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					What is Panther Dream?
   a long recording of "Space" from a private performance
        during 1967
   a children's book and accompanying cassette about the
        rain forest by Bob Weir and his sister Wendy
   an album of percussion music by Mickey Hart
   a movie starring Nastassia Kinski where she and her
        brother become panthers
A children's book and accompanying cassette about the rain
forest by Bob Weir and his sister Wendy
What is the name of the early bluegrass group featuring Jerry
Garcia on guitar and banjo, a recording of which can be found in
the Dead's Vault?
     the South Fork Fetchers
     the Sugar Hollow Barefoot Boys
     the Stone Mountain Swill Band
     the Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers
the Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers
Which of the following trees is not mentioned in
"Sugar Magnolia"?
    willows
    magnolias
    pines
    oaks
 Of course magnolias are mentioned, as well as pines ("A breeze in the
pines in the summer night moonlight/Crazy in the sunlight, yes, indeed")
 and willows ("Sweet blossom come on under the willow/We can have
                      high times if you'll abide").
In the song "Althea" there is an allusion to which of the
following Shakespearean plays?
      Romeo and Juliet
      Hamlet
      Othello
      Timon of Athens
"You may be the fate of Ophelia, sleeping and perchance to dream." In
  Hamlet, Act III, scene I, as part of the "To be or not to be" soliloquy,
  Hamlet says, "To sleep: perchance to dream: Aye, there's the rub."
 Also, Ophelia is the woman who is romantically involved with Hamlet;
             her fate, alas, was insanity and then suicide.
How many different songs did the Grateful Dead play during
their 15-show run at the Warfield Theater in September-October
     99 songs
     33 songs
     69 songs
     93 songs
93 songs
Which of the following contemporary composers did Phil Lesh
study with?
     Milton Babbitt
     Roger Sessions
     Karlheinz Stockhausen
     Luciano Berio
Luciano Berio
In which poem does Edgar Allan Poe use the phrase "Mountains
of the moon"?
      "The Raven"
      "Al Aaraaf"
      "Sonnet--to Science"
      "Eldorado"
              The last stanza of the poem reads:
"Over the mountains Of the moon, Down the valley of the
shadow, Ride, boldly ride," The shade replied-' "If you seek for
In 1992 and 1996 the Grateful Dead helped fund which nation's
Olympic basketball team?
     Bulgaria
     Romania
     Armenia
     Lithuania
In 1992 and again in 1996, the Grateful Dead helped Team Lithuania by
donating money and creating Team Lithuania tie-dyed T-shirts using the
   colors of the Lithuanian flag and sporting a skeleton slam-dunking a
   ball. The shirt was sold by Grateful Dead Mercantile with the profits
 going to help the Lithuanian Olympic Basketball program (and currently
a variety of other charities). In both '92 and '96, the Lithuanian team won
  the bronze, having the pleasure of defeating their former oppressors,
      the Russian team, in 1992. At a press conference in 1996, the
   Lithuanian team retired a tie-dyed jersey for an honorary member of
    Team Lithuania. The number retired was number 1 with the name
Identify this passage:
    On stage: The Grateful Dead
    At the door: Two brand-new galvanized garbage cans of ice-
    cold Kool-Aid. One can is also full of LSD-25. About one
    hundred micrograms a swallow....
    "Who cares?" I hear some sister scream.
       from Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
       from Ken Kesey's Demon Box
       from Sandy Troy's Captain Trips
       from Wavy Gravy's Something Good for a Change: Random
        Notes on Peace Through Living
from Wavy Gravy's Something Good for a Change: Random Notes
                 on Peace Through Living.
 Wavy finished his story: "It takes me maybe twenty minutes of crawling around
the place in mid-meltdown till I find this little alcove, slide inside, and there she is
   ... the Who Cares girl in all her glory. I crawl over and complete this circle of
 loving, caring strangers that surround her -- and she turns into jewels and light.
                         And we turn into jewels and light.
  "And that's when I passed the acid test. You understand, when you get to the
 very bottom of the human soul--to the place where the nit slams up against the
grit and you're sinking pretty bad--somehow you manage to reach down and help
  someone who is sinking worse than you are. Well, that's when everybody gets
 high and you don't need any LSD and you don't need any jewels or light.Jesus
                and the Buddha were right! "All you need is...love.
Which instrument did Phil Lesh use to write "Unbroken Chain"?
    piano
    guitar
    bass
    kazoo
In 1990, Phil told Blair Jackson that he was "pretty sure" that the Dead
   would perform "Unbroken Chain" onstage at some point. It finally
       happened on 3/19/95, at the Spectrum in Philadelphia.
 >From page 183 of |Goin' Down the Road: A Grateful Dead Traveling
           Companion| by Blair Jackson (Harmony Books).
Besides "Cold Rain and Snow," which other song refers to a
woman stepping down stairs, combing back her yellow hair?
    "It Must Have Been The Roses"
    "Fennario" (also known as "Peggy-O")
    "Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)"
    "Rosemary"
      "Fennario" (also known as "Peggy-O").
The verse from "Fennario," which wasn't always included in the song, is,
 "Come steppin' down the stairs, Pretty Peggy-O, / ...Combing back her
   yellow hair. A last farewell to your William-O." Listen to the 7-18-90
  show for one of many instances when the Dead included this verse.
According to Jerry Garcia, what has to go along with freedom if
a scene is going to work?
     new ways of seeing things
     the occasional bummer
     enough money to cushion the bumps
     implicit responsibility
                   implicit responsibility.
  Garcia said, "For any scene to work, along with that freedom, there's
   implicit responsibility. You have to be doing something somewhere
along the line. There is no free ride. And you have to know where you're
At which venue were the Grateful Dead advertised not as the
Dead but as "Formerly the Warlocks"?
     Hampton Coliseum, Va., 10/8/89 and 10/9/89
     Greek Theatre in Berkeley, 8/18/89 and 8/19/89
     RFK Stadium, D.C., 7/12/89 and 7/13/89
     Alpine Valley Music Theatre, Wi., 7/17/89 through
 Hampton Coliseum, Va., 10/8/89 and 10/9/89.
After the 1988 Hampton shows, Deadheads had become personae non
    gratae in the city of Hampton, so the Dead billed themselves as
 Formerly the Warlocks. The two shows became legendary in Virginia.
  Every song seemed right on, building into the second night with the
   band bringing out "Dark Star" after a five-year hiatus and a moving
"Death Don't Have No Mercy" into "Dear Mr. Fantasy." For the encore,
the Dead gave us "Attics of My Life," the first performance of that song
since '72. The first night's encore of "And We Bid You Goodnight" was
   equally amazing. Part of Without a Net was recorded during these
About whom was "Bird Song" written?
    Joan Baez
    Janis Joplin
    Donna Jean
    Grace Slick
                        Janis Joplin.
 Jackson: I notice in Box of Rain the lyrics of "Bird Song" now say
 "For Janis" next to the title. Was that written specifically in response
 to Janis' death?
 Garcia: Yes, it sure was. It says that in the book? [Hunter shows
 him the page.] That's really nice, man. At the time
        we never made a point to announce it or anything.
Hunter: But that's what we both had in mind for that song from the
Who created the musical piece, "Call To The Nations," used as
part of the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta?
     Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Philip Glass
     Mickey Hart, Philip Glass, Zakir Hussain and Giovanni
     Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Philip Glass
     Philip Glass, Bob Weir and Johnnie Johnson
Mickey Hart, Philip Glass, Zakir Hussain and Giovanni
Which of the following historical events occurred during the
same days that the Dead were performing at the Great Pyramid
in Egypt?
     the Watergate Hearings
     Spiro Agnew was found guilty of income tax evasion.
     the Six Days War
     the Camp David Mideast Peace talks
the Camp David Mideast Peace talks.
The narrative structure of "Wharf Rat" is similar to which of the
following Coleridge poems?
     "Kubla Khan"
     "Dejection: An Ode"
     "Christabel"
     "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
         "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner".
    In Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," an old man collars a
 wedding guest to tell him his awe-inspiring story, much as August West
  stops the original narrator of "Wharf Rat" to relate his tale. In "Rime of
the Ancient Mariner," the narration switches to the old mariner and then,
 at the end of the tale, returns to the wedding guest's perspective (albeit
omniscient narration), just as the narration switches in "Wharf Rat" back
     to the original narrator. In both narrations, at the end of the verse
  narrative, the person hearing the tale reflects on his own life in light of
                           the story he's just heard.
What was The Dead originally called?
Pigpen and the Playmates
The Egyptian Dead
Jerry Garcia's Lone Champions
Mother McCree's Uptown Jugband
Mother McCree's Uptown Jugband
Finish it - "Sign the Mona Lisa, with a spray can....."?
Hump the parts
Drop a Lark
Watch the sparks
Call it art
Call it art
Who wrote more songs on the 1989 album,
"Built To Last"?
Bob Weir
Robert Hunter
Jerry Garcia
Brent Mydland
Brent Mydland co-penned four of the songs on that album,
Garcia\Hunter wrote two, and Bob Weir co-wrote two songs.
How much does the Dire Wolf weigh?

800 lbs.
400 lbs.
600 lbs.
500 lbs.
400 lbs.
How did Jerry Garcia lose his middle finger?

He was cutting vegetables.
He bit it off during a bad acid trip.
It was a birth defect.
His brother chopped it off with an ax.
Jerry lost his middle finger in a wood chopping incident. His
brother Tiff accidentally chopped it off.
In which of the following science fiction movies does
Jerry Garcia appear as a banjo-playing bum?
the David Bowie remake of The Man Who Fell to Earth
the Leonard Nimoy remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Plan Nine from Outer Space
Planet of the Apes
the Leonard Nimoy remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers
What was the Warlocks' first single?
a cover of "Johnny B. Goode"
"Don't Ease Me In"
a cover of "Walking the Dog"
"The Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion)"
Don't Ease Me In
According to Sandy Troy's Captain Trips (p.88), the single was
"Stealin'", with "Don't Ease Me In" on the flip side. According to
Grateful Dead: The Official Book of the Deadheads (p.195), this
single was never released. Refer to the CD liner notes for
detailed bibliographical information.
When Garcia and the others heard there was another
band called the Warlocks, which of the following
names did they try out before settling with the Grateful
the Emergency Crew
the Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle
the Berkeley Bums
both A and B
the Emergency Crew
According to Skeleton Key: A Dictionary for Deadheads (p.120), "scores
of suggestions were tried on for size: Vanilla Plumbego (words selected
from an Edward Gorey book Weir was reading), the Hobbits... but they
actually recorded a demo as the Emergency Crew."
Referring to the Grateful Dead, who said, "They're not
the best at what they do, they're the only ones that do
what they do."?

Ken Kesey
Bill Graham
Elvis Costello
Wavy Gravy
Bill Graham
How did Jerry Garcia meet Lenny Bruce?
The Warlocks played a club where he was performing.

At age 15, Jerry went to one of his performances.

Jerry worked on a transcription of taped performances used for
Lenny's defense.

Jerry talked to Lenny at a signing of How to Talk Dirty and
Influence People.
Jerry worked on a transcription of taped performances used for
Lenny's defense.
On the song "Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion)"
on the first Dead album, which of the following
experimental techniques is used in a couple of
Bill struck a rhythm on Jerry's guitar while Jerry fingered the
Pigpen kicked the amplifier multiple times to create certain
Phil Lesh played his bass with a bow.
Bill Kreutzmann played steel drums and a song.
Bill struck a rhythm on Jerry's guitar while Jerry fingered the
Which song did NOT debut in 1992?

Way To Go Home
So Many Roads
Eternity" was first played by the Dead in 1993.
What famous mandolist did Jerry Garcia work with on
some "to be released" studio sessions?
Peter Holsapple
Peter Buck
Buck McMurphy
Peter Townshend
Peter Holsapple... he also has worked with R.E.M. Better than Ezra, and
other famous modern rock bands.
What is the last song on the "American Beauty"
Friend of the Devil
St. Stephen
Truckin'" is the last song of the "American Beauty" album. It also
appears as the 2nd song on the album "Skeletons from the Closet".
In what year was "Touch of Grey" released as a
Touch of Grey was released as a single in 1987.
What color t-shirt was Jerry Garcia most often seen
wearing on stage?
Jerry most often wore a black t-shirt except for during a brief span in the
mid eighties when he wore a red shirt.
"The sky was yellow, and the sun was blue" is from
what song?
Fire on the Mountain
Scarlet Begonias
Eyes of the World
Dupree's Diamond Blues
These lyrics are from the song "Scarlet Begonias", which was released
on the album Mars Hotel.
In the song "He's Gone", what was in the drain ditch?
Dancing Bear
It was a rat.
How many part-time and full-time keyboardists have
the Dead had?
The Dead have had 6 keyboardists: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, Tom
Constaten, Keith Godchaux, Brent Mydland, Vince Welnick, and Bruce
Hornsby. Some may include Ned Lagin, however he is not on any
recordings other than bootlegs.
Who was not a member of the Grateful Dead?
Donna Godchaux
Phil Lesh
Ken Kesey
Bruce Hornesby
Ken Kesey, was never a member of the Grateful Dead despite his close
relations with them.
In the song, who was from Wichita?
Jack Jones
Jack Straw
Delilah Jones
Jack Straw was from Wichita.
Which of these people did not spend time in the
Phil Lesh
Mickey Hart
Robert Hunter
Jerry Garcia
Garcia, Hart, and Hunter all did military time, Phil Lesh did not.
Finish this line: "One man gathers what another
Throws away
Spills" is the answer, from the song St. Stephen.
What was the street address of the Grateful Dead's
house in San Francisco?
1010 Haight
1740 Ashbury
420 Haight
710 Ashbury
The famous 710 Ashbury.
What was the last studio album released before Jerry
Without A Net
Hundred Year Hall
In The Dark
Built to Last
Built To Last" (ironically enough) from 1989 was the last studio album
Jerry Garcia played pedal steel guitar on what
Crosby, Stills, and Nash song?
Suite Judy Blue Eyes
Deja Vu
Teach Your Children
Jerry does the beautiful slide intro and solo on "Teach Your Children".
When was the first Aiko Aiko played?
The first Aiko was May 15, 1977, in St. Louis.
Finish the phrase: "I had a hard run, running from
Your mother
None of the above
The answer is: window; this is from the song "Bertha".
If you add up all the people who were ever members
of the Grateful Dead, how many people is that?
Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Billy Kreutzman, Vince
Welnick, Bruce Hornsby, Pigpen McCernan, Tom Constanten, Keith
Godchax, and his wife Donna Jean, and Brent Mydland
What was the original name of the Grateful Dead?
New Riders of the Purple Sage.
The Black Mountain Boys.
The Warlocks.
Old and in the Way.
The Warlocks.
Which finger on Jerry Garcia's right hand was
It was Jerry's right middle finger.
How many females were official members at one time
or another to the Dead?
Donna Godchaux was the only official female member of the Grateful
What was the date of Jerry Garcia's Birth?
August 4, 1942
August 7, 1942
August 9, 1942
August 1, 1942
Jerry Garcia was born on August 1, 1942.
"You needn't guild the lilly, offer jewels to the sunset"
is a line from which song?
Must Have Been The Roses
Doin' that Rag
Looks Like Rain
Let It Grow
Doin' That Rag" contains the line: "You needn't guild the lilly, offer
jewels to the sunset.
What was Jerry Garcia's given name?
Gerald William
Jerome Paul
Jerome John
Gerald James
Jerome John Garcia born August 1, 1942.
When was Jerry Garcia married to his last wife?
Halloween, 1992
Valentine's Day, 1994
Thanksgiving, 1993
New Year's Eve, 1995
Jerry was married on Valentine's Day.
Jerry Garcia is named for what famous composer?
Jerome Kern
Jerry Lewis
Jeremiah Clarke
Jennie Jerome
His father named him after his favorite composer, Jerome Kern (Show
In the song, who played the game "all fall down, all go
Baby Louise
Delilah Jones
Loose Lucy
Rosa Lee McFall
Baby Louise, in the song "Doin' That Rag from Aoxomoxoa".
One of Jerry Garcia's wives went by the handle
Mountain Girl, what was her real name?
Donna Godchaux
Carolyn Adams
Bobbi McGhee
Janis Joplin
Carolyn Adams was her real name, Mountain Girl was her handle on the
Merry Prankster bus.
What was Pigpen's real name?
Danny Rifkin
Anthony McKernan
Ron McKernan
Rock Scully
The organist Ron McKernan was called Pigpen or Pig by everyone.
Which of these songs has never been played live by
the Dead?
Pride of Cucamonga
Unbroken Chain
St. Stephen
Money Money
Pride of Cucamonga" was the song the Dead never got around to
Who Sings "Childhood's End

Bob Weir
Jerry Garcia
Phil Lesh
Vince Welnick
Phil Lesh
Who was the Grateful Dead's publicist from 1981?
Dennis McNally
Rock Scully
Danny Rifkin
Gus Samaras
Dennis McNally got the pleasure of dealing with the press.
Miracle Seekers are looking for what?
Divine Intervension
A ticket
A ticket
Phil Lesh recently played with these two members of
Mike Gordon & Jon Fishman
Trey Anastasio & Mike Gordon
Jon Fishman & Page McConnell
Trey Anastasio & Page McConnell
Trey and Page recently played with Phil at the Warfield in San
Mickey Hart recorded what solo album?
Planet Drum
Thunder and Rain
Drum Circle
Congos and Calidescopes
Planet Drum has the beat.
What was the nickname of the Blonde Stratocaster
Garcia used in the early 70's?
The guitar was nicknamed The Alligator
What were the names of the two buses on the Europe
'72 tour?
The phil zone, the Jerry zone
Bozos, Bolos
Jerry's, Bob's
Further, Farther
The Bozos and the Bolos!
What year was the Grateful Dead formed?
What did founding member, Garcia, die of? "
Heroin overdose
Alcohol poisoning
Acute Liver Disease
Cardiac Arrest
The frontman of the Grateful Dead died of a heart attack.
Which was NOT a Bob Weir side project?
Bobby and the Midnites
The AceTones
Bob and Rob
The Acetones were never a band.
What was the name of the bluegrass band that Garcia
played in with mandolinist David Grisman?
Jerry Garcia Band
Old and In the Way
Blue Suede Grass
Old And In The Way.
He is the only member of the Dead who is a
classically trained orchestra musician and composer?
Mickey Hart
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Previously a trumpet player, Phil did not learn bass guitar until he joined
the band.
What was the name of the Dead's long-time tape
Owsley Stanley
Dick Latvala
Bill Graham
Dan Healy
Dick Latvala who just recently passed away in August of 1999.
Which two venues did the Dead play during their 1980
acoustic/electric shows?
The Warfield Theater and Radio City Music Hall
Winterland and Radio City Music Hall
The Carousel Ballroom and Winterland
The Fillmore West and The Capitol Theater
In 1980, the Dead played 15 dates at the Warfield Theater and 8 at
                      Radio City Music Hall.
According to the song, where did Rosa Lee McFall
In a New York City apartment
In a farmhouse
In Jerry Garcia's house
In a cabin
The song states that "In a cabin on a hillside" lived Rosa Lee McFall.
What famous saxophone player plays with the band
on "Without a Net"?
Branford Marsalis
Clarence Clemons
John Coletrane
Charlie Parker
The correct answer is Branford Marsalis on the tune "Eyes of the
The line I'd rather drink muddy water, sleep in a
hollow log" is an extra verse found in which song?
Blow Away
I Know You Rider
Chinatown Shuffle
Dire Wolf
I Know You Rider contains this extra verse, sung during acoustic
                renditions of the tune in 1970.
Which of the following songs was reworked into "US
Day Job
The Star Spanngled Banner
Wave that Flag
Wave that Flag" can be found on early 1970's tapes, and was reworked
                           into "US Blues
Which song was not sung by Jerry?
Samba In The Rain
Lazy River Road
So Many Roads
Vince Welnick sings "Samba In The Rain".
How many times was "Believe it or Not" performed?
Believe it or Not was played 7 times from 1988 to 1990.
What is the name of the only song released on a studio album with
Keith Godchaux singing lead vocals?

Next Time You See Me
Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
What They Don't Tell You
Let Me Sing Your Blues Away is the second track on the 1973 album
Wake Of the Flood
Who was told ... I'm a roving son, I was born to be a bachelor?

Sugar Magnolia
Stagger Lee
Althea was told that in the song titled Althea.
"Bird Song" was written for who?

Janis Joplin
Shirley Temple
Donna Jean Godchaux
Jimi Hendrix
In Robert Hunter's book "Box of Rain", "Bird Song" has "For Janis"
written beneath it.
What song are the words "splintered sunlight" from?

Sugar Magnolia
Chinacat Sunflower
Box of Rain
Touch of Grey
The phrase "Walk into splintered sunlight.." is from "Box of Rain".
Which song is not written by a member of the Grateful Dead?

Morning Dew
St. Stephen
Chinacat Sunflower
I Need A Miracle
Folk artist Bonnie Dobson penned the Grateful Dead staple,
"Morning Dew".
On what date did the Dead debut their "Wall of Sound"?

March 23, 1974
April 6, 1987
February 14, 1970
December 31, 1972
The Dead's "Wall of Sound" first appeared at the Cow Palace,
Daly City, California on March 23, 1974.
What tour/year did Bruce Hornsby officially become a part time

Bruce joined for the fall tour in 1990.
Who was the keyboardist who played with the Dead on the albums
"Aoxomoxoa" and "Live Dead"?

Vince Welnick
Tom Constanten
Ron McKernan
Tom Constanten, who was a friend of Phil Lesh.
Where were the Grateful Dead arrested on marijuana charges?

San Francisco
New York City
New Orleans
Busted down on Bourbon Street.... (New Orleans)
Which of the following songs does not have a drug reference?

Casey Jones
Wharf Rat
Looks Like Rain
Looks Like Rain"; all the others have drug refrences in them.
Wharf Rat (Alcohol), Truckin' (Reds and Cocaine), and Casey
Jones (Cocaine).
What is the name of Bobby's dog to whom he refers on the
Reckoning album?

During Ripple, the final track on the album, right before the
chorus, Bobby exclaims, "That's Otis
What type of guitar has Bob Weir used from the mid-eighties
until now?

Gibson SG
Paul Reed Smith
Bob is using a custom Modulus with a built in midi system.
The Grateful Dead had but one top ten single, what was it?

Casey Jones
Uncle John's Band
Touch of Grey
Touch of Grey
Who produced the Grateful Dead album "Shakedown Street"?

Lowell George
Phil Lesh
John Cutler
Carlos Santana
Little Feat frontman Lowell George.
Which was the first album in history to be recorded with a 16
track mixer?

Live Dead
Bear's Choice
American Beauty
Shakedown Street
The Dead's 1969 release Live Dead was the first album by any
band to be recorded using 16 a track board.
The Dead made money for amplifiers and equipment in the 60's
by selling what?

hand-made guitars and banjos
The Dead sold Owsley's infamous purple acid to upkeep their
Name the Warlocks studio demo.

The Warlocks' Ride
Can't Come Down
Mother Cree's Uptown Jug Champion's
The Emergency Crew
The "Emergency Crew" was the name of the Warlocks demo
from 1965.
What is the nickname of the "The Beast's" middle drum? "

Home Plate
The Beam
Big Beast
The deep sounding middle drum of The Beast is known as
"Home Plate".
Which of these musicians never played with the Dead?

The Beach Boys
Miles Davis
Spencer Davis
Clarence Clemons
Miles Davis never actually played with the band but he was the
opening act at some of the early 70's Fillmore shows.
What was the last song the Dead played live?

Box Of Rain
Brokedown Palace
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Black Muddy river
During their last show on 7/9/95, the band played "Box Of Rain"
as it's final encore.

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