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									FUND ALLOCATION GUIDELINES                          For further information on the
                                                   Canadian Tire JumpStart Program
The following are the guidelines of the Canadian
Tire JumpStart Avalon Chapter.                            please contact the
                                                       following Canadian Tire
Grants will not exceed a maximum of $300 per                store locations:

Recipients must be between 4 to 18 years of age.
                                                            Canadian Tire
Funds are awarded for registration fees and         26 Merchant Drive, Mount Pearl
More than one member of a family can apply for
each season.
                                                              Canadian Tire
Funding should be for a sustained program that
lasts a season.                                        60 Elizabeth Ave, St. John’s
                                                             Canadian Tire
       Summer – May 12, 2006
                                                       30 Kelsey Drive, St. John’s
        Fall – August 25, 2006                                 722-5530

 Winter/Spring – December 1, 2006                               or contact:

                                                         Jill Brewer at 576-8403
      Confidentiality                                   or
      of all recipients
     will be protected!                               Canadian Tire
                                                    JumpStart Avalon
                                                     Chapter Vision
                                                   “To give all youth in the Avalon region
                                                      the opportunity to participate in
                                                     organized sport and recreational
                                                                                             Canadian Tire
                                                   activities with their peers; regardless
                                                      of their family financial status.”
                                                                                             Avalon Chapter
Canadian Tire JumpStart                             Canadian Tire JumpStart Application
Program Purpose:                                    Please ensure that the application is fully completed
The Canadian Tire JumpStart is a charitable
   program created by the Canadian Tire             PARENT / GUARDIAN INFORMATION
   Foundation for Families to help kids in
financial needs participate in organized sport      Parent / Guardian
               and recreation.
                                                    Address                                      Town/City                               Postal Code
The Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program is a
program that allows youth to participate in sport   Telephone (Home):                                                 (Work):
and recreation in their community without having
to worry about their financial constraints. This    CHILD / YOUTH INFORMATION
program places emphasis on youth who are
inactive with the goal to assist them to take the   Name of Youth                                                               Date of Birth             Sex M/F
necessary steps to make healthier lifestyle
changes.                                            Address                                      Town/City                               Postal Code

Parents/Guardian                                    Telephone                                     School Attending
The JumpStart Program provides funding for          Sport or Recreation Activity:
your child/youth to participate in organized
programs such as baseball, soccer, swimming,        Program Duration: Start Date:                         Finish Date:                          Total # of Weeks:
basketball, skating, hockey, gymnastics,
bowling…etc. This program assists with the          Name and Mailing Address of group/organization that cheque is payable to:
costs associated with registration fees and

How to get involved!!!                              Is this the first time participating in this activity? Yes        No
1. Choose a community based
   recreation/sport program of interest to          If No, how many years has she / he been involved?
   your child or youth.
2. Complete all sections of the application         Has this youth received previous funding? Yes                No        If Yes, what fund?
3. Please Mail, Fax or Drop off applications        Will this child/youth be registered or involved in any other recreation program at this time? Yes               No
                                                    If yes, what program?
Address:       c/o Jill Brewer
               City of St. John’s
               Canadian Tire Jump Start Committee   GRANT REQUEST: Expenses for the grant will be used for:
               P.O. Box 908, St. John’s,
               NL A1C 5M2                           Registration Fees $                           Equipment $                           Total Request $

Drop -Off:     H.G.R. Mews Community Centre
               40 Mundy Pond Rd                     Is there a “Canadian Tire” store location in your area? Yes                 No

Fax:           576-2308                             If No, please indicate the nearest store

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