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                               Design Your Own Wedding Ring. Contemporary Trends
                                                         By Andy Moquin

   The wedding ring may be a symbolic tradition, but these days there is nothing at all traditional about
the varying selections of wedding bands available. From the simple unadorned band to colored metals,
engraved, patterned, and set with stones, you will find a dizzying array of wedding rings to select from.
Before ordering your custom wedding rings perhaps you may like to consider some of the following
contemporary trends:

 Colored metals are becoming more popular as wedding bands, particularly for the guy who may want
something a little different from the plain gold band. Titanium wedding bands are becoming
increasingly in demand due to the variety of colors of the metal ranging from very shiny silver (looks a
lot like platinum) through to both matte and shiny grays and blacks. Titanium wedding rings are also on
the rise due to the fact that, like platinum, they are hard wearing and hypo allergenic. Black zirconium
wedding bands are another option for those who admire colored metals. Zirconium is also extremely
hard wearing, light weight, and scratch resistant.

 Colored diamonds are becoming more and more in vogue for wedding bands, for both men and
women. Black and brown diamonds in particular look fantastic set in black titanium wedding bands.
Colored diamonds in browns and yellows are also extremely popular. Pink diamonds are a perennial
favorite for her.

 Diamond wedding ring. Care should be taken when considering a diamond wedding ring as to how to
have your diamonds set. This ring will be on your finger all the time, for both work and play. Sensible
and hard wearing settings are recommended. Pave set diamonds, and bezel set diamonds are popular
setting for women's wedding rings, while channel, tension, and gypsy style settings are practical for
men's wedding rings.

 Two tone wedding bands are a great way to have a totally unique wedding band. Titanium can be
worked in different colors or textures in the one band. White gold or platinum, and yellow gold together
have always been a traditional favorite to create two tones. Two tone wedding bands are ideal for the
individual who likes to mix and match their other pieces of jewelry.

 Engraved wedding bands add visual appeal and texture to a wedding ring. Engraving can be relatively
simple to highly elaborate. Designs range from Celtic, antique inspired, geometric, swirls, and flowers.

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Tacori wedding rings are probably one of the most famous of the hand made engraved wedding rings

 A wedding ring is one piece of jewelry that you will always be wearing. Custom wedding rings are a
fantastic way to create not only a unique wedding band, but also an item of jewelry that truly represents
your personality and lifestyle. From traditional to totally contemporary and cutting edge, along with
combinations of both, there will be a wedding ring for you. Consult your custom jeweler about the
availability of titanium and zirconium as wedding band metals if you fancy gray or black.

 Your wedding ring should be planned with care. Discuss your work and lifestyle activities with your
custom jeweler to ensure your wedding band will be able to be on your finger at all times.

Andy Moquin has spent 20 years in the jewelry business buying and selling over $20,000,000 in
diamonds, engagement rings and custom designed jewelry. To contact him call 1-888-296-4890 or

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                      Contemporary Diamond Rings If You Want Something Out of Box
                                                          By AbdulQuddoos

Diamond rings are gorgeous and beautiful to complement any occasion. This is being said over and
over again, but did you know you could think of various diamond rings according to the purpose, such
as an engagement, wedding, a valentine day’s gift, and indeed an occasion is just an excuse to gift a
diamond because giving and receiving a diamond could itself be an occasion. It’s so not only that these
diamonds are valuable and sentimental but for the reason that diamond rings are regarded as the best
gift for your loved ones since ages.

 Of late the most popular type of diamond rings amongst the brides and grooms equally are the
contemporary diamond rings. These contemporary diamond rings come in gold as well as white gold.
And, instead of going with the traditional yellow gold, more and more people are embracing the
diamond rings in white gold especially for their engagement events. Most couples are indeed attracted
towards the white gold contemporary diamond rings for their exclusive style, novelty, superiority as well
as simplicity.

 There are a few people who like to have designer diamond rings for their contemporary diamond rings.
While some believe that any modern ring is of a contemporary design. It is just not true because
contemporary designs also take advantage of latest technology. Contemporary designer diamond rings
could be made of new metal alloys where the shape of the diamond could be unique. Remember that
the designs of contemporary designer diamond rings are much more complicated than the traditional
simple ones. Countless number of design options are available in the contemporary designs so unique
rings could be created or made exclusively for you.

 Contemporary rings are made using intricate design details and this detailing cannot be done in
traditional rings. With the advent of latest technology intricate ornate designing is possible with delicate

 Contemporary designer diamond rings can be made with a variety of stones combination, variety of
metals and other combinations to make custom designer rings. The combinations of different metals
used to create multi-toned designs highlight the metals as well as the diamonds. Different alloys are
used in Mokume gane rings to create distinctive patterns and different metals are used in Celtic
engagement rings to show the intricate knot designs. The most contemporary type of metal used in
making rings is in fact titanium and it started to find its use in jewelry designs quite recently.

 You will also get 1 carat diamond rings in contemporary design. The 1 carat diamond rings are costlier
and most of the diamonds purchased are one-third of a carat. Most of the women would like to have 1
carat diamond rings for their engagement as engagement rings draw attention of so many people than
even the wedding band. Contemporary designs are also available in 1 carat diamond rings.

 It doesn’t matter which type of contemporary design you are choosing for your engagement but trends
and styles are important. Because the trends and styles keep on changing and what appears to be a
trend today will become an antique very fast.

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