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									                           Portage                            For Further inFormation or admissions, you can
                                                               also contact the Portage admission oFFice at:

Portage is a not-for-profit organisation, which helps
                                                                                 Montréal area:
people who are suffering from substance abuse-related
problems to overcome their dependencies and live                               Prévost (French)
healthy, happy and productive lives.                             1790 chemin du lac Écho, Prévost, QC J0R 1T0
                                                                    450 224-2944 • info_adomtl@portage.ca
Throughout its history, Portage has assisted more
                                                                             Beaconsfield (English)
than 30,000 people to take back control of their lives
                                                                   141 avenue Elm, Beaconsfield, QC H9W 2E1
with its specialised programs for adolescents, adults,
                                                                     514 694-9894 • info_adowi@portage.ca
pregnant women, mothers with children, the aboriginal
community, adults with mental health issues and                                Québec City area:
individuals referred by the justice system.                                  Saint-Malachie (French)
                                                                      244 chemin de la Station-Touristique,
      Admissions                                                          Saint-Malachie, QC G0R 3N0
                                                                     418 642-2472 • info_adoqc@portage.ca
Portage welcomes young substance-dependent men
and women between 14 and 18 years old from all                            Portage treatment centres
regions to its three centres in Québec. Admission to
the program is voluntary and candidates must express                 Cassidy Lake, NB • St-Malachie, QC
a desire and be ready to address the issues in their lives.      Québec, QC • Montréal, QC • Beaconsfield, QC
An interview is conducted prior to admission,                      Prévost, QC • Elora, ON • Keremeos, BC
during which the candidate’s needs and readiness
are evaluated. Portage addresses these needs quickly.
There are no waiting lists to come to our centres.
                                                              Funding for Portage centres in Québec is provided by
“Anglophone Youth Access Mechanisms” are available            the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du
in Montréal and are being developed in other regions.         Québec and by private contributions. Since they were
They are specialised in the evaluation of drug depen-         first established, Portage’s adolescents programs in
dency problems and ensure that all young people are           Québec have benefitted greatly from the generosity of
referred to the centre that can best answer their needs.      the Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu for a significant
You can reach them by calling the Health and Social           part of their funding.
Service Centres (CSSS) in your region.


    Portage                                                       What to expect                                             the
          Québec                                                   during your stay                                            academy
Portage has three drug rehabilitation centres in             The program’s duration is determined by each individual’s   All Portage centres for youth offer mandatory on-site
Québec: in Prévost near lac Écho, in Beaconsfield            needs, motivation and readiness for treatment. A typical    school programming, which is adapted to the needs of the
in the West Island of Montréal and in Saint-Malachie         day at Portage includes:                                    residents and recognised and administered by the local
near Québec City.                                                                                                        school boards. The use of small classes and progressive
                                                                       Gender-specific therapy groups                    techniques facilitates the academic experience. Where in
In every Portage centre, respect for the individual
                                                                                                                         the past you may have experienced failure and frustration,
is at the heart of all interventions. The residential                  Community meetings
                                                                                                                         Portage Academy encourages you to continue with your
program is tailored to the specific needs of each resident             Physical education/outdoor                        efforts in school. Portage is proud of the successes of its
and provides gender-specific programming for young                     recreational activities
men and women. While at Portage, residents develop                                                                       residents, many of whom go back to school and receive
                                                                       Case management and treatment                     their diploma after completing their therapy.
a sense of belonging and learn how to trust them-                      planning sessions
selves and each other. By sharing the difficulties and

                                                                                                                                       for youth
                                                                       Individual counselling
challenges in their lives, they cultivate self-awareness,
self-confidence and self-respect.                                      Guidance and vocational planning
                                                                       Psychotherapy is available,
                                                                       if necessary                                                       from youth
                                                                                                                         The rehab process does not last forever. The idea of

                                                                  What to expect                                         residential treatment may seem like an eternity, but it
                                                                                                                         pales in comparison to the rest of your life. You are not

  the Portage Program
  is based on:
                                                                     from your stay                                      judged or stigmatized at Portage. Your rehabilitation
                                                                                                                         is about your own experiences and the realisation that
                                                                                                                         you are not alone. Leaving your family can be difficult,
                                                                                                                         but you will find a warm and loving environment at
      Voluntary admission                                              Trust
                                                                                                                         Portage and you will make lifelong friends. Believe in
                                                                       Self-respect                                      yourself and believe that you have the power to change
      A therapeutic community model
                                                                       Self-discovery                                    your life.
      Psychological and physical safety
      Individual case management with                                                                                    Remember that:
      the individual setting the priorities
                                                                       Skills to prepare                                 “Only you can do it, but you can’t do it alone”.
      Family support                                                   for your future
      Aftercare services                                               A sober lifestyle
                                                                                                                                                        visit us on

I have the right to be happy and to be treated with care and understanding • I have a right to be safe • I have a right to say what I feel • I have a right to learn

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