To Kill a Mockingbird Final Exam

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					To Kill A Mockingbird Final Exam


Part One: Multiple Choice

   1. __ The author’s use of Scout Finch to narrate the events in the story is an example of ___________
             a. dialect                                b. omniscient point of view
             c. first person point of view             c. characterization

   2. __ When Atticus waits in front of the jail where Tom Robinson is being held, it shows his ___________
            a. religion                                b. education
            c. prejudice                               d. courage

   3. ___ The setting of the novel is ___________
             a. a fictional town in Alabama           b. the Civil War
             c. a real town in Alabama                d. an industrial town

   4. ___ Atticus is reluctant to take the rifle and shoot the rabid dog because _________________
             a. he is a coward                           b. he is afraid of hurting his children
             c. he believes in kindness to animals       d. he will not use a gun unless necessary

   5. ___ Which of the following is FALSE about Maycomb?
            a. It is located in the south                b. it is generally racist
            c. Atticus is the first Finch to live there  d. many people in the town mine for coal

   6. ___ All of the following were found in the Radley’s tree except _________________
             a. two soap dolls                        b. A silver dollar
             c. a broken watch and chain              d. two Indian head pennies

   7. ___ As he matured, Jem
             a. was sometimes moody                   b. lost interest in playing games
             c. acted superior to Scout               d. all of the above

   8. ___ Dill ran away because
              a. he hated the foster home             b. he wanted to see the trial
              c. his parents ignored him              d. Scout needed him

   9. ___ Mayella testifies that
          a. she went to get Tom a nickel and he attacked her
          b. when Tom was done chopping wood, he threatened her with an axe
          c. Tom gave the children money for ice cream and then attacked her
          d. none of the above

   10. ___ Tom testifies that
           a. nothing happened. He chopped wood and then left.
           b. Mayella lured him to the house, kissed him, and then he ran.
           c. she paid him to kiss her.
           d. none of the above
    11. ___ Tom’s handicap is
               a. he is blind on one eye                   b. he has a broken arm
               c. he has a useless leg                     d. he has a useless arm

    12. ___ In closing remarks, Atticus said
            a. there was no medical evidence of rape
            b. the only evidence was testimony from questionable witnesses
            c. Mayella was lonely and desperate for attention
            d. all of the above

    13. ___ Atticus reacts to Bob Ewell’s threats by
            a. saying he understands the man’s anger
            b. becoming insulted
            c. fearing for the safety of the children and himself
            d. filing a lawsuit

    14. ___ Aunt Alexandria doesn’t want Scout to play with Walter Cunningham because
            a. he is a bad boy                         b. Walter insulted Atticus
            c. he is not their social equal            d. she is afraid of him

    15. ___ Jem thinks Boo stays inside because
            a. he is crazy                                 b. he has a medical condition
            c. he is forced                                d. the world is too complicated

    16. ___ Scout’s teacher, Mrs. Gates, is best described as
            a. a hypocrite                                b. evil
            c. stupid                                     d. ignorant

    17. ___ On their way home from the pageant, Scout and Jem
            a. get lost                               b. get run over
            c. get attacked                           d. are kidnapped

    18. ___ Why did Heck Tate say that Bob fell on his own knife?
              a. to cover for himself                   b. to cover for Boo
              c. because he did                         d. to get revenge for Tom Robinson

II. True or false        Mark + for true and 0 for false
     19. ___ A victory for Atticus’ defense is the length of time the jury deliberates before finding Tom guilty.

    20. ___ Calpurnia yells at Scout for ridiculing Walter, who is a guest at their table.

    21. ___ A noise at Atticus’ house is a hint that Bob Ewell is trying to break in.

    22. ___ Atticus is eager to defend tom Robinson because Tom is a friend of Cal.

    23. ___ Mayella calls the men in the courtroom cowards if they fail to find Tom guilty.

    24. ___ Dill is a double first cousin to Jem and Scout.

    25. ___ At one time, Atticus had a reputation as a sharpshooter.

    26. ___ Jem is punished for cutting the flowers of a woman addicted to drugs.

    27. ___ Atticus and Cal are pleased as they watch Scout’s part in the Halloween pageant at the school.

    28. ___ Atticus tries to teach his children to consider the point of view of others before making harsh judgments.
III. Write the name of the character that matches the quote or description. Names may be used more
than once or not at all.

Scout                 Atticus                        Jem                    Boo
Cal                   Nathan Radley                  Aunt Alexandra         Cecil Jacobs
Miss Fisher           Miss Maudie                    Mrs. DuBose            Judge Taylor
Mr. Gilmer            Tom Robinson                   Mayella                Bob Ewell
Burris Ewell          Dill                           Heck Tate              Dolphus Raymond
Rev. Sykes

   29. _______________ seals up a hole is the tree
   30. _______________ wants to fire Cal because she is black
   31. _______________ demonstrates too much skill in first grade
   32. _______________ asks Scout for an escort home
   33. _______________ the person whose arm is badly broken
   34. _______________ leaves shoes at the school on pageant night
   35. _______________ supposedly eats raw squirrels and cats
   36. _______________ runs up and touches the Radley house
   37. _______________carries an extension cord to the jail
   38. _______________ looks and smells like peppermint
   39. _______________ has cooties
   40. _______________ hits the Radley porch in a tire
   41. _______________ “The Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of the
   42. _______________ loses pants
   43. _______________ prosecuting attorney
   44. _______________ defense attorney
   45. _______________ white man who lives with blacks
   46. _______________ plays a ham
   47. _______________ pastor of Cal’s church
   48. _______________ the defendant
   49. _______________ says Walter Cunningham is “trash”
   50. _______________ asks Scout to marry him
   51. _______________ carries a brown bag with Coke in it
   52. _______________ chews a cigar
   53. _______________ people in the balcony stand as this person leaves
   54. _______________ shot more times than needed
   55. _______________ “You never understand a person until you climb around in his skin and walk around
       in it.”
   56. _______________ “I’m gonna' join the circus and laugh my head off.”
   57. _______________ Atticus’s sister
   58. _______________ sheriff
   59. _______________ allegedly raped
   60. _______________ pretends to be drunk

IV. In a paragraph, write an answer to the following question. Why is the novel entitled, To Kill a

Be sure to explain what a mockingbird is, why it is a sin to kill one, and why two of the characters in the book
are symbolic of a mockingbird.

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