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					                                                                                                                                                 Providing financial and related services to the veterinary & companion
                                                                                                                                                 animal community.


 PetCare Pet Insurance and the 24PetWatch Microchip & Pet Recovery Network
                                                                                    & Water
 complement one another to the benefit of pets, pet owners and veterinary clinics alike.
 Lower cost microchip technology for clinics, a registry that matches each microchip to pet owner and
 pet information, and easy access to comprehensive major medical insurance coverage for pet owners.
 More importantly, clinics that have switched to the 24PetWatch program have seen up to 25% more
 clients with insured pets*, increasing the level of care those pet owners can afford.

•     Non-ISO (FDXA) microchips available for as low as $4.95 each                                              •     Second largest pet insurance provider in North America with over
•     10 digit alpha numeric code can be read by existing reader base                                                 115,000 paid policies in force as of March 2004

•     Free registration for all microchipped pets from clinics that switch                                      •     No restrictive schedule of benefits
      to the 24PetWatch program                                                                                 •     Higher payout on most major medical claims for cats and dogs
•     No charge transfer of ownership                                                                           •     Payable claims processed within 5 business days
•     24/7 365 day call center support                                                                          •     Low, fixed deductibles and no co-pay on most programs
                                                                                                                •     5% discount on all programs for pets registered with 24PetWatch

         Stop overpaying for your microchip                                                                         EmergencyCare protection also available.
         technology! Call today to switch to                                                                           Visit the website for more details.
             the 24PetWatch program.                                                                               
      1-866-597-2424                                                                                            1-866-275-7387(PETS)
24PetWatch is a trademark of Pethealth Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pethealth Inc. 24PetWatch is not the provider of the PetCare Pet Insurance Programs. The PetCare Pet Insurance Programs are underwritten
by Lincoln General Insurance Company, administered by Avalon Risk Management Inc. and distributed by PetCare Insurance Brokers Ltd. and PetCare Insurance Agency, Ltd. Coverage is available in all states other than AK,
LA, MA and MN. PetCare is a trademark of PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. and is used with permission. This advertisement is only an outline, the actual policy issued terms and conditions will prevail.

* According to a Pethealth Inc. survey