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How To Save On Your Electric Bill


How To Save On Your Electric Bill

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									How To Save On Your Electric Bill? – Turbine Wind Power

Electricity these days can be extremely expensive. Whether it is gas, oil or electric heating, in
the wintertime costs can skyrocket to exorbitant prices to keep up with supply and demand.
Read on to learn how to save on your electric bill with solar and wind powered systems.

Many people cannot afford to keep paying these prices and sometimes cannot afford to even
heat their home at all, forgoing food or basic necessities to pay their heating bill.

Solar energy pays for itself in a few years. It is costly to put in, depending on how many you
need, with prices ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands, but after it is
installed you will never have to pay a heating bill again.

Solar panels involve the intricate building and installing of panels onto the roof or side of
your home. Solar panels can be built as a do it yourself project, but it takes time and practice
before you will be good enough to build large panels for a roof.

Solar panels are made from photovoltaics, which conducts the suns photon rays. The
photovoltaic cell is made from semiconductors which conducts a flow of electrons. This can
then be used to power things.

Wind turbines collect kinetic energy from wind and then convert it to energy. It can lower an
electric bill by fifty to even ninety percent. They are more suitable for homes with property of
around an acre so there is room to install the turbine. It is not unusual for homes with wind
generated electricity to have a bill of only $20 or less per month.

If you are a candidate for either of these systems and have money upfront to pay for
installation, both methods will save you much more money in the long run

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