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									       APR 2009 Newsletter
         SGSG Hotline (626) 291-2901 Web/

            Is it true, is it an April Fools Joke:
               Posted around the pool on April 1-2, 2009. Enjoy!

1. Asst. Coach Shotaro Goto used to down two double-doubles at swim
meets for lunch?? April Fools or the truth?

2. Head Age Group Coach Crystal Lim was a varsity water polo player at
Arcadia High School?? April Fools or the truth?

3. Head Coach George Young served in US Army and was a drill sergeant??
                       April fools or the truth?

                       4. The SGSG was one of the first teams in
                       Southern California to use a “Championship Team”
                       swim cap for J.O. swimmers?? April Fools or the

                       5. The SGSG team’s members are 80% City of San
                       Gabriel residents? April Fools or the truth??

                                           Answers on next page!:
   1.   True! Just think how fast he would have been if he at a large salad and bread
   2.   True!
   3.   April Fools!
   4.   True!
   5.   April Fools! Currently the Sea Gulls membership consists of
        55% of San Gabriel residents.

         Safety for dives:
 Please review the following note issued by USA Swimming. The special April
 Fools day special on “Certified to Dive by SGSG” was put together to be in-
            line with the new USA Swimming required procedures.

                           USA Swimming Safety Notice to
To avoid risk of serious injury, no swimmer who has not been properly trained should
attempt to perform a racing start, from either a starting block or the side of the pool,
into less than six feet of water.

USA Swimming has implemented a racing start certification program where a
swimmer’s coach documents his or her professional judgment that a swimmer has
demonstrated sufficient skill to safely perform a racing start into four feet of water.

Although somewhat unusual, swimmers do not always participate in swimming
competitions under the supervision of a certified coach. It is the parent’s
responsibility to make sure the swimmer does not attempt to perform a racing start in
less than six feet of water, if the swimmer has not been properly certified by the
swimmer’s coach to do so.
              Up-dated schedule
Regular schedule except for the following:   (subject to change...)

April 14: Sprint day
April 20: NO Gold & Platinum Training GHS swim meet
           Silver 6-7:30 PM
           JR Bronze & Bronze 6-7 PM

April 27: Gold & Platinum 6-7:30 PM GHS swim meet
           NO Silver, Bronze or JR Bronze training

April 28 & 30: Training @ Rosemead time of training will be
announced soon.

May 4: NO training GHS swim meet

May 5: Training at Rosemead time of training will announced soon

May 9: Gold and Platinum 8-10 AM
          Silver 9:30-11 AM
          Bronze & JR Bronze 10-11 AM

                                              Subject to change…
          San Gabriel Sea Gulls
          Summer Training 2009
                           Schedule begins June 22, 2009

Monday:       Gold & Platinum 7-8:15 AM Stroke refinement
                     &    4:15-6:15 PM Sprint Training
              Silver 4:30-6 PM Sprint training
              JR Bronze 5:30-6:15 PM

Tuesday:      Gold & Platinum 6-8 AM @ Rosemead
                    &     5:30-7:30 PM
              Silver 4:30-5:30 PM (Group A) stroke refinement
              Bronze 4:15-5:30 PM
              (Racing Camp 4:15-5:30 PM & 5:30-6:30 PM)

Wednesday: Gold & Platinum either 5:30-7:30 AM or 6:15-8:15 AM
         Silver 4:30-6 PM
         Bronze 4:15-5:30 PM
         JR Bronze 5:30-6:15 PM

Thursday: Gold & Platinum AM Training see up-dated schedule
                 &    5:30-7:30 PM
          Silver 4:30-5:30 PM (Group B) stroke refinement
          Bronze 4:15-5:30 PM
          (Racing Camps 4:15-5:30 PM & 5:30-6:30 PM)

Friday:       Gold & Platinum either 5:30-7:30 AM or 6:15-8:15 AM
              Silver 4:30-6 PM
              JR Bronze 5:30-6:15 PM
              (Racing Camps 4:30-5:30 PM & 5:15-615PM)

All Training @ Smith, except as noted.
     SGSG can assist you!!!                   project as a “Great idea for the City of
                    Please keep in mind it    San Gabriel, Park and Recreation
                    may be in your best       Department to support” With the idea or
                    interest to piggyback     project being brought forward by
                    with the San Gabriel      __________, a Sea Gulls Swim Team
                    Sea Gulls whenever        Member and this idea and project is
                    you can. For example,     supported by the Sea Gulls.
                    if you are a member
of a service club at a local high school      One of the benefits of being on a
and exploring possible projects, the Sea      member of the Sea Gulls is being able to
Gulls may be able to help. If the Sea         piggyback with all the Sea Gulls have to
Gull’s Coaching Staff and the Sea Gull’s      offer. Let us hear your ideas or projects
Board are all in agreement the process of     and assist you wherever possible… when
marketing, producing can be easier with       they are matters involved with City of
the help of the Sea Gull’s than without it.   San Gabriel, American Red Cross Classes,
Sea Gulls can also make sure that it is       Scholarships, Water Safety Awareness
being presented and approached in a           and Community support projects. They
right direction. Setting up meetings with     are all a huge part to the Sea Gull’s inter-
the correct people and selling the idea or    structure!

Inside look of. . .
Gold & Platinum Group’s training:
Submitted by George Young
The Gold and Platinum group is currently      Platinum swimmers what its like……
doing a training set that will lead to fast   might be surprised on there comments.
swimming……Right from the text from            The “SPP” stands for S=speed/self
some of the top Coaches in the USA.           confident/special/secret    weapon/swim
The training set is called “SPP”. The goal    meet prep.       P=Pace and the other
of this set is train the body and mind to     P=Project. Special thanks to Mr. Bob
swim fast! Yes the body needs to be           Steel Master Coach from USA Swimming
pushed to the limit and the mind needs to     for his willingness to share his 50 plus
experience the pain and then turn the         years of coaching to any coach willing to
pain in to confidents. Ask any Gold or        ask.
        Championship meet
             for the upcoming year:

The Coaching Staff received 10 surveys       developmental swimmers (Non J.O.
back. The surveys were in the March          qualifiers) their Championship meet will
SGSG Newsletter. Thank you if you            be SCMAF on July 25 (location not
replied! Some very good comments. The        released yet). With either a back-up or
results were right down the middle…..5       second Championship meet being offered
for the optional split Championship and 5    on the weekend of Aug. 8-9 in Downey.
for the single Championship meet.            For the Fall/Winter Season of 2009, the
                                             Sea Gulls will have a single Championship
After reviewing the comments and             meet on Dec. 5-6 at Bellflower. For the
results and also with input from the         elite level swimmers Short Course J.O.’s
SGSG Coaching Staff this is what will        will take place even earlier next year in
happen for the next few seasons. For         mid January.
the summer season we will have one
championship meet for each level of          Now for the next season from Jan-
swimmers on the Sea Gulls. For the elite     March of 2010………..This season is still in
swimmers making the SCS Summer J.O.          limbo.   The Sea Gulls are exploring
cuts their Championship meet will be the     different optional and will keep everyone
SCS Summer J.O.’s on July 29-Aug. 2          posted on this.
(location still not released). And for the
                 The San Gabriel Sea Gulls
A.R.C. Water Safety Instructor Class
 The America Red Cross (A.R.C.) Water Safety Course is designed to
enhance your teaching of swimming skills and expose you to the A.R.C.
                     way of teaching swimming.

Dates & Times: May 30 & 31 & June 6 9 AM---6 PM
     4 additional hours may be added if needed TBA

Cost: $140.00 per student includes all materials and
one lunch.

If you pass, you will receive a WSI Cert. and a FIT Cert.

General Info: All students must be 16 years old by the last day of the class. Each
student must pass the swimming skill prerequisites set forth by A.R.C. For more info
on the prerequisites ask George. Swimsuit, goggles, pen/pencil, paper and a towel must
be brought to all sessions. On Refunds!

Registration Procedures: To register please visit Smith Park Pool on any Monday
or Wednesday from 4:30—5:30 PM, starting April 13th.
  Make checks payable to San Gabriel Sea Gulls. You must register by May 13th. For
more class info and or registration info please login to the Sea Gulls website @, or call the Sea Gull Hotline @ (626) 291-2901. Limited
registration…….first come first serve. Five students are needed for the class to go.
Discounts for Sea Gull & GHS Swimmers, see George for more info.

You must attend all classes and pass all tests to get a certification.
All classes conducted @ Smith Park pool 232 W. Broadway/ San

Instructor: George Young
        SGSG JR Lifeguarding Class                                                    :

Object/Mission Statement: To promote the water safety awareness circle
to any Sea Gull member 10 years and older that is willing to learn.

Dates & Times: May 19, 26, June 2, from 6-8 PM.
Cost: $12.00 per participant
What to bring: Swim suit, towel and pen and paper

Session 1 May 19 reviewing and promoting the America Red
                 Cross (ARC) Guard Start program

Session 2 May 26 Rescue breathing, conscious choking victim
                 and intro to CPR

Session 3 May 26 Introduction to ARC first aid skills

Session 4 June 2 Emergency procedures (Highlighting procedures
                 at Smith park pool) including spinal management procedures.

Session 5 June 2 promoting the SGSG awareness circle of water safety.

Upon completion of all 5 sessions, each student will receive a certificate of completion.

    ***** ************** Registration Form ************** *****

Swimmers Name ______________

I’m interested and willing to commitment to the SGSG JR Lifeguard Program. I have read the
Object/Mission statement and I’m all in!

Please turn in this form in “turn in form” file by May 4, 2009. Payment is $12.00 and please
make checks payable to SGSG.

_______________________          _________
Swimmer’s signature               Date
                         TSGRC info                             :

Team Sea Gull Racing Camps (TSGRC) will be taking place this summer. The
starting date is June 16 for all interested participants. Also all tryouts will take place
on June 16th at 4:15 PM @ Smith. There will be 3 three weeks cycles and each cycle
will have two groups. The 10 and ups will train on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from
4:15-5:30 PM and for all 9 & Unders will train from 5:30-6:30 PM on Tuesday &
Thursday and on Fridays from 5:15-6:15 PM. Cost is $40.00 per participant for one
cycle and if one signs up for 3 cycles the cost is $105.00.

1: June cash month…….                          With all the positive feedback from last
year: “June Cash Month” will return. If you pay your monthly training fee in cash by
the due date of June 9 there will be a discount!!!! More to be posted in the May

2: Mom’s Social Night!!                      At a secret location (will be released soon)
on a secret date (will be released soon) the SGSG Mom’s will get together have dinner
and do some shopping and a portion of the sales will go toward family commitment. I
anyone has any ideas or would like to help email Elaine at
or 626-448-2702. More info out soon.
                 FUND RAISING CANDY
    If you would like to raise some money for your swim
           commitment here is an option for you.
                                   You can sell:

                                                           Sells for $1 /candy

52-count carrier includes:
10 REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups
10 KIT KAT Wafer Bars
8 HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bars
6 HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bars with Almonds
6 CARAMELLO Candy Bars
12 HERSHEY”S TAKE 5 Candy Bars

Order can be placed at anytime and you will receive the candy in about a week.

Must Pay First then your profit of      53%, you can hold your profit and apply
to your commitment.

 -------------------- ---------------- Cut here --------------- -------------------------

Name of swimmer
Parent name
Phone number for pick up arrangements
Number of boxes

** Price per box $24.28 x    =
Check payable to Elaine Abbott (put in Abbott folder)

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