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Private Property, Common Areas

If you are an Owner, you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of all property
contained within your unit, the HVAC’s (heat pumps) associated with your unit, and all
windows and screens.

No major plumbing, electrical work, structural alterations or additions may be made until a
plan is drawn by a licensed contractor has been approved by the Board of Directors. Unit
Owners may not change the exterior appearance of a unit or any other portion of the common
elements without permission of the Association.

Owners will be held responsible for the actions of their tenants. In the event of an infraction
by a tenant, the unit owner will have fines levied against his/her account.

Unit Owners are obligated to pay their common charges without any exception. No grievance
problem, waiver of use of common Elements, or abandonment of the unit allows an owner to
bypass this responsiblility. In the event of non-payment, the Association automatically has
statutory lien on the unit, and may proceed to foreclose on that unit if the non-payment is not
cured and no other remedy made by the owner. This right extends to non-payment of fined,
late charges, attorney fees, and special assessments as well as regular common charges.


Guidelines and Restrictions on Use and Occupancy

1)   Unit Owners are not allowed to obstruct any Common Elements or limited Common
     Elements by placing bicycles, grills and other paraphernalia in the hallways, landings fire
     escapes or roofs.

2)   Nothing shall be done or kept anywhere on the property (inside units, on Common or
     Limited common areas) that would have the effect of increasing insurance premium rates,
     or that would result in the cancellation of insurance policies on the buildings or their
     contents, or which would be in violation or any law.

3)   Occupancy is restricted to no more than two (2) adults or a family with one (1) child in
     the studio and one bedroom units, and to no more than four (4) occupants in the two
     bedroom units.

4)   No mechanical work may be performed to vehicles while parked in parking lot, ie., oil
     changes, brake jobs.

5)   Waterbeds are not allowed in any unit.


1)     No animals, rabbits, livestock, fowl or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept in
       any unit, common elements and/or limited common elements.

2)     Only one (1) pet, not to exceed 15 pound, may be kept per unit, provided it is not kept,
       bred or maintained for any commercial purposes.

3)     Any pet causing or creating a nuisance, unreasonable disturbance and/or noise shall be
       permanently removed from the property upon three (3) days written notice from the
       executive board.

4)     No pets shall be allowed to roam, with or without a leash, on the common elements for
       any reason, whatsoever.

5)     Only designated area may be used by pets for defecation, these areas are presently along
       Washington Boulevard and along Bridge Street.

6)     Pets are not allowed in the interior green.

7)     Pets must be on a leash at all times.


1)     The “green areas” are to be used by unit Owners, their families, tenants and guests for
       general recreational purposes only.

2)     The use of grills is not allowed: a) in, or on steps of the gazebo or any building; b) on any
       fire escapes; c) on the roof; d) on any grassy area.

3)     When moving in or out, cars and trucks fourteen (14) feet or less are allowed to drive on
       the semi circle walkway, around the interior green. Proper approval must be obtained
       from the maintenance office. No cars or trucks are allowed on any other walkway or
       grassy area. ( You cannot drive up to the front doors of buildings 124, 126, 128, 130,
       138, or 140).

Owner’s Rights and Remedies

1)     Each unit is allocated one (1) vote in matters coming before the Association for a vote.

2)     Unit Owners have the right to make any improvement or alteration to the interior of
       his/her unit that does not impair the structural integrity or mechanical systems or lessen
       the support of any portion of the Common Interest Community.

3)   Prior to any amendment of the Bylaws or rules, unit Owners have the right to comment
     orally or in writing. Notice of any proposed action by the Board must be delivered to the
     unit Owners not less than five (5) days before the proposed action is taken.

4)   Any action that is designated as one that may be taken only after “Notice and Hearing”
     shall allow for anyone affected by the proposed action to be heard at a meeting designated
     for that purpose. (See Declaration for definition of such action.) However, suck (action)
     although it will be considered by the decision makers, will not blind them.

5)   Anyone having a right to “Notice and Hearing” will also have the right to appeal any
     decision of the Executive Board by filing a written notice of appeal within ten (10) days
     of being notified of the decision.

6)   All unit Owners who are interested are encouraged to sit in at the regular monthly
     meeting of the Board of Directors, with the exception of Executive Session.

7)   The Association holds an open meeting once a year, typically in the Spring. This meeting
     serves as an open forum for nay unit owner on any issue of business that may properly
     come before the Association. It is also the meeting at which the annual financial
     statement of the Association are discussed, and the budget for the new year voted upon.

8)   The unit Owners may amend parts of the Declaration by a vote of at least 67% of the 211
     voting units in the Association. Only the Executive Board may vote (by two-thirds
     margin) to amend the By-Laws.

9)   By a two-thirds vote of all persons present and entitled to vote, at any meeting of the unit
     Owners at which a quorum is present, the unit Owners may vote to remove any member
     of the Executive Board, with or without cause. A quorum is defined as a majority of

10) A unit owner shall have the right to examine and/or copy all records maintained by the
    Association or its Managing Agent, including but not limited to monthly financial
    statements, at their own expense and during normal business hours and after reasonable

Obligations of Unit Owners

1)   Unit Owners are obligated to install and maintain at all times blinds, curtains and/or
     shutters on every window.

2)   Unit Owners are obligated to install carpeting or rugs so as to provide that at least 75% of
     the floor space is covered in all units that are on an upper level.

3)   Unit Owners are expected to be in possession of the familiar with the Declaration and By-
     laws of the Woodside Green Association of which these rules and regulation are based. If
     anyone does not have a copy, they may request one from the Association through the
     Managing Agent. Non-possession or ignorance of these items will not be considered a
     valid defense against fines in the event of infraction nor as an excuse for not following
     these rules.

Sales and Lease Requirements

1)   Unit Owners are obligated to offer their units for sale or lease first to the executive Board
     of the Association, before the general public, with the exception of foreclosure

2)   All Owners renting their units must obtain the signature of their tenants on the approved
     Lease Rider.

3)   No unit may be rented pursuant to a time-sharing plan, nor shall any unit be leased for a
     term of less than 60 days.

4)   A copy of the lease signed with every new tenant MUST be provided to the Managing
     Agent along with the tenant information sheet. These must be sent within 30 days of
     signature of a new lease.

5)   The move out fee is always the responsibility of the Owner, regardless of the actions of
     the tenant. The fee is $100, payable to the Woodside Green Association, Inc.

Rights Duties, and Limitations

1)   The Executive Board may act in all instances on behalf of the Association, except as
     provided in the Declaration or the By-Laws. Please see those documents for specific
     rights and powers, which are too numerous to list here.


Garbage:     Dumpsters are provided in convenient location for use by residents of the
complex for normal household trash. All garbage is to be wrapped and placed INSIDE THE
DUMPSTER and the doors and top kept closed. Garbage pick-up takes place on Tuesdays
and Fridays.

Large items, such as old furniture will not be removed by the regular trash pick-up!!! Unit
Owners are obligated to make special arrangements for the removal of these items.

Recycling: Recycling is mandated by law, glass (clear, brown and green bottles and jars),
aluminum and tin cans, aluminum food trays, newspapers and plastic containers that have a
recycle symbol on them are to be recycled. The recycling dumpsters are located in the parking
lots. Plastic shopping bags are not recyclable. Items for recycling should be removed from
these bags before being placed in the recycle bins.


Insurance: An insurance policy covering Woodside Green is paid for by the Association
through your common charges. It only provides coverage for public liability, loss and damage
to buildings and loss or damage to the common elements. Owners are strongly advised to
carry Home owners insurance on their units and personal property as these are not covered by
the Association insurance.

Laundry: There are two laundry rooms available for the use for of residents only. One is
located in the north building (in building 112) and the other in the south building, in the
basement between 136 and 138. they presently contain six washers and four dryers apiece.
The laundry rooms are updated and reconfigured from time to time. Hours of operation are
from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Mailrooms: These are located in the basement of 112 in the north building and in the
basement of 134 in the south building.

Community Bulletin Boards: These are located in the mailrooms and are used for the
posting of notices to the general community. Residents are allowed to use these for personal
notices (selling, buying, meetings) within reason. The Board reserves the right to oversee and
limit this use.

Combination Locks:           The mailrooms, laundry rooms, and bulletin boards are all located
in locked areas for the safety of residents. The combinations may be acquired by asking the
Managing Agent, and are not to given out to anyone outside the community. Please respect the
integrity of the locks, despite the fact that they may cause you some inconvenience. They are
for our protection.

Committees:           The board has designated the existence of, and delegated certain
authorities to six committees as follows:
                               1) Facilities and Maintenance
                               2) Grounds
                               3) Security
                               4) Communications
                               5) Rules and Regulations
                               6) Budget
These committees meet monthly or more frequently to assist in the work required to run the
Association. All Unit Owners are welcome to serve on these committees.


The appliances (refrigerator, stove and dishwasher) are to property of the unit owner. Repairs
and/or routine maintenance of these appliances are the personal and financial responsibility of
the Unit Owner.

Bathroom tub/shower, toilet, and sink maintenance of the responsibility of the owner of each
unit. It is recommended that waterproof tile caulking be maintained in the tub/shower. Double
shower curtains must be used in those units where the tub is exposed on two or more sides.
Leaking faucets (tub or sink) should be fixed immediately to prevent problems which may
cause water to leak into the wall or to the ceiling of the unit below. Tenants should report all
water related problems to their Landlord as soon as they occur.

It is important to note that is not the responsibility of the Woodside Green maintenance staff to
repair these problems. The maintenance staff should only be called in cases of floods or for
problems which affect the common elements.

Please do not put inappropriate items down the drains; the kitchen sink is not a garbage
disposal. Use of drain traps is highly recommended.

HVAC units are limited common elements. The repair and maintenance of these units is the
financial responsiblility of the unit owner. HVAC units should be cleaned frequently. Dust
and debris should be removed from the filter, which slides out from the bottom of the unit.
Nothing should be placed up against the unit (suck as a bed), that prevents adequate air
circulation. This will possibly affect the efficient operation of the unit. Yearly maintenance by
a professional servicemen is suggested. At this time the pitch of the unit should be checked.

Each Unit Owner should familiarize himself with his/her electrical panel which contains the
circuit breakers for each unit. In the event of an electrical problem with a unit that is not a
Woodside Green Association responsibility, a licensed electrician should be consulted at the
Unit Owner’s expense.

Sound control in and around the unit is vital to a healthy living environment. As stated Article
IX of the Declaration and again in this Handbook, no activities should be carried on that would
become an annoyance or nuisance to other occupants. This includes but is not limited to: loud
stereos, barking dogs, and unnecessarily heavy walking or jumping. Remember that at least
75% of the floor area must be covered by carpet and/or rugs.