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                               Considerations When Selecting Your Wedding Vendors
                                                                By TM Lung

  It will be next to impossible for you to do everything your wedding. Will be be able to bake the
wedding cake yourself? Are you going to print your wedding invitation yourself? In most cases you will
not do all these yourself. To this end you will need to search for some wedding vendors to help you
when you are planning for your wedding. However, a badly chosen wedding vendor can actually ruin
your wedding. As a result, you should try your best to find the most suitable wedding vendors. Here are
some important tips for you.

 First of all, you should always sign contracts with the wedding vendors. Of course you may think that it
will require you to spend more time. However, you should do it unless it is only a very small amount of
money. On the contract, you will need to write down clearly what kind of services will be provided. The
obligation of both of you and the wedding vendors should also be listed. Remember, you should read
all the terms and conditions clearly before you really sign the contract. You will need to ask questions
when necessary. You have always bear in mind that the contract is meant to be protecting both the
vendor and of course you. As a matter of fact, the vendors may require you sign a contract anyway
even if you do not ask for it.

 Another thing you will need to ask is the overtime charges. It can be very easy for your wedding
reception to be over run. In this case the wedding DJ, live band or caterer may charge you some fee
for working overtime. This can lead to a serious argument if you do not ask clearly before you sign the
contract. Of course some vendors may not really have overtime charges. The key here is that you have
to know all the charges that may be applied. This is very important if you have a tight budget. If you
know that there can be overtime charges, you will need to plan for your reception such that the
possibility of over running is minimized. Otherwise your wedding will be totally out of your budget. This
can be a real disaster if your budget is really tight.

 There can be penalties if you cancel the order. One very practical case is that you may decide to hire
another vendor after you have paid the deposit. In most cases you will not be able to get your deposit
back. However, you can ask beforehand so that you will know what the penalties will be. Another
possibility is that you are forced to cancel the order due to incidents such as extremely bad weather.
You will need to discuss with the vendors about such occasions so that you will know the penalties.
The fact is that most vendors will let you hold the order and arrange it in another day. Again, different
vendors may have different policies and you should ask clearly before you sign the contract.

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TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
He runs a blog on weddings and you can find some other wedding tips

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                                     Doing Your Research on Wedding Vendors
                                                           By TM Lung

You will need to hire some wedding vendors when you are planning for your most important event in
your life. This include the invitation printing company, photographer, baker etc. For some couples, they
may even want to hire a wedding planner to help them to plan for the wedding.

 As a matter of fact, choosing the right wedding vendor can be a difficult task. This is because there are
too many vendors out there. And there are a lot of different details in your wedding. Each vendor will
take up a different job. To this end, you will need to do a lot of researches in order to find a vendor to
each wedding item. From this you will probably know it can be a time consuming job.

 First of all, you will need to know the reputations of the vendors. As a matter of fact, you will only hire
vendors who are of good reputations. You will never hire vendors without any reputation. And you will
need to gather information about this issue. You will be discussing this with your friends who have got
married. They can certainly share their own experiences with you. Some couples will only consider the
prices when they are choosing the vendors. This is not the correct attitude to do so. Remember,
reputation is the most important. This is because you will only have your wedding once.

 There will be various bridal shows throughout the years. This is a great way for your to meet various
wedding vendors. You will be able to meet different vendors in the same trade at the same time. The
advantage of this is that you can nearly compare the prices and services side by side. This will help
you to save a lot of time who doing your research. One thing you need to bear in mind is that some
vendors will try to urge you to make your decision. Yet you may not want to do so. You will try to collect
all the information first. You will then compare different vendors at home. You mind will be a lot clearer
if you can do so.

 The internet can also be a great place for you to do your research. First of all, most wedding vendors
will have their own websites nowadays. You will be able to compare the prices by visiting the websites
of the vendors. Again, this can save you a lot of time since you do not need to physically visit the
wedding vendors.

 Another way to gather the information about the wedding vendors is to read bridal magazines. There
are a lot of advertisements in the magazines and you can contact these vendors. Again, you may
problem contact various vendors before you make your final decision.

 One last thing is that, it is very important for you to sign a contract with a wedding vendor. Everything
should be listed on the contract. As a matter of fact, the contract will be protecting both you and the
vendor. As a result, the vendors should be willing to sign contracts with you. You will not go for a
vendor which does not want to sign a contract with you!

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
and he runs a blog on weddings. You can find some other wedding tips

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