Fire Ants Treatment

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					                                          Fire Ants Treatment
                                            By Parsons Pest Management

Fire ants as with most insects and animals were created to share the lovely resources with the Supreme Being
i.e. man. Therefore, it is not by chance that we find the mounds sticking out of our vegetable gardens. All they
need is a little bit of understanding, in order to cohabit with and not co/bite his apparent master. It may be very
logical to assign the fire ants their territory and expect them to stick to the treaty but as it were, the Berlin
agreement was made by man and for man but with the ants, the buck stops at our door. What is being
advocated here is that we simply need to take our rightful position and try to control our own movements, as this
is the perfect treatment.

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Okay, so you went astray, earned yourself a bite, here are some guiding tips on how to take care of your
careless self. This might be the most obvious thing to do but as a bite can very easily lead to confusion be
focused and gently get out of the vicinity i.e. where you received your first painful experience for your probably
are standing on a colony protected by overly furious soldiers. Then shake off the remaining mandibles off your
skin before embarking on screaming for help. You have no option if you had rested your full backside on the
anthill remove those clothing from your body for your probably carrying the queen herself.

Even though the common Vaseline or body oil can subsidize the pain you are feeling, the ordinary manufacture
wants us to believe that complicated stuff like enzyme cleaner and meat tenderizer can work incredible magic on
our wounds. However, if in a bush well, saliva might also work, for as long as the venom is not enough to cause
any major harm what is the loss, after all it’s all in the mind.

While at home the cheaper and most easy thing to do concerns the cheapest and most available liquid, water.
Wash the area thoroughly and if a drunk exists among you, pour some of his alcohol on the wounds to disinfect
the place. All in all, the best possible treatment for fire ants would be to kill them. This might include complicated
methods as spraying tropical or antihistamine to very crude ways like stepping them with your feet. Remember if
you notice one a colony is probably nearby for they too never walk alone.

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