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Decision making

Deciding which degree is right for you is not a decision to be taken lightly. Griffith understands
this and encourages you to consider and consult a wide variety of resources before making this
important life decision.

Who to talk to                                                                  Who to visit
	   Talk with your employer and human resource department about any            	   Attend Griffith’s Open Day—
     study assistance programs they may offer. This may include financial       	   The staff in our Graduate Student Centres are available to assist you
     assistance, time off for lectures and/or exams, and flexible working            with further information, advice and support (refer to the contact
     hours.                                                                          details on page 116).
	   Your employer should also be able to advise the direction and focus the
     company and industry are moving in, which may assist in the degree you     Personal considerations
     choose.                                                                    	   Talk with your family and friends. Any postgraduate degree, especially
	   Talk with your work and industry colleagues. What is the best study             one involving research, will require a level of commitment which may
     direction for where you want to be in two, five and ten years? In               affect aspects of your life such as personal relationships, family time and
     particular, network with colleagues who are in attractive positions, and        recreation.
     ask them about their career pathways.                                      	   Think about your interests and aspirations versus your strengths and
	   Speak with employment consultants. They have their fingers on the               weaknesses. Your personality and goals may very well guide you in a
     industry pulse and have knowledge of current and future trends.                 particular direction. There may be a degree which better suits your
	   Talk with industry associations, affiliations, and professional bodies;         interests and lifestyle over another.
     groups who sometimes influence workplace and industry change and           	   Are you outcome or experience oriented? What do you want from your
     direction.                                                                      degree?
                                                                                	   Are you seeking flexible and adaptable, or specific and specialised
What to read                                                                         qualifications?
	   If you are seeking a career change or even career entry, read the
     employment section of newspapers, and online job sites to see what the     Financial considerations
     trends are and where opportunities lie.                                    	   Scholarship opportunities—
	   Read industry journals and publications. What are the national and         	   Commonwealth Government study loan
     international trends?                                                           opportunities—
                                                                                                                                                                          POSTGRADUATE DEGREES PROGRAM GUIDE 2010

	   The ‘What’s the next step?’ section on page 116 provides additional        	   Consult the Australian Taxation Office, or talk to your accountant,
     guidance information, including how to apply.                                   to verify the benefits, limitations and conditions for study-
	   View the Postgraduate Coursework                                                related deductions and claims based on your individual
     website—                                        situation—
	   View the Research Higher Degrees website—
	   View detailed programs and courses information


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