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					Quality Policy
The Clinical Practice Improvement Centre (CPIC) supports clinicians to improve patient care; and peak
bodies to provide strategic advice/decisions. This contributes to the Centre for Healthcare Improvement’s key
objectives and strategies.

Management Commitment
CPIC is committed to quality management principles and strives to achieve excellence in practice. This is
demonstrated in CPIC’s core values:
• Focus on customers
   Our commitment to our customers includes: understanding, analysing and acting on their needs to
   provide a high quality service in an efficient and timely manner
• Embrace change
   Recognising and understanding that change is an integral continual component of our business that
   promotes quality improvement by challenging the way that CPIC thinks and operates
• Promote a Culture of Continuous Quality Improvement
   Developing and growing the Quality Management System to ensure a continuous cycle of review and
   improvement; and acting on the evaluation of our services to consistently add value for our customers
To achieve this:
• Our administrative and operational functions will be defined, documented, implemented and reviewed to
   achieve a consistently high standard of product and service
• We will build on a culture that promotes knowledge and skill development through professional
   development of our staff
• The consultation and feedback from our customers will be used to develop and improve new and existing
   products and services
• Our products and services will be monitored, measured and analysed to drive CPIC’s quality improvement
• We will monitor and measure our strategies which are documented in the CPIC Strategic and Operational

Scope of ISO 9001 Quality Management System
The scope of the Quality Management System covers the achievement of clinical healthcare improvement
•   Innovation                                            •    A model for improvement
•   Standardisation                                       •    Clinical Governance
•   Improvement in the patient’s healthcare experience    •    Clinical Monitoring

Excluded from the Quality Management System is standard 7.6 “Control and measuring of monitoring

Roles and Responsibilities
The management representative for the Quality Management System is the Senior Director, CPIC. The
responsibilities are reflected within the position description for this role.
The CPIC Management Team is responsible for the development, implementation and improvement of the
Quality Management System.
A Quality Manager has been appointed by CPIC and reports (with advice from the CPIC Quality Management
Committee) to the Senior Director regarding the on-going maintenance of the Quality Management System.
The responsibilities of the Quality Manager are reflected in the position description for this role.

Senior Director
Clinical Practice Improvement Centre


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