Bagua Zhan Zhuang

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					                             Xin Qi Shen Dojo
                               Bagua Zhang
                         Traditional Zhan Zhuang

                                                 First start with basic drills
                                                 and warm-up before the
                                                 Zhan     Zhuang.       Start
                        Monk Lifts Bowl          holding the postures three
                                                 complete breaths, when
                                                 this is easy then increase
                                                 to five, eventually holding
                                                 each posture ten breaths.

                                                     IDEAL INDIVIDUAL
                                                      BAGUA PRACTICE

                                                 •   Warm-ups
                         Support the Mountains   •   Zhan Zhuang
Push the Mountain                                •   Bagua Qi Gong
                                                 •   Walking wuji circle
                                                 •   Walking inner palms
                                                 •   Nine palace walking
                                                 •   Eight palm changes
                                                 •   Linking palm changes
                                                 •   Eight striking forms
Dragon Dives into Sea        Lion Opens Mouth

                        Phoenix Looks At Sun
Black Bear Looks Back

    Praying Monk