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R.C.C. Tutorial Services by sze11031


									                                   SUBJECTS                                                       MORENO VALLEY CAMPUS
                                   We offer tutoring in the following
                                   ACC-1A              CIS-54A              MAT-36
                                   AMY-2A              CIS-72A              MAT-50
TUTORS                             AMY-2B              CIS-72B              MAT-52              R.C.C. Tutorial
Our student Tutors are highly      AMY-10              CIS-78A              MAT-51
qualified. They have met the
following requirements:
   completion of course        BIO-1               HES-1                PHY-10
        with an above average      BIO-30              HIS-4                POL-1
        grade                      BUS-10              HIS-6                PSY-1
                                   BUS-22              HIS-7                PSY-9
   obtain faculty
       Recommendations             CHE-2A              HUM-10               SOC-1
                                   CHE-2B              MAT-1B               SPA-1
successfully completed         CIS-1A              MAT-1A               SPA-2
     an intense Tutorial           CIS-1B              MAT-10               SPA-3
    Training Workshop
                                   CIS-5               MAT-11               SPE-1
                                   CIS-21              MAT-12               SPE-9

EMPLOYMENT                         CIS-17A              MAT-35
                                                   . . . and many more.
We are always looking for
new Tutors to add to our staff.
All students interested in                 R.C.C Moreno Valley
becoming a Tutor and meet the                Tutorial Services
requirements can contact the              16130 Lasselle Street
Tutorial Department TODAY!            Moreno Valley, CA 92551-2045
All Tutors are paid positions               (951) 571-6167
and it is an excellent
opportunity to earn extra
money while attending classes
at R.C.C.                          R.C.C. provides educational services and access for students
                                  with documented disabilities who intend to pursue coursework
                                                            at R.C.C.
                                  Students may make their
                                  appointments either by phone or by
                                  coming into our Tutorial Services
                                  office. For the Moreno Valley
                                  campus our office is located on the
                                  Third floor in the Library Building.
                                  Students may phone Tutorial Services
                                   (951) 571-6167: Moreno Valley
                                   (951) 372-7143: Norco
                                   (951) 222-8170: Riverside

                                  Students can make their tutoring
.                                 appointments at any of our three
PROGRAM                           campuses. For example, if the
                                  student is currently taking classes at
Tutorial Services is a FREE       the Riverside campus he/she may
service to all R.C.C. students.   make an appointment at the Moreno
To qualify for tutoring all       Valley or Norco campus.                  HOURS
students must be enrolled in
R.C.C. and in the subject they                                             To schedule tutoring appointments
are requesting tutorial           CIS & STEM LAB                           our office is open the following
services. Students are allowed    TUTORS ARE AVAILABLE                     hours:
a maximum of three sessions a     For STEM services, visit:
week per subject. It is highly                      Mon-Thu             9AM-6PM
recommended that students                                                     Fri.                9AM-12PM
schedule the three one-hour
sessions intermittently                                                    Tutoring appointments will take
throughout the week. Tutoring                                              place during the following hours:
sessions will range from one
to three students per tutor.                                                  Mon-Thu             8AM-8PM
                                                                              Fri.                8AM-12PM
Tutoring is offered for English
and Reading classes. Students                                                       **Hours are subject to change.**
can contact the Writing Lab at
(951) 571-6128 for tutoring in
these subjects.

                                                                                              R.C.C. Moreno Valley
                                                                                                Tutorial Services

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