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					                                          Nikon CoolPix 995
                                 with the 28 mm -37 mm and 37 mm -46 mm
                                               stepping rings

Elements in bold correlate with the controls on your camera. Please see page 14 of The Nikon
Guide to Digital Photography with the Coolpix 995 for the specific location of controls.
Begin with all settings at factory default.
1. Turn camera on by rotating the Mode Dial to Manual Mode (M).
2. Set the exposure mode to Aperture-Priority Auto by pressing and holding the
   button and rotating the Command Dial until A appears in the lower left of the LCD
3. Press the MENU button on the upper left on the backside of the digital camera and select:
    • LENS and set it to WIDE ADAPTER,
    • METERING and set it to MATRIX.
4. Press the Menu button again to deselect the menu system.
5. Release the        button and select the f-stop around f7.0 by rotating the Command Dial.
   Interior shots or other low light situations may require the use of a tripod.
6. Set image quality to FINE by pressing the         button until FINE appears in the lower
   right area of the LCD monitor.
7. Set image size to 2048 by pressing and holding the       button and rotating the Command
   Dial (without 3:2). Look at the lower right area of the LCD monitor.
8. Set the focus mode to Macro Close-up with the           (M-Focus) button which is the left
   most button under the LCD monitor. Press the Focus Mode button twice until the       icon
   is displayed in the upper right corner of the LCD monitor.
   Note: If you are going to use the Self-timer, press the   (M-Focus) button a third time.
   This will retain Macro Close-up mode and activate the Self-timer ( icon).
9. Ensure the flash is not on.
10. Use the       buttons to just fill the LCD monitor with the EGG image. The image may
   not be centered—this is normal.
You may need to adjust White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Sensitivity(ISO), Image
sharpening (High) or other settings dependent upon the requirements of the situation. Some
settings will remain selected when the camera is shut off, others will need to be reset each
time the camera is turned on.

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