; Choose Respect hits the road in style
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Choose Respect hits the road in style


Choose Respect hits the road in style

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									                                                                                                                                                  BUNBURY HERALD, Tuesday, May 12, 2009 13

                                                    John Castrilli’s

               John Castrilli MLA - Representing the People of Bunbury                                              News
Choose Respect hits the road in style
THE creator of Choose Respect, Gary            ‘‘The donation of a car for Gary
Butcher, was delighted to visit Bun-        Butcher to use is a big step forward as
bury recently and pick up the keys to a     it’s a tangible acknowledgement by the
car donated for his use by Stan and         business world of the value and im-
David Haoust of Go West.                    portance of Choose Respect.
   Mr Butcher will have the use of the         ‘‘Gary has travelled countless kilo-
2006 Ford Falcon for one year, with all     metres to promote Choose Respect
costs except petrol being covered by        and introduce it at Carey Park Primary
Go West.                                    School and to the wider community.
   The team at Go West wanted to sup-          ‘‘So it is wonderful to see a Bunbury
port Choose Respect in a significant        business coming on board to support
way and decided to make the donation,       the initiative, which is aiming for a
with signwriter Brad Myles of Mycre         generational shift towards greater re-
Display adding the logo and web ad-         spect within our society.’’
dress to the car to help spread the
message.                                       Mr Butcher said he was thrilled to
   Bunbury MLA John Castrilli has al-       receive the use of the car, as he had
ways been a strong supporter of             been travelling the State promoting
Choose Respect, after inviting Mr           Choose Respect in his trusty 1987
Butcher to the city in March last year,     sedan which had travelled more than
hosting a number of community work-         400,000km.
shops and establishing a Choose Re-            ‘‘Now I’ve got a modern car I can
spect Resource Team.                        travel to Bunbury without the fear of
   ‘‘People from all walks of life have     breaking down,’’ he said.
told me they are frightened about the          ‘‘It’s great to have a reliable car to
increase in anti-social behaviour, and      spread the Choose Respect message.’’
they want to see a return of old-
fashioned values and people showing            Choose Respect aims to encourage
respect for each other and their sur-       and motivate schools and the wider
roundings,’’ Mr Castrilli said.             community to foster a culture of re-
   ‘‘Choose Respect has already made a
significant impact in the education            Last month, a major milestone was
sector, but it is important for the long    achieved in the journey towards mak-
term success of the initiative that the     ing Bunbury the first Choose Respect             Brad Myles of Mycre Display,left, along with David and Stan Haoust of Go West, met with Choose
message of respect doesn’t end at the       city in Australia when the council ag-           Respect creator Gary Butcher and John Castrilli to hand Mr Butcher the keys to the new Choose
school gate.                                reed to support the initiative.                  Respect car.

         Responsible State Budget predicted
 THE State Budget will be handed           push the case for important proj-           ready been fulfilled, with architec-    can be delivered overnight.'            the fact that rather than enjoying
 down on Thursday and many Bun-            ects in the city.                           tural planning starting for the new       'But I think people realise that      the ’boom’ we are now facing
 bury people will be eagerly waiting         'I am continuing to work hard to          $15m radiotherapy unit at the           Bunbury, WA, Australia and the          tough times.'
 to find out which projects will be        make sure Bunbury’s needs are at            South West Health Campus and            world are all in a completely differ-     'We are doing the best we can to
 delivered for the city.                   the forefront of Government plan-           work commencing on Stage 1 of the       ent financial position than they        deliver on our promises in what is a
                                           ning and am closely following the           Port Access Road.'                      were a year ago and the State           very challenging environment.'
    Bunbury MLA John Castrilli has
 already met with every Govern-            progress of promises made before              'We are of course only eight          Budget needs to responsible in its        'Rest assured that the State is in
 ment minister to discuss Bun-             the election,' Mr Castrilli said.           months into a four-year term of         spending.'                              the best hands to deal with the
 bury’s needs and will continue to           'A number of promises have al-            government and not everything             'I am sure people are mindful of      challenges of the future.'

                                                                                         Time to honour
 John Castrilli                                                                          our volunteers
                                                                                                                                    Boost for future
 presents City of
 Bunbury chief
 executive officer
 Greg Trevaskis
                                                                                         THIS week, May 11 to 17, is National
                                                                                         Volunteer Week and John Castrilli
                                                                                         paid tribute to the tireless work done
                                                                                                                                    of young athletes
 with a $70,000 Lot-                                                                     by literally hundreds of volunteers                                                   YOUNG athletes from Bun-
                                                                                                                                                                               bury will have more training
 terywest cheque                                                                         within the Bunbury community.
                                                                                                                                                                               options in the future, with
 to go towards play
                                                                                            ‘‘I hope people take the time and                                                  State funding delivered
 equipment for tod-
                                                                                         effort to acknowledge our amazing                                                     towards an ultimate goal of
 dlers at Big
                                                                                         array of dedicated volunteers who                                                     redeveloping Hay Park.
                                                                                         really give our community its heart                                                      Bunbury MLA John
                                                                                         and soul,’’ Mr Castrilli said.                                                        Castrilli presented a cheque
                                                                                                                                                                               for $20,600 to the City of
                                                                                           ‘‘Statistics show that 36 per cent of                                               Bunbury last month to go
                                                                                         Australians aged over 18 undertake                                                    towards finalising a feasi-
                                                                                         some type of formal voluntary work,                                                   bility study into the pro-
Funds for toddler playground                                                             at an average ‘value’ of $24.09 an                                                    posed redevelopment of the
                                                                                                                                                                               Hay Park Sports Reserve.
                                                                                         hour. Each year volunteers contrib-
TODDLERS will be able to enjoy a           right next door to the city’s bird            ute billions of dollars to our State and                                                 Mr Castrilli represented
range of new play equipment next           park,’’ Mr Castrilli said.                                                                                                          Sport and Recreation Minis-
                                                                                         national economies.’’
door to the Big Swamp Wildlife Park           ‘‘It will provide a new array of fa-                                                                                             ter Terry Waldron who de-
thanks to a $70,000 grant from Lot-        cilities aimed at children aged 2 to 5.’’       ‘‘But volunteering is not just about                                                livered the funding through
terywest presented by Bunbury                 He said the grant was just one ex-         performing work for no financial                                                      the Community Sporting
MLA John Castrilli.                        ample of the way Lotterywest helped           gain — studies also show that not                                                     and Recreational Facilities
                                           not-for-profit organisations and lo-          only do volunteers help the com-                                                      Fund.
  Funds will go towards specialised
play equipment and outdoor furni-          cal governments to improve their              munity, but they also help them-                                                         Future improvements to
ture to create a secure and accessible     communities.                                  selves in terms of leading happier,                                                   athletics facilities will help
toddler’s play facility.                      ‘‘WA is the only State where pro-          more fulfilled lives.’’                    The future looks bright for young          increase opportunities for
                                           fits from lottery games are returned                                                     athletes including Brooke Ro-              young track and field stars
  ‘‘This funding will help create a        directly back to community groups               ‘‘They truly are everyday people         gers and Shenae Peterson, with             f rom Bunbury and s ur-
safe and fun play environment for          and local councils in the form of             making extraordinary contri-               Bunbury’s sporting facilities on           rounding regional areas to
toddlers and their families to enjoy,      grants.’’                                     butions.’’                                 track for upgrades.                        perform at high levels.

 T: 9791 3636 E: john.castrilli@mp.wa.gov.au   “Fostering a culture of
 F: 9791 3313 www.johncastrilli.com.au       respect in our community”

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