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									Version 11
In most parts of the world, the volume of traffic is growing at an alarming rate. In the form of an
assignment, discuss about the main traffic problems in your country, their causes and possible

The progress of transport industry is inevitable and undeniable. What is under controversy is
whether the volume of traffic is growing at an alarming rate. To be frank, I am in high favor that
we are well aware of the traffic problem.
In my point of view, a possible cause of the problem is that we lack the infrastructure construction.
Also the overpopulation is the cause of this problem, especially in China. Although the growth of
the transport is rapid, it still cannot meet the increasing needs of people. Furthermore, people
abuse the private cars to take public transport instead, which caused more cars put into use. Lastly,
individuals are also responsible for this problem. People are lacking in consciousness and
awareness for traffic situation in order. Sometimes, people drive after drinking, which causes more
traffic accidents.
The solution, I think, is for government to inject more funds into the construction of infrastructure,
increase more construction, such as the restructuring of metro system, elevated ways, Pearl line,
and superhighway. Also government should levy heavy tax on luxurious products, and encourage
people to use bus service instead of private cars. To individuals, we may establish the family
planning to control the growth of the population. Furthermore, we should publicize the importance
of obeying the traffic regulations among people by education, and form the civil health lifestyle.
To conclude, with the joint effort of people and governments, I am sure the traffic problems will
be improved.

Version 40
Many people argue that in order to improve educational quality continuously, students are
encouraged to make comments or even criticism on teachers. Others think the respect and
discipline in the classroom will disappear. Which opinion do you prefer?

There is dispute over whether or not students are encouraged to make comments or even criticism
on teachers. Some people maintain that it is a good way to improve educational quality, whereas
others are confident that if students do it, the respect and discipline in the classroom will disappear.
Every man will hesitate but if asked to make a choice between the two. I would not hesitate to
choose the former over the latter.
There are some major causes for it. In the first instance, the improvement of students is the final
goal of education. Only by giving comment on teachers‟ performance can let teachers know the
process of students‟ development clearly. Furthermore, the criticism is the stimulus to teachers‟
self-perfection and improvement in educational quality. Last but not least, the criticism itself is a
kind of feedback and communication between teachers and students, lack of which will affect the
educational outcome afterwards.
Although each coin has two sides, weighing the pros and cons of the argument, I‟m inclined to
agree with the former point of view although it has posed a tremendous challenge to teachers and
thus the entire educational system.
If the students have courage to make comments on their teachers, they will have more confidence
to conquer the difficulties in the future. As a Chinese proverb says,“the waves behind drive on
those behind, so the new excels the old.”Teachers will find their own disadvantage in the teaching
to again and again.

Version 46/82
Scientists are doing experiments on live animals for the purpose of research nowadays. Some
people believe that this is not only cruel but also unnecessary; others think it is in the interest of
mankind as a whole. Discuss

Along with the development of society, more and more phenomena have been brought to our
attention. Some people believe that experiments on live animals are of cruelty, arguing the fact
that this kind of research is unvalued. However, other people who stand on a very different ground
firmly point out that it is beneficial to human beings. From my point of view, I do strongly support
the latter idea.
The first reason can be seen by every person is that result of experiments on some certain animals
can help scientists. Scientists can determine whether these sorts of substance which are used in
laboratory are feasible or not by analyzing the reaction of the animals. Sometimes, it is not only
the best way but also the only approach due to danger of the experiments that could not occur on
the human being.
The second reason for my propensity for the above statement is that the scientists can keep
researching with different ways. It is flexible and economical for experts to do it, even though they
fail to attain what they want. Furthermore, they may repeat process more easily.
Finally, this kind of experiments will let people know more about themselves, which is a lot in
common between human race and animals. Therefore, the results of research can help people to
get further knowledge about mankind.
However, on the other hand, we cannot deny that some people want to reach their achievements
by killing the animals cruelly. So something has to be done to improve the technology and
equipments in laboratory, meanwhile, to make sure these behaviors are legal.
Judging from above evidence offered, we can see animal experiments do more good than harm to
us. These processes play more and more important roles for the people's future.

Version 60/83
Many people stay off working and studying. What reasons cause stress and how to solve it?

It has been widely noted that nowadays people tend to feel stressful as a result that they stay off
working and studying. This has become a serious problem so we have to pay attention to it. In my
view there are two main factors contributing to this problem.
In the first instance, physical deficiency leads to stress. Malnutrition and insomnia can cause body
dysfunction for stress. We all have an experience that after a sleepless night, we are of tension the
whole day.
Secondly, fierce competition in work and society causes people‟s uneven mood for a raining day.
People have to work hard and learn more in order to adapt to the fast pace of modern life and
make enough money to support their family. No one wants to be out of date and thus be eliminated
by the society.
In the view of above, I think some measures need to be taken to solve this problem. First and
foremost, we should build up a healthy lifestyle. One hand we keep early hours. On the other hand
we ought to eat a variety of food then we can get more nutrition.
Furthermore, we need to find different ways to relax ourselves when we face severe competition.
We can choose mental abundance by filling-up or cover-up to renew our knowledge. We also can
choose travel. Travel can widen our vision and broaden our minds. A deep impression is left on
you by traveling which dispels your gloomy mood.
All in all, there are many reasons causing people to stay off studying and working. However
people will come to a new area through different ways to relax themselves

Version 62
Task 2: The world of work is changing rapidly. Working conditions today are not the same as
before and people no longer rely on taking one job for life. Discuss the possible causes of these
changes and give your suggestions on how people should prepare for work in the future.

There is much discussion nowadays as to whether or not the working conditions today are the
same as before and people rely on taking one job for life. Diverse contributing factors can be
identified. In the following, I would like to show my point of view.
Most important of all, with the development of science and technology, the structure of work force
has changed seriously. For example, people no longer need to do some heavy work by themselves.
Instead, they can use machines. Thus, they could transfer to other positions.
On the second thought, competition in any fields has become more and more intense, so it is hard
for one to keep his or her position without learning anything new and useful. Therefore, in order to
fit the new situation, people shouldn‟t be satisfied with their present conditions. They should
absorb many things that they may have no idea before. Gratifyingly, more and more people are
now trying to improve themselves by having courses after work and even sacrifice their rest time
in purpose of gaining a good job.
As a proverb goes, “Where there‟s a will, there‟s a way.” It is inevitable that the world of work is
changing rapidly. Nevertheless, if we determine to improve and perfect ourselves volitionally, I‟m
sure there is a way in front of us.
Version 68
Many people say that we have developed into a “throw-away society”, because we are filling up
our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To want
degree do you agree with this opinion and what measures can you recommend reducing this
There is growing tendency nowadays for people to produce much more garbage than before. Some
people hold an opinion that this leads to a throw-away society, for too many plastic bags and
rubbish that can not fully dispose of threaten to overwhelm us. Personally, I agree with this
opinion for the following reasons.
When we come to think about it, there are only three ways we can deal with rubbish. Dump it,
burn it and change for something useful. However, no matter which way we choose, one thing is
certain that garbage is everywhere. In the first instance, we throw useless things to garbage bins
and sometimes we leave a trail of rubbish. When lorries carry waste to bury them, problems
seemingly are solved. However, a lot of harmful things in these garbage dumps pollute our land.
For instance, a set batter could turn fertile lands within 50 square meters into a barren desert. The
second method is to burn it. As we fire rubbish, harmful gas is released to air. These poisonous
substances pollute not only our health but also our atmosphere. Additionally, the last way we can
choose is to turn garbage into something we can use again, which sounds a good idea. In fact,
advanced recycle technology will cost a huge sum of money. We sometimes get low quality.
In view of the above reasons, I would recommend that some measures should be taken to end this
serious problem. On the one hand, government should make some laws to protect the environment.
Environment authorities can fine people who bury harmful garbage under land or fire it. On the
other hand, government can establish a fund helping environment organization to do recycle
research. Last but not least, the public should be further educated to recognize the seriousness of
the problem. Once people know protection environment is their responsibility, they would not ask
shop assistants to pack goods in plastic bags or they prefer to use low quality recycled
All in all, there are so many problems existing for environment pollution. If we can do this, we
can be assured that we will have a better and cleaner would in future.
Version 71
Compare the advantage and disadvantage, choose three of the following item as media for
communication information and give your preferred one, which you think the most effective.
Cosmic books film radio Television Theater.

The progression of media is inevitable and undeniable. Today we use a variety of media for
communicating information. In the following essay, I will discuss the pros and cons of TV, film
and books as forms of public media
In the first instance, books are a useful way of communication information. A book is obviously
conveniently portable. You can read book wherever you are and anything you want however, this
form of communication information has some limitations.
Movies are very popular nowadays even though since early last century they have begun to
flourish and served as a form of communication information. Films provide vivid pictures to
audiences as a means of education. From movies we can learn much about place and its things that
we are never able to visit. Films also improve our mental edification. Movies based upon novels
help us to appreciate literature. However, every coin has two sides. Going to cinema entails
extravagant cost and film audiences take no initiative. They make choice is limited.
I think among the three kinds of media, TV is the most effective medium for communication
information. Firstly, TV is not only a convenient source of entertainment but also a comparatively
cheap one. Secondly, TV also offers serious instructive programs. The most distant counties and
strangest customs are brought right in your room. There are many arguments against TV.
Flickering pictures are harmful to eyesight. Once people become addicted to TV, it will separate
relationship among family members.
The above discussion brings us to a conclusion that TV, books, film has both positive and negative
effects. What we should do is make sure that the positive ones are encouraged and negative ones
are eliminated as far as possible.

Version 72
Some people say that children should be disciplined in their early age, and punishment should be
used. To some extent do you agree? What kind of punishment can be used by teachers and parents?

There is dispute over whether the punishment has to be used to discipline the children in their
early age. Some maintain that punishment will do nothing to young and force ideas upon them,
whereas others are confident that it is one of the most efficient means to discipline children. For
my part, I share the latter point of view, and I give two major reasons why this is so:
First, punishment can teach children right from wrong. Everyone was born with no consciousness
of right and wrong, he or she should be taught through such proper method as punishment, which
is a direct way to make one sure what he did has lead to a bad result. Since that, punishment gives
child a strong impression and lets him be well disciplined initially.
Second, punishment can teach them a lesson to prevent similar mistake from happening.
According to the first reason I have mentioned, we know that punishment can influence children
deeply and make them be aware if they do wrong again.
However, we should encourage mental punishment rather than corporal one, which will lead to
children‟s anger and disgust towards parents‟ opinion. Some children, for example, become
furious for corporal punishment and leave apart from their parents without being disciplined. The
detailed methods include distraction of their pocket money, allocation of more housework or
deprivation of their entertainment time to some extent. No matter what kind of methods we take,
it‟s worth mentioning that children should not be deprived of their basic human rights through
Although each coin has two sides, weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I‟m inclined to
agree with latter point of view, as the latter plays an important role in children‟s growing.

Version 73
People can go to shop, bank and work with computer. But the danger of the computer is people are
getting isolated and losing some social skills. To what extent do you agree with this opinion?

The progression of computer is inevitable and undeniable. Nowadays computers also have become
a part of our daily life. Instead of leaving home to go to shop bank and work people can do these
at home by clicking the buttons. However, some people hold the opinion that it will cause people
isolated from each other and lose social skills. Personally I find it hard for me to agree with this
opinion by following reasons
In the first instance, computers are tool to communication with people instead of isolation from
the world. When we say a person is isolated it means that he is lonely and cut off the world.
However, people seldom have this feeling while they are surfing the Internet. On the contrary,
people tend to make more friends through the net.
Secondly, people also can acquire social skills on Internet. Communication on Internet has the
same purpose as face-to-face communication has. For example, through Internet we can send
greeting cards to our friends. Furthermore, sometimes it might be a better way of communication
on some occasions such as when you find it embarrassing to say sorry face -to-face we can send a
message of apology to your friend.
Last but not least, doing something through Internet actually spares more time for our social life.
Sometime we need to spend a lot of time shopping in department stores. Now we can save the
time and may visit our friends.
In general, computer just make our life more colorful so we don‟t need to worry about the changes
its may bring to us. Especially most of these changes are positive.

Version 76
Happiness is considered very important in our life. Why it is difficult to define? What factors are
in achieving happiness?

It has been widely noted that happiness is very important to our life. However, what is happiness?
It seems difficult to define, for different people have different ideas. Some people are brought up
that most important thing in their life. They obtain happiness from seeking fame and profit. Other
people are in pursuit of mental edification. They serve people heart and soul and find happiness
from it.
In my view, according to philosophy, everything is in process of development including happiness.
We spare no effort to achieve our goal and obtain happiness from success. However, after that we
have another new aim to achieve. There is no limit to gaining lasting happiness.
Then how to obtain happiness? I think true happiness can be got in the following ways:
In the first instance, true happiness comes from hard work. A student is very happy when he has
gotten high score in his examinations. His happiness is the result of his hard and patient study.
Thus, happiness abounds in hard work.
Secondly, happiness is rooted in optimistic attitude. In our daily life, we should face a lot of
problems, which may lead to setbacks. If these defeatist sentiments seize us, happiness will be far
away from us. The only way is right attitude and sparing no effort to overcome it then you can
find happiness.
Last but not least, happiness comes from frugality. Many example display people spending money
wastefully for satisfaction of their desires may suffer from poverty in the long run. So living a
simple and content life makes one happy and cheerful.
All in all, happiness is very important to our life. The good method to find happiness is making
our mentality and physicality both strong.

Version 78
Since cities have changed a lot, the size of the cities has grown enormously. Discuss the causes
and consequence of the enormous size of cities.

Nowadays, the maps of cities are updated frequently. With the development of city, more and
more suburbs become parts of the city. When the cities in the world are amplifying constantly,
people discuss the topic hotly, the causes and consequence of the enormous of cities. Different
people have different answers by their respective views.
In my opinion, the evolution of society and the development of economy result in the growth of
the vast size of cities. Since the number of population in every city is increasing continually,
people need a large amount of space to live in. With the progress of the technology, the output of
crops rises sharply. Fewer and fewer farmers are required, as a result, more and more villages
urbanize. The growth of the cities brings us many huge changes.
There are more job opportunities in the cities. For instance, China will hold the Olympic Games in
Beijing in 2008. The government is amplifying the size of Beijing to build new gyms in order to
hold it excellently. Obviously, people in the cities could gain a lot of new jobs.
Of course, the enormous size of cities also has bad effects. Pollution is becoming more and more
serious all over the world with the amplification of the cities. For example, the poisonous gas sent
off by factories and automobiles has made the air unhealthy for people to breathe. Water waste
keeps pouring into rivers and lakes; as a result, many water species are dying out. Furthermore,
more people the city have, more rubbish we can find.
In a word, since each coin has two sides, we should be acquainted clearly with the reasons why the
size of the cities has grown enormously and what it will bring us. Thus, we could make full use of
the positive effects and overcome the negative effects.

Version 81
We will have intelligent machine-robot in the future to do the work instead of human beings. State
the possible benefits and dangers of it for a university lecturer.

(Sample 1)
The progression of technology is inevitable and undeniable. There also has been discussion as to
advantages and disadvantages of intelligent machine-robot. Many people have, on different
occasions, voiced their opinions, which understandably vary from one to another. I would like to
discuss the pros and cons of automated machines in the following.
In the first instance, robot can do lots of jobs for human beings, which saves the labor force to be
engaged in other aspects. With the widening use of robots, more and more automated machines
have replaced human labor. Computer manages our banks and the tickets at the airport are issued
by machine-robot. In addition, the robots have entered offices, departments and houses to help
people to work smarter and smarter and to enjoy longer and longer leisure hours in their own
homes. The computerization certainly relieves human beings from heavy labors.
However, each coin has its two sides. Intelligent machine-robot in the future to replace human
being‟s work has its obvious dangers. Firstly, too many machine-robots will make many workers
out of work. A danger arises upon use of more machines, the more workers will be unemployed
and lower our living standard will become.
Secondly, what‟s worse, being lenient in robots will make them become the most advanced
creature in the world. It has a high probability that robots will dominate our world just like what is
shown in the scientific movie.
In conclusion, it has both positive and negative effects. What we must do is make sure that the
positive ones are encouraged and negative ones are eliminated as far as possible.

(Sample 2)
The modern trend of the development of the modern industry is towards automation. With the
wide use of computer techniques, the production of robots has become increasingly faster. It is
forecast that robots will come into our daily life in the near future. Some people think it is a
blessing that life could be easy with the help of robots, while others believe it is a curse.
I agree with the former. Although automatic machines are getting more and more powerful and
widespread, there are still jobs that they will be capable of doing. For example, many tasks depend
on original judgment that can only be made by humans. People are the masters of robots. If some
of the performance of robots proved to be evil and guilty, it is not their fault, nor is the scientists‟.
We can not blame nuclear power or Einstein for A-bombing. We can not criticize telephone or Bell
for certain annoying telephoning.
In fact, we have already felt the great charm of automatic machines. The automatic dog invented
in Japan, which is named Gigi, is very popular nowadays. It is wildly welcomed by not only
children but also adults, because it gives people great fun in raising pets, while they can get rid of
the troubles caused by their urban life. Different sizes of robots are also used in surgery operation
to overcome the limitation of human beings. We feel obliged that delicate eye operation can be
successful with the application of Artificial Intelligence.
Every coin has its two sides. In the science fiction, we have already experienced the disastrous
ending caused by improper management of robots. However, when we look deep into the story, we
find that disasters are generally caused by human desires. Scientific inventions and discoveries are
always spoiled by greedy politicians. Therefore, moral guidelines and law restrictions should be
set up to guide all kinds of human activities to prevent misdeeds of human beings. It is not a wise
idea to pour the baby out with the bathing water.

Version 84/86
As for elderly, living in caring house is better than living at home with young children. Present
your argument to illustrate whether you agree or disagree.

Nowadays more and more elderly choose living in caring house. Some people are of the opinion
that caring houses provide old people with a better environment than homes. Personally I agree
with this opinion for the following reasons.
In the first instance, caring house provides the elderly with comparatively first-rate facilities and
services, which the family is lacking in. Nowadays working couple need to face intense
competition, they need to make more money to support their family. As a result, working couple
have less time to care for old people especially when the elderly suffer from serious disease. On
the contrary, when old people live in caring houses, nurses can attend their need and advanced
facilities also provide a good treatment.
Secondly, in caring houses the older people can meet people of similar age group, taste and hobby
who know more about the elderly. The young generation often has a different life style from old
generation. Young people many feel other‟s presence would upset. Besides, the older people need
more serenity and rest while the young need more activities when the elderly choose living in
caring house they need not worry about this problem.
Last but not least, elder people living in caring house can maintain harmony of family atmosphere.
It is quite obvious that there is a generation gap between the older people and adult children. For
example, old people fear change. They adhere to the traditional principle and customs while young
people welcome new idea. They are always trying new things. It is inevitable that older people and
adult children might have different opinions on something. These differences might result in the
disagreement even discord.
From what has been discussed above, we may draw the conclusion that elderly people living in
caring house is a good practice not only for adult children but also for older people. However, it
does not mean children will give up the responsibility to care older people.

Version 86(G)
The one who do not know how to use computer become more and more disadvantageous. Show
the disadvantages and what action should government take?

Computer plays such an important role nowadays that it undeniably becomes the biggest concern
of the present-day world as a whole. With the steady growth in the hi-tech, as well as computer,
there is a growing tendency that man who does not know how to use the computer will become an
illiterate. As far as I am concerned, there are several major disadvantages for these people.
In the first place, without computer's help, someone may waste a large amount of precious time to
pay attention to complex calculation. It is believed that computer can do almost everything. It was
gradually used not only in mathematics, physics, chemistry and astronomy, but in places like
library hospital and military army to replace the works of man. Besides, a computer works much
faster and more accurately than man. Therefore, one who cannot use the computer always fails to
keep up with the development of modern society.
In addition, these kinds of people may lose opportunities that make new friends or contact with
outside world and new technology. It is very clear that lots of changes have taken place in many
aspects of people's lives because of the coming of the computer era. Multi-media and surfing
on-line provide people with chances to learn more about the world and up-dated information.
Moreover, sending E-mail seems to be the most convenient and efficient way to communicate
with families, relatives and best friends. Unfortunately all above will never happen in the life of
the layman.
In order to let everyone know about the computer skills, government should set forth solutions to
eliminate the number of these kinds of illiterates. First and foremost, it is suggested to open more
free related training classes, which can encourage people to cultivate the interesting of using
computers. What's more, it is stylish to advertise the benefits to learn the computer.
All in all, the future for the computer is very promising. We hardly imagine what our world would
be like without the computers.
Version 87(G)
A balanced diet, or eating balanced meals, is the key to a healthy life. To what extent do you agree
or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

Although a balanced diet is important, there are other factors that contribute to a healthy life.
People in some cultures do not eat a balanced diet, but use limited food sources. In addition, lack
of stress could well be as important as diet.
One culture-related reason concerns environmental or climatic conditions. The Inuit, in the Arctic
Circle, live in harsh surroundings and their major source of food for many months of the year is
fish. Nutritionists in industrialized countries would not consider their diet balanced or even healthy,
yet Inuit people have flourished in food from the sea for centuries. Another cultural reason is
religion-based. Many Hindus are vegetarians because of their religion. Again, many dieticians
claim that vegetarianism is unbalanced because humans need protein, especially from animals.
Hindus, however, seem to be quite healthy, suffering no ill effects from the lack of animal protein.
The major reason for disagreeing with the balanced diet argument, however, is to do with stress.
Even though people in the past did not always have a balanced diet, something existing only on
potatoes and bread, they lived healthy lives because there afflicts urban residents today. Secondly,
there is a large percentage of contemporary people who do their jobs, then relax in front of the TV,
and quite often eat junk food. But seem healthy enough. They may be spared disease by their
relatively stress-free lives.
In conclusion, although it is undeniable that a balanced diet is of some importance to health, there
are no doubt more factors that may get involved in affecting people‟s health in terms of living
environment, climate and stress in them.

Version 88
Creative artists should be given freedom to express their ideas (words, pictures, music and films.
However some people think government should take some restriction with them. To what extent
do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Give your reasons with own knowledge and give

The responsibility of an artist is to create artworks to cater for people‟s needs for aesthetics and
enjoyment. Some masterpieces by the world-renowned artists like Shakespeare, the greatest poet
in British literature; Vinci, the most famous Italian painter, architect and sculptor impress the
people around the world deeply. From my point of view, the government should not give
restrictions to artists. On the contrary, their creativity and innovation should be encouraged.
Creativity is the source of arts. The development of literature is a very vivid illustration. From
Classicism to Romanticism, from Renaissance to Realism, from Humanity to Post-modernism, all
the styles of literature reflect people‟s thinking and have epoch-making significance. Suppose
there were only one style of literature, people would not appreciate so abundant poetry and novels
and our world would become so monotonous.
Furthermore, restrictions on creativity will arouse tragedies, one of which is “Burn books and bury
the literati in pits” in Chinese history launched by Emperor Qin Shihuang, who buried the
Confucian scholars alive and prohibited the dissemination of Confucian. Another tragedy was
started by Emperor Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty, who killed many creative artists and
intellectuals, undermining the literal development and distorting the development of humanity.
History proves that only when a government encourages people to express their own idea and
thought freely, can its country make progress and prosper.
Finally, I will quote a classic sentence from a famous article entitled “Give me liberty or give me
death” by Patrick Henry, the greatest writer in American history, “I know not what course others
may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Version 90
Some reports have discovered the incidence of violence for young women is increasing. Give
possible reasons and recommendations to the situation.
It is reported that the proportion of young female criminal unfolds a steady increasing trend, and
women crime, especially the young female's delinquency has become a serious social problem
indeed. Young women, as the most peaceable parts of human, are always regarded as the last aim
by the police office. Why they go astray is mainly due to the two following reasons: one is their
own character peculiarity, the other is from social pressure.
As far as the former, for one thing, the female is sensitive to the trifles and sentimental to the reins
and loves. Sensitivity often puts them to the edge unnecessarily and forms extreme ideas, which
frequently leads to direct criminal. Frangibility of sensibility makes them so depressed and
despaired that they have a high probability to do the illegal behavior when they slip down in loves.
As for the latter reason, the social pressure comes of traditionally sexual discrimination and
survival competition. It is no denying the fact that the contemporary including the women are
confronted with the more severe competition than their ancestors were, and in addition to this
point, females still have to struggle with the deep-booted discrimination.
When young women make their debut in the society, all kinds of crises, trouble and pressure lay
them into flat, which compels them to avenge and relieve their feeling with lawless methods in
unassisted situation. Ponderance of young female criminal reveals long-term negligence to the
female's inner and outer circumstance. It is almost impossible to change female's nature, so the
society should take more care of women, especially for the young women. For example, some
psychological courses and the methods of solving problem are effective measures to adjust the
mood of women. In the meantime, prejudice to women should be out of the social stage and fair,
equal and friendly atmosphere should be set up, which can help women to take part in the formal
and rational contention. Additionally, the society should approbate the female's indispensable
position of community and encourage them to show their special aptitude and intelligence.
Undisputablely, the rising criminal rate of young women has relation to both females themselves
and irrational social phenomena. Care and equity are the best way to solve this increasing problem,
after all, they are less aggressive.
Version 91
Is it fair that sports professionals earn a great deal more money than people in other important
professions? Give both sides of reasons of the argument and give your opinion.

(Sample 1)
The 27th World Football Cup has concluded. People around the world enjoy great fun from the
excellent performance of the football players. But meanwhile, a new issue arises. Should athletes
have a high salary? From my point of view, I think they should get a good pay.
Firstly, the development of athletic level represents for the power of a country. Athletes make great
contributions to the society and earn great glories to their country. When our national anthem is
played in the stadium, we feel very proud of our country's strength. Therefore, a high salary is a
reward to the efforts athletes make.
Secondly, athletes devote themselves fully to the training and exercises. Every day, they do a lot of
exercises with a view to setting new record in the sports games. Athletes are apt to be hurt in the
matches, because some sports games are dangerous, for example, football, boxing and Wushu.
High pay guarantees prompt and good medical care if they get hurt.
Thirdly, the athletic career is very short. Many athletes retire when they are still quite young. High
salary can ensure that they can have a better life after they retire. If they want a further study, they
will have no financial burdens.
However, we have also noticed that some athletes cheat the referees and spectators in order to get
money. Some of them even bribe the judges and referees. The government must take some
measures to prohibit this kind of corruption.
To sum up, it is reasonable for athletes to get high salary, because they are worth of it.

(Sample 2)
Salaries should reflect people‟s dedication and job responsibilities. However, sports figures, who
don‟t benefit the community in general, earn millions of dollars each. In my opinion this is wrong.
Things should be done to change this situation.
If we take the example of a sport star such as Tyson, it is hard for us to say in what way he
benefits the society. In fact, his disobeying game rules set a bad example for young people, and his
abandoned behavior encourages people to experiment with sex and violence. Besides, his job does
not require special skills or years of training and education. Although he can entertain and excite
audience, I do not think he is justified to receive so much money and his job can be considered
On the other hand, most people in „ordinary‟ professions like nurses, doctors and teachers earn
only a small fraction of the income of these “stars”. However, if we give a careful look at these
professions, we will find that they not only require special skills and years of education but also
help the people and the whole society. For instance, teachers disseminate knowledge to the society;
doctors and nurses give patients good medical care and prolong their life. They are much more
useful, and actually more essential to society than sports personalities. Without these „ordinary‟
professions, our society would stop progressing. Their salaries should relate to skill, education or
the value of the individual to society.
Things should be done to make salaries fairer. Huge amounts of money shall be given to more
deserving people. It seems that the only solution is to impose heavy taxes upon people who earn
excessively high salaries.

Version 95
A lot of countries have schools that focus only on the males or females. What are the advantages
and disadvantages of unisexual schools?

(Sample 1)
Imagine being asked to spend twelve or so years of years of your life in a society that consisted
only of members of your own sex, how would you react? Unless there was something definitely
wrong with you, you wouldn't be too happy about it, to say the least. But the fact is that segregated
schools shoot up very rapidly around the world, furthermore, so many pare nts choose to impose
such abnormal conditions on their children- conditions which they themselves wouldn't put up
with for one minute!
Many sociologists and educationalists present their views on this issue from both sides. Those
advocates of segregated schools argue that children from segregated schools have greater
achievements academically. Socially in athletic and have greater self-confidence. Further, there are
many more practical advantages in segregated schools such as administration. Adolescent
problems can be dealt with better and more easily. Lastly in many countries, the most famous
schools are segregated. It is a wonderful proof of their worth.
On the other side, those advocates of co-education point out that any discussion of this topic is
bound to question the aims of education. One of the chief aims of education is equip future
citizens with all they require to take their places in adult society which is made up of men and
women. When segregated, boys and girls are made to feel that they are a race apart. Rivalry
between the sexes is fostered. Anyone entering adult society after years of segregation can only be
in for a shock. Segregated schools sometimes provide the right condition for sexual deviation and
make children lack of healthy attitude to life that co-education encourages.
To sum up, every coin has double sides but from my point of view, I believe that though
segregated schools have successfully existed for centuries it is about time somebody exploded that
hoary old myth about segregated schools being the better place for your children.

(Sample 2)
Boy schools and girl schools shoot up very rapidly both in foreign countries and at home. In China,
girl schools have enjoyed a very long history since one hundred years ago. Many sociologist s and
educationalists present their views on this issue from different angles. In this essay, I will zero in
on the advantages and disadvantages of the controversial phenomenon.
Some parents prefer to send their children to boy schools or girl schools in the hope that their
children can concentrate on study and acquire adequate knowledge and skills because unisexual
schools can make out appropriate curriculum and courses for students according to their sexual
characteristics. In some girl schools, students have a wider choice of courses such as dancing,
music, embroidery and drawing, which can cultivate their feminine elegance and charm.
Furthermore, students can devote themselves fully to their study and will not be distracted.
Campus love affairs are very common in the current society under the influence of media. Boy
schools and girl schools can eradicate contact between different sexes and purify the campus
Of course, some experts point out that boy schools and girl schools are not beneficial to the
adolescent development of students. They believe that boys or girls are likely to develop their
abilities and stimulate their imagination when they are studying with the opposite sexes. Besides,
students can cultivate their interpersonal skills. Some other people think that separating boys from
girls can cause some psychological problems to youngsters. Meanwhile, this separation affects
social progress and lead to sexism. Investigation shows that graduates from unisexual schools are
not aware how to get along with their colleagues in their career.
To sum up, everything has double folds. Unisexual schools are of no exception. From my point of
view, I think the existence of unisexual schools meets the need of some parents. But it is definitely
not a paradise for their children.

Version 97
Task 2: Some people regard animals as pets while others take them as the source of food and
clothes. How do you think of the situation?

If you are not a vegetarian and claim that you are an animal lover, no one will accuse you of
hypocrisy because it is easy to forget that a steak at the supermarket once formed part of a
livestock. This needn't make you too uncomfortable because you are in good company. You feel
even innocent enough to despise those who wear leather clothing or are enthusiasts for the hunt.
The conscience of us is appeased while we contribute a litter bit of food to animals in zoo or
donate one back to the Animals Conservation Association.
But what do you think of animals indeed? Some people only regard animals as the source of food
or clothes. Some people who cling to human's supremacy regard animals as low-grade creatures in
the earth. From my point of view, it is normal and inevitable that we human beings with greater
abilities kill some animals and eat them as wild animals do everywhere in the nature. The key
point is that we should do it in a more moderate way, on a scale that we show our respect to them.
Could you consider an animal as another God-given creature as yourself? Could you treat them as
a lion does to a deer, as a bird does to a beetle? Nature goes harmoniously except the presence of
humans. Only humans slaughtered other creatures as well as fellow creature in their millions. We
could have behaved better if there is a word 'respect' in our dictionary.
Those who have pets argue that they treat their pets as their family members. However, do you
like to be a pet of another creature? Do you like to walk with a leash around you neck in a street?
If you love animals in your heart, just give their liberties! Let them go where they used to live
instead of your magnificent house!
After all, every creature has equally only one chance to live in the world.

Version 99
Some people think that machine translation is highly developed in today‟s society. Therefore it is
not necessary for children to learn a foreign language. What‟s your opinion?

(Sample 1)
With the rapid development of modern science, computers have been playing a more important
role in our daily lives. It is such a worldwide trend that there is no exception for Chinese.
Many people regard the computer as the magic machine. It can solve many problems quickly and
efficiently, and best of all, it can translate all kinds of languages. By using the computer you can
just put ail the original versions into it and then you will get the fast translation. So some parents
raise doubts about the necessity for their children to learn foreign languages so hard any more.
At first thought, it seems that the computers can really help us to do so. But if you look in- sue the
matter deeply, you may find a different answer. First of all, machines can never replace mankind.
Computers are created by man and are controlled by human brains. We can never rely too much
on machines; otherwise we will become the slave of them one day. On the contrary, we need to
enrich our knowledge as much as possible so that we can catch up with the fast pace of the world.
It is very necessary to learn more languages so as to upgrade our abilities to follow the progress of
the world.
And furthermore, it will do good to children if they learn more languages. Both their brain and
their thinking modules can benefit from it. When they grow up, they can easily accept various
kinds of cultures and communicate with foreigners, which can favorably enhance the mutual
understanding and develop international brotherhood.
So, we can clearly see that, though computers can be good translators, people still need to learn
more languages with a view to improving their abilities and facilitating their future
communication with people from other cultures.

(Sample 2)
An argument occasionally these days is that some people often think machine translation can take
place of the children's study of a foreign language. As far as I am concerned, I can't totally agree
with this opinion.
It first comes to the point that machine translation is not high efficiency. The human language is so
complex that nowadays no such machine can translate one language to another sufficiently and
totally. The machine can only provide some words or pieces of half-baked sentences. So we
human beings, especially children, may not rely on this kind of machine, at least recently.
On the other hand, if the real machine that the whole sentence can be translated completely turn to
reality, children should not be taught not study a foreign language. The reason is the language
(especially speaking) is made up of not only the grammar and words but also tones and mood. And
when children are studying a language, he is not discovering an unknown area, but wild his logic
and ideation. Additionally, even if the machine will be out of work one day occasionally in future,
he can talk with other foreigners freely.
Frankly, the loss of language sensitivity is much popular these days. Many people's speaking and
grammar is terrible. Children often study wrong speaking from annoying TV programs and
untrained broadcasters. The invention of translation machine will make it worse. The problem
whether to teach the boys and girls foreign languages or not needs to be treated seriously.
In a word, in modern society the translation machine is stealing our sensitivity of the language.
People should do something to prevent the loss of language ability, especially in the childhood.

Version 100
Many people think that countries have a moral obligation to help each other, while other argue that
the aid money is misspent by the governments that receive it, so the international aid should not be
given to the poor countries in the world. Discuss the two views of international aid and give your
With the process of economic globalization, many countries and regions have strengthened
cooperation and liaison in the fields of industry, agriculture, trade and finance. In order to dedicate
to the mutual development, many developed countries spare no effort to help the poor countries by
means of technological, medical and financial aid, which, to my mind, is quite essential to the
development of the world.
Firstly, aids from developed countries optimize people's living standard and eradicate poverty in
the poor countries. Due to the backwardness of science and technology, people in some
undeveloped countries and regions such as Africa, Latin America and Asia suffer a great deal from
poverty, hunger and the scarce of water. International aids from developed countries have
improved their living environment and helped them with the development of agriculture, industry
and economy.
Secondly, international aids give good medical care and help promote hygienic condition in the
poor countries. Malaria, cholera and smallpox were once severe threats to people's health. With
the help of the World Health Organization and some developed countries, these diseases have been
eliminated soon and the residents in the infected areas survived these deadly diseases, which
would have devoured millions of lives without international aid.
Finally, aids to the undeveloped countries in turn benefit the donators. Due to the limitation of
natural and human resources, the production cost rises sharply in the developed countries. With a
view to reducing cost, many countries transferred their assembly lines and production bases to the
developing countries, which not only solves the problem of low rate of employment in the
developing countries but also make full use of the local resources.
Nevertheless, some countries are showing great concern about the mal-expense of their aid
aroused by bureaucracy and corruption of some governments. Therefore, the governments should
take effective measures to utilize international aids reasonably and prevent abuse. Only with the
help of international aids, can our world develop more quickly and prosperously.
Version 101
Traditional arts civilized a nation. Do you think government should subsidize musicians, artists,
actors or drama companies? What should a government do?
Traditional arts, as essential heritage of a nature, keep pace with our ancestors and us in a friendly
way by contrast with bloody and brutal events which abound in the historical museum. They in
existence for centuries have been offering generations chances to enjoy civilized pleasures.
However, from my point of view, it doesn't mean that we should blindly accept and maintain all
traditional views of arts of our elders or even protect them with sedulous care.
Some arts that the older generation remember vividly and enjoy are nothing more than past history.
Only those which have truly aesthetic value and have moved us to tears can survive until now. We
are lucky because they are in number by far. But it is supposed to be a trend that some of them are
disappearing far away from the modern society. So some people who are over anxious about it are
appealing to our government to give subsidies to the musicians, artists, actors and theatrical
companies. On my opinion, we needn't do so because anything in value can be completely
protected by it own value. Just think about Mozart and his great symphonies and operas which are
performed by hundreds of orchestras around the world everyday. Just take a look at Van Gogh's
works, each of which are sold in price of millions of dollars at auction. Not to mention numerous
contemporary respectable artists.
Furthermore, governmental subsidy is not a guarantee of a masterpiece. Carried to an extreme,
those subsidies may have a bad effect on their beneficiaries. It is difficult to draw a line between
necessary support and mollycoddling. And the latter is a ruin of a genius. It may be better to let it
go as it should be.
If our government really wants to do something, Great efforts should be made to introduce those
great traditional arts to the children. For instance, the government should sponsor the concerts and
exhibitions about traditional arts as frequently as possible. Everyone will surely enjoy the arts of
high quality no matter how old they are if he was offered a chance to have contract with them.
Version 102
Recently we are facing increasing number of cars, which poses great threat to the pedestrians and
cyclists. What‟s more, a lot of parks need to be sacrificed as a result of the construction of
railways and superhighways. Do you agree or disagree? What do you think is the best solution to
satisfy residents to their heart‟s content?

From the health point of view we are living in a marvelous age. A large number of once fatal
illnesses can now be cured by modern drugs and surgery. The expectation of life has increased
enormously. But though the possibility of a long and happy life is greater than ever before, every
day we witness the incredible slaughter of men, women and children on the roads. Man versus the
motor-car! It is a never-ending battle which man is losing provided that the number of vehicles
increases dramatically with years. Besides, we city-dwellers are obliged by our environment to
adopt a wholly unnatural way of life. We lose touch with the land and rhythm of nature. Only
electronic calendar in the computer may reminder you that it is spring or autumn because many
gardens have to make way to highway or expressways.
All the simple, good things of life like sunshine and fresh air are at a premium. Traffic fumes
pollute the atmosphere and the flow of traffic goes on unceasingly and the noise never stops and
thousands of people the world over are killed or horribly mutilated each year and our governments
are quietly sitting back and letting it happen.
When transportation corporations and motor companies have already made great effort to make
travel more comfortable and efficient governments should have concerned about how we can
make every dweller satisfied in terms of urban environment. With regard to selling vehicles and
transportation infrastructure plan, the laws of some countries are notoriously lax, which
contributes the extremely disorder in transportation. From my point of view, here are a few
examples of some of the things that might be done. The majority of roadways in cities should be
built underground to make room for public gardens and lakes. Great effort should be made to
develop public transportation. The tax on petrol should be increased. In addition, governments
should lay down a rule for manufactures of lowest price of vehicles. These measures may sound
inordinately harsh, but surely nothing should be considered as too severe if it results in a happier
life. After all, the world is for human being rather than motor-cars.
Version 103
Over the past 50 years, young people gain status and power but old people have lost. What is the
cause and is it a good development or bad development?

The knowledge-based society witnessed great changes over the past decades. Many young people
have taken the place of the old ones and gained political and financial power in the world. Bill
Gates, the director of Microsoft, Tony Blaire, Prime Minister of Britain and Bush, President of the
USA gives us vivid illustration. From my point of view, the trend is natural and inevitable.
Young people are energetic and vigorous. Most of them have received formal education in
university, where they acquired abundant knowledge and experience, which are quite essential to
their future career. Compared with young people, old people's knowledge is out-dated, which does
not fit in with the development of the current society. Old people react more slowly than young
people, who can always make quick judges and prompt decisions. Furthermore, young people are
more open-minded than old people who have a tendency of conservation. Therefore, young people
can adapt themselves to the changeable world more easily.
Obviously, this trend brings about both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, young
leaders and powers can inject vigor and new hopes to the world, which not only benefits the
development of global economy, but also establishes multi-lateral relation between the countries
in the world. On the other hand, young people still lack adequate experience and skills to deal with
sophisticated national problems and international relations. As a result, many young leaders in the
world are often criticized for lack of tactics by old people. Some young people are very radical
when faced with trouble. They still have a lot of things to learn.
Generally, old people should offer young guys opportunities to practice their abilities and talents.
At the same time, young people should learn from old ones modestly and make them more
Version 104=115
Wild animals are of no importance in the twenty-first century. Some people think that preventing
these wild animals from dying out is a waste of resource. To what extent do you agree or disagree
with this?

Biological diversity has never been so threatened as it is today as a result of the process of human
civilization. The various forms of pressure created by human activity have destroyed natural
balance, led to the deterioration of natural habitats, genetic erosion and the rarity, even
disappearance, of a number of plant and animal species.
As the pace of civilization accelerates, more people, taking more space, needing to use more
natural resources, engaging in ever-growing consumption, impose severe deterioration on the
habitat of animals. An increasing number of people come to realize that the disappearance of
animals will result in serious threat to the equilibrium of ecosystem. Simply put, the extinction of
hawks, a rat-eating bird seen in many regions, will result in the rapid propagation of rats. And rats,
further, will destroy the prairies and threaten the other animals like gazelles, zebras and others,
who live on grass and green lands. The coexistence of animals and human beings creates perfect
harmony and brings about the vividness to our planet.
It is hard to imagine what our world would be like without animals. Sociologists also point out
that the disappearance of animals can cause social and economic problems. Animal trade, as a
supporting sector to the world economy, was very active before. However, the situation is beyond
control since animal trade is very profitable and alluring. Many species cannot escape the
adversity of being killed.
Certainly, our diet cannot be without meat. There are living stocks, which can provide us with
sufficient and nutritious produce. Therefore, we need not to resort to wild animals, especially the
endangered ones. To protect animals is to protect our living environment. Every individual should
join efforts to keep the diversity of animals.

Version 105:
After the 911 event, the global economy has dropped rapidly. Somebody thinks that this
phenomenon is affected by the event. Do you agree or disagree? And what should your country's
state do?

The popular view all over the world holds that the 911 event has
greatly affected the economics not only in USA but also all over the world. Yet the truth that
global economic collapsed was not because people were disappointed and sad but because the
structure was not suitable for global production.
We know in the past 10 years the IT industry played an important role in US. The fast increasing
economic of US also encouraged the global industry because US was the Top1 country of inlet
that IT industry needed and hardware (especially processor) producer. However, the IT industry is
so vulnerable that any unpredictable factors such as earthquakes in Taiwan island in 2000 could
influence it (Taiwan collects most of the main board and EMS memory producers). The
relationship of the economics among the countries is like human being's nerve system. Once a
place turn wrong, the others will feel pain. So it is true that the 911 is a main signal of economic
depression instead of the cause.
Additionally, we can say the phenomenon is a 'symptom' of the weakness. Taking a look at the
structure of economics in US, we will find out that it's like a pyramid. The IT has taken up so
many places on the top that when the bubble economic is broken, the confidence of people will
have gone with the wind.
Fortunately, Chinese are not greatly suffered from it as other western countries because China is
also a big agriculture country. But to avoid the incident like 911 and the economic depression the
department of the state should make slightly control on the fast developing of some industries and
enact a law.

Version 106
Although it is a freedom to use tobacco while some people think it should be made illegal as the
same way as other drugs. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What‟s your opinion?

(Sample 1)
It is an undeniable fact that using tobacco will be harmful to your health. Especially is an effective
method to suicide for that group of addictive people. But I think it is not equal to other illegal
drugs which should be forbidden although it has so many drawbacks.

A colorless, poisonous alkaloid endanger lung and respiratory, derived from the tobacco plant and
used as an insecticide,NICOTINE is the substance in tobacco to which smokers can become
addicted, difficulty explaining the strange effect make people calm down. It is considered a good
method to relax nerves in this society. All of the severe pressures like fierce competition,
unemployment threat, and extravagant expenses almost make everyone collapsed from exhaustion.
Like cats on the hot bricks, these poor human seek various methods to release themselves. It
seems like a good way to indulged themselves with drinking and smoking,dippy with a
confusedly condition. Few people stand in a firm position criticize its negative way because
smoking would not make people lose mind and go to a dead lane, or disturb social system. .

Different with cigarette, drugs not only lead to death, but also is a severe social problem needs to
solve. In order to get a sudden huge profit, the mafia imposed on the druggy that need this narcotic
extremely, to do illegal bargaining by any kinds of means. Selling drugs, murder, all of these
would disturbance of the peace by criminal force from many countries, like Italian. Not only is
this, the worst thing countless families destroyed, sadness and darkness around them. And that
brings on instability and chaos to the society directly.

All in all, the essential measurement is government should investment fund and labor force to
reinforce legal system construction and social management. Impose penalty and improve social
awareness and consciousness are the necessary condition. As for the private thing like smoki ng,
we can do nothing except propaganda and education.

(Sample 2)
Medically, tobacco has been told distinguishingly from drugs. Nevertheless, there has been an
on-going argument about whether or not tobacco should be made illegal as drugs. After close
inspection, I would like to support the legalization of tobacco for the following reasons.

The main reason is that tobacco is an absolutely different concept from drugs in terms of the
toxicity. Drugs, such as heroin, can drive people who take it insane and out of mind. And the
damage is both mental and physical. In contrast, despite all those tobacco-related diseased,
tobacco do far less harm to people than drugs do. What‟s more, in our daily life, many other things
are doing potential damage to people. For instance, chemical detergent polluted the underground
water and vegetable, causing the toxin accumulating in our body. Therefore, judging only by the
number of diseases tobacco will bring won‟t be a reasonable method; we can‟t equate tobacco
with drugs.

In the second place, smoking has been part of life of many people. Most male smokers admit that
they will get refreshed after taking a cigarette, especially when a hard work is just over. Some old
people smoke just for relaxation and killing the time. Lao She, a famous Chinese litterateur, said
that he wouldn‟t have got inspiration until smoking a cigarette. And, surprisingly, he has lived a
long life of 92 years! It‟s evident that the saying: smoking will shorten people‟s life is
unnecessarily true.

What is still worth mentioning is that tobacco has been a pillar industry in some countries. For
those economies, a majority of trade volume owe to the export of tobacco. Besides, the sum of
taxes handed in by tobacco businesses is huge and can be used in the domestic instruction.
Suppose that, some day, tobacco is forbidden and made illegal, which means a collapse of the
gigantic industry and millions of laid-off workers.

From what has been cited above, we may safely draw the conclusion that tobacco can never ever
made illegal. However, there are still some efforts we can make: printing the words—smoking is
harmful to your health—on the package of cigarette.

Version 107=Version 113
Some people believe that students who want to go to university after graduation from high school
should have about one year‟s time to get a job to obtain working experience or have a travel to
enlarge their vision. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion?

It is reported that average families' expenditure on education is increasing. Yet,how to educate
children in a right way always obsessively bothers us. A practice has been suggested that students
should spend one year working or traveling to gain practical experiences before taking tertiary
education. There are some advantages to taking one year to work or travel after high-school
In general, high-school graduates are less than 20 years old without professional knowledge.
When they take their places in society, only the low-paid or laborious job offers are available.
After one year of hardships and humiliations, their desire for being equipped with specialized
knowledge would inevitably grow greater, turning into powerful force to drive them on cherishing
their further education. Next, travel can enlarge one's vision, and students can apply what they
have seen or heard into their college curriculums/subjects, helping them better understand
theoretical knowledge.
On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to working or traveling before going to university.
First, high-school graduates are too young to distinguish the good from the bad. It is common that
Generation Y likes hanging out with friends; they move from one group to another and their
friendships change over a period of a few weeks or months. Therefore, in society the probability
of getting involved with evildoers is pretty high. It is said that the young are easy to become
illegal drugs takers if misleading guidance is conducted. Second, to travel for one year is too
expensive for people from all walks of life, not to mention that students' financial sources are
chiefly from their parents.
Besides, one-year travel means you have to be on a move for a long period from one city to
another, even from one nation to another. Eventually you may not be able to calm down to
concentrate on your studies after the journey.
In conclusion, advantages of working or traveling for a long time before further education are
obvious but not doable. In my opinion, to work at a very young age might result a hazardous
social life and to travel for one year will increase financial burden to the family, hence to educate
children in a row can mould them into sensible human resources.
Version 108(A) (Old edition)
Nowadays there are various methods to relieve the pressure in modern life. Some read or exercise,
others work in their gardens. What do you think are the best ways of reducing stress?

During the past decades great difference to salary and other material things led to the same weight
of pressure to modern people. It's too hard to bear it that many people even chose killing
themselves. In this article I am going to introduce some effective relaxing ways to readers.
In the first place the reading is chosen to free our minds. A good book will do a pretty well job to
some people especially the clerisy. People suffered from the pressure which is caused by boss,
taxes and such bores may feel themselves released when they are reading a chef oeuvre.
There are also other kinds of methods that can do this work, such as exercise, gardening and tou r.
As it comes to me, wild adventure is also a good function to release myself. Sometimes I will go
to some famous mountains and interesting places. As you can see, it is not difficult to find such
places in China. In the last National Day vocation I went to the Thaibaishan Mountain, a
well-known mountain which is located miles of Xi'an city in Western Shanxi Province. It is
famous not only for its height (about 4,000metres) but also because of great scenes that can be
seen from the top of the mountain and the history that it was once a volcano thousands of years
ago. I think I was entirely struck by magnificent scene near the great lake on the top (in fact it is a
crater). Even now I could remember the moment the sun jumped out from the horizon! Feeling
like standing on the top of the world I felt so comfortable that as if I have got rid of all the
pressure of my courses.
In a word, I prefer choosing the reading and wild adventure as my favorite ways to reduce stress
on me. I do recommend these two ways to other guys who are sad and has lost his confidence on
his work because I think both of them did play effectively.
Version 108(A) (New edition)
Some people said the government shouldn't put money on building theatres or sports stadiums.
Instead, it should spend more money on medical care and education. Do you agree or disagree?

There is a growing tendency these days for the government to put money on building theatres or
sports stadiums. Some people criticize that the money of the government should be using to
maintain the medical care and education. As such a time, it is not right to spend government
money on entertainment projects.
According to Maslow‟s theory, both medical care and education belong to lower layer of needs. As
for these less developed and developing countries, settlement of physiological needs for essential
services is more significant than spending extravagant mount of money on amusement. Medical
care is the guarantee of our health. Education is the foundation of our career. We all may agree a
person who has neither health nor career will pay no attention to a film or sport‟s match.
In addition, with burgeoning of some Very Important Powers, the genuine aim of space recreation
has been converted to those profitable items for interests. For instance, the professional sportsmen
respond to provide entertainment without question. They have paid enough attention to
profitability while less devoted to the spirit of athletics.
On the other side, the government should not neglect culture. With the improvement of people‟s
living standard, the spiritual demands of them become more considerable. They live not only in a
material world, but also in a spiritual one.
To sum up, at this stage, the government should stress the economic development with regard to
the medical care and education. It is only a matter of degree and it is for the government to decide
how much money should be spent on building theatres and sports stadiums.

Version 108(G)=Version 118(A)
The gap of living in cities and the countryside is larger and larger. What are the reasons in your
country and how to reduce the differences?

As the step of economic development accelerates, the gap between the city and the countryside
becomes more and more overt, which arouses colossal concerns. Take a further look at the
phenomenon, there are three major causes.
Firstly, the insufficiency of investment in the rural areas accounts mainly for the issue. China, for
example, covers a very large area. Due to the emphasis on the development in the coastal areas,
the government devotes more investment in the large cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing and
Guangzhou. The investment, undoubtedly, is repaid by the threefold increase of economy and
commerce in these cities. However, this is not the case in the rural areas and the western regions.
The lack of investment barriers the productivity and economic development and sharpens the gap
between the city and the countryside.
Secondly, the low education level in the rural areas contributes partly to the gap of living.
Education is the prime force of productivity. Keeping this in mind, many countries and
governments give priority to the development of education. China‟s education witnessed a rapid
growth in the past decade. However, the education level in the countryside still keeps very low.
The enrollment of primary schools and secondary schools is much lower compared with the
advanced regions, not to mention the developed countries in the world. Without good education,
the development of economy and technology would be a dream difficult to be realized.
Finally, the influx of migrant workers to the cities from the countryside deteriorates the
undeveloped condition in the rural areas. The life style in the urban areas is very attractive to the
people in the countryside. To seek more working opportunities, many people abandon the fertile
lands and leave them uncultivated. If the situation continues, it will lead to serious unbalance of
economic and regional development.
To sum up, only when the government renders more concerns over the issue can the gap between
the cities and the countryside be bridged.

Version 109
The computer are widely used in education,and some people think teacher are not playing an
important role in the classroom. To what extent do you agree with it?

As one of the greatest inventions in the history of human beings, computers have played a more
and more important role in modern life. It is widely used more efficiently and conveniently in
various fields including education. So some people think teachers are not playing an important
role in the classroom. I disagree with this point of view for some reasons.

Computer can provide education by its comprehensive knowledge especially fast data-process and
precise computation which can solve many problems. But overuse and dependence on it will lead
to children‟s less creativity, flexibility and self-motivation.

Undoubtedly this magic box can make our life more versatile with interpersonal services and
entertainment. But it will be harmful to that kind of children who are lacking in immunity system
and addicted to net games. Even worse, pornographic and subversive items will cause them to go

Education is an intercommunication tool which needs ideas between teachers and students. But an
intelligent machine merely performs teaching program accurately instead of analyzing feedback
data or combining the data together, none to speak of teaching students in accordance of their
aptitude and different levels individually.

Teachers not only teach theoretical knowledge but also tell us some practical things, right from
wrong, even some essential principles to be a good person as instructors. Communicating with
students by language, vision contact, even gesture, the access of teaching is efficient and of
humanization. Question and answer is the best way to check the effect after teaching, debating
with teacher and other students can improve self-confidence and thinking ability.

Who can imagine the children sitting in front of screen in whole day in the future, tedious and
boring, which makes them like a stick! Perhaps everybody will miss the kind or strict teachers in
their childhood who influenced them almost throughout their life.
Version 110
With the fast pace of globalization, the whole world has become a global village with combination
of different cultures. What are the reasons for losing a variety of languages and cultures? Think of
some solution to alleviate the problem.

(Sample 1)

The progression of globalization is inevitable and undeniable. It has been widely noted that many
of the world‟s languages and cultures are dying out. To seek the solution, we should take a closer
look at the causes first.

Most important of all is the objective reason. The essence of globalization is commercialization
and centralization. It is convenient in communication that some prevalent languages and cultures
have its predominance, which makes superior of the senior and inferiority of the junior. That leads
to deterioration of some minors. These languages and cultures will be overlooked and devalued
until they completely die out.

As concave and convex sides of a nutshell, it has subjective reason. With the burgeoning of some
VIPs, many migrants have swarmed into the dreamlands due to economic drive and stimulation,
meanwhile engaged in local culture perspective and discarding their native languages and cultures
as a „betrayal‟.

Hence this is a problem which must be solved as soon as possible. We should remind the world of
versatility of the minor cultures through popular media such as music, artifacts or historical
heritage, thus renovating the music festivals artistic activities and museums. In addition, le t more
people, especially the young men, use their own language.

Never tiring, never yielding, never finishing. We make the purpose, to prevent losing world‟s
cultural and linguistic diversity. “This way a long, tapering, strip of bark can be peeled up t o the
length of the tree, leaving the tree to heal and continue to grow,” says the United Nations
Environment Programme Report.

(Sample 2)

With the pacing the world, globalization is no longer a myth. Nowadays, it is growing at a terrific
speed. Each country has combined to be a global village. Languages and cultures are penetrating
each other and we are losing a variety of them. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

The first reason can be seen is that the great flow of migration. Globalization has helped open the
world‟s borders, permitting more and more people in small countries to immigrate to other big
countries. As the need of working and living, they have to mix new culture with their own culture
and use the new language more often. Gradually, they lose their own custom.

The development of technology and economy, however, is the most important factor. The
high-tech products in developed countries possess a leading position in the international market
due to the globalization. Almost all the people in the world are enjoying the benefits of these
products are more multinational corporations are emerging. This is not only a high-tech
penetration but also a cultural invasion. People begin to be interested in these developed countries
in an earlier age. They learn the language and culture of these countries, which will aid them to
find a good job in the multinational corporations.

To alleviate the dilemma, the following suggestions should be taken into consideration. In each
country, a variety of cultural festivals should be held at a regular time such as poem or music
festivals. Through this way, the traditional culture will be kept from generation to generation.
Government should pose the consciousness of preserving traditional culture for inhabitants.

In the final analysis, we should keep our own language and culture with the fast pace of

Version 111
Research indicates that the characteristics we were born with have much more influence on our
personality and development than experiences we have had in our life. Which do you think is the
major influence?

Human's endeavor in researching on factors affecting one's personality and development has
offered quite a great amount of proofs. My position may provide you with a clear notion that
nurture plays a far more important role in one's development.
Reportedly there was a maid, a countryside girl with only an educational background of primary
school, working for an American professor who worked in Shanghai Jiaotong University, China.
After two years of stay at the learned and exotic surroundings, amazingly this plain girl could
speak fluent English and started to help the host to receive and send e-mails to his students. When
the professor left for New York later, soon she sought a post at a multinational firm. This example
clearly reveals a common truth: appropriate nurture can turn an average person to be competent.
I will then go on to examine my position by offering other facts. It is well believed that overseas
graduates who once furthered their education in foreign universities are taking incredible places in
China because these elites have a broader way of thinking and their bilingual and creative
capabilities have proved themselves much better than domestic ones. In contrast, some people
show their linguistic talent by precisely speaking a variety of dialects but still lead a poor life
because no foreign language learning process has been conducted for them.
To sum up, the competence of a former maid and the qualities of overseas Chinese students
already illustrate an undeniable fact: a right way of nurture can mould one to be outstanding whilst
extraordinary nature without nurture is a waste of resource.

Version 112
Some people believe that in order to give opportunities to new generation companies should
encourage high level employees who are older than 55 to retire. Do you agree or disagree? Give
your reasons and personal experience.

Recent years have witnessed the tendency that companies, in order to give opportuni ties to new
generation, tend to encourage high level employees who are older than 55 to retire. After
pondering this phenomenon on many occasions, I finally reach the opinion that this trend is
something worthy to be advocated and I cannot skip it. Inevitably, there are numerous reasons that
count. I would like to expose a few of the most conspicuous ones as follows.
The point on the top of my list for my propensity is that young people, physically, are more
vigorous and energetic than elder ones. That is to say, young employees are more reliable when
saddled with heavy burdens, which the elder cannot withstand due to their physical condition.
Confronted with the work of high density, the elderly are inclined not to catch up with the steps of
the young who may accomplish their mission swiftly and adroitly.
Another factor we cannot neglect is that young people are more prone to achieve outstanding
academic performance with formal education. In case of the youth, they live in a world with the
burgeoning of computer science and high-advanced technology, so it is easier for them to access
the avant-courier and to accept it. On the country, in case of the people in their later middle age,
they are more apt to be conservative and what they have learned are most probably to be behind
the time. All of these make it rational for them to be taken the place of.
Also, it is sagacious to keep an eye on the crucial cause that young employees, mentally speaking,
are rich in creativity, flexibility, and self-motivation. Owing to the strength in body, they are
always ready to find new ways to solve the problem they meet, which will contribute a lot to the
company not only to survive in the fierce competition but also to maintain sustainable
To put all into a nutshell, though I do not mean that the aged employees who own the abundance
of routine practice and social experience are neither rhyme nor rhythm, from what I have
presented above, we can safely draw the conclusion that it is advisable to give opportunities to
new generation in companies and incorporations.

Version 114(G)
Some people prefer to stay in the same job for the same company, but others prefer to change jobs
frequently. You should use specific reasons to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both

Nowadays very few people intend to go in for a life-time career. Still there are some advantages to
doing so.
Merits of always taking a position can be examined by three aspects. First, if you stick at taking a
post, all angles of the job will have appeared; after some time, you will definitely have a good
command of it. Consequently you may become a veteran of the field and earn respect or prestige
from others. Second, you can establish an extensive social connections relating to the field,
helping you tear down most of the barriers standing in the way of your working endeavor. Finally,
mistakes of the routine tasks would be minimized because you have learned the lessons.
On the other hand, I would like to illustrate the advantages of experiencing different jobs. Initially,
we look at the issue of bribery. Many high-level staffs are inclined to accept bribes via power in
hand. However, if he knows that someone else will soon take his place, such acts can be avoided.
We then look at work motivation. If one works for the same company for a long time without
promotion, he may get sick and tired of doing the same daily routine. Nonetheless, a manager
should have qualities of a sense of teamwork and the capability of coordination. Therefore, to try
various positions can help you gain ground to be promoted.
In summary, staying in the same post can cultivate one to cut out for the job but involve one in a
boring career while changing jobs frequently can be both advantageous by keeping bribery away
and providing one with more opportunities of promotion and disadvantageous by making mistakes
occasionally. In my opinion, people should seek a decent and good-paid job and pay little attention
to changing it.

Version 115(A)
Some people think killing animals for food is cruel and unnecessary and some people think is
essential for dairy diet. How do you think about the both issues? Discuss and give your opinion.

On the one hand, some animals can bring help and joy to humans. It is very common to see some
people play games with a dog or other kind of cute pets in a park. The laughter tells us how
enjoyable and harmonious it is to raise a pet in the family. It is well known that a fierce cat can
keep mice away from the family and a well-trained dog can lead blind people to walk in the street
without causing traffic accidents. For these reasons, these animals are our companions and killing
them, say, pets, is quit unacceptable.
On the other hand, many kinds of animals such as cattle and fowl are the source of food. It is
reported that without eating meat for a couple of months, one may suffer from deficiency diseases.
Eating an appropriate amount of meat every day is essential for keeping us healthily alive.
Moreover, meat-processed industry has enjoyed a boom for hundreds of years, and millions of
people are engaged in the relevant occupations. Hence any acts against this industry may result in
a considerable amount of lay-offs, destabilizing society.
Finally, I will conclude this debatable topic with my own opinion. Man is the supreme living thing
in the world. Humans have rights to take advantage of any kind of animals. Pets should not be
killed because raising pets can offer a more enjoyable and helpful family life, and people should
stick at eating traditional food like beef, poultry and pork owing to an essential need .

Version 115(G)
Young children should stay in Kindergarten or nursery schools so that their mothers can return to
work earlier. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion?

In the past, mothers usually stayed with children when they were young. However, nowadays with
more and more competition in society, mothers are deprived of most of the mothers‟ rights.
Therefore, kindergarten takes the job sharing mothers‟ jobs. Someone believes that staying in
kindergarten could be a wise choice for the present parents. However, the others doubt. I prefer to
children‟s studying in kindergarten. The reasons are as follows.
First of al, it‟s obvious that kindergartens can offer children more systematic education than
household teaching. The teachers have been well trained of children caring. The kindergarten
provides not only good teaching facilities but friendly and harmonious studying environment
where kids can play together and learn how to co-operate in a team.
Secondly, as children‟s parents have to make a living, they probably have no choice but to work
continually with no opportunity to study, which leads to no time spent on children caring. As a
consequence, to leave children in kindergarten must be a mutual way for both parents and their
Last but not least, to reduce financial burden of the family, mother had better return to work as
soon as possible for the cost of raising children and footing the bill of any consumption. That‟s
why so many young couples don‟t choose to have children earlier. It is a fact every couple has to
face and try figuring out the proper way to solve it.
In a word, I do support that young children should stay in kindergarten. And parents should return
to work earlier. It is not only good for parents but children as well.

Version 116
Nowadays, people can get almost any information from films, books or the internet, but some
information can have negative influences on young people and even our society. The foll owing
essay discusses whether there should be censorship of information in society or not.
To begin with, some information is harmful for children. Therefore we should protect children
from some information. By this I mean, children are easily influenced and they cannot distinguish
what is right or real and what is wrong or unreal, as they are immature, and hey probably imitate
what they have seen. As a consequence, we should protect children from some information such as
excessive violence or obscene material, so that they can grow up to be valuable members of
Another point to bear in mind is that some information which could be harmful to society should
be censored. For example, some material that encourages racism, violence or terrorism threatens
social security, and it might lead to some serious social problems, such as crimes. Therefore, the
government should ban this kind of information in films, books or on the internet.
However, people do have the right to choose what they what to know, and they should be allowed
access to most information. Further more, most adults are good people and will not be influenced
in a negative way easily, thus they should have the freedom to decide what they want to know, and
the government should not censor all information, as the government is only a group of people
after all.
In conclusion, parents should strictly control what their children watch or read, and the
government should censor such information in children‟s books, films or websites. In addition, the
government should ban some information which encourages racism, violence and terrorism, as it
is harmful to society. However, on the other hand, since it is people‟s right to choose what they
want to know, the government should not censor most information.

Version 119
Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female study in every subject. Do you agree
or disagree with the opinion?

There is dispute over whether universities should accept bisexual students in every subject. Some
people maintain that the school should focus on both males and females, whereas others are
confident that unisexual school is much more excellent. For my part, I share the former point of
Each cloud has a silver lining. The prospectus of a unisexual school takes more consideration of
the specialty of the definite sex. According to the gender, the males and females are given suitable
courses respectively which are beneficial to their career development. By contract, universities
which consist of equal numbers of male and female couldn‟t meet the boys‟ or girls‟ needs
successfully. In addition, the possibility of puppy love may be lessened. In China, most of the
students don't go together until they graduate from colleges because of being demanded by the
parents. It may be difficult to develop calf love in unisexual school since they are of the same sex.
As concave and convex of a nutshell, the students of unisexual schools may have some barriers to
communicate with the opposite sex. They are probably nervous about how to behavior and what to
say before the heterosexual while those of bisexual schools could perform naturally. They, whose
merits are exaggerated in school, may also have a few problems on SWOT (strength and weakness,
opportunity and threat) Analysis after entering into the society. Since they are always regarded as
the models by the same sexual schoolmates, they may neglect their demerits gradually. As a result,
they couldn‟t adjust themselves to the competitive society efficiently.
Weighing the pros and cons of the double-edged sword, I‟m inclined to agree with the former
point of view, as the former plays an important role in developing the ability to fit in with the

Version 120
Nowadays museums have become more and more important. What are the purposes of places such
as museums and how should they be funded?

(Sample 1)
It is well known that a museum is a building to display a collection of artistic, historical, cultural
or military objects. Undoubtedly museums can have a variety of purposes in the city; I think two
roles the museums play can illustrate they are worth visiting.
Visiting museums is informative. Once I visited a military museum in Beijing, China, soon I
learned that an ancient warrior might have outfought his enemies in combat if he had had great
strength while a modern soldier should be armed with sophisticated weapons. Therefore present
soldiers should spend far much time on studying modern technology instead of building up
muscles. Likewise, if you visit other museums, you will have a better perception on a certain field,
because you can witness some genuine objects that cannot be seen on books.
In addition, a museum can function to cultivate one's sense of patriotism. In china, schools often
organize trips to some historical museums. When the students learn that many years ago, a number
of countries invaded China robbing treasure and killing Chinese civilians, promptly they will
establish a strong sense to defend the nation, revealing that only a strong motherland can give
them pride and safety.
Now we talk about how to fund a museum. A museum can never be considered as a financial
burden to society. I suggest that the Government should invest a small amount of money on
advertisements for the museums in the city. For example, ads of the museums should be forwarded
on the travel brochures or maps of the city. Consequently tourists come and admission tickets are
collected. Both reputation and funds are earned.
In brief, museums should play a role as an instructive means of the city and incomes from
admission can keep them running properly.

(Sample 2)
Museums illuminate the culture, history and arts of the world. Every country and government
spares no effort or money to enrich the collection of museums to cater for different tastes or needs
of people for the benefit of the present and future generations. There are bounteous museums all
over the world.
The British Museum, which is maybe the largest one in the world, provides visitors with all-round
knowledge about the world culture and arts. The visitors to the museum are all overwhelmed by
the magnificence of the culture and history of mankind. If one wants to know about the
development of human science and industry, he can have a tour to The Museum of Science and
Industry located in Chicago, the United States, where a detailed scientific progress is presented
vividly. You cannot miss every achievement human beings have made in history and you are sure
to be shocked by the civilization our forefathers created. If one wants to have a browse of the
important events in the past, American Museum of Photography is the best choice. It abounds in
precious historical pictures and gives visitors unforgettable memory. Apart from the state -owned
museums, there are also innumerable private museums whose purpose is to exhibit their cherished
collection and popularize knowledge.
With a view to giving people updated information and rendering them a more detailed overview,
many countries invest a great deal of money in the foundation of museums, because museums
disseminate human knowledge and culture, which are more significant for the development of the
young generation. Besides, entrepreneurs and individuals should also lay a fund for the
improvement and rebuild of museums. The prosperity of human culture is the responsibility of not
only the government, but also every individual and organization.

Nowadays some people send their children go to study abroad. What are the advantages and
disadvantages of it? What do you think the best ages are? Give your reasons and better with
examples to explain the problem.

It appears it is the popular tendency to send the teenage students to study abroad, especially in
China in recent years. My son is 17 years old. I am facing the problem myself.
Comparatively speaking, the Chinese kids will get more benefits to the knowledge of the science,
management and other subjects in the developed countries. The students will learn the abilities of
independence and the social communications as well. These are the reasons that some people are
in favour of. However, some unexpected occasion often happens sometimes. For example, the
children indulge themselves not in studying but in smoking, traveling and playing with some bad
friends. To the perplexed problem, my opinion is that the graduate of university (22-23 year old)
should go on his/her study abroad. I have got the idea from my colleague Mr. Yu.
Mr. Yu went to Japan after he graduated from the high school. After he got the Bachelor degree in
the field of the marketing, he worked in a Japanese company for 3 years before he came back
China to set up his own enterprise. His immediate reaction when dealing with his counterparts and
Chinese business clients made him feel that he was a fish out of water. He was regarded too polite
and too frank. He was even regarded a false Japanese. He learnt and/or was told that it was caused
by the different ways of thinking and doing. Bit by bit, he improves, but still with a strong mark in
the eyes of most Chinese people.
Consequently, I think that a postgraduate should go to study abroad. It is available for him/her to
distinguish what is good and bad, what is to learn and become to meet the requirements and the
expectations of their parents.

Nowadays there is more and more TV advertisement, and there is a lot of misinformation in some
of these advertisements. Some people think that consumers have the right to know the correct
information and that government should restrict the contents of these advertisements. What is your

No one can avoid being influenced by advertisements and advertising exerts a tremendous
influence on us. Recently, there are people who are of the opinion that public has the right to know
the correct information of the advertisements and government also should restrict the contents of
these advertisements. Personally I agree with this opinion for the following reasons.
In the first instance, consumers have the right to know the correct information before deciding on
whether to buy them. Advertisements are highly information that helps people to make choice
before they go to buy what they need. If the advertisement exaggerates the products it also will
persuade people into buying things, which they don‟t really want.
Secondly, any misleading advertisements will lead to the marketing tricks, causing chaos in the
market. Too many misleading advertisements are barrio to distinguishing between decent products
or products of bad quality. His bread in truth is made with soy flour, while he advertises it as white
bread. These misleading information causes illegal competition.
Last but not least, government should stipulate laws in consumers‟ interests. According to the laws,
advertisements must be truthful. If the advertisements mislead consumers, government can impose
great fine on them to set a lesson.
In general, the role of advertisements is inevitable and undeniable. A good advertisement can be a
bridge between business and consumers and helps keep business moving. So we need correct
information and government also needs to restrict the contents of advertisements. Let
misinformation of advertisements be far away from us.

There are different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional
music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere

No matter whether you cherish every minute of it or leave it alone, music, as one part of the
culture, has been ingrained in our heart for a past and ever-lasting memory. Music, originating
with the culture, has long been the necessity of our daily life. Not based on our consciousness,
music has three important reasons for existence.
Most important of all is its function as a worldwide language, which is much more popular than
any other form of language, including what I am writing in. Music seems to know the joy when
you are in ecstasy, while it can alleviate the pain when you are at the bottom of the ocean. Like the
function of the language, music can be used to communicate with one another‟s feelings and
thoughts. Besides, as we all know, music is a way of ventilation, relaxation and enjoyment. After a
day‟s work, after a tiring night, after a molding anger, after indulgence in happiness, you need
music to speak it out, with every cell of you feeling the sensations. All in all, the function of music
is irreplaceable and undeniable.
However, what‟s under controversy is the dominance of traditional and international music.
Although each coin has its two sides, which can‟t be told between the right and wrong, I
personally hold the view that international music is more important than the traditional music. It
cannot be denied that international music is heard everywhere nowadays. What‟s more, upcoming
globalization makes the whole world, including music more international, which is an irreversible
trend. As a body of popularity, the international music deriving from the traditional one is echoed
by the whole world. Any denial of the international music is challenge to the globalization.
Since there are many different kinds of music in the world, we should adhere to one Chinese
proverb, “Let all flowers blossom”. So when you feel the hope is gone, look inside your heart.
Then you will feel the hero lies in you, which is the music.
The telephone plays an important role in modern life. There's no doubt that it has improved the
quality of our lives in many ways. In other ways, however, it has had a negative effect on our lives.

Discuss both the positive and negative effects of the telephone on modern life. Support your ideas
with reasons and examples. (250 words)

Many places in the China have lotteries in which a person may win a million dollars or more.
What would be the advantages of winning a million dollars? Would there be disadvantages? Write
a 250-words essay explaining the advantages and disadvantages.

Every week millions of people buy lottery tickets, hoping their small investment will make them
rich. They often believe that if they won a million dollars, their troubles would be over. If they
actually got the money, would their dreams come true?

Whether people live "happily ever after" when they win the lottery probably depends on what
their dreams are. Money can buy some things but not others. Cash buys houses, cars, and college
educations; it pays for medical treatment and clears up overdue bills. Money also purchases travel
and new experiences. A million dollars could allow someone to quit a tough, boring job and try for
something better. It could provide a feeling of security.

On the other hand, winning so much money could actually cause some problems. A person who
quit working might eventually become bored or lose some self-respect. Family members might
squabble over what should be purchased. Long-lost friends, relatives, and even complete strangers
are likely to want a handout. The winner must then decide whom to help and whom to offend.

Despite all these drawbacks, I would rather win the money than not. The difficulties of having to
manage a million dollars are troubles I would like to have.

Many families are having fewer children. Having even just one child can have a dramatic impact
on the parents' lives. Write about this impact in about 250 words. You can discuss the negative
impact, the positive impact, or both.

"After the baby is born, things will never be the same." People say that to expectant parents -and
they are right!

It will be a long time before those parents can again sleep late in the morning. A baby wakes early,
screaming for food. The toddler thinks 6 a.m. is the right time to start the day. After that comes
early school mornings.

It will be years before the parents can go anywhere together on the spur of the moment. Every
outing must be planned ahead so that a baby-sitter can be found. The budget will be stretched, the
work load will get heavier, and by the time parents can be alone, they may be too tired to talk.

Still, people want children. The reasons are explained as follows. One reason is that children are a
link to the future. They will probably be here after the parents are gone. In addition, their children
will live after them.

A deeper reason for wanting children, perhaps, is that the more people we have to love, the more
fulfilled our lives can be. By giving to a child, people enrich their own lives. In the end, we live
not only for ourselves, but for others.

After all, having children gas both positive and negative ones. What we must do is to ensure that
the positive ones are encouraged and negative ones are eliminated as far as possible.

Everyone complains about taxes, yet think about what would happen if there were no longer an
income tax. In a 250-word essay, discuss the positive effects of an income tax, the negative effects,
or both.

It hurts to look at a paycheck and see how much of it was taken out for income tax. That money
could have paid some important bills. It is easy to dream of doing away with the income tax and
keeping all that money for ourselves.

If there were no income tax, however, the government would have a lot less to spend. The money
we send to Washington seems to fall into a black hole and disappear. Actually, though, many
people depend on it. The money pays the salaries of government employees, who provide services
from drug control to highway building. It supports our military defense. Also, much of the money
is returned to people in the form of student loans, veterans' benefits, and payments to farmers, for
example. The government has been working to cut its budget lately. With every cut, someone
complains loudly.

So if the income tax were eliminated, other taxes would have to make up for it. Paying those other
taxes would also hurt. Sales taxes fall most heavily on poor people. Taxes on manufacturers only
result in higher prices to consumers.

Income taxes are not fun to pay. But doing without them would be worse. In my opinion, income
taxes should be made as fair as possible. Then we each must "bite the bullet" and do our share.

Television is still a relatively new invention, yet it has had profound effects on China and on
Chinese's lives. Write about 250 words discussing the effects of television. You can write about the
good effects, the bad effects, or both.

Television has changed both the way we spend our time and what we know about the world. Some
of the changes brought by television have improved our way of life, but others have made it worse.
People today on the average spend several hours a day watching television. In times past, they
would sit on their front steps and visit on nice evenings. This neighborly visiting built close
friendships, but it seldom takes place any longer. Even though families may all watch TV together,
they may not communicate much. Some women have called themselves "sports widows" because
their husbands spend every spare minute watching televised football, baseball, and other sports.
On the other hand, people have learned more about the world because of television. People in
small towns know more about the city, and people in cities have learned about the country.
Politicians, celebrities, wars, and disasters appear in the living room. Programs take viewers to the
bottom of the sea, the tops of mountains, and even outer space.
Some people think television leads to violence, immorality, and greed for possessions. I am not
sure whether this is true. However, good or bad, TV is here to stay. It is up to each of us to make
the most of its opportunities and avoid its problems.
Most people have dreams of one day becoming rich. But does the average person have the ability
to make a lot of money? Think about this question. Then write about 250 words describing your

When lack of money prevents us from having something we want very much, it is tempting to
dream of being rich. It is hard to keep in mind that Americans are already wealthy compared with
people in many other parts of the world. Our modern conveniences would have been the envy of
kings in times past. Just the same, most people would like a larger. Whether most people are
capable of making a lot of money is another question.
People in average circumstances can often get ahead through education, hard work, and careful
money management. But getting ahead is not the same as actually becoming rich.
Only a small percentage of Americans could be called truly wealthy. Some people joined this
group from ordinary beginnings. Usually they have done it by carefully riding some major
development in the economy on its way up. In the past, great fortunes have been made in oil, steel,
and railroads. Recently, some people have made millions in computers and real estate.
Usually, though, it takes money to make money. Big investors often start rich and then get richer.
Most of us cannot strike oil or start the next new technical breakthrough. Most people are not born
into wealthy families, either. In America it certainly is possible to become more prosperous. But
unless someone wins the lottery, real wealth is not very likely to come along.

More and more people are living by themselves today. What are the advantages of living alone ?
What are the disadvantages? Write an essay of about 250 words explaining the advantages and

You come home alone after a long day at work. You open the door to your home. No one is there.
Is it blessed silence you hear - or echoing emptiness?
Millions of people who live alone today may have either experience. Some love living alone, yet
others wish they didn't have to.
When they open that door at night, people who live alone do not have to put up with demands or
listen to someone's noise or meet anyone's dinner deadlines. They do not have to debate about
which TV program to watch or stay off the phone because someone else is expecting an important
call. No one else messes up their kitchen.
But when they are sick, no one else will bring them an aspirin or call the doctor. Preparing dinner
for one can be difficult, and eating dinner for one night after night can be very lonely. Perhaps no
one really cares what they did all day. If they are feeling sad, there may be no one to cheer them
up. Some people who live alone say the worst times come when something very good happens
because there is no one to share the joy.
During the course of a lifetime, one may sometimes live with others and sometimes live alone.
Each way of life has its advantages. Learning to take advantage of them is one key to contentment.

Sports are very popular in today's society. Some people believe, "Winning is the only thing."
Others believe, “It‟s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." Is there a way in
sports in which both opponents could "win" a game? "Lose" a game? Detail your thoughts on this
issue in an essay of about 250 words.

Sports include both national teams and the teams for the rest of us. The national teams are mainly
concerned with winning and with money. The other teams are mainly concerned with winning and
with money. The other teams provide different satisfactions.
Being on a team helps people learn teamwork - to rely on others and to do their own part as well.
Players learn both to win and to lose. When the team loses, the members learn that they can come
back from a loss. They look for the reasons they were beaten, work on their weaknesses, and try
again. When the team wins, the members can learn to be gracious winners and good sports.
Sports are also for play. Most of us have work to do most of the time. Now and then we need to
have fun. Sports can provide the time to relax.
If a team helps people learn to work together, lose win, and have fun, it's a winner regardless of
the score. But if players on a winning team have not worked together, if they feel that winning
makes them better than others, if there was no joy in the sport, those winners are losers.
Having the winning score is important. Being a winner as a person is worth even more. As a
convincing maxim of friendship first and competition second suggests, we should adhere to
equivalence of wining and losing.

Manufacturers who advertise sometimes directly name one or two of their competitors and attack
their products. What are your feelings about this advertising practice? Write an essay of about 250
words describing your ideas.

Advertisers who directly attack their competitors may amuse me if they do it cleverly. However,
they have probably lost me as a customer.
Companies who attack their rivals remind me of people who boost their egos by criticizing others.
When people do this, I often suspect they have little to offer and may even have something to hide.
I would rather find out what is good about a person, not what is bad about someone else.
Similarly, I like advertising that lets me know about products that might meet my needs. I don't
place much faith in ads telling me what may be wrong with a rival product. I tend to suspect that
the information could be biased.
I also believe advertisers are foolish to name their rivals because by doing so they give the
competing product free publicity. If the competition is worth attacking, I tend to think it may
actually have something to offer.
In advertising, as in life, I believe we should try to be the best we can be, without belittling the
next person - or the rival product.

For many years the nuclear family, consisting of father, mother, and children, was considered to be
the normal family pattern in China's society. Yet in many other cultures and in our own in the past,
three generations--grandparents, parents, and children--often have lived together. What are the
advantages and disadvantages of three generations living together? Give specific examples in a
250-word essay.

Three generations living together can have both financial and personal advantages. On the other
hand, it can also have personal disadvantages.
In years past and today, three generations have probably lived together mostly out of economic
necessity or advantage. Sometimes a young family moves in with the older generation because the
husband and wife can't afford a place of their own. Sometimes grandparents move in because they
aren't well enough or can't afford to live alone anymore. Occasionally, grandparents come to take
care of the children so both parents can work. In times past, and sometimes today, three
generations have lived together because they all depended on the same farm or business.
Usually these arrangements do help solve financial and practical problems. Everyone has a roof
over his or her head. Children and old people in need of care are likely to get it. Often a family can
get ahead financially by sharing the work and the bills. In addition, a strong sense of family and of
belonging can develop in everyone.
What may be harder to work out are questions of who's in charge. If grandparents don't let go of
some authority, the middle generation is likely to resent it. On the other hand, ailing grandparents
may force their children to be parents to them and to their own children as well. If parents and
grandparents disagree on discipline, children may be confused or angry.
The personal disadvantages can be overcome. For three generations to live together successfully,
everyone's needs must be respected.

Surveys show that more people get the news by watching television than by reading the newspaper.
Think about whether TV news shows are adequate as a person's only source of news. Write an
essay of about 250 words that details your thoughts.
Television news shows are dramatic and interesting. Watching them is pleasant and does not
require the effort of reading. If television did not cover the news, some people would know
nothing about what is going on in the world.
However, television newscasters cover only the events that they have time for, and they prefer
stories that include some dramatic pictures. Viewers are quickly bored with reporters who sit and
talk into the camera. As a result, a complicated story is often cut short.
Newspapers and magazines do a better job of explaining complex events. They can include details,
and a person with a special interest can take the time to read them. Others can stick to the
Reading allows more freedom of choice than television. The TV audience cannot decide which
stories to watch. In broadcasting, "one size fits all". However, a person who reads newspapers and
magazines can choose to spend time on business, sports, health, or the school board election,
depending on special interests.
Television provides a useful glance at what's happening. However, a person who has individual
interests and who wants the whole story needs newspapers and magazines as well.

Some people live in one community in their entire lives, others move at least once; some quite
often. Compare and contrast moving to different parts of the country versus living in one
community in your entire life. Write about 250 words.

Some people live in one community all their lives, while others move around almost as much as
nomads. Both experiences have their advantages and disadvantages.
People who stay in one spot can develop lifelong friendships, and such friends may lend a hand if
trouble comes. They know each other's life history, and they judge each other for the kind of
person each is, not for the image each projects.
Yet spending a lifetime in one location can also lock a person into a limited way of life. Personal
change may become very difficult. People with few experiences may develop a narrow outlook
and find it hard to understand those who have different ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds.
On the other hand, moving to different parts of the country is usually stressful. A person may feel
lost and uprooted in a place where streets, stores, schools, and churches all are di fferent. At first
there are no friends to help.
However, those who do move learn that people in other places have a variety of outlooks. There is
a chance to appreciate different ways of life and even to choose the way one likes best.
For a person who moves to a different place year after year, the disadvantages of moving probably
outweigh the advantages. But a few moves are probably worth the effort. By staying in each place
for a length of time, people can broaden their outlook but have enough time to make adjustment
and form friendships.

The automobile has had a profound effect on modern life. Some of these effects have been
positive and others negative. Detail these effects in a 250-word essay.

The automobile has probably changed people's way of life more than any other invention of the
last century. More than electric lights, television, air travel, or even computers, automobiles have
changed where people live and work, how they make a living, and even how they find a mate.
Before there were cars, people generally traveled on foot or by horse and buggy over unpaved
roads. Whether they lived in the city or the country, they rarely went farther than a few miles from
home. They saw the same people and places year after year.
The car opened up whole new worlds. Roads were paved, and motorists went to see different parts
of the country. Some decided to stay. People with cars could live farther from their jobs, and so the
age of commuting began. New suburbs sprang up around the cities. The auto industry boomed,
and millions of Americans made a living manufacturing, selling, servicing, or insuring cars.
As more people got cars, your people began driving them. No longer was courtship confined to the
girl's front porch, under the watchful eye of her parents. The automobile began the sexual
Some people believe that commuting, suburban life, and courting in cars are mixed blessings.
Whether the changes are good or bad, they seem to be here to stay.

Materialism means placing great importance on material things such as clothes, property, and
furniture. Many people complain that modern society is too materialistic. Are people in these
times “what they own “or “what they are “? Explain your thoughts on the matter in an essay of
about 250 words.

Many people complain that modern society is too materialistic. Other people, they say, place too
great an importance on material property. Rather than value values, these critics insist, people
today value things.
There is no doubt that we live in a material, consumer-oriented society. In economic terms,
consumers use products; in everyday language, they acquire things: TVs, cars, clothes, furniture.
This kind of materialism can actually be good for a society since it helps create jobs. When people
have jobs, they acquire self-respect along with the money they need to provide the material things
they and their families require.
It is true, on the other hand, that many people have taken healthy consumerism too far.
Materialism is evident when an otherwise intelligent person goes into debt charging things that he
or she cannot pay for. Materialism is evident when people insist on buying a particular designer
label even though the same quality can be found in a cheaper product. Materialism is evident
when people are judged and admired for what they own rather than what they are or can do.
Even if society has gone too far in the direction of materialism, as some say, the individual person
doesn't need to surrender. He or she can still value honesty, integrity, freedom, talent, quality, and
all the other values there are to value and leave the materialism to others.

People spend a great deal of time, money, and energy to see or read about movie stars, TV actors,
and athletes. What role do such celebrities play in society? Write an essay of about 250 words.
Give specific examples.

People spend a great deal of time, money, and energy to see or read about movie stars, TV actors,
singers, and athletes. Such celebrities often become idols. Posters, T-shirts, fan clubs, and
attendance at live performances prove that. What do celebrities do to merit this attention?
Celebrities create excitement. They create excitement because they have done something or can do
something that supposedly not everyone else can do. Raising a child, waking early to go to work
each morning, building a home and a place in the community-these achievements actually deserve
more admiration than rolling through Beverly Hills in a limousine or jetting across the Atlantic to
star in a new movie. Yet because these achievements are part of many people's everyday lives,
they are not considered special. Celebrities help us dream by lifting us out of our everyday lives
and imagining ourselves doing other than everyday activities.
Celebrities also set styles. They become models for behavior, clothing, and hairdos. Just consider
Elvis Presley or the Beatles, for example. Celebrities also influence politics, as Bob Hope and
Robert Redford have done.
Celebrities' roles as "special people" and trendsetters, then, are the reason for the attention many
of us lavish on them. In many ways, the celebrities of today have merely replaced the kings and
queens of old.

15. Sample essay:

Most people want to be successful in life, but success can come about in four ways: fame, money,
knowledge, and pleasure. Success is also usually characterized by the word more; to be successful,
people feel they have to be more famous, have more money, absorb more information, or enjoy
life more.

Success does not need to be characterized by quantity, however. Instead, you can measure the
success of your life by its quality. It is not important, for example, how many people know you but
who knows you and for what. Working in your community or on good relationships with family
and friends can bring quality fame. Earning less money but spending it wisely and learning the joy
saving is another way to succeed. Learning more so that you can turn around and teach someone
else produces quality knowledge. And finally, all the above will most likely bring you quality
success in enjoying the pleasures of living.

Success, in conclusion, can be seen in different ways by different people. Only one thing is sure.
No matter what other people see, the only one who knows whether you're succeeded is you.

16. Sample essay:

Every year billions of dollars are spent on advertising. Many approaches are used to persuade
consumers to buy a product. Some seem to work better than others.

One approach, for example, is to try to make the reader or viewer identify with the people shown
using the product. These people seem to be glamorous, loved, successful, elite, clever, or sexy.
Supposedly, anyone who uses the product can expect the same reward. Another approach is to let
the product speak for itself; people are attracted to scrumptious food, beautiful clothing, and sleek
new cars. Sometimes good prices and special deals are the focus. Ads for complicated products,
such as computers, may provide a lot of information. Endorsements by celebrities are especially

In general, many of the ads succeed. People do tend to buy what they see advertised. However,
some advertising can backfire. People may be offended, for example, by ads that are overly sexy
or ones that viciously or sarcastically attack competitors' products.

Advertising can be a useful aid for the consumer. It helps a person learn what is new or in style or
handy to have around, what things cost, and where to buy them. To use this information effectively,
however, a person must learn to look past the emotional appeals and find the facts.

17. Sample essay:

Some animals are pets, some are wild, and many of them provide us with food. All have a
different - and important - role in our lives.

It is easy to forget that the steak at the supermarket once formed part of a steer. But without
domestic animals such as chickens and cattle, we would all be vegetarians, or a great deal of our
time would need to be spent hunting.

Wild animals attract sport hunters. For some people they are even an important source of food.
When urban people visit the wild, deer, bears, and other wild animals remind them of an older
way of life.

Pets, however, are the animals that are especially significant for most of us. They are
undemanding companions; they love us when we are not at our best. A pet can be a great comfort
when life seems hard.

For children, pets can be both fun and instructive. If a child cares for a pet, he or she learns to take
responsibility for another being. Watching kittens or puppies being born can be a nat ural form of
sex education. For children, as for adults, pets are loving companions and a help in tough time.

As I recall, an Indian chief once said, "Without our brothers, the animals, we would all be very
lonely." I believe he was right.

Nowadays parents like to give pocket money to their kids as a means of encouragement. Others
think it has some negative aspects. What are the advantages and disadvantages of pocket money?

With the development of our modern society, people‟s living conditions have become much more
comfortable. But along with intense competition, parents have less time to consider children‟s
needs comprehensively. One method to solve this contradiction is to give children some pocket
money. Pocket money is useful to children. But it is debated whether children are capable enough
to make correct use of the money. There are two viewpoints about the pocket money. Some people
think that giving children pocket money will make them become luxurious. Others think that will
not lead to such disadvantage. In my opinion, both of them are partially reasonable.
Someone believes that giving children pocket money really has many advantages. With pocket
money, children can buy their daily necessities such as pencils, little toys, and snack food they l ike.
It will give children a certain freedom to select what they want, make them aware rules of the
equivalent exchange. Since time to parents is very precious, giving pocket money to children help
them to save time spent in shopping, but used in busy working and earning money.
Others insist that there are undoubtedly some disadvantages in spending pocket money. First,
young children do not know how to use pocket money appropriately, they possibly consume all
the money to buy expensive merchandise that they like, and then ask for extra money from their
parents. Some parents cosset their children, and always give them a large amount of pocket money.
Such conditions will make children become more and more prodigal. Second, since adults do not
supervise the procedure of shopping, children could probably buy something that is not suitable
for their age, such as adult magazines.
Judging these two viewpoints above-mentioned, I think that parents should give their children a
limited amount of pocket money. There are some preconditions: the amount of pocket money must
be finite; the parents should instruct their children how to use the money moderately and what is
suitable to them. As for a costly piece of merchandise, parents themselves should take children to
buy it. With these prerequisites, pocket money will do no harm to their children.
Should parents spend more time with their children for their life?

In China, both of the parents have their jobs. With the development of economy, people tend to
pursue high quality living conditions. Most of the parents try their best to offer their children
comfortable circumstances, but they seldom have time to stay with their children. In my point of
view, no matter how busy they are, they should make the best use of their time to stay with their
First, the love between children and adults will be improved by spending more time on their
children. Children could feel parents‟ affection through the genial conversation and sharing their
pleasure with them. Every time when parents take them to amusement park, help them to prepare
their birthday parties, applaud for them when they are competing in the sports meeting, the time
they spend with children will become treasure in their memories.
Second, children need the direction from their parents. There are some wrong behaviors in our
society such as dishonesty, corruption, violence and eroticism and so on. Children have weak
resistance in defending this detrimental influence. In this case, parents‟ instructions seem to be
very important to children‟s growth. Parents should sit down and talk with them about what they
should do and should not do. In addition, if parents often spend time in staying with their children,
adults‟ good behaviors will greatly influence their children.
Here I do not deny that there are some disadvantages in spending too much time on children.
Some parents restrict their children, and give them little freedom to develop their interests.
Therefore, I emphasize that parents should educate and instruct their children appropriately in
their spare time apart from their busy work.

Children learn best by observing the behavior of adults and copying it. Do you agree or disagree?
The Process of growing up is very complex for children. Among countless factors that influence
children's growth, the behavior of adults plays a significant role in shaping children's inclination
and character. After the baby is born, the first and the nearest adults are his/her parents. Although
the baby is just slurring pronunciation, the little baby has started to learn from their parents by
observing and copying the adults' talk. This learning environment is important for the babies.
There is a special case reported by the press. A baby was abandoned when she was born. A sow
fed her as a piglet. When she was about eight years old, some villagers found her, her intelligence
was just similar to the two-year old baby and all of her behaviors were looked like a pig. From this
case, we know child is a "mirror" which will reflect the behavior of the closet adults.
Along with the children's growth, adults will influence them much more, such as logical thinking,
making decision, cooperation with others, etc.. The behavior of adults can give children both good
and bad influence. Most of the behaviors represent adults' inclination. For instance, if media report
chiefly on the shadow side of the society, children will easily incline to violence and excessive sex.
Therefore, they will be infected with bad mental state.
Behavior is a direct and convincing method to teach children. Things are easier said than done.
Parents always tell children those principles repeatedly, but most children cannot accept it through
these boring method. Adults‟ behavior is the most effective education method to let them observe
the whole process of how to deal with the problems. The children will learn from you naturally.
Children are like young trees, they need to be carefully irrigated, fertilized and trimmed. Your
behavior will be greatly helpful to shape them into useful talents.

Zoos are sometimes seen as necessary but poor alternative to a natural environment. Is it necessary
to keep animals in zoos?

In the modern society, zoos are almost indispensable places in large cities for people to visit. In
some large zoos, there are various animals from space to sea and from primitive invertebrates to
advanced and intelligent mammals. In the zoos, all animals, including those rare animals, such as
panda, Africa elephant, and North-East tiger, could enjoy good care and protection away from any
hurt. However, along with the stronger natural environmental protection consciousness, many
people think that to put animals into small cages will change their living instincts, and therefore
break the ecological balance.
Viewed from the basic relations between animals and human beings, animals should have the
equal freedom with human beings. They are all forms of life. Animals have their own living
instinct, and it is this instinct that forms the biological chain of the Earth. This relation is called
“Ecological Balance” academically. For example, insect—bird—snake. If most birds in a region
are killed and locked into cages by human beings, the pests will eat out all crops, and snakes will
lose a large part of food resources, therefore leading to starvation and death.
This opinion sounds ideal theoretically. However in reality, human beings and other animals
cannot stay together peacefully on the Earth. Because of human beings‟ lust for fortune, many
valuable animals are killed or sold, especially those endangered species. Therefore, zoos appear as
an active way for people to protect those poor animals. First, this is an action not only for animals
but also for human being itself. Once the biological chain is broken, human beings will be
punished inevitably. Next, zoos can serve a purpose of educating and entertaining people,
narrowing the distance between human beings and animals. Last, zoos can be a scientific study
center to rescue more endangered spices and make animals better serve people‟s need.
The key point of this topic is freedom or protection. In my opinion, those two aspects can be
unified. It is necessary to keep animals in zoos for the purpose of protection, teaching and study.
Let‟s think it further, the purpose of all these actions is to make animals live happier, therefore,
maintain the ecological balance, hence protect our own living environment.
Writes an essay considering and assessing arguments for and against the following view: As
reading is important for a good education, we should encourage our children to read whatever
appeals to them.

The famous English philosopher Francis Bacon said, "Reading makes a full man". Reading books
can strongly shape you inclination, mature your thoughts, widen you horizon and enrich your
personality. Life is limited, but knowledge is boundless. The more books we read, the more
knowledge we get. Hence, we should encourage our children to read more books.
However, books can also be harmful, particularly the pornographic books. Bad books contain evil
thoughts. In them, there might be much description about violence, superstition, and sex. Let's
suppose that you are in the position of a parent. Would you allow your children to read whatever
appeals to them? If your answer to the question is "yes", you are either extremely permissive or
just plain irresponsible. If children read bad books, the evil thoughts would poison their mind
gradually. They will be dispirited and perhaps commit a crime.
Good books, on the other hand, teach and help children to do good things. Good books are
children's real companions, and they are both instructive and inspiring. Children know past events
from history books, study communication by language book, learn space and numbers through
mathematics books. In a word, different kinds of good books can give them a large amount of
ideas and knowledge.
Consequently, those who read good books can be inspired to grow healthily, while those who read
bad ones will lead a wicked life and meet with miserable failure. So before we encourage our
children to read books, we should teach and help them to identify good and bad books.

Human being does not need to eat meat in order to maintain good health because they can get all
their food needs from meatless products and meatless substitute.

Meat provides human beings with a lot of nutrition needed for maintaining good health. People get
protein, fat, heat, cholesterol and so on from meat to build ourselves stronger than ever.
However, along with the development of meatless products and meatless substitute, people can
also get their nutrition needs.
Vegetarians are the best example. They don‟t eat meat, but only depend on vegetables, eggs and
milk. They live a happy life, working everyday, doing sports, going for disco and traveling for
sightseeing etc. Most of them are in such good health, they can even compete with athletes in
sports games. Monks are another example. Due to their faithful religious belief, they are not
allowed to eat any meat, yet they are in good shape. Children as young as 5 know of Shaolin
Monks, who can play Shaolin Wushu. These monks are the essence of the Shaolin Temple. They
protect people‟s interests and punish bad guys. During war time, they stood out to protect a
nation‟s sovereignty and dignity by making use of their Kongfu. Moreover, the secret of longevity
is to eat meat as little as possible, according to most of people over 100 years old.
Theoretically, people will be in good health so long as they have enough protein and vitamin.
People can easily get protein from milk and egg, while get vitamin from fruits and vegetables.
Science and technology makes everything possible. It can even clone sheep and cow, let alone
their meat.
Based on the above, my conclusion is that people can live without meat, particularly along with
the advancement of the science and technology, which can create more meatless substitutes.
People can maintain good health, even if they do not eat any meat.
The best way to reduce the number of traffic accidents is to make all young drivers complete a
safe driving education course before being licensed to drive.

Traffic accident is one of human beings‟ fatal enemies. The major cause for traffic accidents is
lack of safety awareness. Therefore to complete a safety driving education course is a very
important way to reduce the number of traffic accidents.
However, the key point for this issue is people‟s awareness towards safety. It is a long-term goal
rather than a single course for safety driving. Actually, the safe driving education course has
already been undertaken in China. To get the driving licenses, people should attend a one-month
training for traffic rules and pass the examination on regulation before they take further on-road
examination. During the traffic rules training, the lecturers re-stress several times the critical role
of safety in driving. During the on-road exercises, the coaches emphasize repeatedly the
importance of safety in daily driving. Further, during the examination, most of the students get
high marks, which indicate that they are really well equipped with all safety knowledge. However,
safety related traffic accidents still occur and the peace-breakers are not only young people, but
also the middle-aged and experienced.
Safe driving education is a long-term commitment and should be carried out with a regular basis.
Many cities, which have implemented the quarterly safety training for those already obtained
driving license, have made remarkable achievements. Their approach should be followed and
gradually spread out all over the country. Only by this way can people build up their
self-conscience for safety driving; only by this way can people pay enough attention to their daily
driving work and only by this way can people reduce safety-related traffic accident fundamentally.
In short, the best way to reduce the number of traffic accident is to enhance people's awareness
towards safety driving. A single safety driving educational course will not help too much.

Education is the single most important factor in the development of a developing country.

Education is an indispensable factor for the development of a developing country. The quality of
the people is the essence of a nation‟s economy, while education is the only way to enhance
people‟s quality. Where there is advanced education, there is a relatively developed economy.
However, education is not the single most important issue. Reform, opening-up and infrastructure
construction also accounts.
Reform endows us the capacity to employ the best mechanism for the development to follow. It
helps us to root out an entire unsuitable system, creating favorable environment for entrepreneurs,
setting up a huge umbrella for talents and providing a blue print for people to paint. Without it, the
world would be restrained to the old fashioned and outdated economic model. Opening-up endues
us a broadened view to the outside world and freshens our way of thinking. By looking at the
outside world, we can learn the most advanced technology to better our lives; by looking at the
outside world, we can adopt the most appropriate the method to develop our own economy and
also by looking at the outside world, we can exchange our ideas, needs and feelings with the rest
of the world. Without opening-up, we would never know the term of Internet, the most dynamic
and magic word in today‟s world. Infrastructure construction paves the way for any advancement.
“We are connected”, the logo of Nokia tells us the importance of telecommunication net work; “to
build road in order to become rich”, and saying from people at every nook in China indicates the
theory of transportation infrastructure… There are many factors for the development of a
developing country. They are complementary to each other.
In short, education is very important. It should go hand in hand with other elements, so as to play
its due role to a country‟s development.

Contrary to people's belief, international tourism does not promote understanding between people
from different cultures. To what extent do you agree?
Every year, hundreds of millions of people move around to see a different part of the world. It is
natural to assume that tourists who have seen other countries have a better knowledge of the
people. That assumption also leads to the conclusion that international tourism promotes
understanding between nations. How true is this? Let us examine what tourists do in a different
First, before going abroad, tourists are often told by their travel agents of the possible hazards
which sometimes include local people. They are given example of extreme cases where victims
are always the travelers. Then, when they arrive, they are immediately taken to their hotels in big
coaches. They flood places where local people don't go. Their shopping, meals, entertai nment all
take place in secluded areas. They wear a bubble all the way. Apart from speaking to the guide and
a few shop assistants, tourists rarely talk to the local people. To make it even worse, they meet
pickpockets, they are ripped off by dishonest traders. Furthermore, very few local people bother to
talk to them out of a genuine interest in the guests' country, people and culture. Therefore, when
asked how much they know about the local people, their answer is "very little".
If someone really wants to understand a different culture, he has to learn its language, stay there
for at least a few month without wearing a bubble, learn how to curse and swear, bargain with a
vegetable vendor and then he can say that he understands the people.(258 words)
这是一个已在西方得到广泛讨论的题目,普遍被接受的答案是旅游起不到促进民族、          文化之
不同文化所推崇的东西也不同,这里有一个 political correctness 的问题。
头、老太太们的事。我们所追求的内容,如私人轿车、(旅行团式的)出 国旅游在一些西方
注意第二段中 first, then, to make it even worse, furthermore 的用法。
摘自《IELTS 应试指南》    ,北京语言大学出版社,2000 年 10 月出版,作者:陈卫东

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