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					                           Prof. Haroon R. Chaudhry
                       Zone 15 – Central and Western Asia
                                  January 2006

1. CME Programme 2005 - 2008

      Participants: General Practitioners, Medical Specialists

      Venue:        PAKISTAN (Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Hyderabad,
                    Quetta, Faislaabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Kasur)
                    IRAN (Tehran, Dehraan)
                    (in collaboration with Iran Psychiatric Association and Prof. Abdul
                    Malik Achakzai, President Pakistan Psychiatric Society &
                    President SAARC Psychiatric Federation).
                    AFGHANISTAN (Jalalabad, Kabul)
                    (in collaboration with Prof. Khalid A. Mufti Chairman South Asian

      Speakers:     Prof. Haroon Rashid Chaudhry, WPA Zonal Representative (15)
                    Prof. S. Ahmad Jalili, WPA Zonal Representative
                    Prof. Khalid A. Mufti
                    Prof. Muhammad Afzal Chaudhry, Consultant Family Counselling
                    Prof. Fareed Minhas
                    Prof. Aftab Asif
                    Dr. Altaf Qadir
                    Dr. Saima Niaz
                    Dr. Haris Burki
                    Prof. Azhar Ali Rizvi, Sr. Clinical Psychologist
                    Dr. Feriha N. Piracha, Consultant Psychologist
                    Dr. Rukhsana Kausar, Clinical Psychologist
                    Dr. Saimah Qureshi, Clinical Psychologist
                    Ms. Shaista Jabeen, Sr. Clinical Psychologist

      Topics to be addressed
                     Introduction to Common Psychiatric Disorder in Primary Care
                     Depression (Recognization and Management)
                     Anxiety
                     Childhood Psychiatric Disorders
                     Psychiatric Issues in Women
                     Psychiatric Issues in Elderly
                     Drug Dependence
                     Epilepsy

      CME Programme Pakistan

      Once a month one Lecture (2006 to 2008)
      19th January 2006            Dr. Aftab Asif                        OCD
      16th February 2006           Prof. Haroon Rashid Chaudhry          Depression
      2nd March 2006               Dr. Saima Niaz                        GAD
      6th April 2006               Prof. Haroon Rashid Chaudhry          Sleep
      11 May 2006                  Dr. Aftab Asif                        Panic Disorder
      8 June 2006                  Dr. Saima Niaz                        Video
                                                                         Clinical Case
      6 July 2006                  Prof. Haroon Rashid Chaudhry          Dementias
                                   Dr. Saima Niaz
      10 August 2006               Prof. Haroon Rashid Chaudhry          Epilepsy
                                   Dr. Buland Akhtar Zaidi
      7 September 2006             Dr. Aftab Asif                        Psychiatric
      5 October 2006               Prof. Haroon Rashid Chaudhry          Psychiatric
      issues in
                                   Dr. Saima Niaz                        Women
       2 November 2006             Dr. Haris Burki                       Psychosexual
       7 December 2006             Dr. Altaf Qadir                       Personality

                    Participants: Over 150 GPs representing all four provinces in

            CME Programme for Punjab Police Department, Clergymen and

      Department of Psychiatry, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore in collaboration with
      Punjab Police Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of

      2. Free psychiatric camps (Reaching the Unreached)

             Free psychiatric camps are organized on weekly, monthly, quarterly and
      annually basis (2006-2008).
             Weekly Free Psychiatric/Epilepsy Clinic Ahbad Hospital, Ravi Road,
             Free Psychiatric/Epilepsy Clinic, Ahbad Hospital; Ravi Road Lahore,
      Pakistan is the largest facility in the country for patients with Epilepsy working
      since 1985. This clinic completed its 20 years in November 2005. To mark this
      memorable event annual community education program on epilepsy has been
organized on January 21st 2006. Over 400 families of patients with psychiatric
disorder and epilepsy are expected to attend to attend this program.
        During last 20 years around 1,20,000 patients have attended this free clinic
so far, representing all four provinces of Pakistan and also Azad Jammu &
Kashmir and Afghanistan.
        Professor Haroon Rashid Chaudhry with a team of clinical psychologists,
medical doctors, students and social workers has been visiting this facility
regularly on every Wednesday while on Saturday this facility is providing follow-
up services for old patients only. Approximately 200 patients attend this facility
every week and have been provided free psychotropics and anti-epileptic drugs
        Free Psychiatric Camps are being organization in remote areas of Pakistan
in collaboration with FLAME and World Psychiatric Association (WPA, Zone-
        Community Educational Programs for the families of patients with
Psychiatric Disorders and Epilepsy are organized monthly within the premises,
quarterly education programs are held at Fountain House, Lahore (Rehab facility
for mentally ill) and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore, while annual community
education programs has been organized at various hotels in Lahore. Over 900
families of patients with psychiatric disorder and epilepsy participate annually in
these programs representing the entire country. A panel of experts comprising of
psychiatrists, neurologists, medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, and
students attend these meetings, highlighting different aspects of psychiatric
disorders. Patients with epilepsy and their families are educated about the various
aspects of epilepsy such as clinical diagnosis, treatment, precautions, career
selection, education, marriage, pregnancy, nutrition and other issues related to
        Eminent foreign experts such as Prof. Mike Shooter (President Royal
College of Psychiatrists UK), Prof. Tom Craig (Chairman Guys Hospital,
London), Prof. Khalid Mufti, (President Pakistan Psychiatric Society), Prof.
I.A.K. Tareen (Former Head of Psychiatry Department, King Edward Medical
College, Lahore) and Mr. Michael Hills (International Bureau of Epilepsy) visited
this free clinic.
        In this free clinic various Research Projects have been completed and
published in national and international journals.
               Monthly visit of psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker and
                  volunteers to Farm House Farooqabad in collaboration with
                  NGOs (activities details are below):

        70% of population of Pakistan lives in rural areas depending mostly on
agricultural or agro-based activities. With a view to serving psychiatric patients of
rural areas. On request the government of the Punjab allocated 40 acres of
agricultural land on long lease of the Fountain House Lahore. Members are
engaged in various agricultural activities such as cultivation of various crops,
vegetables and fruits, work on the fish farm, bee farm, teddy goad farm, poultry
farm and looking after a mini zoo. In near future, we are intending to start Rehab
services for Drug Addicts in collaboration with Richmond Fellow Society,
        It is a matter of great satisfaction that Foundation House since its inception
has been able to rehabilitate over 3000 members (patients). Presently they are
associated with different fields and are contributing to the society. Foundation
House maintains a good contact with its ex-members and renders to them any
service, which they need from time to time.
               Free camps in other Provinces in collaboration with PPS &
                 WPA on Quarterly basis.
               Annual Free Medical Camps were will be organized in the far
                 flung area of Pakistan these included rural area of Faisalbad,
                 Chotti (D.G. Khan), Chitral & Kalash Vallies.

3. Community educational programmes addressing:
      1. Teachers
      2. Journalists
      3. Clergymen
      4. Mothers
      5. Caregivers & Families of Patients with Psychiatric Disorders

Child and adolescent mental health services
           Quarterly meetings of Psychiatrists from all over the Pakistan to
             improve the child and adolescent mental health services in
           Plan to develop camps setup in earthquake-affected areas,
             Muzaffarabad in collaboration with South Asian Forum,
             International Division of Royal College of Psychiatrist and WPA
             Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries.

Mental health relief activities for earthquake survivors at Muzaffarabad
Centre in collaboration with WPA Zone 15
            These activities are continued for the last 4 months. Regular Visit
              of the following members of Mental health team are conducted 3
              weekly rotation.
                  o Psychiatrist
                  o Psychologist
                  o Social Worker
            Regular visit of mental health team to different camps at
            Grunanak Camp
            Turkish Red Crescent Camp
            Alkhidmat Foundation Camp
            Meera Tanolian Camp
            Thuri Camp
            University Groun Camp
            ICRC Camp
               Following Services will be provided:
                   o Daily outdoor psychiatric facility at Abbas Hospital,
                   o Individual Counseling
                   o Group Counseling
                   o Income Generation Training
                   o Support to Relief Personnel
                   o Coordination with other mental health teams

Relief activities at Lahore
                    o Attending patients admitted in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,
                    o Weekly visit to Earthquake Affectees staying at Social
                       welfare Complex Township, Lahore (Addressing
                       psychological and psychiatric issues of 600 families
                       residing in this complex).

Publication of education materials
           The anxiety Management Guidelines for General Practitioners
              developed by the Anxiety Awareness Board Pakistan in
              collaboration with World Psychiatric Association is the first of its
              kind in the country.
          Such type of publications will be continued in future to promote the
              better management of mental illnesses and to encourage primary
              health care professionals to become more informed and involved in
              the diagnosis and management of mental health disorders.
           Publication of such guideline provide easy approaches in both
              psychotherapeutic and pharmacological areas as most of these
              conditions response well to treatment and may save many such
              patients to suffer from serious outcomes of mental disorders.
          In future plans are to extend this activity in the other areas of WPA
          Zone -15.

Future Plans:
                   o   Regional Meeting on Old Age Psychiatry
                   o   Extensive Training of General Practitioners (GPs)
                   o   Quarterly Workshops for Caregivers
                   o   Community psychiatry education programme for families,
                       psychiatric patients, journalists and teacher

Upcoming events
1. International Seminar on Psychiatry, (Disaster Management &
   Psychosocial Rehabilitation /Community Education Programme in
   Psychiatry), January 21-22, 2006, Fountain House, 37-Lower Mall, Lahore –
   Pakistan, Organized By WPA (Zone-15) & WPA Section on Psychiatry in
   Developing Countries In collaboration with WHO, South Asian Forum, Asian
   Federation of Psychiatric Associations, Pakistan Psychiatry Society, World
   Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and International Bureau of
2. International Conference on Media and Mental Health – Organized by
   World Psychiatric Association, South Asian Forum on Mental Health &
   Psychiatry and Indo Pak Punjab Psychiatric Society in collaboration with
   Department of Psychiatry, FJMC/Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore On 10-13,
   March 2006 at Fountain House, Lahore – Pakistan.