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There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do
we need
music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than
International music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

In this modern world there are various kinds of music. Music carries a very
important role in everyone’s life. Each and every action is involved with
sounds and music such as boiling water, shaking of leafs in the trees and water
waves in the sea. Without music or sound we cannot live a life and it makes
this world a beautiful place to live. Every region has its own music and it is
definitely different from international music. Personally, I believe traditional
music is very important than the international one as it maintains
individuality and more vital for the society to revive in this fast world.

Traditional music usually explains about the particular region’s culture and
customs. In this way one community can maintain their individuality and
have their own uniqueness. For example, in my country there are various
kinds of music such as classical music and karnatic music. These are definitely
different from global music such as rap, pop or jazz and they leave the mark
with originality. In this way, the tradition is prevented from extinction and
will be able to survive for years. However in international music, there is no
uniqueness and everything is the same..

On the other hand, international music acts as a passport to many countries.
We can utilize this music to bring nations together and avoid cultural
differences. This is a major plus point with global music. While listening to
international music people can expose themselves to different cultures and

To conclude, music is a part of everyday life. Traditional music should be
given more importance and other types of music should not be ignored.


In this world, there are many wealthy nations yet some countries are very poor
and suffer to meet their basic needs such as food and education. There is
always a debate that who is responsible for this either the wealthy nations or
the government of the unwealthy nations.

Though wealthy countries have the responsibility to donate some of their
wealth to poorer nations, we cannot impose any laws or orders to make them
donate. It’s the country’s own interest. In addition to that, affluent countries
may think that if they share their wealth in due course they might be deprived
of money and end up in the same situation like poor countries. Yet, we cannot
deny the fact that developed countries still help developing countries in order
to take the people lives better.

On the other hand, governments of poor countries hold the major
responsibility to provide at least basic needs to their citizens. We have seen in
newspapers and televisions how some countries are not able to provide the
simplest right of their people. A government cannot be a good one, if it doesn’t
satisfy the needs of people. Many factors such as overpopulation,
unemployment, constant change of people in power attribute to the nations
inability to provide the common needs. If a nation can concentrate on
resolving these issues, it will become economically independent and finally it
can give adequate food and education to fellow citizens.

To conclude, both wealthy nations and the government of poorer countries
share responsibility for giving education and food. Personally I think the
major responsibility relies with the government, after all people elect the
government just because they think they can be better served. Is it not?

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