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                                                 Cool Monogrammed Groomsmen Gift
                                                               By Marc Mascrenhas

   Thinking of gifts for your groomsmen could be a little intimidating. Preparing for the wedding is
taxing enough on the mind. Cool grooms usually go for cool gifts and that’s adding another dimension
to the thinking part. And you want to be a cool groom. Just what makes a gift cool? Well, it has to be
unique for one. That’s where monograms could be put to use. Personalizing an otherwise generic gift
automatically adds a special element to the item, sentimentality. The item becomes a remembrance to
your buddy of the most important day of your life. Another thing to look at is novelty, the freshness
brought in by the gift to the life of the receiver. Here, I list some cool monogrammed groomsmen gift
that you can proudly give amongst your trusted circle and look cool doing it.

 Cigarette lighter – cigarette companies have always marketed their products as cool. Let’s say your
smoking buddies took this as gospel truth, so what cooler gift you can give than monogrammed
cigarette lighters? They can whip it out to light their stick and some girls’ too. They could add some
cowboy hat and their coolness factor can go up through the roof.

 Baseball bats – almost every guy is a baseball fan, hard not to be. Putting monogram on a bat can
give it a look of a collectible. Give all your groomsmen on your party monogrammed bats and you’ll
look like thugs, pretty cool for gangster fans.

 Liquor Flask – straight from the old days of travelling long lonely roads where a man’s only companion
is his horse and a flask of whiskey. This is still useful these days when sneaking in that shot of great
liquor or taking stolen shots in a meeting when no one is looking. Monogram it to add elegance.

 Pen – another cool monogrammed groomsmen gift is a pen. It is a really common item to personalize
but usually only executives do. If you want to make your groomsmen feel important when signing
something, get them these. It will definitely make them want to sign things like solicitations when you
need one. There’s a monogrammed or personalized triangular flask that you can check out under this

 Multipurpose Tool – real men style themselves as handy creatures, always reliable around mechanical
things, dreaming of becoming McGyver-isque. While no one can really be that good, you can
encourage them to work their way up DIYs by giving out special pocket multipurpose tools
personalized for them.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Beer Tankard – beer is liquid bread. And for some guys, its consumption is more common than bread.
Get your guys these monogrammed tankards to remind them of the old days of raiding bars and wild
parties. Hope that your tankards won’t be empty for so long.

 Taking monogrammed gifts for your groomsmen as cool can really be a subjective assumption.
Knowing the interests and tastes of your groomsmen can really ease up the tension of having to think
just by your opinion. However, being buddies with your groomsmen as a given, what would seem cool
for you would most likely be cool for them too, and special.

Marc is an expert in the field. For monogrammed groomsmen
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                                     Being Cool With Monogrammed Groomsmen Gifts
                                                             By Natasha Paul

There are several different choices when it comes to monogrammed groomsmen gifts but you should
definitely choose gift types that are not only useful and unique but those that are also very cool and
would be highly appreciated by your groomsmen.

 It is important for you to list down all your choices first when it comes to monogrammed groomsmen
gifts in order for you to be able to make a clear and concrete choice before you actually go out and
spend on your final monogrammed groomsmen gifts.

 It is also important that you consider buying cool monogrammed groomsmen gift choices and there
are several types you can choose from. Men are usually very fond of tools and these items could
definitely pass as cool monogrammed groomsmen gifts.

 You might want to choose which among golf tools, multi-tools, and stainless tool sets would your
groomsmen find to be the most useful. If your groomsmen happen to be a golfer, of course golf tools
would definitely be a good choice for them. Buying these types of tools is cool because of their
functionality in general and also because they are able to capture the interest of your groomsmen. You
can have their initials or full names monogrammed on these items to give it a more personal and
distinct look and touch.

 Another cool monogrammed groomsmen gift of your choice could be yoga mats. If your groomsmen
happen to be very particular with their health and spend time doing yoga, they would surely appreciate
receiving monogrammed yoga mats with their name or initial on it. This way, they wouldn’t have to
worry about misplacing their yoga mats anytime, anywhere. Most men are known for their fondness for
beer and liquor so they would surely find it cool to receive different types of monogrammed beer and
liquor mugs which they can use for drinking with their friends on special occasions like birthdays,
holidays or even on normal days.

 If your groomsmen travel frequently, there is no need for them to buy their own bag tag anymore. You
might want to consider giving them an overnight monogrammed bag which they can use for traveling to
different places or quick overnights. This way they can be assured that their bag wouldn’t be lost
anytime. Also, if your groomsmen are the typical family man who spends his weekends with his family
over grills of bbq in their own backyard, a cool monogrammed groomsmen gift could be a
monogrammed grill set paired with a cool engraved groomsmen shot glass. This grill set is used to
store all his grilling materials in to make sure that they would always be organized.

 All these monogrammed groomsmen gift items are not only very cool; they are also very affordable
that you wouldn’t necessarily have a hard time budgeting. There is no need for you to spend too much
on your groomsmen gift ideas and you can at the same time be assured that you will find the best there
actually is without having to spend too much.

Natasha is an expert in the field. For monogrammed groomsmen
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