Toronto wedding DJ is not only a DJ entertainer but a DJ Professional, who is also well versed in
making sure your wedding, birthday plans and any other event one is holding a very memorable affair.
The Toronto wedding DJ is a specialist whose main goal is to give you the time of your life.
Professional Toronto DJs have a good quality system, excellent music and amazing coordinating skills.
If one is getting married, a Toronto wedding DJ is the best entertainment choice.

Rafi Ghanim MichaelBabylon Productions Wedding Center: Solving your special Video &
photography also Dj and Limousine service needs for events in the Toronto, Ontario. Finch ave west  unit 104  North York,
Toronto M3J 3K6 416-663-4784

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