April 2010 Parent Involvement Calendar by pengxiuhui


									                                          Kentucky Parent Involvement Calendar
                                                                                           April 2010
          “All parents can make a difference in the life of a child by being involved with their education.”
                                                                          Quoted from Harvard Family Research Project
        Sunday                         Monday                       Tuesday                      Wednesday                       Thursday                        Friday                       Saturday
                                                                                                                                      1                              2                              3
                                                                For more information                                                                    Talk to your child’s teacher     Dye some hard-boiled
                                                             about this calendar, or to                                   April Fool’s Day               to find out dates for state    eggs and decorate. Have
                                                              receive it earlier, please                                                                testing. It’s important for    your child watch the clock
                                                                                                                           Watch out! Your child
                                                              contact Jill Dunavent at                                                                  your child to get plenty of         for 10 minutes to
                                                                                                                          will probably try to play a     sleep and eat breakfast
                                                              jdunavent@ovec.org or                                          joke on you today.                                         determine when the eggs
                                                               (502) 647-3533 x 264.                                                                        during testing time.         have finished cooking.

             4                              5                              6                            7                             8                              9                             10
                                  Opening Day for             When reading with your
                               Major League Baseball             child, stop and ask        See if your local PTA or      Check to see if your child    Take a walk or drive and        Visit your public library
         Easter                  Eat some peanuts and         questions along the way.      other parent organization      has enough supplies for      look for wild daffodils to       and check out a book
Play hide and seek with the     cracker jacks for a snack      For example, “Why do           has activities planned       school. He/she may be        pick and bring inside for a     about birds that live in
eggs your family decorated     and get ready for baseball        you think the main         where you can volunteer       running short on pencils      beautiful Spring bouquet!              Kentucky.
        yesterday!                       season!             character acted that way?”           or participate.                 or paper.

            11                             12                            13                             14                            15                            16                             17
                                                                                                                          Tax Day - Check out this
  Put up birdfeeders and          Talk to your Family                                        Write a special note to      website to help teach kids      National High Five           Go outside and fly a kite!
 keep track of how many         Resource and Youth              Reread your child’s          your child telling them            about money.                      Day                    Talk about safety rules
 different birds you see.      Services Center staff to       favorite book together.         why you are proud of        http://kidmoney.about.c       Give your child a high five    such as staying away from
                               find out what events they                                   him/her. Hide it where it      om/od/teachingchildren/         for something special          power lines and trees!
                                    have coming up!                                           will be easily found.        a/teachkidsmoney.htm         he/she has accomplished!

            18                             19                            20                             21                            22                             23                            24
                                                                                                                                Earth Day                Start a rainy day fund by
International Juggler’s         Encourage your child to      Visit www.kypirc.org and      Talk about the importance        Talk a walk around your      collecting extra pennies,     Take a hike to look at the
           Day                   go outside and play to      check out the parent tips     of “doing your best” every     community with a trash bag        nickels, dimes and         new leaves on trees. Try
 See if you and your child     help get exercise and fresh      of the day and other                  day.                 to pick up litter. You may   quarters. Count the coins       to identify the trees in
can juggle a tennis ball (or              air.                  parenting resources.                                         want to have your child    together and save up for a            your area.
    other soft object.)                                                                                                           wear gloves.                 special treat!

            25                             26                            27                             28                            29                            30

  Work a word search or          Have your child call or         Make up a secret           Ask your child to pick out    Walk outside and see how      Go to your local park and
crossword puzzle together.       visit a grandparent or       handshake that only you       a fruit or vegetable he has   many stars you can count       shoot some basketball
 Make your own puzzles at      other relative to tell them     and your child know.         never eaten before while      in the sky. Look to see if           together.
 www.puzzlemaker.com.          about an accomplishment.                                         grocery shopping.           you can find The Big
                   Cathy Barnard, Director
                        100 Alpine Drive
                      Shelbyville, KY 40065
                        1(800) 251-4676
                                                                                    Sandy Rutledge, President
                    E-mail: cbarnard@ovec.org
                     Website: www.kypirc.org
                                                                                             P.O. Box 654
                                                                                      Frankfort, KY 40602-0654
                                                                                        (502) 226-6607 phone
Region 1 Staff           Region 2 Staff        Region 3 Staff
Western Kentucky         N. Central Kentucky   Eastern Kentucky                           (502) 226-6610 fax
Christian Co. Career &   Bullitt Lick Middle   Betsy Layne Elementary                 E-mail: Ky_office@pta.org
Technology Center        555 W Blue Lick Rd.   256 School St.
705 N Elm St.            Shepherdsville, KY    PO Box 128
                                                                                      Website: www.kypta.org
Hopkinsville, KY 42240                 40165   Betsy Layne, KY 41605
(270) 887-7045           (502) 543-0884        (606) 478-1966

                   Michael Denney, Director
           Cabinet for Health and Family Services
                                                                                         Brigette Stacy
  Division of Family Resource and Youth Services Centers                Community Support for Students and Families Branch
                  275 East Main Street 3 C-G                                   Kentucky Department of Education
                      Frankfort, KY 40621                                            17th Floor, 500 Mero St.
                     (502) 564-4986 phone                                              Frankfort KY 40601
                       (502) 564-6108 fax                                                (502) 564-4201
               E-mail: Michael.denney@ky.gov                                 E-mail: brigette.stacy@education.ky.gov
           Website: http://chfs.ky.gov/dfrcvs/frysc/                          Website: www.education.ky.gov/KDE

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