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                           Cheap Wedding Ideas - An Affordable Option For Tight Budget
                                                             By Janet R.

   To prepare for a wedding can be very expensive because there are lots of wedding elements which
are obviously needed and often come in relatively expensive cost. Ranging from the bride's and
groom's wedding wardrobe, wedding reception to the wedding ceremony itself can totally leave the
pocket empty. However, for those who opt for inexpensive wedding idea, there are also affordable
option that are available mostly at discount stores and online stores. Just make sure that cheap ones
doesn't compromises the quality of the wedding essentials.

 First, the preparation should focus who are to be the guests. Next is how you will inform them, this is
where the wedding invitation play its role. Invitations are piece of paper that include the total involved in
the nuptial, of course the date, venue and reception are included too. Though this may come in a piece
of paper but its selection can cause too much. To be exempted, why not settle for cheap wedding
invitations? After all, they can be very stylish, perfect for any types of wedding. There are cheap
wedding invitations available with different themes like fall, winter, beach and destination themed

 Wedding gifts for participants like gifts for groomsmen, bridesmaids, maid of honors and more can
cost too much also. But of course, there are also cheap options, the best among them are personalized
items. You may find this simple and cheap yet very meaningful if you add a personal touch.
Inexpensive personalized choices for groomsmen include engraved pocket knives and watches,
picture frames, hats, monogrammed wallets and the like. For bridesmaids, choices can be engraved
compact mirrors, monogrammed purses and tote bags or cosmetics. There are lots of selection you
can find, consider browsing the net or read some bridal magazines for more practical and cheap ideas.

 Not only your wedding participants deserve something to bring home, your guests will appreciate
favors too. Literally, favors are of different variety to choose from. You can find elegant and expensive
but there are beautiful choices also that comes with affordable prices. You may consider a "For You"
Scented Heart Soap Wedding Favors, these soap favors are scented with refreshing and romantic
fragrance of soft rose petals. The soaps are are molded in a heart shape and rest on a nest of white
paper thread. These favors are tied with a sheer organza ribbon with subtle metallic details. Another
affordable choice are 'Calla Lily Elegance' Vase Shaped Candle Wedding Favors. These are displayed
with small white flowers and sprigs of green leaves, perfect accent particularly in a garden-themed
wedding. Just ass simple glass vases filled with calla lily flowers along with long tapered

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candles—there you go, a nice, affordable wedding favors that can match your table centerpieces.

 Indeed, affordable wedding souvenirs like soap favors and candle favors can make your big day worth
to be remembered. Although these favors were literally made out of cheap and simple items but adding
extra design and creativity turns them into a beautiful, one of a kind wedding remembrance!

Jnet is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics including weddings. If you're looking for
cheap wedding invitations, visit the website and get some ideas.

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                 Groomsman Gifts Unique | Buying Groomsmen Gifts on a Limited Budget
                                                              By Raul Crasmin

So, your wedding is coming up and you have a tight budget in mind. It is quite understandable knowing
that most of the expenses will still come to place even right after the wedding. All the same, you still
want to give the best wedding that you can afford for your bride, your family and friends. And speaking
of friends, even if you have a tight budget, don’t forget your ideas to include giving groomsmen gifts to
your friends, even if they are cheap. It is still a tradition that you still have to hold.

 Do not worry in creating cheap ideas for your groomsmen gifts. There are a lot of gifts actually that
don’t need a large budget but still the same, you can give the best groomsmen gifts even though your
ideas are cheap.

 Groomsmen gifts are necessary and it is a real part of the wedding tradition. They are needed since
your groomsmen helped you out in the preparation of your wedding and they even shouldered your
bachelor party to show you how much they care for you and they even rented a tuxedo just to show
their support and enthusiasm and be able to be part of your wedding. Given all the positive reasons,
you owe them in a sense that they are there for you and as a token of you appreciation, comes your
cheap groomsmen gifts.

 There are a lot of items that you could choose if your idea for groomsmen gifts is cheap because of a
limited budget. But you still have to consider those groomsmen you are going to give the gifts too. Your
budget should fall into cheap ones, your groomsmen would appreciate and love, and could show
connection between you the giver and your groomsmen the receiver.

 There are even different classifications on what type of groomsmen you have, from the young hip
ones, conservative traditional ones up to the sporty tough guys. All of them have different styles so you
can base the type of groomsmen gifts base on their character. The groomsmen may be into drinking so
give them an island shot glass.

 There are hundreds of selections to a gift with limited budget and you can still make them
personalized like giving personalized sports mug or personalized sports duffel bag, money clip with an
engraved favorite NFL team, engraved leather flask, personalized army knife and so on. There is
actually no limit for you not to be able to find cheap items and still your groomsmen will enjoy. They
might even think if you carefully selected the gifts that those gift ideas you had were actually cheap
groomsmen gifts. And in situation such as picking the right groomsmen gifts, there is actually no wrong
ideas if given that you really gave your best effort to think about what they want.

 Regardless of how much money you could spend or how limited your budget is. What is really
important for your groomsmen gifts is that your gift comes straight from the heart. Your wedding party
will recognize this and would treasure your gift for years to come.

Raul is an expert in the field. For Groomsmen Gift and for more
details on groomsman gifts
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