An Introduction to SPSS for by efi17708


									              An Introduction to SPSS for
                 Health Professionals
    A short course designed to help health professionals use the
           package SPSS for research and development.

Who should attend?                                Course Contents
Anyone who is interested in participating in
                                                  Creating a dataset in SPSS;
research and development.
                                                  Importing a dataset into SPSS;
                                                  Formatting variables; Assigning
                                                  variable labels; Constructing new
Course Tutor:                                     variables; Recoding variables;
Dr Allan Clark (UEA and NNUH) gained a            Producing summary statistics
PhD in applied statistics from the University     (mean, standard deviation …)
of Aberdeen in 2001 and is currently engaged      Producing graphical output.
in a number of research projects with
researchers from the NNUH and UEA.

 Course style:
 This course is designed to be as
 “hands-on” as possible and will
 consist of a mixture of talks          The course is offered by the East of England
 followed by short practical sessions   Research and Development Support Unit.
 where you will apply what you          The local Norfolk & Suffolk Research
 have learned.                          Advisor is Debbie Halliday.

 Course Pre-requisites:                 Date and venue:
 Know what a Normal distribution,       26th June 2007, 9.30 – 12.30,
 p-value and confidence interval        University of East Anglia
 are. Have confidence inferring
 from a sample to a population.         Cost: £40

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