The Public hearing in respect of the above project was held as per schedule and
at the venue in accordance with the EIA Notification No.S.O.1533 (E)

Sri S. K. Choudhury, ADM, Jagatsinghpur presided and supervised the public
hearing meeting.

Er. P. Kar, Asst. Env. Engineer, State Pollution Control Board, Cuttack,
welcomed the public to the public hearing meeting and briefed about the
objectives, process and procedure to be followed in the public hearing.

Assembled public objected to the venue fixed for public hearing on the ground it is
away from their villages & wanted to boycott the meeting but after intervening by the
ADM they agreed to participate in the programme.

The chair briefed about the importance of such public hearing and invited the
project proponent to make a presentation on the proposed project.

Sri K. K. Panda, DGM (Env.) of the project gave a brief presentation on the
proposed project, its pollution potential and proposed pollution control measures.

The chair invited the public to participate in the hearing.

The following is the summary of public hearing proceedings, reflecting the views
and concerns expressed by the assembled public at the venue. It was recorded
by the officials of Regional Office, State Pollution Control Board, Orissa, Cuttack.

    1. Sri Sudhal Kumar Swain, Nuagarh G.P, Paradeep.
Describing power plant as a polluting industry he stressed on the responsibilities
of industry for maintaining pollution free environment. He expressed that existing
industries are not meeting the expectation of locals & emphasized on
implementation of commitments made by the project proponent.

He welcomed the industry for the interest of public & desired that close watch is
required on project for proper compliance of rules & regulations.
He supported the venue decided by the collector for public hearing as proposed
project is likely to affect area of at least 10 Km. radius. He also assured all
cooperation from their end for establishment of the power plant.

He expressed his concern over reckless dredging carried out by M/s. Essar Steel
Ltd. at Mahanadi River bed which is likely to affect the villages of three
panchyatas during flood. He suggested to interact with local ward members in
development activities by the industries.

   2. Sri Kshetrabasi Jena , Singitali, Nuagarh G.P, Paradeep.
He expressed that people of Paradeep can not invite death in the name of
progress. He expressed his apprehension over high level pollution likely to be
caused due to proposed CPP. He opposed the project as well as the public
hearing and warned to go to court if required.

   3. Sri Prabir Kumar Swain, Pipal, Bhutamundai G.P, Paradeep.
He expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the presentation made by the project
proponent about the power plant and apprehended that all wastes from the plant
would be disposed in river Mahanadi. He demanded to stop the public hearing
and urged to conduct such hearing near the project site.

   4. Sri Antaryami Pattanaik, Balidia, (President, Rural Development
       Committee, Nuagarh G.P, Paradeep.
While describing rehabilitation as a part of pollution he stressed on the
responsibilities of the industries for protection of wholesomeness of local
environment. He expressed that not only the wastes from industries pollute the
environment but the thought and action of the public in the area influenced by the
industry also pollute.

He emphasized on fulfillment of the desires and needs of the land losers through
proper compensation. He expressed his dissatisfaction over the degradation of
social values by the industrial activities and inadequate compensation to land

He further draws attention for proper address of the basic problems of locals i.e.
drinking water, health, education etc. by the industry. He also expressed his
dissatisfaction over providing the job to outsiders ignoring the local youths and
stressed on conducting the public hearing near the project site for better
participation of surrounding villagers. He also emphasized on proper protection of
local environment by M/s. Essar Power Ltd.

   5. Sri Dharanidhara Swain, Bijaychandrapur, Paradeep.
He expressed his dissatisfaction over the conflict created by M/s. Essar Power
Ltd. among the local peoples and hopped that the district administration shall
resolve the issues. He expressed his concern over the displacement of twelve
families due to the project and told that the displaced are yet to be properly
compensated and demanded special package for those families.

He welcomed the project but stressed on proper attention to be given to the
demand of local farmers and opined that public hearing should be conducted
near the project site.

   6. Sri Chandramani Nayak, Nuagarh, Paradeep.
He complained that though they have extended all cooperation to the M/s. Essar
Steel Ltd. in the past and had given 04 Ac. of land for the project but his
educated girl is not able to get a job whereas outsiders are getting job in the
project. Further he complained that they are not benefited by the company rather
the land dispute made by the company will finish them. He also express his
concern over displaced people of Handia Mouza & demanded proper
compensation to them & also to land losers. He suggested to conduct public
hearing at Nuagada Mouza instead at present venue.

     7. Sri Shankhanada Behera, Paradeep.
He expressed that the people of paradeep area have already given their land for
different industries and expressed his apprehension about the crude oil leakage
from oil jetty of M/s. IOCL which is located 20 km away from the sea shore which
is likely to affect the whole coastal belt and also to Olive Redly. He urged that
SPCB should act to protect the pollution of sea to save fish and other aquatic life.
He requested M/s. Essar to properly address the problems of farmers and
stressed on provision of ETP for proper treatment of waste water in ETP and to
maintain zero discharge so as to protect the river Mahanadi which is breeding
place of fishes.

While describing polluters as terrorist he expressed his concern over the loss of
their paddy, fish etc. due to pollution and stressed to maintain proper
environment for their survival.

He also emphasized on local peripheral development activities to be undertaken
by the proposed plant suggested that Krushaka committees should be consulted
for redressal of their grievance and for their overall development.

He welcomed the proposed captive power plant to meet the internal demand of
power of the plant.

   8. Sri Sishir Kumar Samal, Singitali, Paradeep.
He expressed his dissatisfaction on the venue fixed for public hearing and
pointed out that lack of proper representation is mainly because the site is away
from the project site. He suggested to conduct the public hearing in Nuagarh
He expressed that they have never opposed the industry but complained that
they are deprived of any benefit like employment, peripheral development etc. as
industry has not keeping their commitments. He expressed his concern over
problem of land losers and opposed the practice of payment of compensation to
affected farmers in installments.

Further, he complained the project proponent betrays the local contractors and
local youths by not engaging them in the construction and not providing them
employment. He enquired almost the establishment of ITI by the industry which
the industry had committed earlier. He welcomed the project for overall
development of the locality.

    9. Sri Bimal Chandra Pattanaik, Nuagarh, Paradeep.
He expressed that land valuation and acquisition is the major problem in the
locality and stressed on proper interaction with local farmers for it. He strongly
objected the venue selected for the hearing and demanded to conduct the
hearing in any village close to the project site. Further he informed that, the four
committees formed to resolve the land compensation problem and to look after
all other development activities represents 80% farmers of the locality and
stressed that such committees may also be involved in all peripheral
development activities also. He stressed on minimization of pollution problem
and expressed that adequate plantation programme are not undertaken in the
locality and urged to take up the plantation programme by the industry.

   10. Sri Sanjaya Kumar Swain, Sarapanch, Bhutamundai G.P. (President-
       Milita Kriyanustana Committee, President- Anchalika Yuba
       Samukhya, Paradeep)
He announced that they have boycott the hearing and told that, since last 35
years many industries of the locality are polluting the area as no proper step has
been taken by the industry.

Further, he expressed that all infrastructures are available in the locality and
most part of the land of the locality has been given for the industry. But farmers
are not getting proper compensation and also no aid is given by the industries for
peripheral development. He also objected the road construction by M/s. Essar on
private land which has not yet been handed over to the company. He expressed
his concern about the complete displacement of the Handia village due to the
project. He strongly opposes the selection of venue for the conduct of the public
hearing. Further, he told that no industry has done proper plantation in the
locality to minimize the heat problem and stressed on development of green belt.

   11. Sri Jyotiranjan Barik, Director, SHRADHA (a NGO), Kujang,
He expressed his dissatisfaction over the betrayal of the locals by the company
and expressed his concern over the destruction of sand looms existed from ‘’Devi
river to Jatadhar Muhan”. He informed that fish cultivation and Kanda cultivation
has been badly affected which is the back bone of the local economy.

He welcomed the CPP which will meet the power demand of the company as the
nation is facing the problem of power crises. He expressed that smoke, waste
water and ash shall be discharged to the environment by CPP and urged that the
ash should be contained in their premises and to maintain zero discharge even in
rainy season. While informing that the climate change is affecting their
cultivation, he stressed on development of green belt as a remedial measure. He
welcomed the project and submitted a memorandum to the chair.

   12. Sri Dhrendra Kumar Swain, Bhutamundai , Paradeep.
He expressed that they had co-operated with M/s. Essar for establishment of the
industry but the industry is constructing road illegally on private land without
paying compensation.

He also expressed his high dissatisfaction over the erratic attitude of M/s. Essar
towards local people and demanded employment for at least 90% of local people
in the project.

He also informed that instead of establishing integrated steel project, M/s. Essar
has establish a pellet division only.

He objected the venue of the public hearing and appealed to conduct the hearing
at any place in Bhutamundai, Nuagarh, Paradeepgarh etc.

   13. Sri Narayan Das, Singitali, Paradeep.
He informed that they were not aware about the hearing and suggested to
conduct the hearing in any nearby Panchayat area of the project.

He expressed his dissatisfaction over the black mailing of the company and non
finalisation of R & R package. He further alleged that company has engaged
local mafia for grabbing their land and their demand for land compensation has
not yet been fulfilled.

He welcomed the project subjected to fulfillment of their demands, otherwise he
told that there would be local agitation.

   14. Sri Iswar Chandra Swain, Bhutamundai , Paradeep.
He expressed his dissatisfaction over the pollution caused in Paradeep area
during operation of M/s. Oswal Chemicals and requested the Govt. to work for
the interest of the public not for industry. Further, he expressed that, the
participation of public in the hearing is not encouraging.

   15. Miss Smita Sucharita Nayak, Research Scholar, Utkal University, KIIT
       University & Shradha, a NGO.
While introducing her self as a research scholar, she informed that she is doing
research on mangrove forest of the locality. She strongly supported the
establishment of CPP with proper pollution control measures which shall earn the
power crises.

She suggested that, company should go for integrated development programme
which includes model Village, School, Hospital etc. for overall development of the

    16. Sri Minaketan Samantaray, Chakradharapur, Paradeep.
Introducing himself as a farmer, he told that he had extended all cooperation to
M/s. Essar to establish Integrated Steel Plant and he lost his land for
development of the industry.

He welcomed the power project for the development of the locality.

   17. Sri Prahallad Tarai, Paradeep.
He opposed the venue fixed for the public hearing and demanded for
reassessment of land cost in the event the compensation is paid beyond 31st
March 2010. Further, he demanded for immediate compensation to land losers
and for employment to local youths in the project based on their qualification.

    18. Smt. Malati Sahu, Chakradharapur, Paradeep.
She complained that even after losing their land for industry their children are not
getting any employment facilities in the project. She emphasized on employment
for local youths and not to outsiders.

   19. Sri Akshaya Kumar Kar, Paradeepgarh, Paradeep.
He expressed that land is prime requirement for establishment of any industry
but local people are not getting proper compensation for their land.

He informed that, local farmers are not against the project and demanded
compensation for their land @ market value + 42% extra.

He further expressed that, farmers are facing lots of problem including pollution
after loosing their land. He opined that at least 90% of land losers and 60% of
local youths should be given employment in the project.

He also expressed his concern over water logging problem affecting the
agricultural land due to blockage of natural drains for establishment of industry.

   20. Sri Bijay Kumar Mohanty, Jagati, Paradeep.
He expressed that industry is essential for healthy social environment and for
development of the locality. He requested the district administration to properly
address the problem of land losers.

He suggested to conduct public hearing in any village near to the project site. He
further suggested to acquire land of needy people with proper compensation.

    21. Sri Umesh Chandra Naik, Pipal, Paradeep.
He apprehended that, the out come of the hearing shall enable M/s. Essar to
establish the CPP even though the people gathered at the venue are not locals
and are mostly the employees and migrated from other places. He strongly
objected the hearing process as it was away from the project site. He informed
that local public has already helped M/s. Essar to come up but expressed his
dissatisfaction on the procedures followed for land acquisition. He requested the
district administration to give proper compensation to land losers.

     22. Miss Bijaya Laxmi Rout, Chatua, Paradeep.
While introducing her self as coordinator of Self Help Group (SHG) of Nuagarh
area, she expressed her happiness in the establishment of CPP and requested
the Govt. to extend all help for CPP to come up.
     23. Miss Jyotsna Das, Nuagarh, Pardeep.
She welcomed the CPP to fight against the power crises faced by the state.
     24. Sri Rabindra Kumar Choudhury, President, Paradeep Krushak
         Mancha, Paradeep.
He opposed the venue of the hearing as it was away from the project site.
     25. Sri Bhagaban Swain, Secretary, Paradeep Krushak Mancha,
He opposed the public hearing as local people are not present in the hearing and
suggested to conduct the hearing again near project site.
     26. Sri Gopal Panda, Paradeepgarh, Paradeep.
He opposed the venue of the public hearing as it is far away from the project site.
     27. Sri Jagabandhu Das, Nuagarh, Paradeep.
He expressed that industrial development shall develop the nation. He welcomed
the project for development of the locality.
     28. Sri Chitrasen Ray, (President, Purbanchal Krushak Committee),
         Nuagarh, Paradeep.
He opposed the venue of the hearing as it is conducted at Paradeep town
instead of Nuagarh panchayat and suggested to conduct the hearing at any
village of three panchayats surrounding to project site.
     29. Sri Prafulla Kumar Swain, Bijachandrapur, Handia, Paradeep.
He expressed his dissatisfaction over the venue fixed for hearing and suggested
that such hearing should be conducted near project site so that more public could
have participated in the hearing.
     30. Sri Braja Kishore Swain, Nuagarh, Paradeep.
He welcomed the project as it is required for steel plant.
     31. Sri Mihir Nayak, Chhanda, Paradeep.
While informing that Paradeep ranked second as the polluted area of Orissa, he
assented that the proposed power plant will pollute the area further and hence he
opposed the expansion.

The summary of the proceedings and the replies given by the project proponent
to various issues raised by the public were read over to the audience at the end
of the hearing explaining the contents in Oriya.

The issues raised by the public and corresponding comments of the applicant
were prepared in Oriya and English and it is annexed to the proceedings as
Annexure- I & II respectively, list of participants is annexed as Annexure –III.
Four memoranda received at the venue containing the views of participant are
annexed as Annexure – IV.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

              Er. P. Kar                         Sri S. K. Choudhury
        Asst. Env. Engineer                 Additional District Magistrate,
   State Pollution Control Board,                  Jagatsinghpur.
 Zû.24.01.2010 ùe _ûeû\ßú_e cêý^òiò_ûfòUò Cy aò\ýûkd _âûwYùe
 Giûeþ _ûIßûe IWÿògû fòcòùUWÿe RMZþiòõj_êe Ròfäûe aòRdP¦â_êeVûùe
                              ò           ò          ê
 _âÉûaòZ 60 ùcMûIßûU lcZû aògÁ ùKûAfû bòZK Zû_R aò\ýZþ _âKÌ _ûAñ
 ùjûA[ôaû _~ðýûaeY i´§úd R^gêYûYúùe \ò@û~ûA[ôaû R^iû]ûeYu cZ I
 Zûjûe Uò®Yú (Raûa) :-
    R^iû]ûeYu cZ                _âKÌ _âÉûaKu Uò®Yú (Raûa)

R^gêYûYú ùaùk R^iû]ûeYu
\ßûeû \ò@û~ûA[ôaû cZ MêWÿòK
ùjfû -
1. _~ðýûaeY C_ùe _WÿaûKêò
    [ôaû Kê _âbûa I Gjûe
    Mâ û caûiúu iê e lû _ûAñ   cjû^\úeê aûfò KûXÿòaû (ùWÿâRòw) Kû~ðý
    ^\ú Mbðeê aûfò KûXÿòaû                    ð
                               @ûe¸ Keòaû _ìaeê Giûe Kõ_û^ú bûeZe
    _âKdûùe iZKðZû @af´^       Rwf I _eòùag cªYûkdeê Gaõ IWÿgû     ò
    aýaiÚû ö                   ieKûeu Vûeê @ûagýKúd @^êcZò _âû¯
                               Keò Q ò ö ^\úe c]ý bûMeê aûfò
                               KXÿû~ûA[ôaûeê L^^ _âKòâdû \ßûeû ^\úZU
                                                â       ò
                               C_ùe ùKøYiò Kê_bûa _Wÿa ^ûjó ö
   ]ìk, ]ì@ûñ _â\hY I Gjûe
                 ì                                          ð
                               Gjò _âÉûa _âKÌe PZêü_ûgße aûdê cŠk
   ^òdªY C_ûd ö                Gaõ Gjûe Kû~ðýKûeú @Ákùe iêjûAfû bkò
                               aûdê _â\hY ^òdªY Keû~òa ö aòb^Ü Ciôeê ò
                                  ð                      ê     òÿ
                               ^òMZ ùjaûKê [ôaû _â\hY MêWKe MêYaZû
                               cû^ @^ê~ûdú C_~êq aûdê _â\hY ^òdªY  ê
                                                              ò ò
                               _¡Zò @af´^ Keû~òa ö Pòc^e CyZûKê
                               106 còUe eLû~òa ö aûdê _â\hY ùeûKòaû
                               _ûAñ A.Giþ._ò. (E.S.P.) Gaõ Wÿò.G`.Gi
                               (D.F.S.) _â b ê Z ò ^ò d ªY _¡Zò @af´^
                               Keû~òa ö
 R^iû]ûeYu cZ                       _âKÌ _âÉûaKu Uò®Yú (Raûa)
                               GZ\þ aýZúZ, aûdê _â\hY ^òdªY Keòaû_ûAñ
                               @^ý _âÉûaòZ _\ùl_ MêWK ùjfû -
                                 ùLûfû @ûKûgùe \j^ Keòaû c^û ö
                                 KûeKû^û bòZee eûÉû MêWÿòKê _òPê eûÉûùe
                                 _eòYZ Keòaû ö
                                 @ûagýK iÚùk _äûEþ eûÉû MêWKùe Rk iòÁ^
                                 Keòaû ö
                                 cûf _eòaj^ Keê[ôaû UâKþ Wÿûfû MêWÿòKê
                                 Zûù_ðûfò^þ \ßûeû @ûzû\^ Keòaû AZýû\ò ö
                                 GYê ]ì@ûñ I ]ìkò ù~ûMêñ R^ÊûiÚý C_ùe
                                 ùKøYiò Kê _âbûa _Wÿaûe i¸ûa^û ^ûjó ö
_ûCñg ù_ûLeúe                     _âKÌeê C_ô^Ü ùjaûKê [ôaû _ûCñgKê bûeZ
_eòPûk^û                          ieKûeue Rwf I _eòùag cªYûkd
                                  \ßûeû _âKûgòZ aòm¯ò @^ê~ûdú _eòPûk^û
                                  Keû~òa ö Gjû 15 GKe C_ùe ^òcZ GK ðò
                                  iê\Xÿ ù_ûLeúùe MzòZ eLû~òa ö @ûagýK
                                  iÚùk GjûKê AUû Kò´û iòùcEþ C_ôû\^
                                  Keòaûùe C_ù~ûM Keû~òa Gaõ Zkò@û
                                  RcòKê ù_ûZòaûùe aýajûe Keû~òaû _ûAñ
                                  ùPÁû Keû~òa ö
aRðýRk _eòPûk^û ^òcZ      ò       aRðýRkKê A.Uò._ò.\ßûeû ùgû]^ Keò gZ
A.Uò._ò. (Effluent Treatment            ò        â
                                  _âZgZ _ê^ü PKòKeY Keû~òaû _ûAñ ùPÁû
Plant) e aýaiÚû Gaõ gì^ý          Keû~òa ö _âKÌùe iéÁò ùjC[ôaû akKû
aRðý Rk ^òüiéZ @aiÚû                       âò                 ê
                                  Rke _âKdûKeY Keò Gaõ _â\hK MêWKe    òÿ
jûif Keòaû ö cjû^\ú I                          ê
                                  cû^ ùK¦â _â\hY ^òdªY ùaûWÿð (C.P.C.B.)
RkRúa^e iõelY ö                                     Ü
                                  e ]û~ðý iúcûe ^òcùe eLô @ûagýK iÚùk
                                  cjû^\úKê QûWÿòaûe _âûa]û^ ejòa ~\ßûeû
                                  Rk Rúa^ C_ùe ùKøYiò Kê _â b ûa
                                  ^ _ùWÿ ö
    R^iû]ûeYu cZ                     _âKÌ _âÉûaKu Uò®Yú (Raûa)
   aýû_K a^úKeY                     16 GKe RûMûùe Kμû^ú Ze`eê aýû_K
                                    a^úKeY \ßûeû N^ iaêR akd iéÁò Keû~òa ö
2. _â û «úd C^Ü Z ò \ò M ùe
   @ûùfûPòZ aòhd:
   _û^úd Rk ù~ûMûY                  _â K Ì _â b ûaò Z ùfûKcû^uê _û^údRk
   aù¦ûaÉ, C^ÜZò ÊûiÚý I            ù~ûMûY _ûAñ Kμû^ú ieKûeu ijûdZûùe
   gòlûMZ iêa]û iêù~ûM ö
             ò                      i~ZÜ _âdûi Keòa ö Gjò ùfûKcû^u C^ÜZ
                                    ÊûiÚý I gòlûMZ iêaò]û iêù~ûM _â\û^
                                    Keû~òaû _ûAñ ^òe«e C\ýc Keû~òa ö
                                    ÊûiÚýe cû^aé¡ò ^òcù« ^òdcòZ bûaùe
                                    ÊûiÚýgòaòe, ÊûiÚý iùaðlY I _âZòùh]^
                                    Kû~ðýKâce aýaiÚû Keû~òa ö
   @ûA.Uò.@ûA. (ITI) iÚû_^ Keò      53 RY _âKÌ _âbûaòZ ùaKûe ~êaKuê
   iÚû^úd ~êaKuê ùa÷hdòK gòlû       ^ò ù dûR^ _ûAñ C_~ê q Keò a û ^ò c ù«
   C_ùe _âglYe aýaiÚû I
               ò                    eûdMWÿûùe [ôaû GK @ûA.Uò.@ûA. Kê Zûfòcþ
   Kcð ^ò~qe _âûa]û^ ö
           ê ò                      _ûAñ _Vû~ûA @Q«ò ö
   _â û [cò K bò Z ò ù e iÚ û ^úd   aýaiûdòK @ûagýKZûKê @^ê¤û^ Keò _âKÌ
   aûiò ¦ ûu _ûAñ ^ò ~ ê q ò                       òÿ
                                    _âbûaòZ MâûcMêWKe ùaKûe ~êaKuê C_~êq
   iêù~ûM ö                         Zûfòc \ò@û~ûA ^ò~êqòlc Keû~òaû ijòZ
                                    \lZû I C_ù~ûMúZû @^êiûùe ùicû^uê
                                    _âZýl aû _ùeûl bûùa ^ò~êqò ù\aûe
                                    i¸ûa^û iéÁò Keû~òa ö
   Rcò jeûC[ôaû Gaõ iÚû^û«eòZ                        ò
                                    _âKÌ @]ôKûeú, IWÿgû ieKûe I Rcòjeûu
   ùjaûKê[ôaû _eòaûeaMðuê           c¤ùe ùjûA[ôaû Pêqò @^ê~ûdú lZò_ìeY
   _~ðýû¯ lZò_ìeY I iÚûdú           Ròfäû @]ôKûeúu \ßûeû aòZeY ùjC@Qò ö
   ^ò~qe aýaiÚû ö
      ê ò                           IWÿ ò g û ieKûeu _â P kò Z [A[û^ I
                                    _ê^üaiZò ^úZò (R & R Policy) @^ê~ûdú
                                           ò ê
                                    Kcð^~q iéÁò Keû~òa ö
                                                      _âKÌ _âÉûaK
                                                Giûeþ _ûIßûe IWÿgû fcòùUW

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