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					2005.3.19 traditional culture , tourism
2005.4.9 education ,high schools students, teachers, classroom
2005.5.14 school leavers, travel or work , university
2005.10.15 children in rural places, education, medicine, government, rights
2005.10.29 business, cultural contact, national identities.
2006.3.18 teachers, children judgment behavior academic
2006.4.22 history, understand present
2006.4.29 national sports teams, individuals , government non-government orgs.
2006.5.27 animals ,science
2006.6.10 donation, individuals organization
2006.6.24 private secondary schools
2006.8.5 museums young people .education entertainment
2006.9.2 advertisements, children information
2006.9.16 curriculum government education students
2006.12.16 personal happiness, economic success
2007.1.20 government, health care, education
2007.3.3 schools , pupils, teaching strategy
2007.4.28 air transport, export
2007.8.11 technology , food change
2007.12.8 university education graduates
2008.1.10 children, electronic equipment/ apparatus
2008.3.29 government healthy lifestyle individuals
2008.5.31 sports, success factors
2008.6.5 university students, major courses, all-around development
2008.6.14 air flight, environment ,social problem
2008.6.21 children, parents ,teachers,
2008.7.5 students, courses ,
2008.7.12 technology agriculture,

2005.1.22 crimes young people
2006.3.11 young people, job hunting
2006.7.8 old people society
2007.1.6 changing job,
2007.12.1 environment, throw away ,rubbish
2007.12.15 TV programs, individual society
2008.4.12 working people, personal relationship
2008.4.19 low-age population

2005.15 students learning style, education, teamwork independence
2005.3.5 academic subjects children , arts subjects. (sound working ability, cultivate
appreciation, comprehensive, potential )
2005.3.12 education individuals and society (personal career development happiness
manner ,knowledgeable , poverty, civilizatioin peace )
2005.4.16 advertising ( informative, original/creativity, stimulate imagination ,laugh/funny,
humor ) ( demanding, interrupt happiness, exaggerate, misunderstand, persuasive)
2005.5.28 university , curriculum, career-oriented courses
2005.11.12 global trade(export,input) ( share resource, improve efficiency )( unfair natural
condition, business dumping , destroy local business)
2006.2.25 security measures (monitors, identified check, door forbidden system ) ad: (safety, order,
evidence for crime) dis( privacy, occasion troubles)
2006.5.20 international tourism ( enhance communication, facilitate economical development,
foster traditional culture) (destroy natural balance, potential conflicts, unstable global economy,
undependable economy source)
2006.7.22 students accommodation ( home: comfortable, more time to learning, supervisor, diet
habit) (independence, team work spirit , hardship )
2006.9.23 young people, volunteer work (social responsibility, relief lack of labor forces) ( a
waste of time, quality of work is less than specialized workers)
2006.11.4 health care, medicine services profit-making companies government
2006.11.18 education , secondary students , internation news
2006.11.25 international media ,local culture
2007.1.13 university, career-oriented courses , personal interests.
2007.3.31 computer techers
2007.7.7 schools, curriculum
2007.8.18 international language (reduce time and efforts to learn many languages, artificial
language function
2007.9.1 students ,work ,further study
2007.10.20 English learning, ages , (memorize, influence their traditional language) (understand,
leaning hard )
2008.2.2 Animal protection
2008.2.14 accommodation government
2008.3.8 road infrastructure, investment, government responsibility, individuals responsibility

2005.2.5 health, food , fertilizer
2005.2.19 modern technology, leisure activity, less creativity
2005.6.11 government, national cultural identity , new building architecture
2005.7.17 modern technology, workers ,employers
2005.7.23 mass media, crime details
2005.8.20 newcomer moving new traditional culture.
2005.9.3 family economy background, children education, future
2005.9.10 traffic management, authorities , drivers , punishment (
2005.9.17 animal experiment, protection, scientist.
2005.11.19 advertising, consumer, purchase behavior.
2005.11.26 library, educational resources, books, electronic resources, cater for the need of
2005.12.10 scientific research, government, private companies.
2005.12.17 architecture, function and appearance ARTS.
Many things surrounding us are not just functional, but with arts. Architecture is a case in point,
mixing requirement of accommodation and arts.
2006.2.18      现代交通 air travel, environment, energy
2006.4.8         很多今天重要发明,在历史上都曾被认为是没有意思的。
2006.5.13        housing, government individuals
2006.7.29        很多今天影响生活的重要发明都来自于早期的科学研究。                                      但我并不认为现在科
2006.8.12          It is well known that language is ever-evaluating product, reflect the culture and
                   lifestyle of speakers.
2006.8.26          多元文化社会 ( exploit strength of different culture, promote integration of
                   eastern and western culture,) ( potential conflict, crimination )
2006.10.14         Education, responsibility of school, individual development
       It is well known that society are composed by individuals, therefore, development of society
is from individuals development.
2006.10.22         the ever-changing technology and quick-pace of living are symbols of modern
2006.12.10 传统与现代 In modern society, traditional culture also play an indispensable role in
our life.
2007.2.3         Environment conservation, as a universal element for our different level of society
including individuals, government and organizations.
2007.2.10        计算机和图书馆 Computers has been increasingly used throughout the world. The
internet and online e-books supplement education in schools or university. However, as far as I am
concerned, library can’t been completely replace by computers, because library provide good
learning environment and cater for the learning need, which stimulate students’ motivation.
2007.4.14        广告 ,社会
In recent years, increasing amount of advertisements have been flooding into our lives.
Along with the rapid of progress of society, the advertising industry has undergone remarkable
development. Everyday we are surrounded by all kinds of ads and commercials.
Advertisements have become part of our life, and people almost come upon them everywhere.
2007.5.12 义工 高中课程