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					[2008-08-20 0:11:19] bright_eyes 说: part3
[2008-08-20 0:12:21] bright_eyes 说: difference between children and young people
difference between adult and young people
[*]responsibility for family and society,support parents and take care of children
difference between old and young people
[*]old people like recalling their past,young people like to imagine their future
[*]better life conditions,learn piano drawing English,have less time to spend with the
family and playmates.
how do young people think about older people in china
[*]Show respect to those who are older.resist instruction
[*]follow the needs of people.
[*]in ancient time,strong brave,In modern society,knowledge
Describe a family(but not yours)住哪里都有什么人?怎么认识的?
[*]Fan and his wife.hobby ride bicycle/merciful/donate pretty penny to
第三部分问 old generation 带小孩好还是 parents 亲自带好?对小孩有什么影响?
[*]they dote on grandchild.allow them eat fast food,children who were brought up by old
people are very fat
[*]emphasis knowledge,computer/English,young people like to follow their own idea,ask
advice of their parents.buying an apartment,marriage,finding a job
[*]discuss sth about culture,tea a guest,make(the)tea/dumpling,host/hostess,guest
[*]courteous reception,Chinese people see the reception as a chance to show they are
fun and hospitable too.hospitality.passional and hospitable
[*]some people are shy and want to have more private time.make tea or food for you
guest by yourself/show them your collection/warm welcome/welcome with open arms
[*]in the past,people live in small house and have more than 3 children,they are
noisy,they don’t like to invit guests.but now,house are bigger than before and they
just have 1 is more convient to accept an invitation.

buliding:how do you think about commercial building's appearance?commercial building's
development with modern technology.historical building,build modern building in old
area of city 的影响
[*]glass wall.light pollution.influence the impression for whole area.industrial
civilization.causes damage to the environment.Over-illumination is the excessive use of
light.contrast will not lead comfortable
5 岁孩子和大一点的孩子的建筑和设施有什么不同?建筑对于 5 岁的小孩和 15 岁的小孩有什么不同
[*]style,study desk,big place to store their clothes or collections
[*]wind sunshine acid rain are damaged to the appearence of building;erode,rust.
[*]old architectures are rebuilded beautiful.preserve historic sites
比较现代建筑跟以前相比怎样? tall building 会不会有污染? 家常住的地点设施如何?
[*]block off sunshine
in what ways do you think that the buildings in which people live and work influence
[*]space-classify everything very space.environment-mood.facilities-
What’s people’s attitude to old buildings today/
[*]protect ancient buildings,they know it's important for saving the age-old
civilization.wood material easy to be fired,dangerous.
advantages and disadvantages about living in modern buildings
[*]modern buildings - disadvantages - people live in apartment,have no chance to talk
with others.dangerous to leave if there are a fire alarm.
What should government do about the protective policy (reduce or reinforce)
[*]reinforce protective policy - old buildings were destroyed by commercial development.
由这个 historic place 带来的变化,包括当地经济和人民的变化
[*]develop their tourism.
游客对 historic place 会带来什么影响
"[*]two sides of one coin,preserve our civilization but don’t provide job opputunities
for local people,
tourism develop damage historic site very quickly."
高中阶段的历史课怎样,historic place 对于历史教育有什么作用,有些什么方法来进行历史教育?
[*]recite some time people and events,I like story course in college.historic place
helps student learn the environment of the events,it can help old people recall the
events and young people imagine the situation.stories and reason.
[*]parts of young important,parts of them don’t think so.nearly all Old people think
it's important.always can recall something in their memory,they like to tell you sth in
the past and share a story with you.
[*]of course,why future like this,what is the reason.sth good we can follow,sth bad we
should avoid
[*]Olympic Games,Wenchuan Earthquake
Do you think that Chinese government cover the truth of history
[*]a little
Why do people learn history
How about its interior decoration? And explain why it suits you or will suit you?
[*]white wall 1 sofa 1 bed and 1 computer table in my room,2 photos on my wall took by
myself river.easy to clean.
[*]move to surburb,or improve utilization rate of the space
[*]remove from downtown to surburb,resettlement project ,demolished or relocated
you like show children's works in the museum?
[*]historical museum
[*]difference;show why city develop like this,give some suggestion about today's life
[*]video,models,computer receptions,
[*]learn sth,find their interests in different field.
What sort of technology is used to build houses today?How are houses today different
from the houses of the past?
[*]Reinforced Concrete Structures,steel structure
What factors affect people's decisions to live where they do?
人们一般怎么装修他们的房子?你家什么怎么样装修的? 关于室内家具(哪种类型的,什么材料做的,
[*]b and w ,simple,save space
科技在今后的 50 年里将怎样改变人们的住房?
[*]flush toilet
[*]save limited resourced,pay money for recycling and solar systems
[*]past wood,now steel plastics.more funiture in home,many cabinets,storeroom ,
Which furniture do you like most in your office?
[*]settee - a long wooden bench with a back .lay on this bed and have a good relax
When do you want to change furniture? Does people like change furniture?
[*]don’t change
望,然后说到家里 style of fashion 的变化。
[*]everyone has his own style.past-decoration
[*]cool,quiet,trees afford shade.prevent from sunstroke
[*]fishing,embark for a short trip,swimming,waterweed
[*]water resources,recycle,save water, water conservation
[*]nobody can't live without water
What impacts noises have?
[*]unwanted sound or noise pollution,Noise can block people communication,give people
the fidgets
How to reduce the harm of noises?
[*]earplug,reduce noises
What role does tourism play in your country’s economy
What are the main differences between the bargain shops and others?
[*]quality,facility ,Fitting room,
Do you get a guarantee, when you buy things in your country? Do you think it’s
[*]质保书,where to repair it and contact info
Are there any pickpockets in your city? What should we do with these people?
[*]We had to beware of,put your bag in front of you,put your mobile into your bag
instead of pocket
Are there any duty free shops in your city? Do you go there?
[*]paying tax
What kinds of shops are popular in your city?
Is shoplifting common in your city? What should we do to stop shoplifting?
[*]technical equipment for example camera.theft,thief
大型购物中心和小商店的各自特点和区别?Do shops affect the business of the shopping malls?
[*]big far cheap,small near residential areas
[*]delivery service,ship to your doorstep
[*]electronic equiments and fashion,food and jewelry and valueable
[*]like to buy sth new,this habit encourages the invention of new product
What do you think the service of the department stores
[*]it's better than supermarket you can find sb likes to help you,but expensive than
[*]focus on the balance of price quality and service.
a bad production you bought ,什么时候在那里买的? 那件东西出了什么问题
[*]lenovo flash disk.can write file to the fd,but you cant read this file from this fd
What do you think about the safety of credit card paying on Internet?
[*]hacks can steal your username and password through cockhorse
[*]outdoor market cheap,quality supermarket good
[*]quality is the most important one,and then you can balance the service and price,and
choose one of them,Id like to choose the cheaper one.
Are there any 24-hour shops like seven eleven in your city or country?
Do you think that a person's age affects what they consider to be a place of interest?
[*]young people like place of interest located in mountain area,beautifual
sceneries,parents like to their children to some educational place or historical
place,old people like to some place can recall their childhood or past
What modern-day places do you think that people in the future will consider interesting ?
Do you think that places of interest often also have some educational value?
[*]bird's nest
What more can we do to protect places of interest?
[*]tell people by tv or newspaper,control the number of tourists
Foreign country.Using your experience, how do you know that country, which part
interests you the most
Do you have foreign friends or teachers?How did they introduce the foreign country
What’s the difference between staying at home and traveling
How the immigration affect the country?
[*]birthrate,new technology ,young people,support
What changes have taken place on food in china
What do you think about science in food processing
[*]equipment to improve the effciency of food processing and reduce the cost.automatic
What do you think scientifically produced food
[*]the productivity of rice has increaced 20%.pop increace 15%.enough food to eat
What suggestion do you want to make about it?What are the effects of the scientific
production of food on the growth of the population in the world
how do chinese people learn cooking?
[*]cookery book;do you prefer to learn cooking from tv or from books
what's the influence of western food on Chinese people?
[*]fat boys and girls,clean restaurant
what do you think of fast food in people's life?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of lnviting a friend to your home for dinner
instead of going to a restaurant?
has the eating habits changed for chinese people during these years?what change will
take place about people's eating habit in the future?
[*]no fried food

[2008-09-14 17:46:48] bright_eyes 说: 103. A Person Who Took Care of You in Your
Childhood (June 2, 2007)
Describe a person who took care of you when you were a child.
 You should say:
                         when (or, for how long) this person took care of you
                         what you and this person did together *
                         how this person treated you * (or encouraged you)
             and explain what kind of person he or she is/was. *
1.optimistic strong-willed
When I fall into a depression, mom always encourages me and tells me never give up.
2. sweet-tempered gentle and understanding
A quarrel or conflict is not an effective way to solve disagreement; she wants me to be
a sensible person.
3.enthusiastic warm-hearted Charitable
She is always ready to help. That is why she is popular in our community.
And my home is a haven to small animals. Fish , rabbit ,cat and two dogs ,we live
together just like a family.
Charity the only thing we can give away without lose it.
[2008-09-14 17:48:15] bright_eyes 说: ...............
[2008-09-14 17:48:17] bright_eyes 说: 104. A Person Who Likes to Help Others (June
2, 2007)
 Describe a person you know who likes to help others (or, who often helps others).
 You should say: (3 of the items below are probably on the task card)
                        who this person is
                        how you know them (= him or her)
                        when you knew or when you first met this person
                        where this person lives
                        what kind of person he or she is *
            and explain why this person (likes to help) helps others. *
            and explain how this person helps others. *
David, A sixty years old expert in project management, he is the VIP member of china
project management association. And he is my idol.
he is a tall person with a clean-shaved face and thick bushy eyebrows.
1.enthusiastic warm-hearted
He is always ready to help.
When I was writing my dissertation, I was confronted with big difficulties. I need some
new ideas, useful materials and encouragement. David provided all of those. But he didn ’
t tell me , he just finished his appendicitis removal 3 days ago.
He was really helpful to everyone, whatever he knew you or not.
That is why she is popular in our community.
2. sweet-tempered gentle and understanding
A quarrel or conflict is not an effective way to solve disagreement.
3.sincere popular Charitable
His home is a haven to homeless cats and dogs.
Charity the only thing we can give away without lose it.

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