Amazing Tricks to Getting Your Ex to Return Your Phone Call! A Must Read For You

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					Amazing Tricks to Getting Your Ex to Return Your Phone
Call! A Must Read For You
By Russell Jackson

If you are just a few steps away from getting a restraining order for stalking your ex: Stop!
Why won't he or she return my thousand phone calls? Are you tired of getting the
answering machine. Read these four amazing tips to get your ex to return your phone
calls.... Before they end up changing their number or moving to another state!

Don't call 1,000 times a day: Just say no to that almost irresistible urge to pick up the
phone and dial his or her number. Calling too often will be seen as harassment, and that's
not what you want right? Try one phone call on a given day then wait for a few days. If the
urge is just too much, pick up the phone and call a friend to talk about it. Calling your ex
too many times will surely push them away.

Don't sound desperate: They picked up the phone! Now what? It is very important to keep
the conversation casual and cheerful. Don't reprimand him or her for leaving you or ask
them to come back. Let him or her know that you wish them happiness and just wanted to
check up on how they are doing. If you come off as desperate, they will avoid answering
your calls and try to stay away from you completely.

Keep it short: Whether you get the machine or the person, make sure your phone call is
brief but interesting. Thank him or her for this time to think things through and make sure
they know you've reached a positive conclusion. This will spark their interest in knowing
what this conclusion is and you'll surely get a phone call from them soon. Remember to
sound positive, not bummed out!

Oops! Wrong number: Nothing will spark a person's interest like a short and sexy thank you
call... that wasn't meant for them! Pretending to have dialed the wrong number and
thanking them for the wonderful evening you had yesterday will surely get your ex to
thinking someone else has caught your attention. Expect a phone call from your ex very
soon with this strategy. When they do call you, remember to keep it cool!

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