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									                             You are invited to celebrate the comfort and     ELIGIBILITY
CALL FOR ENTRY               joy of the festive season with the Craft
                             Council Gallery’s annual juried exhibit. This      •   Each artist can submit up to three
                             exhibit will include functional, non-                  works
                             functional, 2D and 3D works in a variety of        •   All works must be for sale
The CRAFT COUNCIL            mediums. The theme allows for works that           •   works should have been completed
                             reflect seasonal and thematic threads. Think           after December 31, 2007
      GALLERY                whimsical or serious, contemporary or              •   works must be original
                             traditional. Innovation and craftsmanship          •   All entries MUST BE READY TO
      invites you to enter   will be considered when selecting works.               INSTALL. All works should come
                                                                                    with specific installation, hanging

                             Large, fragile entries or entries that need to         and/or other necessary instructions in
                             be shipped will be juried by digital images            writing.
                             on CD which must be received, with a copy          •   The attached entry form should be
                             of the entry form by October 29 (earlier if
      & JOY
                                                                                    filled out and enclosed with your
                             possible).                                             entries. If you are sending more than
                             Other entries will be juried by actual work            one entry, each should be clearly
                             after Deadline for Entries – drop off                  marked as 1 , 2 or 3
November 29 – December20     works by November 19, 2009                         •   The work must be properly packed in
                                                                                    a reusable container suitable for
            2009                                                                    gift-giving
                              Comfort & Joy will be presented in the            •   There is a $20 entry fee for non -
                                      ANNEX GALLERY                                 members of the Craft Council of
                                                                                    Newfoundland and Labrador

                               IMPORTANT DATES

                              OCT. 29, 2009
                              DEADLINE for INTENT to ENTER

                              OCT. 29, 2009
                              DIGITAL ENTRIES - only if work is
                              fragile, large or needs shipping

                              NOV. 19, 2009
                              DEADLINE FOR ALL ENTRIES to
                              arrive at the Craft Council Gallery                     www.craftcouncil.nl.ca
CRITERIA                                            Guidelines for Submitting Digital Images         ARTISAN INFORMATION
Exhibition works will be juried. All entries       (This is only for works that are large, fragile   Please EMAIL biographical information, an
may not be accepted.                               or need shipping – all other entries will be      artist statement relating to your work, and a
                                                   juried by the actual work).                       photo prior to the deadline or include this
 Works will be accepted on the basis of                                                              information on a CD.
excellence in technique, use of materials and      Please note, when submitting digital images
design. The committee will choose pieces,          to the Craft Council jury it is important to      SALES
which will build a cohesive exhibition of          attach a detailed description of your digital     You are required to set the retail price of
one-of-a-kind works responding to the              images with your application form. The            your work (the price it will sell for). If your
theme. While the Gallery makes every effort        description should include title, size, and       work is sold through the Gallery, a
to include a broad range of visual art, the        date created, materials and techniques plus       commission will be deducted from the retail
Gallery's priority is craft and craft based art.   any other information you feel would be           price according to the following scale –
                                                   useful to the jury or committee.                  Retail price - commission % we take
HOW TO ENTER                                                                                         $1 - $499              33 1/3%
                                                      1. Please ensure that each CD-ROM or           $500 - $2,499          30%
Please notify us of your “intent to enter”               DVD is clearly marked with your             $2500 and over         25%
by October 29, 2009 by EMAILING, your                    name and the date.
name, address and brief description of what           2. All files must be PC compatible.            SHIPPING
you intend to enter .                                 3. All files must be jpeg files with           Each artist is responsible for the cost of
                                                         resolution of 266 dpi.                      packaging, shipping to gallery and return
Submitting work for JURY                              4. Files must be a maximum of 2 MB.            shipping for their work and insurance while
                                                      5. Each file must be labeled with a            in transit. Whenever possible, if not sold,
    1. If your work is large, fragile or needs           number and title that corresponds           works should be picked up immediately
       to be shipped – you can have your                 with the information on the detail          following the show. The Gallery is
       work juried digitally – see                       description of you digital images.          responsible for shipping works to buyers.
       guidelines below . CDs with digital
       images (full & details) should              PLEASE NOTE this special condition                INSURANCE
       arrive by OCTOBER 29 and if                 relating to works chosen for an exhibition        The Craft Council Gallery carries limited
       chosen work should arrive by                based on submitted digital images. When           insurance on all works while on exhibition.
       NOVEMBER 19.                                the work arrives it will be assessed to ensure
                                                   that it meets the expectations set by the         CONTACT US
    2. All other work should be dropped            images and that there are no concerns with        Sharon LeRiche, Gallery Director
       off at the Craft Council Gallery by         regard to technical or design quality that        CRAFT COUNCIL GALLERY
       NOVEMBER 19 to be juried.                   were not evident in the image. The Craft          Devon House Craft Centre
                                                                                                     59 Duckworth Street, St. John’s, NL, A1C 1E6
                                                   Council Gallery reserves the right to exclude
                                                                                                     ph (709) 753-2749, fax (709) 753-2766
                                                   work that does not accurately reflect the
                                                                                                     email gallery@craftcouncil.nl.ca
                                                   images submitted.
                Comfort & Joy                                                                                   Are you a member of Craft Council of NL?
                                                                                                                 ____ yes ____ no
             ENTRY FORM                                 2
                                                        TITLE _____________________________________             ___send information on becoming a member.
Complete full entry form & include with your entries.
                                                                                                                If not a member is your $20 entry fee enclosed?
Name _____________________________________              Description, Medium & Techniques ___________            _____ yes    ______ no

Address __________________________________              _________________________________________               Method of payment
                                                                                                                ___ cheque made out to Craft Council
_________________________________________               _________________________________________
                                                                                                                ____MC ____ VISA ____ AMEX
City/Town _________________________________             _________ ________________________________
Postal Code ____________Phone # ____________            ________________Dimensions ________________             ________________________________________

Email _____________________________________             Retail value $ __________ year created __________       exp ________

Registered for GST _____ yes _____ no                   Return Instructions: pick up__ reg. Post___ other ___   Sig ___________________________

# ________________________________________
                                                                                                                Please indicate if anyone else was involved in
                                                                                                                the creation of the work.
1                                                       3                                                       I certify that this entry(s) is my own work. I agree
TITLE _____________________________________             TITLE _____________________________________             that if my works are chosen, I will release them
                                                                                                                for exhibition by the Craft Council of
                                                                                                                Newfoundland and Labrador Gallery. I also
Description, Medium & Techniques ___________            Description, Medium & Techniques ___________            agree to allow the Craft Council Gallery to
                                                                                                                photograph and film these works for the Craft
_________________________________________               _________________________________________               Council archives, the promotion of the exhibit,
                                                                                                                the Craft Council and the Gallery, as well as
_________________________________________               _________________________________________               possible reproduction in the Craft Council
                                                                                                                newsletter and website.
_________ ________________________________              _________ ________________________________
                                                                                                                Signature ___________________________
________________Dimensions ________________             ________________Dimensions ________________
Retail value $ __________ year created __________       Retail value $ _________ year created __________
                                                                                                                       Don’t forget to email your
Return Instructions: pick up__ reg. Post___ other ___   Return Instructions: pick up__ reg. Post___ other ___        ARTIST BIO & STATEMENT

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