22nd ASEM National Conference

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					                        28th ASEM National Conference
                               Innovative Management
                                    Innovation in a Flattened World

                                 Hosted by The University of Tennessee

                                              November 7-10
                                           Chattanooga Tennessee

Individuals from industry, the public sector, and academia are invited to submit papers for peer-review and
proposals for symposia and workshops germane to the engineering management discipline. The Conference
is intended to provide a forum for practicing engineering managers and university researchers and teachers to
discuss topics of mutual interest associated with engineering management. In keeping with the conference
theme, of particular interest this year are papers dealing with innovative management in a globally
competitive world.

The program committee invites you to submit the following types of papers concerning issues relevant to the
discipline of engineering management:
 research results – papers of completed work;
 instructional issues – papers addressing relevant academic and continuing education issues;
 work in progress or research proposals – papers presenting areas of beginning or future research; and
 case studies – papers discussing engineering management methodologies and techniques.
Authors are encouraged to submit contributions in traditional and emerging engineering management areas,
such as:
  Innovation and R&D Fields                                 Case Studies in Engineering Management
  Globalization                                             EM Education and Training
  Commercialization of Intellectual Properties              Enterprise Knowledge and Learning
  Tools in a Flattening World                               Best Practices and Benchmarking
  Quality Systems Implementation                            Telecommunications and Telecommuting
  Systems and Engineering Management                        E-Commerce
  Knowledge Worker Productivity                             Risk Management
  Motivation of the Technical Workforce                     Marketing of Technology
  Technical Project Management                              Engineering Management Research Proposals
  Teamwork for Increased Productivity                       Supply Chain Management
  Strategies for Managing Organizational Change             Lean Enterprise
  Changing Roles in Government Organizations
  New Product Development

  All papers will be subject to peer reviews. By submitting a manuscript, the author certifies that it has not
  been copyrighted, previously published, or previously presented, and that it is not currently under review
for presentation at another professional meeting. In addition, it is understood that at least one of the
authors will register and attend the conference to present the paper if it is accepted. Papers accepted
and presented at the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Individuals interested in conducting a symposium, tutorial or workshop are invited to submit a summary
of two to three pages describing the proposed topic and title, as well as a description of the areas to be
covered. When submitting proposals, please include the names, addresses (including e-mail) and phone
numbers of invited contributors.

Individuals are encouraged to organize a session around a topical area. Session organizers should submit
the session title, as well as the names, addresses (including e-mail) and phone numbers of invited authors.

All submissions are to be double-spaced. For paper submissions, a 250-word abstract that describes the
scope, content, methods used, keys (significance, controversial nature, novel application), and results
should be submitted for review. Membership in ASEM is not mandatory, and nonmembers are cordially
invited to submit contributions. Each submission should include: 1) Author(s); 2) Affiliation(s); 3)
Address(es); 4) Fax number, 5) E-mail address(es); 6) Office telephone number(s); and, 7) Submission
title. If the paper has multiple authors please indicate the corresponding author. All abstracts and
proposals must be e-mailed by April 2, 2007 to:

                                       Engineering Management
                                         c/o Ms Penny Morris
                               The University of Tennessee Space Institute
                                     411 B. H. Goethert Parkway
                                        Tullahoma, TN 37388
                                         Phone: 931-393-7293
                                        FAX : (931) 393-7201

All abstracts will be reviewed, and notification of acceptance will be sent via e-mail by May 1, 2007.
Final papers for accepted submissions are due by June 4, 2007. Please note that registration fees are
partially used to defray the cost of publishing the conference proceedings and are thus not refundable.
The author kit will be available for download on the conference website. Final papers should not exceed
10 pages in length.

Papers authored solely by students will be considered for the 2007 ASEM Conference - Outstanding
Student Paper competition. Students wishing to be considered for this award should so note in their
submission e-mail. For more information contact the Program Chair.


Dr. Denise Jackson, P.E. Associate Professor Industrial and Information Engineering
University of Tennessee Knoxville
(865) 974-5578,

Dr. Gregory Sedrick, P.E. Professor and Chair Engineering Management Program
University of Tennessee Space Institute