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					                                                                                         Moreland Insurance

Our Goal
Our goal is to give you the best possible
rate and product for your money.
We have pets to and we know how it
feels to not know what to do when your
loved one is hurt or sick and you do not
know where the money is going to come
from to pay the bills.                                                             Pet
We are here to help you .                                                          Insurance

                                            Moreland Insurance Agency
            Our dog sassy.                  PO Box 637
                                            Holly Springs, NC 27540
                                                                                   Don't be MIA with your
                                            Phone: 910-892-2105
                                            Fax: 9910-892-2106                     Tele: 910-892-2105
        What Pet Insurance Means to you and your Pet.

                                              Premier- $300 deductible, $100,000 lifetime max,
                                                                                                          For more information or a
                                              $14,000 per incident and 80% paid after deductible.
                                              All the plans have an option to add routine care plan
        About Pet Insurance                                                                             Please call 910-892-2105
                                              at an additional charge.
                                                                                                        Or you can go to
                                              What is covered
                                                                                                        And enter promo code nc203 and get
                                              Here is just some of the things that are covered:
                                                                                                        your quote from there.
                                              Illness, accidents and injuries
                                              MRI, CAT scans and X-rays
                                              Cancer Treatment
Pet Insurance means that when your
dog or cat is sick or injured you do not      Prescription meds
have to worry what treatment is               Visits to after hours emergency care
covered and what is not covered.
                                              And so much more.
My company offers a pet insurance that
covers almost everything. Coverage can        Optional Routine care coverage is a wellness vists,
start as soon as 3 days after the effective   teeth cleaning, spaying and neutering, vaccinations
date of the policy. Pets as young as 7        and annual exams and more.
weeks old are able to be covered and
you get a discount if you have more
                                              Preexisting conditions are not covered. If a             Moreland Insurance Agency
than one pet you wish to cover.
                                              preexisting condition is cured then the condition will
You get to choose the veterinarian that       be covered after the cure date.                          PO Box 637
                                                                                                       Holly Springs, NC 27540
you want, no need to call for approval
on treatment and no networking.
There are 3 types of plans:                                                                            Phone: 910-892-2105
                                                                                                       Fax: 9910-892-2106
Basic– $100 deductible, $42,500 lifetime

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