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Ever wonder why you have lost weight on every diet you ever tried, only to
gain the weight back? Most times, gaining even more than you originally
lost? That’s because the reason for your unhealthy eating habits lies deep
in your unconscious mind. Until you find the Root Cause of this never-
ending cycle and release it, the patter of yo-yo dieting will continue.

Aside from physiological causes, which are not common, there are really
only six possible reasons for over eating:

      Anger
      Fear
      Sadness
      Hurt
      Guilt
      A limiting decision (made unconsciously at some time in your life)

Even a high percentage of those people who have had gastric by-pass
surgery, or stomach stapling as it is commonly called, usually manage to
stretch the small stomach created during surgery and gain weight again. I
have many clients who are desperate to keep their weight under control after
going through life threatening, irreversible surgery that is not working for
them. The reason? The surgery did nothing to change the Root Cause of
their unhealthy eating pattern.

With stomach banding and stomach stapling, the stomach is altered so that
it holds only four or five bites of food comfortably. Persons who have had
this type of surgery are unable to keep down more than four or five bites
without making themselves sick. The Click-A-Bite program is an easy and
inexpensive alternative to bariatric or any other weight loss surgery.

On the Click-A-Bite healthy eating plan, you can eat all the foods you love
and feel comfortable and satisfied. Your virtual coach will help you change
the unhealthy eating patterns programmed into your unconscious mind. You
can easily make positive changes and begin to think differently about food
and the amount of food you consume on a daily basis. Best of all, you will
not feel deprived or hungry.