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APR 2005 - JUN 2005

                     LAPTOP Magazine - Editor’s Choice
                     June 2005

                     “The Coolpix 7900 was one of the best performers in the group, offering beautiful, crisp
                     images that, thanks to its 7-MP sensor, are great for enlarging.”

                     “The camera had above average speed, including a great continuous feature that shoots at
                     approximately 1.7 frames per second.”

                     PC World - Top Ten Digital Cameras
                     May 2005

                     “Nikon puts 7-megapixel imaging in a compact, nicely designed point-and-shoot camera.”
Nikon Coolpix 7900
    May 2005         “The Coolpix 7900 is a great, general-purpose snapshot camera. Now-and-then
                     photographers will find it easy to use; and its array of controls, great image quality, and
                     high resolution will make it attractive to advanced shooters as a backup camera.”

                     Technical Image Press Association
                     Best Digital Compact Camera 2005

                     “The Nikon Coolpix 7900 incorporates several new features which make it the ‘Best Digital
                     Compact Camera 2005’. The D-Lighting function adds light and detail to dark areas of
                     shots, while leaving brighter areas unaffected. The In-Camera Red-Eye Fix function
                     automatically detects and corrects red-eye in flash photos. The most innovative new
                     function is Face-priority AF, which can automatically sense the presence of a human face in
                     the frame and sets accurate focus accordingly.”